Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Will 2012 Bring to YOU?

So many stories. What to believe? Is it just another 2K disaster fluke? Or is there something to the talk about an Apocalypse occurring in 2012?

According to present day Mayan shamans and elders...this is an extremely important year -- but _they_ never prophesied 'a destructive end of the world.'

With mass consciousness offering up such a diverse and powerful focus on 2012, one can be assured that many significant changes will occur. Granted, there are many people who have not the foggiest notion what the Mayans, the Mayan Calendar, and the year 2012 are all about... however, I am convinced that everyone is feeling some kind of change. ...even though some may not verbalize it -- or understand what is happening.

Doomsday prophets and prophecies have always existed. The Year 2012 has received more attention than any other 'prophetic date' in history. What I am 'sure' of is this: With all the focus upon this new year -- it WILL affect anybody who has even the slightest interest in all these prophecies. Whether one calls it 'the end' or 'a shift' ... it will produce significant changes in our lives. Most of us are already aware of this. I am not, however, one of those people who believe some kind of catastrophic disaster will occur that bring an end to the planet.

I do believe in the Apocalypse... but not as commonly mis-interpreted. The original meaning of this word means a thinning of -- or lifting of--the veil. It means things will be revealed or made known. Many people are 'seeing through' the dishonesty and manipulation of the so called 'sacred institutions' that people dare not question before. Already this is happening daily. Naturally this will cause upheaval and all kinds of upset because people will be angry when finding out how much we have been programmed, controlled, and lied to. But this is still all for the ultimate good.

Not only will these things be brought to will also include those things we have hidden deep within ourselves. We have to remember that whatever happens on 'the outside' of us is an observable expression or representation of what is a vibrational match within us. Yes, time IS going faster! The energy IS stronger!... which is causing beliefs to manifest very quickly. Nothing is healed as long as it is denied. One can't put a happy face band aid on a problem and pretend it doesn't exist. We, first of all, have to make peace with what IS. All of our "Problems" have their basis in our faulty, non-beneficial beliefs. We create our own reality if we believe we do or not.

Faulty, hurtful beliefs have to be faced, seen for what they are doing to us, then thanked for 'showing us'. Then NEW beliefs must be adopted in their place and given our attention and focus. All a belief is -- is a thought we keep thinking and we erroneously think is 'true' or 'fact.' We don't 'get rid of' faulty beliefs. Everything exists. What we resist, persists. What we DO is decide what we WANT to believe and then our focus and attention to it.

What does that have to do with 2012? Everything! The SHIFT that is occurring and is still occurring is about mankind's personal and mass consciousness expanding and evolving... in a big way. I realize that without an understanding of meta or quantum physics .. this may seem a bit off the wall.

The Shift...the 2012 prophecy as talked about by the Mayans has to do with shifts in consciousness which will result in manifesting the outward physical phenomena. NOT the other way around! --although it may seem that way to those who do not recognize the Law of Attraction....but that is the Illusion. That is what we have to get beyond.

As we progress through this year, with the energy as strong as it is -- it is becoming increasingly more important that we FOCUS ON WHAT WE WANT ...not... not... not upon what we do not want. This involves all facets of our everyday life. What we think, what we concentrate upon, what we give our energy to, what actions we take, and how we honor ourselves...AND...our fellow man and all things, great or small. The world we will experience will be that of our own creation. Be careful who or what you align yourself with. I am not meaning for anyone to think they must become a sort of spotless, flawless saint..! or I'd never make it! Nerd Just follow your heart. We all have GOOD hearts. I believe that! When Joseph Campbell said "Follow Your Bliss" ... he was talking about our own, individualized journeys. We must follow what makes us genuinely feel good, joyful, at peace, and yet excited about life!! I believe that the Year 2012 can be the year in which we really and truly discover and harness the God-Goddess-All That Is-Source-Power that lies within each and everyone of us. It can be a grand journey. If we truly WANT it...and ALLOW be.

Happy New Year to Everyone! Peace, Love, Joy, and Blessings to All!



Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Favorite Teaching on "the true meaning of Christmas" from SETH....


"Do not think that Christmas is too camp. In your civilization, when you allow it to, it speaks to the child in you. Accept the child and enjoy the myth, for behind the myth there is truth, and the truth is that you are reborn. And the truth is that the inner self does have the wonder of a child. Other stories have been wound about those truths, but the truths remain.The god Pan has as great a validity as Christ has. The names change; the stories change to fit your ideas and your civilization. Now, I prefer Pan piping his magic flutes over the countryside and drinking wine, to a Christ born to be crucified. But that is my idea; you pick your own. Behind all the myths is the reality. You are born with the wonder of a child again to remake the world in a new image. Christmas should represent the rebirth of the self. 'Seth Speaks' should be called 'You Speak.' So listen to yourselves. It is fashionable to think in terms of Buddha and Eastern religions. And it is not fashionable to think of the infant Christ, for example. So you are "in" if you think of Buddha, and "out" if you dare to let a tear show when they play a Christmas carol. The same thing is involved. You are still dealing with systems of beliefs and myths that have grown through the ages. And each of them has their degree of validity and their degree of distortion. Santa Claus -- Ho Ho -- is relatively harmless considering what your religions have done. If you are bad you get a hunk of coal, and if you are good you get a goody. But what about a god who says if you are good you will go to heaven and if you are bad you burn through all eternity? Place your indignation where it belongs! Holly

All of the gods in your myths die and are rewarded -- from the time of your ancient memory, and through the ages of the memory of your race.So it is simply said again and again, in terms that you understand, according to the time in which you think you live: That you are born again and again, and the trials of the gods are your own, and so are their triumphs and their joys. The symbols used are also colored by the times, and they are personified, so winter and the cold that sweeps across the earth are used to symbolize the death of the soul.Not a death, however, but transformation. If you understood your myths, you could use them effectively. When you think that they are reality, however, they can entrap you. You are the stories that the Soul tells. You are your own stories, and you create your ideas of God according to your interpretation of greater realities that you understand and do not understand. You are catching up with your own understanding, but as soon as you understand, there is more to learn because creativity is never still and never done and never finished. In other worlds there are other Christmas tales, each with their own story and rhyme. But none of them denies the intense and eternal NOW which is being forever created and in which you have your quite natural existence. And none of it denies the joyful vitality that is your own, neither the bewilderment in your eye, nor the pleasure in yours.All of this is meant to illuminate the joy and ease of your own being, and meant to generate within you, if you will forgive me, that old Ho Ho Ho -- the vitality and the laughter and the joy that is your being. If you understood thoroughly what I am trying to say to you, you would be laughing with me and enjoying your own grizzly beard and hair, and, as you looked around at each other, you would see yourselves as all ages, reborn time and time again and with your identity alive within you now. Holly

The truth is not something apart from you. You each are truth, speaking and living in physical form. Seth Speaks is within you and not in a book. You are the book. Then joyfully listen to what your feelings tell you. Your thoughts and your feelings are both natural and both yours. And your joy is within you, Christmas or non-Christmas, Santa Claus or no Santa Claus, December 25 or the 4th of July. Your atoms and molecules shout with the joy of their own being; listen to them.Feel within their fleshy substance your own spirituality. Look at the Christmas tree; your cells and molecules shine a million times more brightly. Your eyes glitter with far greater light. You are love in corporeal form. You do not have to look for it or wonder where to find it or give it in packages with bright ribbon. You are packages with bright ribbon. Christmas is now and was yesterday and will be tomorrow.It is in you, in Buddha, in Pan, in Christ, in Mohammed, in an ant and in a frog, and in your eyes and with you, each of you. Holly

You are each, then, Christmas. You shine and glitter whether or not you know it. You shout "Merry Christmas" even when you cry. You cannot deny your own vitality or being. Let the vitality and energy, therefore, ring out through your own knowledge. Let it awaken within you the knowledge of your being. Dance through your own molecules and scatter your own petals!"



Monday, December 12, 2011

Sports Fans!! -- Tebow Is Out Of The Closet!! Should he be?

It's all ridiculous. And I will admit that, momentarily, I allowed myself to get caught up in it. So, I am not 'pointing fingers' at anyone regardless of their opinion of Denver's new savior: Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow. He has a number of nicknames, including The Messiah of Mile High, and with some of the more radical devotees of football, the term is no longer 'praying''s 'Tebow-ing'... Leaf 4 I don't happen to be a sports fan... and if one IS...hey, that's OK, too. Kept in perspective, it can be enjoyable. When it goes beyond that -- it's insanity. Tree 6 Sports fans from all over the world tend to forget 'it's just a game'...They seem to have a desperate craving to identify with 'their team'--as opposed to 'the team.' I think a jolly and profitable new business might be the creation of exorcists who can loose radical fans of their possession of--and over-identification with --their team. It's much more than 'getting a little over-excited about winning or losing' ... In Denver, police are called for more cases of spouse or child beatings more than any other time...if and when the "Broncos lose a game." That is why I call it insanity. Leaf 4 I wonder, sometimes, if Tebow were Muslim -- and whenever he would score a touchdown, he would drop to the ground, bowing (Te-bowing?? heh! Smile) to the East and shout, Praise Allah!! -- I wonder what the Mile High reaction would be? That would undoubtedly call for him to be excommunicated from the NFL... and he would become a terrorist suspect, I am quite sure. Tree 6 Some say they are proud of Tebow because he is not ashamed to 'declare his faith publicly and openly'... Is that what it is? Anybody remember the Biblical story of the Pharisee who made a public display of his prayers and generosity? Perhaps Mr. Tebow should wear on his face (he has various scriptures chapters and numbers written on the blackened part under the eyes) the Biblical verses of Matthew 6:5-6 where it is suggested to NOT make a public display... but to go into the closet to pray. That certainly gives a whole new meaning to 'in or out of the closet' Leaf 4 Christians themselves seem to be divided on this subject. I think what 'side' one chooses to align with might likely be dependant upon several aspects of one's belief systems. Is Tebow 'witnessing' for Jesus? Does anyone with two active brain cells actually believe that the Great Teacher Jesus gives a flying donut hole about SPORTS TEAMS!!! Good goddess Gertie...!! Herein, to me, lies the problem of making what one calls their God out to be a Super HUMAN kinda guy ...Jesus included. To me, this is like making the idea of God or Jesus into a 'good luck charm.' That is sad. Very sad. Tree 6 I can't help but wonder why Tebow had to choose to make a public display of his 'faith.' Wouldn't it be enough to inwardly 'thank' his God? (some suggest he should be thanking the Defense)... Surely God could 'hear' this, right? What drives him to 'go public' with his actions? Is it REALLY between him and God ... or is it more than that. To me, it's more like the Jehovah's Witnesses showing up at your door, driven by a need to 'witness.' Or like the men in the X-Files here, but the Mormon's who feel compelled to openly witness...or the Phelps family from the Westboro Baptist witness to what they honestly believe is the 'right thing to do.' I believe that Tebow knew that his actions would be both sensationalistic and controversial. Is this the 'Christian way?' Leaf 4I can't help but wonder what the reactions will be when and if the Broncos lose! Maybe it will simply be pawned off to 'God's mysterious ways.'... Or...let's say...the Broncos make it to the Super Bowl...AND win... Will this mean that God is sending a message to the world to follow Him and the ways of Tebow? I am quite certain some will see it that way. To each his own. To me, if any 'good' will have come out of all of this ... it might be that it simply gives us pause to think about how scary is our attachment to a 'winning or losing' sports team.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Personal Beliefs About The Constitution ... It's important we recognize the correlation...
You might check that article out... I think you will find it interesting and thought provoking in the way it speaks about the idea of 'constitution worship'...
Many Americans consider the 200 yr old document to be sacred, flawless, and so pure that even a little smudge of ink besides one of the words has caused endless debates as to how it might 'alter a meaning that would directly effect each and every American.' You must admit that is strangely amusing...I believe some folks would far soon take issue with Biblical words and phrases than 'mess with the Constitution.'
Red Ornament We are the ONLY country in the entire world that has never changed its original Constitution...did you know that? There are many historians and philosophers who have contributed very thought-provoking ideas as to why we consider this document to be no less than 'sacred.' This is what I would like to share with you.
Many people have been mind controlled via fear-based religious teachings, making it easy for them to transfer this same loyal allegiance to our "sacred documents"... the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution... I suppose the Amendments must also, therefore, be 'Inspired' also! ... Although fundamentalism deserves to be at the top of the list, I'm willing to go out on a limb and say most religions have instilled a sense of 'unworthiness' in their followers, the idea of having to be saved, and always look towards those who 'know better' ... So with this mind set, it was easy for 'transference' to take place which made it fairly simple for those who 'control' us...namely the Powers That Be.
Because of this blind-faith attitude, the idea of Questioning Authority of ANY kind automatically puts one in the suspicious light: baaaad American! perhaps a Traitor Embarrassed ... even a potential 'terrorist.' Shocked Sorry, people, but I exaggerate not. Green Ornament
Is it any wonder then, that we have little 'open' support for our Occupy Protestors? "They're just trouble makers who don't know what they are talking about..." Yeah...sure... To refuse to participate with civil disobedience when necessary because it's against the law to 'sit on the sidewalk' or for passers-by to 'honk their horns' at them... is ridiculous.
To be a good citizen means one must be a 'law abiding' citizen who obeys without question, thus making him/her an 'upstanding member of the community.' Many like to think of America as a "Christian nation.' Although it seems to reflect very, very little of what the man Jesus taught. In America, the word "Christian" tends to be thought of as synonomous with the word "good" or "right." The fact that it is ALL 'highly varied human interpretation" is totally not recognized. This is indeed unfortunate. To some, even all of our "laws" are nothing less than sacred -- never to be questioned or defied.
Are you aware that America has MORE LAWS than all those of Europe put together? And yet who is the 'leader in crime' in the world? Yup. Us. So someplace, somewhere along the line, people are going to have to stop thinking of laws and documents as something that is as Infallible as the Pope or God sitting on his Throne... Here is where 'fear' gets a real grip on far too many people. Green Ornament
Someplace, somewhere along the line we are going to have to overcome that fear and examine and scrutinize our own attitudes and ideas. This will entail knowing what we truly WANT ... not just fighting and bucking against what we do NOT want. We will attract what we focus upon. Nerd You can't fool Mother Nature OR the Law of Attraction!
Someone asked me once: "If you could give the whole world one message...what would it be." I stole the answer from a speech I heard someone give! I said "I would say Question Authority...and then think about things when there is no one else around to agree or disagree with you and ask 'how does this REALLY make me feel?" Not meaning my ego-ridden ideas of Right or Wrong... but how aligned am I to the spirit within.
I know I am guilty of it, too -- but we ALL have to get past other people's ideas of what is right or wrong... and really start to think for ourselves. We must learn to LET GO of the idea of 'sanctity' of any one country, one constitution, or one set of human-made Laws and Rules... and to trust that someplace within us is a far greater inward knowing which means overcoming a lot of programmed fear of DARING to question any and all 'authority.' Too many have no idea where this 'authority' even originated. Red Ornament
I DO honestly believe things are 'getting better' --and I also believe it will entail some big upheavals of sorts....perhaps necessary in order so that people will become willing to Let Go of what is not working. It all begins with believing in -- and thinking for -- ourselves...displaying a willingness to Let Go of those stubbornly held ideas that are not working!!.... We need to believe in the goodness which exists in every single person...regardless of how well it is 'covered up.' And some seem to do that quite well!! Rolling Eyes However, that can be the beginning of Awakening and coming into Awareness. That is Enlightenment. I always end each article with "Namaste' " It's more than just a 'nice greeting' ... It means: "the Soul in me acknowledges the Soul in you"... We best be careful what we want and what we wish for ... wishes and wants (beliefs) have a way of coming true. It is best, perhaps, if we remember that for our sake... what we want needs to be based on what is for the highest good ...of all concerned.
Namaste' Prayer

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The OWS Protests...and The Summer of Our Discontent

In spite of it all; in spite of any and all appearances -- I DO believe, with a great steadfastness...that things ARE getting better. That may not sound very profound, and yes, it's been said many times before; and it's very simplistic, but that's all OK. Sometimes we simply have to over-simplify things so that we can begin to clearly observe the overwhelming vastness of all that is taking place around us. Flower This includes the Occupy Wall Street protest event. It seems strange to me that so few have asked "How did it all get started?" ... "What caused this?" I think we tend to 'accept without question' so much of what goes on around us....and how it relates to our lives. So how DID the OWS protest 'start?' 'What happened?' To borrow a phrase, I believe it 'happened' because we seemed to have experienced a very strong "Summer of our Discontent"... It was during this past summer I noticed that the energy was becoming SO pressing, so defining, and for me, very challenging. Whether or not people interpret this 'strong energy' in the same way I do, makes little difference. I believe everybody is experiencing it, if they label it or not. Flower Occupy Wall Street is SO much more than striking out at the injustices of money and power based control systems -- of not only our country, but countries around the world. It's about an Awakening within us that is causing a surge of discontent felt around the world. Because of this growing Awareness people are finding themselves questioning ...and again, putting it as simply as possible...we are trying to figure out 'what is going on?' We are in a 'new place' and realizing there is no going back again. All of those trusted old comfort zones --those places of habitual refuge -- seem to be disappearing. Flower Nothing FEELS the same anymore... and it won't ever 'feel the same' again. We evolve and re-evolve, individually and as a species. Humanity on Earth, in this particular moment in time, is going through some dramatic growing pains. (again!)
As much as we would like to think that difficult or unwanted scenarios are caused by something or someone out there...outside of ourselves ... this is not true. This doesn't mean that we have 'done anything wrong'...but it does indicate growth and expansion are taking place. Most definitely: "the times--they are a-changin' "...and this time -- BIG time. Flower Everything is symbolic. Everything that manifests is an outward symbol of what is taking place 'inside of us' -- being projected outwardly and visibly. OK...back to 'simplicity!' Nerd Just how exactly can any of that info relate to these 'protests?'
Mass consciousness wise -- I see it as a reflection that people are finally realizing that we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated, programmed, and so very dumbed down -- to the point where our being endowed with "inner power" ...sounds about as alien as space ships in one's own back yard. (Maybe they ARE there...and we just don't see them. Cool ) I like the way the Pleiadians (re B. Marciniak) talk about our lives as humans here on Earth. To look at it as one Big Game we are playing makes it all easier to digest... We are all powerful creators, part of the Great (and totally inconceivable and un-nameable) Energy Force of the Universe(s)... but we have managed to go into Game Level 10...which involves totally agreeing to forget who 'we really are.' And I must say, we did a hellava bang-up job of doing that. But Now! we are reAwakening once least many of us are. We don't all do things at the same time. Once again, for simplicity's sake, let's just pretend most people are aware of this Occupy movement. Flower Some are 'aware' of the protests and are content to believe everything the 'news' feeds into them. Some don't have the foggiest notion WHY this event is taking place. They have made up their own reasons to their satisfaction, a lot of which is not very flattering to the Occupiers. EACH of us brings to the table our OWN experiences, so that when we 'judge' anything that is happening , it is filtered through those ideas and accepted beliefs of what is 'right or wrong' based on what we choose to believe. I enjoyed the heck out of protesting in the 60's and 70's... I LIKE drama, I like getting INTO things...and even though I may 'pay more' in emotional tolls than those who sit silently and stoically (and maybe a bit self-righteously :) on the sidelines, the times I have enjoyed life the most was FAR from dull or boring. Nerd
The responses to the Protesters have been SO varied... from unflailing and unquestioning support of ALL of them regardless of what they say or do -- to -- those who condemn them for simply 'stirring up trouble' --and are positive they have it all wrong... Naturally, we are all convinced 'we' are "right" regardless of what our view point is...and we are as equally convinced that the others are idiotic beyond hope. C' know its true! Rolling Eyes If we could all just get to the point where we could do two basic things: #1: emotionally detach...and #2: get the Ego out of the way and realize that "reality or truth" is only a conception, or a belief, and is very tenuous, subject to constant change. I don't always like to look at it that way, either!...but I DO know 'it's the way it is!... If we can just step back and be a Watcher...or an Observer... and without prejudice, 'see' what is happening from a spiritual stance, perhaps we could then see that regardless if we agree or not with what is happening, we could then sense it is caused by a stirring from within the souls of human to take back our INNER power!!...not the stuff that money, controlling power and greed is made of ...but the kind of inner power that sets us FREE and allows us to realize that regardless of what the 'outcomes' are with all the dramas going on ...we STILL create our own personal 'reality!'... and as the P's have told us..."you can walk calmly and serenely amidst all the chaos and destruction and be safe..." When enough people stop fighting and want peace and harmony...truly want it...then a critical mass will form and we will experience glorious changes!
This means we need to accept that what we focus on must be 'seen' with love, tolerance, and well being for ALL concerned...and not settle for temporary victories by battling what we are AGAINST. Flower
I believe we need to SEE our own Dragons!...we need to SEE what we have allowed to be created, which is a miserable imbalance that government is reflecting in so many ways.... But just remember: we FED those Dragons...and the more hate we feed to them, the longer they will exist. We cannot depend upon 'others' to do the work of 'cleaning things up.' We will never produce 'saintly politicians' until mass consciousness is at a point where they will emerge on the scene. It will always be up to 'us'...not 'them.' We truly have to BE the change we want to see. Sometimes I forget...and yet... its ok to get angry and spout and carry on at times. I don't have any designs on becoming a hallowed nebulous blob that never does anything wrong... But!--if its not FUN...and if it doesn't make us _genuinely_ Feel Good... don't do it... A temporary ego-based 'victory' will only breed more of the same problems we want to get rid ot. Everybody connected to Occupiers --whether you support or do not support them-- needs to realize this: We will never destroy the Dragons on Wall Street or the puppets in Government or in any of our other 'sacred institutions' until we face them taking responsibility for what _we_ have allowed to happen. Flower What do we do then, one may ask? Good question, isn't it? Each one of us has to figure that out...each one of us has to be willing to ASK ourselves 'what must I do' to experience the change I want to see. I can't give you an instantaneous magical answer. That is up to you. I can only look within myself and ask that same question. We must trust: because the answers are there. Within our souls.
Namaste' Prayer

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Be Careful About Giving Your "Honest Opinion"...AND..what IS.Spirituality?

Beware! If someone asks for your 'honest opinion'... I would highly advise you to follow four steps.

1) size up the person for his openmindedness

2) draw upon your 'past experience' with this person's reactions to anything that is 'different'

3) and THEN, tempting as it may be to offer your 'honest opinion'... realize its a gamble you are taking.

4) (this one kinda makes me wince...) just play around a bit with the person and be ever so 'politically correct'... Or play dumb.... Because!-- they do NOT want your honest opinion...they want to be agreed with, validated, and perhaps even praised for their opinions.

This is pretty easy to do for people who don't have too many experienced brain cells clanging around in ye olde belfrey...they are 'safe' in being honest in their naivity --giving the party of the first part a golden opportunity to instill upon that person their 'opinion!' :)....which is not so much an opinion as it is their iron clad, steel girded, impenetrable version of (drum roll....!) The TRUTH.

In my case (if you will forgive a few exagerations just to color it up a smidgeon...) when someone asked me for my 'honest opinion' --before all was said and done, the whole situation took on an atmosphere found in the movie "Fatal Attraction" ...where the "one" who is obsessed with "I am right" simply won't...goooo awaaaay...!

The old saying: One should never argue politics or religion is true. In my case, it was unwise to respond to this Email with a polite: "I don't believe that is the truth." Additionally I added a link that expressed my views on this subject which, unfortunately, included BOTH religion and politics. I didn't get 'emotionally' involved in it -- just passed it on. To me, it wasn't a 'big deal.' The response I received to this was that he was "hurt and deeply offended by my 'hatred' of this religion" (never indicated that) and this person is now 'extremely disappointed in my outlook.' See wut ah mean, Vern? --about no one really wanting your 'honest' opinion. :) So... without apologizing for my 'opinion' (I hardly expected HIM to, either) I did sincerely offer my apologies for having hurt his feelings. I meant it. I had thought of this person as a friend for a few years.

The return response was that I need not offer any unnecessary apologies, but he was 'extremely concerned' about my views....and would 'like to discuss this with me sometime in person.' Heavy sigh, eye roll, a few expletives....(on my part..)

Trying my best to show forth a beauteous and shining example of the ultimate in Political Correctness... I simply responded with, 'just so you know my apology was sincere' (although it was beginningto lose its edge...) and added, 'please, do not worry or be concerned about my opinions...thats all they are...opinions...and we each have a right to our own.' I was hoping that would be end of discussion.

But, the saga continued with "Let's meet and discuss our spiritual paths"...He would be 'interested' in my spiritual path... Yeah...right.. This time I thought Enough is I simply never responded. He had made some real digs at my newsletter blog saying he sees 'nothing spiritual' about how could I use 'spiritual' in the title?...he wonders. Enough was definately enough...I didn't respond. I just wanted to drop it. However --Yesterday I get yet another Email that literally oozed and dripped with eloquence and ...yes ... with extreme political correctness.

Since he has been fair enough to offer to sit down with me to discuss our spiritual paths like 'two adults' (and I am obviously failing to recognize this)... its therefore best that we 'limit our correspondance' ...unless a death occurs within our group of friends, to advise the other of said death. (yup...he said that!!) Otherwise he suggested we should 'act as if we are happy to see each other' and be cordial amidst our coffee drinking buddies. So, he wants any further communication to come to an end. It's one of those incidents where you don't know whether to laugh...or what... Notice I have been politically correct in the writing of this in so far as I have carefully avoided naming said religion or its connection to the political arena. I have mixed feelings about this. Because I could justifiably be accused of 'playing into' that same phoniness, too. It's a strange high wire on which to keep one's balance.

The major difference (in my opinion :) between religion and spirituality is that religion is something you practice... and spirituality is something you live.Religious dogma tells you 'how to live and what to do' ... and spirituality encourages you to find your answers within yourself. I regard the Eastern philosophies as spiritual... I regard, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism as religions. Whatever works for anyone-- that is their choice, their right. Opinion and judgment ... pretty much the same thing... and --we all do both-- Its just the way it is... what is 'bad' about holding an opinion or judging is when we are convinced we have "THE" ultimate corner on "The Truth"... All truth is relative. And!--as the Buddha said -- "don't take the word of even the most enlightened teachers as your own opinion...find it out through your OWN experience and practice." me...with that perilous topic that brought about the whole mish mash -- it was taken far too seriously.... All that does is support the Ego (which simply never gets enough of 'being right.')

I spent SO much of my life searching for 'religious answers' that were, of course, always 'out there someplace' and it was up to me to 'go and look for them'... This is challenging...and its difficult when you have been programmed with the idea that you are 'dirty, sinful, and unclean and in need of being saved' ... or told 'THIS is theeee way you must walk with God.'

It's nice to talk with those with whom you are in agreement... it can bolster us and give us a sort of 'high' ...but the real learning comes from 'how do I handle it when someone is totally contrary?' Am I politcally correct (and spout a bunch of carefully worded bullshit that I don't really believe?...) or am I quiet? ...or are their ways to say what I want to say without offending the other? Being politcally correct is usually about not wanting the 'other guy' to get mad at us; it 'feels better' (to the Ego) to have his approval and one can 'fit in with the group' and feel a false sense of security that one is accepted.

What I believe (and yes, it is my opinion) about the Occupy Protesters is that THEY believe they are doing the right thing...regardless of how many people disagree with them...even to the point of their own endangerment. May it always be peaceful ... and may all all be safe. It all comes down to 'what is right for US' when we hold an opinion or take an action. How does it really and truly make us FEEL in our hearts and souls... If we truly will ALLOW others their opinions...and follow our OWN intentions that what we do is for our Highest Good and the Highest Good of Others... then...come what may ...ALL will be well. We forever keep learning ...which is a good thing! :)

Namaste' Prayer

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

(PART ONE) UFO's, Aliens, The Government, and "We the People"

According to some polls, there is an indication that more people (not quite 50%) in the U.S., 'believe in' the existence of UFO's, aliens, etc.. then ever before. However, exactly how those beliefs are interpreted vary widely. I don't think that many Sci Fi movies I have seen contributed much to an intelligent or scientific understanding of this subject... Most are 'scary' and strictly geared to entertainment and no kind of fact. "Fact," again, is a personal opinion.
Do I believe that The Powers That Be have been conducting a cover up (for years)? Yes, I do. Why would they? Because such knowledge, once globally accepted, would shake the very foundations of religion, 'old science', education, philosophy, and cultural beliefs. Thank goodness for the mavericks who are not confined by 'authoritative assumptions' imposed upon us throughout our lifetimes.
As most of you know by now, I religiously avoid western religion of any type. :) This does not make me--or those who DO believe in the Major Three -- 'right' or 'wrong.' Right or wrong is a concept that keeps people mind-stuck when it is forcibly applied to others. We have to grow beyond that.
I believe The Earth has been around for millions of years. Not just 6,000 years. I do not necessarily believe the fables and myths of the Bible per say..(even though I think any myth and fable can be very long as you don't consider them 'gospel.' Sorry, couldn't resist :) People can spend their lifetimes attempting and then 'succeeding' in 'proving' the 'facts'...But as some wise man once said: You can use the Bible to prove ANYthing. It's all about 'opinion.' Someone else, with a sense of humor, said: "You can use "Fun With Dick and Jane" to prove any point you want if your powers of persuasion are above par.
Many Biblical scholars concur that a number of ancient Biblical writings / teachings were removed. A few of the big ones are 1) reincarnation, and 2) the missing years of Jesus, AND...ta DAH!: UFO's and so called aliens.
I think the narrow concept that many people have of "God" can be very contracting and discourages critical thinking of any kind. Many people, however, seem to accept the story of Adam and Eve and that ornery little snake with the apple --without question. Some men of the cloth interpret this story in ways that appeal to logic and being palitable. Adam biting into the apple and did not have a good outcome for him. On the other hand, Steve Jobs did the same thing and became a positive, productive icon! (Hey! maybe that's why that notorious Westboro church family wanted to picket his funeral! :) It was the Apple! :)
I like Neale Donald Walsh's description of "God;" --an Energy that gives Everything life. An Energy that pervades EVERYTHING...and is "THE" Source of all...that, I can accept. Anyway -- I don't believe that this one Biblical God created ALL humans (as well as everything else) on Earth and just put the other stuff (outer space)in the sky for balance and decoration....a Feng Shui thing. However, if you DO -- that's fine, too.
I believe that many of us living now on Earth were created by various races of 'aliens'. I believe there are aliens living amongst us right now that have donned human form (good thing, eh?) And I think that there are those of us who come from an ancestry not created in labs here on Earth ... but ARE from other star systems, who chose to incarnate on Earth. So...if "God" is a all-pervasive Energy in all galaxies and universes -- what's the problem of believing that?? Personally, to me, it gives All of Life a far grander meaning. If one is willing to consider this -- that's great! It could help us in realizing that we are learning and expanding in a TRULY eternal, ever evolving, never ending process. Or not. It's all personal choice.
There are stories, myths, legends from all over the world that speak of visitors from other planets....often referred to as 'the star people.' They don't have any kind of a problem with it. Many of the various tribes/nations of Native Americans believe they have varied ancestries from different planets of Star People. The Cherokee believe they originally came here from the Pleiades. Some believe they are the descendants of the inhabitants of Niburu (which is supposedly heading to Earth.)
As Above So Below. Yup. Not everyone on Earth is of a mind to Live and Let Live, or to do no harm. Neither are all beings from other planets. The Yin and the Yang is pervasive throughout the Universe. When we insist upon thinking of us being the ONLY planet with sentient life...we close our minds to much vaster possibilities. Seth, in The Nature of Personal Reality talks about how Time and Space are root assumptions for Earth's humans... just one of those 'rules' that makes life for us humans easier to understand. He also told us that we mistakenly assume that 'outer space' is 'out there'...rather than in terms of dimensions which are super imposed upon each other. Since, sadly enough, man's collective brain usage has purportedly still not exceeded that of 10%... its understandable that it all has to be somewhat toned down for the average bear. :)
For instance--and example: We think in terms of 'how many years will it take to get to Mars, etc"...while, according to some reeeeally smart physicists (and Seth) we could 'think ourselves there'...with maybe an occasional light-speed bump here and there. :) There are many technologies (such as teleportation) that is already being utilized that the public doesn't know about. Teleportation could put quite a dent in the auto industry...
The Law of Attraction and Free Will still apply to all beings (unless they have agreed to play a different role on a soul level) and we STILL Create Our Own Reality...just as the 'aliens' do....regardless of their location, looks or 'lifestyle.' Now let's bring this all down to some of our more pressing Earthly problems -- mainly governments and world leaders.
The Off Planetary Beings of the Power, Greedy and Wealth type personalities -- have well trained, have taken over, and have established a very well executed platform of Controllers on Earth. I personally believed the Pleiadians (re Barb Marciniak) when they said "NO ONE of your politicians (or Corporate heads) will continue to hold any position of power UNLESS they either knowingly (consciously) or unknowingly (subconsciously-- on a soul level) ... are willing to be subjected to the Dark Forces, the "Controllers." Those on Earth that do the Controlling: the Illuminati and pet project New World Order; The Ruling Houses, as in The Bielderberg Group, The Rothchilds, The Bohemiam Grove, etc etc etc.-- the ones who run the show on Earth at present time.
Technology as we know it can be very intimidating ...but what we are familiar with is elementary compared to the technical knowledge held by the Controllers. And YET... each one of us has the ability to influence...with our thoughts and state of mind, with our resultant choices and actions...what OUR OWN personal world will be like. We can choose to be part of any Mind Set or Mass Even we want. It takes Intention, Belief, Attention, and Focus. None of our 'sacred institutions' --government, religion, or education, teach us that we have the answers, the power within us.
Many of the greatest teachers have told us that what we are most afraid of -- is our own power! I didn't believe that when I first heard it. I can understand it better now. Fear of failure of what might happen if 'we don't listen to the authority figures' most often holds us back. We harbor the idea that to be GOOD--we must OBEY...We won't 'learn how to use all of our power' overnight. But as Abraham tells us: "You'll never get it wrong, because you'll never get it done." We have eternity ahead of us. We don't have to worry about 'striving to be Perfect.' Abe tells us Perfection means Death. And there truly is no such thing! Perfection would be a condition in which no more expansion, no more growth or change, or transformation could ever take place. We need to keep opting for the Learner's Permit! :)
In the next article I'll talk about personal 'Encounters'... my own -- and that of others. It's not necessarily "supernatural"...It's all 'natural'... never think otherwise. Maybe we need to start visualizing and become determined to use that other 90% of our mind power! :) We truly need to open up to New Worlds.