Saturday, August 28, 2010

PREJUDICE: A Problem we ALL share...

Someone asked me the other day if I had ever written an article on 'prejudice.' And I answered, no, not directly. Why? --she wondered to which I replied that I probably would make too many politically incorrect statements... to which she replied: since when has that ever stopped you before? Nerd
That became my motivation... Let the political incorrectness fall where it may.
At this moment, I am wondering what you might be thinking... Will I perhaps write things that anger or upset people? That is absolutely not my intention... I just will write from my heart, the way I feel...which I honestly believe is not too unlike what any of you might be thinking or feeling or this somewhat volatile subject.
The word prejudice has both Latin and French roots...basically meaning "to react in a preconceived way' with one's thoughts or feelings... Prejudice, is, for the most part, I believe, is something that is taught to us. It is something we learn...however, if we are willing to suspend the judgement concept of this word for just a moment... I will venture to say that prejudice, in a lesser way, is also somewhat innate.
Flower In our well-meaning efforts to 'think and do and say' the 'right thing' ...we often deny our true feelings or initial reactions. Perhaps if we take more of a detached view of these feelings and reactions, and refuse to judge ourselves so harshly for having unkind thoughts...we would better be able to deal with those thoughts and find a genuinely workable, do-able way of finding our way back to Feeling Good ... which means being connected to our Inner Being, our Source.... In doing so, we would be able to FREE ourselves from any hurt our thoughts could potentially cause.
The first year I taught school, my school principal would've been referred to as a really tough ol' broad. She was extremely direct, intelligent and perceptive. This particular school (approx 600 students) was composed of nearly 70% impoverished black students... and the rest were very poor white students. After the first few weeks of school, we had a teachers' meeting. Mrs. V wanted our honest reactions to the students and the challenging situations we encountered. This perky little teacher of 3rd graders, with her ready made Miss America contest speech, said: "Why, I'm at the point where I don't even see any color differences." We all smiled weakly but Mrs. V immediately grounded us with: "What are you...BLIND?"
Flower We didn't end the meeting by standing in a huggy circle singing 'Jesus loves the little children of the world"... most likely dashing Ms Nice Blind Teacher's hopes...
Mrs. V was the most FAIR as well as the most forthright principal I've ever known. The somewhat shocking point she laid on us newbies, is still applicable to all of us to this day... in every facet of our everyday lives. If one cannot see the wisdom of Mrs. V's poignant means one is not ready to deal with one's own prejudice in a responsible way.
Flower Because we DO see that we are 'different' from each other... what comes automatically to our sensory cells simply says: 'different.' This applies to everything and everyone that we hold prejudice towards. Rich, poor, black, white, Mideastern, Western, gay, straight, educated, uneducated, north, south...and oh MY!-- is prejudice rampid in the wide, wide world of organized religion and politics. Confused Prejudice knows few boundaries....and NO ONE is exempt. There is however, nothing "wrong" with observing extremely obvious differences. There is nothing wrong with BEING different. We tend to Fear our differences.
Prejudice has its basis in Fear. I believe the spiritual teachers who tell us that everything in life flows from one of two sources: One is Love...the Other is Fear. In the world of Duality, this is expressed as the Yin and the Yang... Overall, it is still One.
Flower Notwithstanding the little justifications our 'stories' are based on, giving us an air of superiority upon the constant retelling of them, we have to start dispensing with those stories! Including all the 'look what's been done to me' angles; encompassing all of history the world over starting from Day One... We hang onto those stories and excuses--with no intent to LET GO of them! Because after all, we are 'right.' Self-righteousness is propped up by both anger and fear ... but of the two, Fear is the stronger.
I very honestly believe the vast majority of people I have ever come across have a lot of love in them and wish no harm towards others. There are times we certainly don't act this way, however....a prime example of this being the way some people act out on their feelings of prejudice. The only way one can effectively deal with any kind of problem that we may have is to own up to it. Not necessarily to others...but to oneself. This is imperative if we really want to align ourselves spiritually with what truly makes us Feel Good. Those of you who are familiar with the teachings of Abraham know that to Feel Good means one is aligned with one's Inner Being, The Source, The Expanded Self. You are 'on track' spiritually.
Flower When a person acts negatively towards another human being, be it physically or verbally, outright, or by innuendo, in any way that belittles, harms, or degrades the is NOT aligned with All That Is...with some would say: with God.
I believe I can assume that each person reading this blog has been a target of some kind of it racially or involving the aspects aforementioned that tend to make us which we make others our targets of prejudice. As I said in last week's article... "the world is saturated with an overall feeling of victimhood." It is perhaps, the singlemost disempowering belief or idea that any individual can possess. Bar none. It's always everybody else's fault. It might be interesting here to take note of what you, yourself, are thinking as the examples came to your own mind. Chances are, those might be one's own biggest excuses, or utmost defense mechanisms, that keep us from admitting to and _owning_ what we need to Let Go of. Funny how we want to chime in with those "Yeah, buts!" eh?
Flower We have all created this world in which we live. This is what we do. We create. We learn. We expand our consciousness. There are those who may still actcompletely clueless...but that is just the way IT IS. I am not writing this to instruct "How To Get Over Your Prejudice!" ... We can each only take care of ourselves. A nice side benefit is when, by the vibrations that we TRULY vibrate outwardly (Not a bunch of high-sounding words) to others...we DO help spread the Love that is in the core of each and everyone of our beings.
I can share what works for me... most of the time! Nerd
#1) OWN those fearful or angry or disgusting feelings of prejudice that crop up inside of us. Being in denial keeps us trapped.
#2) Don't judge or be prejudiced against yourself!... OWN the feelings...but know you are a much greater being that is capable of making choices that align you with who you REALLY are. A creator.
#3) Admit that regardless of how justified we feel in our anger, hatred, or self-righeousness or victimhood... NONE of it makes us FEEL GOOD.
#4) We never have the right to hurt or harm others by word or deed. These are CHOICES. Our thoughts have NO POWER to create _unless_ we continuously focus on and give attention to them.
#5) Avoid people and situations that feed on hatred or prejudice. If you practice this long enough you will find your inner vibrations changing and certain situations/ people will not materialize in your personal experience!
#6) If the "cause" you are supporting is practicing hate by fighting 'against hate'...know it's self perpetuating and making things worse. The War On is always lost....always.
#7) This one is aimed at those who are striving to do their best on a spiritual, metaphysical path. Know that you CAN trust your feelings. You KNOW the difference between the Ego That Needs to Win -- and Feeling Good, you KNOW when you are aligned with Source, Spirit, God, Inner Being, etc. Let our words towards others not be those of a phony goody-two-shoes... but one that says "I ALLOW YOU to be who you are." Being kind and respectful is actually easier than one might think. Turning the other cheek provides the ultimate win over one's own scared Ego. Political Correstness will never "solve" the problem of prejudice... but it will make the problem deeper and of yet even more concern.
Flower bring this to a close with what Seth taught us. "You have lived thousands of lives. _YOU HAVE DONE IT ALL"___ We play ALL roles honoring the Yin and the Yang... Saint and Sinner, Enlightened and Sound Asleep...this is how we expand our consciousness. So basically, NO ONE has the right to point fingers. Twinkle, twinkle, little star...what you say is...mostly likely what you have been in another lifetime...
We cannot solve the 'prejudice' problem of the world...but we CAN live our own lives so that it becomes nearly non-existant for us. It really is up to each one of us. You know: "sweep in front of your own doorstep..." That'll work!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Light and the Dark, Transforming, and The Price of Green Beans...

Life is a mixture of Light and Dark. We could not define / recognize one without the other. The advantage that Light has -- is that it is capable of spreading, reaching out, all on its own. If you are in a Dark room and open the door to a room filled with Light...the Light floods in. A room filled with Light is not going to suddenly be filled with Darkness by opening the door to a Dark room. As simple and elementary as that analogy is... it has, perhaps, greater meaning to it than what we give credit to.
Some say Darkness is merely the absence of Light. Maybe... but we cannot underestimate its importance as a tool we have chosen to learn how to play this Game on Earth... how to to manifest... and to REMEMBER who we really are. Creators.
Once we Awaken to a deeper meaning of Life, we realize that we DO have Free Will. We are capable of Choices...
During our journey through Life, it seems we are facing a continuous series of crossroads ... daily!... always having to decide which path to choose... the path of Light or the path of Darkness. Nicknamed: Feels Good...and... Doesn't Feel Good...We don't always know immediately which one is 'best' for us... So we just play the Game and chalk it up to Experience... Experience brings us expansion of consciousness. Since we, as Human Beings, are infused with and in both Light and Dark (Duality) and are playing this Game called Life On Earth, we will be contending with duality. It's reeeeeally nice when we start learning the Metaphysical Basics. Light makes us Feel Good. Darkness, on the other hand, comes with a kazillion 'problems.'
At some point in our evolution, we must be willing to dispense with the words "good" and "bad." In other words, we need to willingly, mentally, and spiritually learn to transcend Duality. Buddhism, especially Zen, teaches us to learn to Step Back and see it all as Illusion. I've learned that doesn't mean avoiding what is... just getting a better 'view.'
I read something very interesting yesterday. It can be really wonderful when one gets a new take on something...a slightly altered perspective that helps us to understand some of the 'old stuff' even better. In the book "Transition Now, Redefining Duality, 2012 and Beyond" ... Patricia Cori talks about the world's greatest problem as being: _Victim Mentality_. She explains how continuously viewing ourselves as victims of _whatever_ we experience in this world, is the largest stumbling block to our recognizing that we are Creators in charge of our own reality. Even the term "survivor" can present an equally large speed bump because it validates the BELIEF in Victimhood -- implying that we are simply here to SURVIVE Life... When we become willing to 'step back' and take a look at 'the world' we are seeing-- one sees the immensity of Victim Mentality everywhere!... with its constant emphasis on overcoming, the war on, the struggle, the suffering, etc etc etc ... Most of us have awakened to the fact that "The War On__" is never won ... Victimhood is truly a world-wide mindset.
Bringing it closer to home...'us' ... Just think about how often we think of ourselves as Victims...I don't mean just the obvious --the poor, piteous dirty street persons in raggedy clothes...or someone starving, withering away in a 3rd world country ... but how we think of ourselves as victims of our Government, the health care system, our education system, the banking system, our jobs, bad bosses, bad marriages or relationships, addictions, down to that price of a can of green beans!!... Look at this idea of victimhood as anything and everything that makes us feel we have to struggle, survive, overcome, defeat, tolerate, conquer, subdue, outlast, etc etc etc ...
We just hope and pray we make it from day to day, sigh, whine... always looking back at the suffering of the past,... afraid of the suffering of the future. Kinda puts us in mind of that miserable motto: Life's a bitch...and then you die..."
Much of this sorry attitude has been drilled into us from the day we were born.... Cool (ok, almost...) "God" has had his good name drug into it by far to many being religiously convinced that GOOD Jews, Christians, and Muslims SUFFER because God loves you more if you 'fight the good fight' and then you will appreciate your "reward" better when you kick the bucket.
Now. If you DO step back a bit and see all of truly DOES take on a sense of cosmic humor.
I know how tempting it is to retort: Yeah, but...let's get 'realistic' here... and mayhaps there are a kazillion 'examples' with which you can prove and justify your 'case for misery and suffering.' (And yes, I know the price of canned green beans recently rose from 89 cents to $1.29....)
I am not trying to belittle anyone's problems, grief, or challenges ... but I will be the FIRST one to willingly admit that I give WAY too much time concentrating on what 'has happened' or what 'might happen'. Now, come on. First thing we need to do is "own it." Then --we can do something about it!
Abe continuously stresses how we are applauded and rewarded for putting our canoes in the river, furiously and diligently paddling upstream. The greater the struggle, the more we get patted on the back. We've been taught it's the ONLY way to 'get ahead.' Except for those rich people we hate ...
Seth says (as do other great teachers) YOU GET _more of_ WHAT YOU GIVE YOUR ATTENTION TO AND CONCENTRATE UPON... that is how we Create. That is the immutable Law of Attraction. We must also allow what we wish to Create by Letting Go of the beliefs we deep-down KNOW do not work...
When we 'fail' in spite of all our hard work --we blame ourselves. Talk about the greatest vicious circle of them all. Sometimes the command "Pay attention!" is not the best idea...if it keeps us focused on the 'reality' of 'what is' rather than what we want. Being mindful of our bad feeling thoughts and our undirected imagination is something that bears watching, however...
Karma is generally used as a cop out. I've done it. And if I can admit to it, so can you! Nerd Karma is 'held in place' by one's belief in it and refusal to Let It Go. Two main reasons for being obsessed with Karma: One) insistance that I must 'pay' for what I have done, and Two) insistance that the OTHER guy better damn well pay for what he has done! By gum!
Belief in karma as punishment may seem easier than taking responsibility and realizing that we DO Create Our Reality...we Create It All ... deliberately and intentionally... or by Default -- which means not knowing better, and /or/not examining or admitting to certain self-destructive beliefs that set up vibrations which draw unhappy things to us.
Karma can and does serve as a teacher. Just don't get it confused with some wrathful god 'up there somewhere' who is watching your every thought or move and ready to zap you... Once we recognize something we have done is "wrong" ...and we determine not to repeat cancels the need for Karma. But, if we keep insisting upon Karma as an inevitable result...we will draw more and more happenings to us that will attract its presence. Like walking into that Dark Room and expecting to 'pay for it' by stumbling, falling, getting hurt, or harming something we don't 'see.'...
We get SO caught up in our dramas!...mainly because we see ourselves as 'victims who must survive' ... we DO this...if we admit to it or not. Mouth At Side Until our spirituality expands to the point where we can SEE what we are doing to ourselves... the Struggle and Suffering will continue. Do we really KNOW what it is like or do we really WANT to accept the term "Creator"... or will we continue to assign that to some separate-from-us ourside force...and play the victim.
FEAR OF BEING WRONG is what keeps us on the old paths, leading us into those Dark Rooms... It's like always expecting the worst, instead of realizing the Dark is simply there to show us what plain language...Feels Good...or doesn't Feel Good. Connected to Source...or not... If we insist that everything must be complicated and difficult...well, then we can rest assured, it is exactly what we will keep experiencing.
Life will never be without road bumps...sometimes we might even crash into a big wall...but it keeps us AWAKE...and oh MY...the more we Awaken, the faster the Recovery Time!!... Fnally we 'get it' that the Contrast is what we need to see the Light.
As we approach will become (IMO) more testy, defining, and demanding. This newer, tougher energy is coercing us into 'making up our minds' about what we want. The Energy is truly getting faster and stronger... anyone not realizing this is still sound asleep. But! We are not. Right? Right!
IMAGINE what you want... Focus on that. Give it Your Attention. DAY DREAM!-- and do it beautifully. Be willing to look "reality" in the face and say "Screw you! Thanks for the lesson...but I am moving on to bigger and better things!"
Photo courtesy of Lori Parker-Gurule'

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Most People Do Not Want Freedom..."

Sitting on the patio of the coffee shop the other day, I heard a young man make a statement that really caught my attention. "Most people don't want freedom." The discussion that ensued was extremely thought provoking.
Thinking about this, later on in the day, I realized that we all have varying...and often very contradictory ideas of what true 'freedom' consists of.
I came to the same conclusion as did that young man. Many people do not want to experience true freedom.
If someone were to ask you this question: "If you had complete and absolute freedom to do exactly as you pleased...what would this mean to you." You might come up with a socially acceptable answer.... meaning you would most likely be initially willing to ignore or surpress what you might really want to do.
Freedom to do exactly as you wanted. Does this mean that if I wanted to hurt or kill someone, rob a store, set my neighbor's house on fire...I would have the 'freedom' to do so. Oh no, one cries, you do NOT have the right / freedom to harm others in any way! Perhaps you don't think that true freedom is such a good idea...right? At this point most folks would be anxious to interject a plethora of "yeah, but's!" and "what if's"...all of their arguments based on what an individual has accepted as 'right' or 'wrong.'
Returning to: "most people not wanting freedom" ... at least the kind of freedom that means we can do as we please at all times. I am not always exempt from this kind of thinking. Often we want the comfort of knowing other people's 'freedom' will be curtailed by"the law." We want others to be subjected to some Authority's ideas of what is 'right' or 'wrong' because sometimes that means WE do not have to subject ourselves to any kind of critical thinking or responsible actions ... Neither do we then have to go beyond a surface understanding of Life. We can rely upon: "I ...or they....can't do this because..."
Supposedly our laws are meant to protect people. Mainly from the 'freedom' that others might exercise!. And when someone harms us, we expect the Law to punish the 'bad guys.' Well, we all know how marvelously that works... Cool
We have been taught...most of it based on the Fear and Guilt Conditioning from dogmatic religious viewpoints...that humans are baaaaaad....basically sinful, dirty, and unclean and that we are all in need of saving. Most of us reading this are acquainted with how mass consciousness can be programmed... resulting in people living up to what is expected of them... So if we believe that humankind is innately 'bad' ...then it follows that we NEED to have rules and regulations and laws in order to be controlled. That is NOT freedom...that is control. Religious thinking and people's ideas of what 'god' is...lends itself to perpetual disagreement. This gives us (all people) the 'freedom' to declare war and it gives "god's people" -- be they Christian, Muslim, or Jew...the right to kill each other and destroy land, property, and whattheheck ever... because each country/religious following all claim the same thing!! -- they are righteously fighting for freedom!!! Of course if "we" do so, its Ok...cuz every good American knows God Is On Our Side. Rolling Eyes
Does this all come down to "freedom is not good?" Only perhaps a 'certain amount of freedom" is a good thing, right? Freedom 'within the law'... That's a good one. Who made the Laws? Who said so? God did? Whose God? Christians, Jews, and Muslims all think have the corner on 'the truth.' At least when 'godless people are engaged in war they can admit its for power and domination!...Yes, everytime a corpse is returned from war, they all the 'patriots' say the same thing: "He died honorably, defending the freedom os his country." Hmmmm ...yeah...
Even though I truly DO believe that many, many people the world over, are Waking Up, are willing to step outside the Establishment boxes, are willing to question 'authority,' are becoming disillusioned and discontent, and are beginning to SEE how we are actually kept from our true freedom...there will always be those who prefer to keep their blinders on and make the choice not see. Whatever. It's all OK... Eventually we all expand and evolve and take on broader perspectives of the higher dimensional kind.
This is my opinion...based on what I believe...resulting from SO many dramas, traumas, comedies and tragedies that I have already experienced in this particular lifetime. (and still continue to do so! Dumb ) Supposedly, according to religion, we have 'free will' ... that, to me, is somewhat the same as freedom. But not exactly. The person who is TRULY free is the one who actually has gained the inner wisdom and the spiritual ability to SEE just how controlled he is!...and openly and freely admits it.
When we reach this point, we are able to see that it is all One Big Game. The Pleiadians call it that...and I like that definition of physical life on Earth. Once we self-realize that we have the ability (the freedom!) to detach, step back, and know we are something far greater than just this one being in physical clothing, that we extend far beyond our present concepts... that is when we can start to experience TRUE freedom. Freedom is far more than 'what we can 'do or say' on any physical level' ... It involves a vastly broader, more indepth perception...far more than I can put into words.
What's nice is...and most of us know this ... once we start thinking and focusing in this way, our physical life is able to respond in a way so that physical freedom is not a problem for us. If our minds are in prison--we can never experience freedom. Many of the people who scream the loudest: I want my freedom!...are the ones who are the least free of all. We all know "the war on" whatever...never works. Again, to quote Seth: "You get what you concentrate upon and give your attention to. There is no other main rule." There is no escaping the Law of Attraction. Who would want to? It is the hand-dandy Tool that allow us to Create Our Own Reality.
That is real freedom.... now we just keep needing to remember that! Nerd