Sunday, November 24, 2013



To 'be mindful' is a commonly used phrase by Buddhists. It's a popular aphorism to many people. Sometimes we think we know what it means. But 'knowing the meaning' doesn't reap the benefits. If practiced, it can truly be a major key to Peace of Mind. To be mindful is very closely aligned with Be Here Now. If one wants to be centered in the Now, it requires mindfulness.
Mindfulness is what helps to keep one anchored in the Now.
All of us, at one time or another, cause our own problems by concentrating and focusing what happened Yesterday or what 'will happen' Tomorrow. Memories held tightly as to how one has been 'wronged' in any which way -- is what keeps them alive and painful.
Fear of what might happen Tomorrow keeps this pain anchored in the Past. When we create negative, forceful, miserable daydreams we are keeping ourselves locked into a mental hell which is so difficult to emerge from. Especially if one keeps playing
The Blame Game card.
It is amazing how we assign the job of 'making me happy' to others -- and all existing conditions and situations that surround us. "If Only" is what we believe is 'The Answer' to how we want to feel.
The real clincher here is that it may not only seem to 'us' that what has gone wrong or how we have been wronged it is definitely not our may seem to most everyone else!!, that yes, indeed, we are the poor victims who didn't deserve anything of what happened. Thus, making it appear that we are the Winners in The Blame Game.
Before I go any farther, let me be reeeeally clear here that I am not any kind of advocate of which one patiently suffers abuse and 'prays for strength to endure the abuse.'
Suffering is a 'human condition' that serves as a springboard for us to search for and find our Inner Power. We create our own reality. That is Free Will.... two words that are very often  most miserably misinterpreted.
I have mentioned this presently super strong Energy, that we are all experiencing, in nearly every article I have written. This is, in part, the reason we keep wondering WHAT in the world is going on with us! It's there alright... Some of the ways we are 'suffering' as the result of this New Energy could be lessened a great deal if we practiced Being Mindful. As time goes on, this energy will continue to be encouraging us to Take Responsibility for how we are Creating Our Reality..
Sometimes we all wish "Shit just happens" were true...but sorry, folks, that has no part in an intelligent, expanding Universe.
Blaming Others for our problems will intensify that already great pressure that gives us all kinds of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. This is not to say anyone is 'wrong'... it is a necessity to love ourselves unconditionally regardless of how badly we think we have screwed up. But, we must remember that WE DO NOT 'improve' under threats of guilt, punishment, or hell fire, (or 'karma' if it is interpreted as punishment)... Not at all...  Fear may result in a change of behavior but it won't be the kind that is lasting or meaningful in terms of bringing one joy, peace or any semblance of Feeling Good.
Some of the most all encompassing words of wisdom that Seth ever uttered were these:
"The Point of Power Is in The Present"
Most of us thought we caught on to that when we first read it, but it is something not understood immediately, but rather, is a gradual process of enlightenment  that is 'felt by the soul' rather than intellectually comprehended.
If one is in the habit of continuously thinking negatively (some call it realistically :)  one has to, first of all, recognize this and own it. I am not talking 'religiously' here... this is actually 'scientific' stuff here...this Law of Attraction! There is no Instant Fix nor a Happy Pill to pop, or some pink fluffy phrase like 'Think Nice Thoughts'..that will change your life overnight... But accepting the FACT that 'thoughts' are the root cause, the beginning of ALL creation...all things that are manifested, is necessary. Emotion is the FUEL that causes this thoughts to blast off into reality. And even more basic ... what you BELIEVE is what its all about..because your thoughts and emotions are the result of your Beliefs...whether or not you even consciously recognize all those beliefs.
Seth never admonished us to Never Think Angrily or feel ANY kind of what we call 'negative emotion'... What he did say was: think of your emotional state as walking into a room... walk in the front door and sit there as long as you need to...then when you are tired of it...walk out the back door. We all know this doesn't mean sit there for months or years until your mind becomes distorted and difficult to retrieve. We all DO know better than that.
Abraham has perhaps the best suggestion in how to deal with habitual (and thoughts DO become habitual!) thoughts that bring us misery. Slowly climb up 'the emotional scale'...thinking one slightly better thought than the previous one. From Depression (the worst) to Anger (a huge improvement) to Frustration, To Hope, to Possibilities, to Feeling Better... and you will vacillate back and forth between those steps and that is FINE... as long as you keep INTENDING that you WANT to overcome, that you WANT to Feel Good again.
Your habitual thoughts are like super glue...So don't try to 'fix them' or 'undo them'...just reach for BETTER ones. This works when you begin to accept the possibility that YES, I do create my reality and things CAN change. We are not talking instant radical change here... But Take it Easy... and know you can do this! In the meantime, a good start is simply, mentally stand back and 'watch and observe' your thoughts. They may be 'yours' but...they are NOT 'you'..:)
Follow up article in a few days: Examples and more concrete ideas as to this process


Monday, November 11, 2013

War Will NEVER Bring About Peace..When Will We Learn...


Today, I read a post by a Facebook friend that made me cry...  It was written by a vet ... but not in defense of war, nor did he want to be 'thanked'... I could barely believe what I was reading because I was always wondering if any of our older vets would actually speak up so bravely the TRUTH about war... and how people are mentally manipulated to 'serve god and country'....
I have said for years that the ONLY reason all this 'honoring' is taking place is a desperate attempt to hide behind some kind of justification for what we have participated in -- rather than face the truth about the horrors and atrocities we have committed. Yes, I know, some (not all!) other countries 'do the same thing' but NO other country (except our little controlling cheer-leader buddy Israel) is as quick to go to war as the U.S....
We are divided, individually, within our own 'belief system' when it comes to what we personally profess to believe is right...versus what we are still willing to participate in... 
It is so ludicrous to me how we made fun of suicide squadrons...or how we accuse Muslims of being the 'war loving' religion... but look at the actual history of our own country.
This nation was 'founded on Christian principles'... Right?...which we 'enacted' after we killed off much of the Native American population in order to claim 'our land' and establish our religion-based ways, especially our 'freedom'-- and 'freedom to worship god'... at any cost. All this 'serving god and country and freedom' is STILL what is propagandized today as we send troops in to 'help' other countries.... I find it so hard to believe that ANYONE cannot see through the political ploys for 'control'... but many still opt for the delusion that war is about 'serving god and country.'
I am NOT condemning the people who participated in any wars... If one wasn't drafted-play soldier or go to jail...soldiers 'joined up' for various reasons all of which made sense at the time.... Who knows  how many times I have done the same thing in past lives!! So after we did what we did: go overseas and kill strangers -- we had/have to go about 'justifying' our participation rather than look in the mirror and say, 'what in the name of god and country have I done...'... What kind of lies did I fall for...
The grandest excuse of all is: "It's not OUR country's's all those OTHER bad leaders in OTHER bad countries fault'... We 'must' intervene and intercede to 'help them.' For our own protection and peace, of course.
I can more or less understand religious people's excuses for defending war because of their beliefs: 'I am serving my god and country by killing and participating in the malicious destruction of war'... And we know the God of the Bible was really into war!' They are afraid to think otherwise. It becomes their 'duty.' I 'owe it' to God and country.
However, I 100% totally fail to understand how ANYONE, who claims to be metaphysical and create their own reality, can justify the utter absurdity of war as a means of 'gaining peace.' 
Thankfully, people are Awakening and if the draft were ever to be reinstated, there would be a true rebellion. 
We KNOW 'the way of war' is a complete, utter, total failure... it brings about NOTHING but more hate, more destruction, more war. Calling soldiers 'peace keepers' is the height of all oxymorons. This 'lest we forget' crap keeps our focus and attention on perpetual slaughter.
Until we 'change our minds' nothing will change. Until we truly want PEACE enough to not participate in war, nothing will change. As Jimi Hendrix said: "When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power... the world will know Peace."
When enough people in our country (and any other) truly want peace, it will be reflected by peace in our country. In some,  we already see that reflection. When we as individuals want peace and CHOOSE to live that peace... it will be reflected in our own personal reality/lives...
If you Google something today... Google the words to John Lennon's "Imagine" ... because as the song says, and as I myself say as I write this, "I know I'm not the only one."
And as my FB friend says: If we really want to honor our vets, we can do so by making sure that we don't bring about more vets to honor. Think about that.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Giving Attention to the "News" ...OR....Conspiracy Theories...

Which do you tend to believe?
The 'daily news' or conspiracy theories?
We live in a society that expects us to 'choose sides' and align ourselves with those sides that we choose.
From the time we are toddlers...but especially when we start school...
it simply is a given that we were expected to believe what is told to us and are seldom, if ever, encouraged to question the WHY of what we are taught.
In fact, we seldom heard 'there are often many sides to a story.'
It used to be that 'listening to the evening news' approached the status of being a ritual. One never, ever questioned that what the broadcaster said was anything but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
The same held true for all the subjects that our teachers and all other authority figures taught to us... And then there was religion. It was not only unheard of to question anything that rabbi, priest or minister said... to do so was a sin!
Granted, things have changed... Somewhat, at least. For the most part (although not all together...) people ... some people... started questioning the things they were taught that were never to be questioned. The reactions to these bold and daring people  who dared to question authority of any kind were viewed in various ways. Some admired them openly, some secretly, and there were those who would seek to 'punish' either by making fun of them, or with harsh criticism -- to wanting these bold and brazen derelicts to be somehow legally punished. 
We have gotten a lot more allowing of other people's opinions or questioning...
but only to a point. And a lot of our tolerance for the opinions, beliefs, or actions of others depends upon 'the subject'...
Let's take, for instance, 'the news.' Gone are the days when everyone believed every word that was uttered by  a newscaster had the same validity as what Moses spoke descending from Mt Sinai... However... I believe its safe to say (IMO) that we still have many people who hold in contempt those people who would dare go so far as to say that 'news is mind control and/or brain washing.'
Enter: the Conspiracy Theorists.
Now for some, the ideas held by these theorists is just going too far!!
For some, questioning what the whole process of 'the news' is all about is bordering on lack of patriotism... especially if one is believing those conspiracy theories!
As with all things that we experience, we need to 'question' just how it makes us feel and what purpose is it serving in our lives. Why do you feel 'obligated' to attend or defend certain of our habits or beliefs. Beliefs, perhaps, that we are not even too well aware of.
We never come away from 'the news' with a good feeling... you know you don't. Yet, some people say they must 'remain informed' of what is going on. Really? If we were honest, we would admit that it is 'fear' that keeps us tuned in to those things we do NOT benefit from because 'we know about them.'
Much of the same thing applies to conspiracy theories....even if they have been 'proven by experts to be correct'... Again, what we need to ask ourselves is:
How does this make me feel? Does this tend to keep me in fear? If so, what purpose are they serving?
Its fine to be aware of what is happening. As the P's told us... be aware but remember to be the Watcher...the Observer... not a Participator in what keeps you locked into anger, fear, or any kind of resentment.
What brings you joy, excitement, a feeling of hope and peace, and connects you to the Stream of Well Being, as Abe would say-- those are the things to give your focus and attention to. As metaphysicians, we have to remember that Attention and Focus are the tools we use in creating our own reality. Not all of us live in the same world.
We can't forget that it all starts with our thoughts...and what we dwell upon, what we give our focus and attention to that creates our reality.
We have a choice as to what we want to believe... and guess what... we don't HAVE TO BELIEVE what others believe! We have free will, remember?? :)
So, let's be SELF-ish enough to want what is really best for us,
and be determined to allow the good to come in...stop blocking with either 'the news' or 'theories' ...Let's not forget our Inner Power.  
The things that feel good and excite you!--go for it!...and be determined to 'be your own boss.'


Monday, October 7, 2013


 I am not a believer in the 'apocalypse' in a religious sense, but there can be no doubt that BIG time changes are taking place. This 'new Energy' is firmly in place. It makes no difference if one looks at it religiously, metaphysically, long as you can 'feel' or 'sense' know 'things are changing.'
It's not just 'out there' to be observed by us or others... the biggest changes are happening within us.
We seldom 'feel the same' anymore...except maybe for short periods of time when we are distracted. We are 'seeing things differently.' We are reacting to things in ways that even surprise us.
Nothing is the same.
Right now, everything seems so 'right in your face' to us. We can't sluff things off, ignore them, or fluffy talk them away. Emotional reactions to situations stay there, not allowing us to forget that 'something' has to change...has to shift. The old platitudes that we used to take comfort in...or hide in...simply do not work anymore.
There are no more hiding places.
It's just us...and our dragons.
The Pleiadians used to tell us that the more we ignore our dragons, the bigger and more frightening they become. The more we shove them into the darkness, ignoring or denying them, the more they grow.
The P's advised us that the only way to get rid of your dragons...which is simply another name for our fears-- for those traits, habits, or beliefs we are refusing to deal with ... is to stare straight at them... with honesty...with love.
 'Fears' come from the faulty beliefs we hold. You might find this difficult to accept... but most of us are not even aware of many of the beliefs that are causing are problems. You see. It IS true: it IS 'done unto us according to our beliefs.' We can become so used to blowing smoke and lying to themselves (and others) about what we believe, that we never really see what is TRULY at work in our worlds. We may wishfully claim to believe one thing (because it sounds 'right' and this is what we want to believe.. ) so we ignore those more fear filled beliefs in hopes that they will just go away and not bother us.
Seth (and even modern day therapists) suggest that we take pen to paper and write down the most fearful of our beliefs. These will often be about death or dying, our health, our true feelings about ourselves or any of our relationships, about our spirituality, about lack of abundance... Being willing to say...maybe through tears or anger...THIS is what I 'actually' believe and it scares me!'--is the beginning of staring down those dragons. To do this without condemning ourselves...that is love.
Most of us were 'hypnotized' into our present day beliefs beginning with childhood and accepted them as 'true' or 'that is really the way it is.' Even if we didn't like them! Some beliefs we cling to because there is a fearful part of us that might question them...but we are too afraid of Let Go of them because somehow we might be punished or will suffer if we DO Let Go.
In each his/her own timing...we KNOW when 'it's time' to Let Go of those old fearful concepts. This includes those of us who are metaphysical and know we create our own realities. Those 'old dragons' return from time to time and can, for a time, start to grow again unless we give our attention to...and focus on... what we TRULY WANT.
Try doing what Seth suggests -- sit down with pen and paper and being excruciatingly honest...write down what you REALLY and TRULY believe... about what you call God, about yourself, about your health, about your relationships or ANY area of your life that is not working out well. Don't lie or pretend. Don't judge. Just Let It Be.
OR use the computer...or sit and talk to yourself out loud... Just DO IT. I am not saying it will be fun...or easy....BUT:
Truly FACING THEM is the beginning of FREEDOM from those beliefs...those dragons.
We subconsciously...and sometimes consciously ... hypnotize ourselves day in and day out in ways that 'keep things in place' thus disallowing good to  take its place. This is why Buddhism is so strong on BEING MINDFUL of your thoughts. Thoughts are the powerful tools of reality creation...thoughts, combined with focus, attention, imagination, and the emotions. Those are the 'magical' tools that we use every day if we 'see this' or not... this is "Life" and how it is created. Shit doesn't just happen. Sorry, folks. However "SHIFT happens"...and this is the new energy that is saying Time to get your act together and let's move on, really expand our consciousness, and have FUN again!!
If this is all new to you, I would recommend a book "The Law of Attraction" (Abraham)...if this is 'old stuff' to you and you, like me, find yourself getting into old ruts, there is nothing quite like "The Nature of Personal Reality" (Seth) by Jane Roberts. If something else 'calls to you'...go for it...
just know we can no longer get away with ignoring those dragons! :)
Follow up article in next blog: Letting Go of the Dragons

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Choosing to be FREE from "Being Right" ...

We all know someone who 'knows it all.' They are never wrong, always know better than anyone else, and their word is the final authority on any given subject. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it! :)
However, there is that part in all of us that, at times, may come pretty darn close to 'those people' when it comes to 'being right.' Thing is: maybe you are right. You may even have 'facts' to back you up, or maybe your knowing comes from your own personal experience. It's times like that when you feel you simply MUST convince the other person by offering data, facts, and research... but! he or she is just not buying it. You give up. You are chagrined, to say the least; maybe even angry, and your mind starts racing thinking up ways to 'get even' or 'show' that other person a thing or two!  Sometimes its easy to Let Go of... other times it isn't.
A similar situation that can be difficult to handle is when someone doesn't disagree with you; they simply put down what you say with rudeness or sarcasm. Nothing else.
Even though we think we should be at a 'spiritual level' where we can just dismiss all of this banter, it comes as a very unpleasant surprise when we find ourselves reacting in a way that makes us realize we haven't 'evolved' as much as we thought! :)
All of these ways of reactive thinking can be attributed to the scared little Ego. It wants to be 'right;' it wants to 'get even', and it wants to be recognized and craves acceptance and approval. If our ego receives that approval, then we tend to accept ourselves and believe in our self worth.' Even if we realize and recognize the metaphysical truth behind our reactions it can still, at times, be a bit of a battle. This is an important pivotal point. If we can at least recognize what is going on internally, that is truly half the battle.
The Ego, is clever, wily, and tricky...and can persuade us to take another route while arguing/discussing/debating with someone,  and we might find ourselves donning aura of holiness, smiling sweetly, and saying with false humility: "Of course, you are right"...adding just enough 'sincerity' to one's voice to show oneself most effective.
On an equal par to that is simply to stop speaking, stopping all communication. This is not giving in or giving up... it's a strategy for 'winning' ... without making any concessions or allowances.
None of these routes make us a 'winner.'... People who 'win' arguments receive a sense of satisfaction...for a short time.... but even then that temporary satisfaction can become craven, wanting, and addicting. 'Satisfaction' always pertains to that which is on the 'outside'... not one's internal true self.
Now....what if we really ARE 'wrong' about something: something we have done, said, or acted upon, knowing better but doing or saying it anyway! When we refuse to own it, claim it, or admit to it, it brings about the same obsession to be 'right' -- raising the same 'need' and obsession for justification, approval, superiority, acceptance, etc etc... 
What if someone has 'caught you' and challenges you on  this wrong doing in a very judgmental, harsh, or rude way. A common reaction is to make excuses, defend and justify yourself with a plethora of 'yeah, but's!' Now the Ego has really lost its footing! We can conjure up excuses that would convince the toughest jury that what we did or said was 'justifiable' or at least 'understandable.' but -- we still lose...and it leaves the Ego is in a quandry.
NO amount of justification or winning arguments brings happiness and or PEACE of mind... The false appearance of 'winning' leaves us feeling disconnected from Source, from Spirit, from God... whatever one wishes to label as the Divine, the Knowing within us.
None of this means one has to be passive and agree with those around us. One can still be firm and stand one's ground. But I truly believe everyone has that inner sense of when you are crossing that line and feeding that egoic craving to be 'right' at all costs.
When one IS 'wrong' about know it... you can feel it...and the only way to cut those ties to those miserable feelings that bind you is to OWN it...ADMIT to it... This is the beginning of true inner freedom. Those other feelings of hurt or even anger may linger awhile, as will those feelings of inner struggle felt when one has given up on the need to always be 'right'... I can tell you from my own 'battles' that when you are willing to give up the addiction of 'being right' and are willing to 'own' what you have done 'wrong'  it eventually DOES get easier! In its place comes a priceless, wonderful feeling of inner freedom and inner peace.  You know you have utilized your Inner Power and detached from the cause of the pain.
It's amazing how much time and energy one can spend reacting to or arguing about things that do not really matter...or that actually have nothing to do with us. 
There is a lot of merit in the old saying: "Pick your battles wisely." Perhaps it's just as wise to know when to lay down the sword and just Let It Go and Let It Be.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why I've Stopped Fighting The War

I just got tired of it. The whole war thing.
As I start to write this, we still await Obama's speech that is scheduled for tonight. It would be nice to hear that we are not invading Syria... but that is just my opinion, and I once again have 'enlightened myself' to the fact that I have no business, right, or obligation to try to instill, coerce, or influence my opinion on anyone else. (That doesn't mean that I might not attempt to do that in other situations.:) It does mean that I will take working  with my Intentions much more studiously and seriously. The P's suggested that we say this often: "It is my intention that whatever I say or do, wherever I am, to be for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned."
"I intend Joy, Safety, Harmony, and Clarity"
That pretty much covers everything we encounter.
I have pretty much waylaid those intentions in my struggle with 'the war on Syria'... except maybe for Clarity:...which I used more like Pres Nixon: "Let me make one thing perfectly clear" defending my position. :) We all know how well that worked out.
I found myself resentful towards others who seemed to NOT CARE about 'what was happening'... but my biggest trigger point came from people who wanted to 'go and bomb.' I am sure my own anger came as close in intensity as to those of the warmongers. Except, of course, my own anger was 'understandable' and 'righteous.' :) 
During my 'hippie like days' in the 60's and 70's, I had FUN protesting. I could get emotional and determined, but it was still all exciting and FUN. Nothing about this Syria event was/is fun. Spiritually, this meant only one thing: I was giving away my power to what I did not believe in.
We live in world that is branching off in so many different directions. This energy is having a very polarizing effect and we have to figure out what really 'works' for us and what doesn't--otherwise you will feel lost and ungrounded. What you focus and concentrate upon you GET MORE OF ... a basic metaphysical law based on scientific law (for those of you who insist science has the only answers...which makes me giggle...) We DO create our own reality...either consciously or unconsciously (like Abe says) by Default... which often leaves us mistakenly feeling we had no choice in the matter. Manifestation takes its cues from beliefs including those that are unrecognized. Like you've gone into overdrive. 
I knew that my war bashing, government bashing ways of interpreting the Syrian event were totally out of alignment to that which I truly wanted... There was always that still, small, (sometimes very annoying) voice that would keep reminding me that I was not only off track, but sometimes totally derailed. This does NOT mean that I am now suddenly flapping some wings and speaking with the tongues of angels. And neither does my change of direction mean that I have developed a steely like attitude adopting as a logo "I don't give a damn about any of it!" That attitude is just anger turned inward instead of outward. Now I once again realize I will only choose to 'care' as much as my emotional compass allows me to feel comfortable with.
If people want to go play war and bomb and kill and then spend their lives justifying what they do/did. Let'm. I'm sure I've done it in other lives. (So glad Seth kept reminding us 'you have done it all')... Those, to me, are the words that truly speaks of Equality. :) I had chosen to ignore other lessons once learned: especially the one wherein the P's reminded us that it takes a brave soul to take on the role of a Hitler or a Bush (or insert your favorite bad guy's name) It's so easy to be taken up in our dramas, forgetting Who We Really Are. I am not exactly to the point where I always feel lovingly or have that We Are All One feeling towards those I disapprove of'! ... but you know what? That's ok, too! Just experiencing the feeling of nonattachment and Letting it Be-- is for me, right now, a feeling of immense relief in which I CAN 'feel the love'...and in all honesty, DO wish all others well on their journeys, regardless of how diverse we are from each other. Because you IS TRUE what Abe says: There is nothing more important that you strive for than to FEEL GOOD. Not the 'victorious' or self righteous or better than' feeling of winning the arguments (or WARS)...but that warm waterfall feeling of being free and clean and light. Took me a number of years to understand and believe what Abe was talking about--because it sounded selfish and 'uninvolved'. ... I had to get past that "let's buckle down and get SERIOUS" business. "FIGHT" for what you believe in...take the side of Right!
One can still be a Watcher and an Observer and see the results of manifestations all around us... without allowing oneself to be absorbed mentally or physically and hopelessly lost in it all.
I am not saying my once again metaphysically renewed POV is 'the' right one. We each have to do what is best for us. I would caution everyone, however, to intend to 'own your own mind' when it comes to the 'news' and all the mind control and programming that is going on. This is simply outwardly reflecting our own inner struggles. As above so below. As within so without.
So...whatever Obama comes up with tonight (which is hardly his decision alone) it will all be alright. A balance will always return. We will experience that faster if we don't focus on what appears to be utter chaos. There IS a Divine Order. Even 'science' has proved there is order within so called chaos or randomness.
I believe that the best we can do is to be at Peace with ourselves, accepting ourselves and stop being at war with what we 'think' is wrong with us. We do NOT all experience the same world! Regardless of what is or will be happening 'out there' ... we need to concentrate first of all -- on being at peace with ourselves and those around us.... I believe that IS the key. Its not about 'fixing what is OUT THERE'... but tending to what is 'in here'...  Maybe then we will better understand...and allow ourselves...
 to "Give Peace A Chance." 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Impending War... Please, Please NO~!...

Whether or not we will have started bombing Syria before I even get a chance publish this...who knows....
How I would love to be able to say: "YES!! Obama had the balls to say NO!!!!! to the whole mess" but I am afraid he will follow in the footsteps of George W..
I know full well that our top political figures are nothing but puppets in the hands of the true Powers That Be... but I still keep hoping and visualizing Obama taking a true stand for humanity by putting his OWN life on the line and saying HELL NO, WE WON'T GO.
To those of you who are free of being ensnared in the programming of the so called 'political parties' you KNOW this is not a Democrat vs Republican issue! The bigger picture that surrounds our so called two party system involves keeping our citizens blindly and unquestioningly loyal to the party of their choice...which is part of the reason we cannot move ahead as we should.
Division ...and... Diversion
These tactics have always seemed to work well.
They both  represent a very effective way of keeping Americans from 'coming together as one unit' to make true progress. However! -- MANY people have either Awakened or in the process of Awakening.
It takes courage to be willing Awaken and to dispense with the old, 'tried and true but not workable' ways... Some people hate to take on the discomfort of having to "think for themselves" because Old School taught us to be unquestioning, loyal, and obedient. Always respect your superiors/elders because they know best.
I will never forget my 8th grade teacher. During a very slanted lecture on WW2, he slammed down his Bible (standard equipment in those days) and screamed: "America is God's Country!! God is on OUR SIDE!!"
To believe differently, of course, meant you were taking a chance on this "hell" that awaited all sinners who dared question anything. Ah...the good ol' days. :)
Thanks to the internet, we are successfully tearing down walls and surmounting barriers that have separated us from our fellow earthlings
I fully realize that America is/was not the only country who instilled in its a citizens a 'superior' or 'better than' attitude. But we were right up there at the top of the List! The imperialist attitude and actions of our government is inexcusable and should NOT be tolerated.
One of the most wonderful aspects of the internet is that it cuts across old barriers and gives each and everyone of us a CHANCE at being seen and heard as to how we REALLY are as individuals. Like will find like. Law of Attraction supports that old saying "Water will always find its own level".. I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most WONDERFUL people from the U.S. AND COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD!-- who are filled with love and respect, and desire peaceful communion and understanding with each other.
All or ANY 'reason' or 'justification' for what seems eminent the U.S. will do in Syria...none of it makes sense. It will have been one of the biggest mistakes ever made.
So... what to do. It's hard... very hard... not to be upset
when you think about it... But I have to remind myself that what we concentrate upon is what we materialize/manifest. So I keep using my imagination to picture a beautiful SUNRISE with lovely, shining rays; steeped with lasting peace and love with Whatever plays out.
We must NEVER lose sight of what we WANT.
Peace. Joy. Love. Compassion. Understanding.
I wish everyone in America (and the world over!) would take to the streets and protest this war... PEACEFULLY.
There is a part inside of me, to be painfully honest, that feels lost and doesn't know 'what to do.' I want to say to the rest of the world, Please, please do not believe that all Americans are in favor of
the way our government is handling things... The only positive things I feel I can do is write, call, email to officials. I've done that. That...
and most importantly...
Keep the BELIEF that somehow... in someway... regardless of the interim, that there _IS A DIVINE ORDER_ to all things and events
and that on some cosmic level, all is...and will be...well.
As the owner of FB's "Astrophilosphy" said: "This is a time for us
to be exceptionally kind to each other."
May that peace which indeed DOES pass all human understanding,
keep our hearts and minds centered in unconditional love, and our eyes focused on that bright and shining sun of enlightenment
that will lead us through this valley.
Namaste' and bless us all.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whose "SIDE" are you on ... WHY?...

Most of us are aware that this newer and more discerning (to put it mildly!) energy is more than a bit challenging. It's coercing us into being painfully honest with ourselves....but...that's all Good. 
I'll never forget the first time I heard the phrase: "Choose your battles wisely."
We participate in 'battles' to varying degrees...depending upon how emotionally involved we become. Our emotions are seldom our best guides. They spring from the Ego, which makes it, at times, confusing, to say the least.
There is a huge difference between following our emotions and following our hearts. Following our hearts brings about much more subtle and deeper feelings -- that which we know in our souls. To follow our hearts would, therefore, mean doing what we KNOW is for our Highest Good... regardless of what others think, do, or say.
Reactive emotions spring forth from the Ego. I am not implying the Ego is 'bad.' We need it to discern our preferences, but very often those choices are rooted in a very fear-based place. Plus, the Ego has a dreadful need of believing it must always be RIGHT....  prompting us to act on those emotions. We must use our Ego... but not allow it to use us.
I truly believe that. Shit doesn't just happen. Neither do all the good and wonderful things that happen to us. Abraham and many other metaphysical teachers emphasize that things don't just happen 'out of the blue.' More of science is catching up to that!
There is no such thing as anyone being 'totally guilty' or 'totally innocent'... regardless of what our dumbed-down human 'laws' may tell us.
When we get 'into trouble' or things 'happen to us,' it's amazing how the Ego goes into the I Will Justify To Myself And Others How I Feel At All Cost mode...and the 'yeah, but's' and excuses spew forth with volcanic action. The more we can get people  to agree with us and 'be on our side' the more deeply we are convinced of our self-righteousness. We may find ourselves thinking "Karma will catch up to you, buddy!!" but we seldom seem to associate karma as the cause of what happened to us. :)
I hesitate using the term karma because I personally don't believe it is 'punishment' but rather a 'result' allowed by the soul/higher self in order to expand a person's consciousness. This means things DO and can happen regardless if we understand why (in the present moment) or not. There are two ways we create our reality: deliberately... or by 'default'-- meaning creation follows mental or physical actions/beliefs of which we are not aware of or paying attention to. Like habits: conscious or subconscious.
But what about when we engage in 'other people's battles?'
It's no different than when we encounter our own personal dilemmas. We make them our own. We believe 'they' are in the right... which can be interpreted as "I" am right. We like to think of it as 'doing the right thing' or being noble. At times that's actually a bit comical. :)
Never has a statement hit me harder than one made by Dick Sutphen in "Life After Life". "Everything you do, you do for yourself." This includes putting your own life at risk to save someone else. Even THIS involves creating your own reality.... on the part of the 'hero' and the so called 'victim.' As judgmental humans we then have a tendency to judge who or what is 'good or bad.' Again, that is fear-based because we are 'afraid of being judged' by anyone/anything else  (which can include the old God image.) We have to be 'on the right side'... We truly need to stop deluding ourselves into thinking we are doing things 'for others'... Be careful with words such as: 'I owe it to them'...
... (also ask yourself WHY or WHO said to you: 'you owe it to yourself'...) That can be a double edged sword...think about it...
We cannot save anyone. We can help others... However, when it gets to the point where one is feeling torn, miserable, confused, angry, etc etc... its time to ask "WHY am I doing what I am doing?"...and be excruciatingly honest with yourself. Is it because you are afraid NOT to...for very personal reasons?
As Seth would say: You do not need to justify your own existence...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Transgenders...and Your Reaction to ANYTHING Different...

So maybe you are curious. That's great.
Why would I have chosen such a topic for a metaphysical, 'spiritual' newsletter article?
Meaning this respectfully: why not?
I have always been interested in controversial subjects and goodness knows, this is a subject that raises a lot of that!
LGBT: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgender
I find it interesting that these are listed in  that particular order. I find that this listing seems to be in the order of 'acceptance' by the general population. Lesbians seem to edge out in popularity because they seem to be of particular interest, for varied reasons, to straight men. Gay is a general term in some ways, but gay men have been accepted more in the field of entertainment which has a great influence on people's opinions. However, no one is more accepted and admired than Ellen DeGeneres. She is simply her delightful self and is loved the world over.
Bisexuals have a rougher time being taken seriously and even much of the so called gay community has a tendency to think: make up your mind, its one or the other.
Then there are the transgenders. Heaven help them all.
For any greenies out there, let's set the record straight (pardon the use of that word)... There is a world of difference between being a drag queen and being a male turned female person. Drag queens love playing and pretending to be women... but a male who sincerely believes he IS a woman in a man's body puts him/her in a whole different category.
Transgenders are the least accepted by society. For one thing, even though radical religionists find 'reasons' to dislike (or condemn) LBG's... the thought of changing the gender that "God" made you is an unthinkable, unacceptable, dastardly deed.
Most of us who are 'straight' (all these labels/terminologies get a bit weird) have gone though our own times of judgment and prejudice. To say otherwise, I would only conclude you have a severe memory problem...or... you are not being truthful with yourself or others. I was going to say 'liar'... but  that's harsh.... :)
So, if people choose not to use God as an excuse for it 'being wrong'... what is left? Nothing much except 'nature' or the word 'natural.' However, even though 'nature' seems to produce 'scientific' results for a transgender to be 'un-natural'... this argument still doesn't hold water in a leak proof way. Basically, ALL things, ways, and means are included in the Universe...In All That Is. Anything contrary to that is nothing more than a narrow point of view, usually held by people whose minds seem to be extremely determined not to expand or evolve. This doesn't exclude one's right to 'their opinion' but it DOES exclude, in my books, a right to condemn, judge, and use violence and cruelty...which includes enacting those cruel judgments in LAWS.
I have several transgenders who are my friends. Only one that I know personally, is one that a person would never suspect as a 'trannie.' Another one might leave you guessing, and the other two make even ME go 'why or why did you do it!'...  I suppose that is judgment of sorts, but it comes from feeling their hurt and pain. I think, at times, WHY would you put yourself through all of what you go through...and some of it amounts to the worst of pain and torture.
I honestly do not believe that I would have the guts, the strength, courage, and bravery to go through the surgeries and all the requirements that are expected of the candidates even before the surgeries. But then again, how would I 'know that' for sure. It really and truly does come down to being in their moccasins.
Society (another somewhat debatable term/label) has a habit of condemning what they do not understand, or anything that is 'different' from what they are or what they believe. Take them out of their comfort zones and automatically 'it's wrong' or insane or inferior,
This doesn't mean you have to "like" or experience a fuzzy, warm loving feeling towards something, someone, or some ways of going about whatever is different or controversial or seemingly strange to you. But, to me, it DOES mean that you owe it to yourself and others to be a decent, compassionate human being who knows that you get no real JOY and PEACE from violating, abusing, making fun of, and in any way...hurting or harming another individual, and not giving them the respect due another human being.
Why not just LET IT BE... take care of yourself and your life. We all have a big enough job doing that! :)
Give Peace, and Love, and Beingness a Chance.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

"The" Trial, Prejudice, and Mind Control

If I never hear or read another word about the Martin-Zimmerman case, it will still be too soon!
Oh GASP!!.... do I hear the words "then you must be a racist!!" If those are the words you wish to use to accuse me -- may I suggest that you do not know me at all-!...and that your accusation is as groundless as are many people's judgments and conclusions of that
court case. You would only be reacting to your OWN experiences and ideas.
No, this article is not about defending EITHER Zimmerman or Martin. Some people automatically think if you are not on 'their side' you are on the 'other side.' That is sheer nonsense.
This 'trial' is very representative of the 'trials' we put ourselves through.
Chances are you were not THERE and observing what happened between Zimmerman and Martin. You have CHOSEN to believe whatever appealed to you...for reasons know only to your psyche.
Chances are many people who have laid-in-concrete decisions about 'what happened' didn't even so much as see ALL of the testimony during the trial. Instead, once again, you simply have CHOSEN to believe whatever it was that appealed to you and your ideas and beliefs.
The above picture fairly captures what "I" believe has influenced your choices... to deny this means you somehow psychically transported yourself to the scene of the crime, or it came to you in a dream, or you just 'know' all about it. Or, of course, your source of media information is reliable, impeccable or inspired by the divine. Right? :)
In no way am I saying one doesn't have a right to their opinions. What I AM saying is that I think its a good idea to examine just what those opinions and consequent thoughts, reactions, and actions are doing to one on a personal, soul level.
Do you have an opinion as to WHY this particular case has had an INFINITE amount of attention and publicity?? Ask yourself WHY! What purpose has it served? Has it served ANY honestly GOOD purpose?? Oh, but it drew ATTENTION to a problem that needs to be fixed. God knows it did NOT draw attention to SOLUTIONS... Has what you are aligning yourself with made you feel love and peace...or...anger and hatred??
What you focus on, you get more of. Universal Law. Quantum Physics.... some would even call it common sense.
Those are not airyfairy pink fluffy words... they are a part of a much greater truth. I truly believe those of you who are reading this know that... if you are into metaphysical thinking or not. I truly DO believe that in your heart you KNOW.
It's easy to get caught up in a rioting type of situation and justify what is said or done as some action you believe needs to be taken. But -- what and how? If it's not based in peace or love it will only increase whatever it is you do not want: what appears to you to be injustice, unfairness, prejudice, etc etc etc.... 
The Buddhist philosophy has an interesting way of describing all of this: "He who takes on another's problems takes on his karma." It doesn't mean you shouldn't want to 'help' another but how you go about it will determine if ANYTHING you do is a help or a detriment. Resistance is met with resistance and it will NOT overcome anything. Took me a long time to understand that. I still forget sometimes. :)
To those of you who are metaphysically minded, you know that the Law of Attraction was at work when Zimmerman and Martin encountered each other. What you sew, you reap. If you prefer to believe 'shit happens'...that is your choice, too, but it will not be of any 'help' to yourself or anyone.
If you wish to call me a 'conspiracist', that, too is your privilege. But do I believe the Powers That Be were behind all the attention?...ya derned tootin' I do. Do I also believe that 'the powers that be' are also a reflection of the power that is INSIDE of us?... that is another derned tootin'..
Unrest, coupled with violence and hatred of any kind, is simply a reflection of what is going on inside of us. THE CHOICE for Peace and Love is always there, also. Don't blindly excuse anyone by saying:  'they can't help it' thus keeping them victims. That is the most disempowering thought you can have of ANYone.
I am not speaking to 'you' and not 'me'... There are few 'sins' I have not committed when it comes to wrong thinking, or unwise thinking, or thinking that blocks true empowerment.
If we all could stop thinking we are so damned smart by being suckered into an article, a post, a video that is anger provoking...and realize we will then only be CONTRIBUTING to the problem...we could be turned more easily towards the direction of Peace and Love.
I could list and list incidents and events between races that show love, understanding, and respect. But that doesn't make the news. It takes 'the news' to emphasize the other.... If you are convinced that  "I have to DO something about it or the problem will never be solved" ...than--sorry-- you are not going to solve it. Not when you concentrate on the 'other side being wrong'.... Funny how few people SEEM to believe that the power of LOVE is so weak... that is the saddest thing of all. I understand... this is the way we have been mind controlled to think... --send in the peacekeepers with the weapons to keep the peace-- type thinking... and... The 'intellectuals' don't have all the answers, either. Not without Love or Peace in their hearts. May 'sound good'... but won't  'do good.' NO 'demonstration' without Peace or Love will have a positive affect. Get attention? Sure. Solve anything? Not long term.
A house divided cannot stand. Divided, we can easily be swayed and controlled and trained to focus on 'what is wrong'... but we can't blame 'them'... it's merely an outer reflection of our own heart, mind, and intentions. We CHOOSE which world, which mass consciousness we wish to be a part of. We all need to remember that. Our thoughts are continuously creating our world.  We really need to become aware of what we are 'sending out' to create our world.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Glory of War ...not...

Does anyone really believe that war--any war--will bring about PEACE? Think about it. How can this really work? It hasn't so far.
By going to other countries and killing 'the enemy' to show them that they better not threaten our 'freedom and peace?'
Is war 'inevitable'?? or have we been programmed to believe that is the 'only way'? Unfortunate, but the only way.
It is such an oxymoron...the height of an oxymoron...that the United States calls itself a 'peaceful nation.' We have involved ourselves in nearly every war available to mankind all over the earth.
Even though I disagree with this, many Americans like to label this country as a 'Christian nation.' So that when we march off to war, we kill and destroy in the name of "God and Country."
This is what we accuse Islamic nations of doing.
Personally, I see no difference in the way both of these 'religions' are being used to sanctify or justify war. Do you?? -- each of which condemns the other. Each one believes they have the Corner on Truth.
This is the Memorial Day weekend. It is a time set aside, supposedly, for honoring veterans of all wars. I'm not really too sure how many vets were completely convinced that they were doing the 'right thing' when they went to war or what they DID while engaged in battle. It was referred to as one's 'duty' to God and Country. And if you didn't respond to the draft (during some wars), you were jailed. So the motivating factor was there alright. Many believed they had no choice.
Although some peculiar people exist who actually seem to like the thrill and horror of war,  so they join up and re-up. It's their choice, but not one I understand. A lot of hype goes into 'joining up'... you will be protecting Americans, you will ensure our freedom and our peace.... and that all sounds real good, very noble and lofty...but what war is all about is not noble and lofty. Its primitive and bloodthirsty and pathetic and gory.
We seem obligated to 'honor' our veterans because maybe that's easier than the alternative: taking a good hard look at what in the HELL we are doing!! I wish I could hug some of these vets and say "Its most likely meant chose to believe what you were told...and I'm so sorry for what you went through." We all know what its like to be carried away by the music, parades, and cheers when we no longer hear that Still Small Voice that asks: why are you so willingly participating? (and listen instead to the sentinmental hogwash that is thrown in our faces)
I am not judging what THEY, the vets, have done. In other lives I have undoubtedly done the same thing.  I'm wondering why we NOW don't choose to listen to the Higher Calling? Why don't we all refuse to join the military? Why don't we lay down our arms and refuse to kill. If we are willing to kill others and have others kill us...why not die for REAL PEACE by refusing to participate in the killing fields? Is it more 'worthy' to die on a field of battle. Oh that's get MEDALS for that!! --because someone convinced you you were doing the right thing for "God and Country."
Over 60% of our homeless are many out of their minds from what they went through. Speak to THEM of the Glories of War...and then refuse to drop a dollar in their cup and tell 'em to Go Get A Job!!
We will never convince our country (or most others) or our power hungry leaders to not participate in wars. To them it is a Business (surely you know that by now...) .even though they will make real pretty sounding, heart wrenching speeches on Memorial white wash it all and make it all OK...after all it's never OUR country's fault...we just have a John Wayne attitude: "Sorry ta have ta kill ya, podner...but ah ain't got uh choice" Bang. Your dead...and hero rides off into the sunset.
To not participate in war, it will all come down to an individual choice. This will take REAL true bravery. We will each, individually, create our OWN world. Will we choose a Safe Universe...or ...keep believing in a flase reality? 
 Some will say I am over simplifying. But sometimes the most important decisions to make ARE the most simple. This calls upon
  motivation that comes from the Heart...which is Love...Honor...and Respect for Oneself and All Others in This World. We All ARE One.
That is not accomplished by war.

Monday, April 1, 2013

REINCARNATION...and Karma... Part TWO

Here I go again!!.....

We have all...and I do believe all of us -- met 'new people' in our lives and yet feel as if we have known them for all of our life. Chances are -- you knew them well -- in another life.
It's not necessarily because they 'remind you' of some other person... You still
know there is a big difference between that -- and the other kind of 'knowing.'
In Part One I talked about agreements that souls have in playing certain 'roles' for each other in a various incarnations. Maybe you (or they) have agreed to play a very supportive role, someone that you needed at just the time when you needed the help, guidance, and support the very most.
Maybe you chose to NOT have anyone that really seemed to understand or support you in your struggles to learn difficult lessons. In choosing this, you definately gain an understanding of what that abandonment or loneliness feels like.
Nearly all the great teachers say the same thing about the planning or the blue printing of a new incarnation. Remember YOU are the one doing the choosing, the planning, the blue printing. But you must also remember that you may 'change your mind' and alter those plans. You have this freedom.
This is quite opposite the kind of 'karma' some people believe in whereby 'some god or spirit' or some undefined source-- condemns you and issues severe 'punishments' so that you are 'paid back' for harming someone in a recent life. People who believe that are a bit reluctant to verbalize this to another because they KNOW that it sounds extremely mean and judgmental. Sometimes they just pawn it off to saying "We aren't meant to understand why these horrible things happened to so and so... it's part of "God's mysterious ways"... :)
It's a little amusing to me to hear people, who have taken a firm stand against incarnation, try to analyze why some of those 'horrible things' happens(ed) to them. They may quickly cry 'poor innocent victim' and again include God's mysterious ways, always managing to somehow excuse themselves from any and all kind of responsibility. It's not very 'nice' to say "hmmm I wonder what you did to 'deserve' this"... Do you suppose sometime in some lifetime someone said about YOU???  "One day you are gonna get it, sister!" or "you are gonna pay for this, brother!"... even though in this lifetime you may say: "I'm just too nice! I'm just too trusting! I just let people take advantage of me because I'm such a nice person..." And maybe it actually seems that way to you... This doesn't mean that you are supposed to keen and wail about 'how horrible you must have been' ... Staying in the NOW is the best advice we can possibly give heed to.
We are human beings learning how to manage all this great energy...self empowering energy that we HAVE and ARE... during an incarnation -- or -- in non physicality. Without the dark contrast we would have no need to learn compassion, patience, unconditional love, understanding, etc, etc... It's not as if life is a 'test!'...its all experience, and its all about All That Is, the Source of All Creation, being able to expand its consciousness and gain and grow in its own creative abilities. And WE ALL are a PART OF THAT. It's all 'so overwhelmingly BIG' that I could never explain it in this article neither could any famous author 'explain it' in a huge book!
Once we understand and accept the Immutable Laws of the Universe of which the Law of Attraction is the greatest -- we then begin to understand HOW we are meant to use and direct the Energy. Ask and It Is Given. Everytime, says Abe... we just have to learn what works BEST, easiest, and most joyful. 
"Maybe I don't want to be born again"... Well, Abe says we are adventurers and are ready to go back. Sometimes our Higher Self simply decides "I think I would like to understand THIS better"... and then you drawing up your plans. There will come a time when each of us will go on to Other Things besides human existances. It's exciting to think about it. Most any of it beats wearing a white robe, playing a harp, and walking on streets of gold singing praises forever and ever and ever and EVER... THAT, to me, would be hell. Perfection means death. There is no where to go... no more to do, no reason to exist...THINK about that and then stop trying to be perfect. Ain't a gonna happen, dudes! There is no such thing as 'eternal rest.'
One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to stop judging, stop condemning, and dispense with the better than's, as well as the 'I'm not good enoughs'... Turn towards happy thoughts, easy does it, and follow your bliss!! -- you KNOW what makes you Feel Good! You know that being kind and loving makes you Feel Good. DROP THE FEAR BASED BELIEFS! Then forgive yourself and others-- as need be. And don't spend one minute worrying about anyone who doesn't understand a single word I've said. We are ALL in the right place for what we need, and for where we need to be on our paths. And don't forget to say this to yourself: "I" am the only one I need to be lovingly concerned about...
That's what "I AM" is really all about.
I would very much like to recommend a book to you that will remove your fear of death or the afterlife. It's called "The Oversoul Seven Trilogoy" by Jane Roberts. It will expand your consciousness and stretch your imagination to things Bright and Beautiful! I think I can safely 'promise' you that! :)