Saturday, December 18, 2010

RIGHT NOW! this Red-Hot Minute...Is Where Peace Exists

" Now"..... It's not really a difficult concept, but it can be a bit tricky and elusive if we try to
over-analyze it. The other day I was talking with someone who has been going through a very rough time.
Our conversation had been about 'being in the Now'...which, I am finding, is the only place one can experience any real peace. She argued: "But that won't erase the fact that my brother is ill, that it looks like my house might be foreclosed on, that I might lose my job...that is always right there in my face!"
Realize it or not, we have this tendency to recreate scenarios from the past -- or project our fears into the future. Some say this is "realistic thinking"..."facing the facts"...or "what really is."
Unless one is willing to look at things UN-realistically, (which means you know that you create your own reality)...chances are that one's concentration, focus, and attention on what has happened (past) and one's dogged determination in believing that it will most likely repeat itself ..(future) will keep one trapped in the same miserable situations and mind sets that one is seeking so desperately to escape from.
We have been trained to 'learn from the past' ( yeah, like that really works!) and keep our eyes set on the future, deal with it!-- set our goals upon overcoming, etc etc etc etc... Taking time to stop and smell the flowers is just plain lazy! It's just not realistic enough.
We have been saturated with the idea of realistic thinking... sometimes coerced... sometimes even threatened with it. The biggest threat of all resulting in "fear of failure" and "not being good enough....or as good as 'others'."
Sometimes when I get a 'clear glimpse' of how programmed and misguided we can be (although many refuse to believe this) appears to be so sad and hopeless... however, once we are able to "see" that we are energy-- individualized and powerful creators -- is to finally be free and see The Light. This doesn't imply "no more problems ever" ...but it does mean we can navigate the ship through the roughest of waters and still retain an inner calm.
Both Eckhart Tolle and Depak Chopra, to me, do the best jobs of simplifying what is meant by Being in the Now. Being Present in the moment. Abe calls it being in the Vortex. Even though a storm may be surrounding can still be safely and securely connected to Source and experience the Inner Peace that far too many believe unattainable. It IS attainable. But, you must believe that.
This has nothing to do with meeting 'spiritual goals' or deluding yourself into thinking that you will become utterly spiritually evolved 'if I follow these rules." Forget about good, better, or best. BE HERE NOW. (Thank you, Ram Dass) We must forget about our countless "yeah, but's" or "what if's"...and just LET GO of that type of thinking; otherwise all we do is judge ourselves according to the 'old beliefs / rules' that, let's face it, never worked all that well.

What can help is: when I catch myself (being mindful) stewing, fretting, grieving or agonizing over a situation that has already happened ... or... if my mind carries me away and creates some dreadful, worrisome fantasy I am projecting into the future (usually based on the past!)...I will STOP it...and say: "This is NOW. Right NOW. It is now...And right in this very present moment in time, I am fine. All is well. We get past it all. For this is my Intention. To Let Go...and KNOW that All is Well."
So how many "Yeah, but's" came up when you read that??? Nerd All those "Yeah, but's" are based on the continuous struggle of one's EGO...that has become addicted to...and FEEDS OFF OF.. all the most horrible stuff our mis-used imagination can possibly conjure up.
"Yeah but I can't help it. I can't stop worrying. After all, I LOVE this person, these people, this job, this thing, this whatever." We have been taught to believe that worrying is not 'wrong' ... it simply is the inevitable result of our loving concern for others....and this makes us 'good people.' We've been taught that there is great nobility in suffering...especially when it's done with quite a flair... We find it SO hard to accept that we can still love someone or something... and NOT get all bent out of shape. "I just can't help it" is the usual excuse. So we curl up and cozy into our victim mentality, feeling righteously (but fearfully) justified at being miserable and afraid.
SO!...What am I supposed to do? Not give a damn!? Be cruel and heartless, insensitive, and take on a 'who cares' attitude. If you, perhaps, just now thought that ... it is not because of what I have said... it is the result of the way most of us were taught and conditioned to react and think. "They" didn't purposely mean to hurt's the way 'they' were taught.
I am in no way advocating that anyone not have compassion for their fellow human beings... not at all. People who hate people basically either hate themselves or are afraid of their very being-ness. To sincerely wish others goodness, mercy, and all forms of health and well-being... means not bring afraid to accept these same qualities for themselves. What one gives gets back. That is not 'karma as-in punishment'...that is simply Universal Law based on the Law of Attraction.
Worrying does no good. We say 'oh I know that'...but too often not actually absorbing it. I believe what Buddhism teaches is the greatest fear of all.... The fear of separation. Separation from loved ones, anything that we are attached in sentient or material. Death usually tops the list...although it seems like some people would rather die than 'not have' whoever or whatever. Kinda sad. Once we allow ourselves to truly believe in the eternalness of LIFE and LOVE... (and allow others to think as they please ...which is unconditional love...) then miraculously somehow, we will find ourselves having a diminishing need to slam on the brakes and say "WHOA...I'm in the NOW... and right NOW -- in this red not minute!-- All is well even while the storm clouds surround me"..

Inside the Vortex ... is Peace. Our connection to Source has always been there. We just forgot to look WITHIN...while we were so busy searching outside of ourselves.

Not to worry! will never become too humdrum or boring...! Nerd If we just wouldn't take it all so seriously...we could enjoy life all so much more. It's really "OK" to enjoy our lives and Feel Good!! is.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Usual To-Do Over the Nativity Scene....(here we go again..).

As per usual, there has been the predicted amount of fuss over the nativity scene in front of Denver's City and County Building.
Again, as per usual, the atheist community is rallying with their protest signs. A (new to me) group called The Organization for Logic and Reason has assumed the hefty expense of displaying huge billboards which say: Keep Religion Out of Government....
I'm for keeping religion and government separate...but, whether or not people can conceive of this or not... government and religion are enmeshed and intertwined in ways most people refuse to recognize.
Talk radio has promoted a lot of 'thinking' (and agitation) along the line of government vs religion. At times, it can be interesting, exasperating, annoying, and sometimes even maddening to listen to people's opinions about this controversial nativity scene... But, I, like everyone else, listen and hear things through my own own belief system. Here is the key: How willing am I too actually and sincerely ALLOW others to have belief systems that differ from mine"
On KHOW, 630 AM radio, Peter Boyles is someone one can both despise and the same time. He does an excellent job of pointing out the fact that the Christmas story is based on multi century old pagan holidays. Nearly ALL Christian holidays are pagan based. If one is acquainted with ancient mythology and the practices of the religions therein can find common threads running throughout the vast majority of all myths. Most of these archaic stories include: A Holy Family; A Savior; A Trinity of sorts; and Life overcoming Death. Many contain varying degrees of sun worshipping...or one could say _SON_ worshipping. The Sun giving Light to the world...The Son giving Light to the world...etc etc etc.
Christianity is a comparatively young religion. So is Judaism if you choose to agree with the way some interpret the Old Testament. The roots of these fairly modern religious stories go back multi thousands of years long before Christianity, Judaism or Islam every existed.
I am not offended in the least by a nativity scene in front of a government building. I can appreciate the symbolism of the Nativity story without having to take it literally.
I don't see this as government 'promoting' Christianity. I would not care if they managed to hang an image of Mohamed flying through the air in a chariot. Neither would I care if a gigantic Star of David were hung amidst the stars across the top of the building. I would, however, think it very tacky if all these images and symbols got into a real competition with other!
To me, it is equally comical that avid anti-religionists think that simply by walking by and viewing a Nativity scene someone is going to be immediately immersed with a particular belief system.
To use the argument that Christmas, with all of its symbology, should be about "the true meaning of Christmas" is saying there is "only one way" that is correct. We will most likely always have to contend with good ol' Christian OR Muslim OR Jewish radicals / extremists. Thankfully there are the 'moderates' who don't look at this whole scenario with a life or death attitude.
WHY is it important that we all have to view 'what Christmas means to me' in the same exact way? The answer is!....(drum roll) because so many of our self-righteous ideas and beliefs are FEAR BASED. You must believe this or else... or else what?? "Well!!--Because God says so!" ... God. hmmm Now there is another concept open for interpretation. Here we go again on a subject where many religionists are, each in their OWN way, positive they have the corner on The Truth.
"Let There Be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me" ... Ah, yes...
(and please, God, make everybody see everything my way so we all can have peace...) etc etc etc ...
It really does help to have a sense of humor. Nerd

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


To me there is nothing even faintly amusing about a pat-down or a full body scan: the work of the TSA' airports. I know that humor is usually a good way of handling even some of the most desperate of situations... but this leaves me stone cold.
After talking with family members who have recently flown plus several other friends or acquaintances...I am resolved to never accept this 'safety precaution' as justifiable.
Most of you know I have very little faith in government...ANY government. I consider even the most 'likeable' political puppets having strings that are pulled by The Powers That Be.
Whether or not you agree or vehemently disagree with me (many of my friends simply see my views as a baseless quirk in my personality...and that's OK. :)
If you know anything whatsoever about programming, behavioral psychology, hypnosis, or mind control, you know those principles are fully applied to this latest "safety precaution against terrorism."
If you can convince people that the decisions that are made "are for their own good" ...they will bow down and not only comply but be 'thankful.'
If you Google what the latest polls say about scanning and pat downs you will find its six of one, half dozen of the other. This, too, undoubtedly done 'on purpose' to keep the majority of our fair citizens in a more deeply entrenched state of uncertainly and confusion.
I have encountered only ONE person in the last several days that agreed that these scanning safety precautions are a necessary evil because of the Bad Guys... you know that ever present 'they' ..the terrorists.
Most of you also know that I have my sincere doubts about what the news media fed the populous about the happenings of 9-ll. However, I am heartened by the fact that at least some people are confused as to what they 'really' believe.
As I have said many times before, far too many people listen to the news and soak it up as 'gospel truth' ...never, ever daring to think that anyone in authority could be purposely be feeding us a bunch of hogwash meant to keep us in FEAR.... FEAR....that is what all of this is about.
F.D.R. said "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"...the New Testament says "That which I have feared has come upon me." THAT is The Law of Attraction ... an immutable universal law... What you BELIEVE...what you focus what you get. As good ol' Flip Wilson (aka Gearldine) ((some of you remember!)) said "What you SEE is what you GET." "See" meaning the incredible power of your own imagination...which is by far stronger than 'knowledge.'
How many people believe they Create Their Own Reality? I don't know. Fox News hasn't done a poll on that yet... But I do know that many people choose not to believe it. Because if you did, you would have to go much deeper into your soul on an inward search than would be comfortable. Not believing in that universal law leaves one with the benefit of can blame everyone: beginning with your parents, your school, your church, your boss/job...and 'the sinful world' in general which includes of course...The MUSLIMS...which in many people's minds is the equivalent of the word terrorist. When I remind people that Christians have killed more of the world's population of the years than any other religion/peopole/groujp/community...etc ad infinitum...they just sort of shrug and avert their eyes and go "hmmm..yeah..."
So...these evasive, humiliating, degrading 'safety precautions' one is now forced to go through is because of Islam...or the Muslims... You know that is exactly the program being sold...and most people have swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker.
I am sure along about now...someone wants to yell at me: "You'll see"...the next time one of 'them' blows up a plane, building, etc, etc.." you'll see how wrong you were, Betty!"...and smirk at me with glee... Cool
And who knows... maybe it will happen...but how do any of us know that it was really "them"? Because CNN said so?...maybe even the sancitified PBS news...? Could it be...just possibly be...that Christians, Jews, and Islam are all being 'played' for TPTB... just to see if they can own our minds?
The Pleidians (there she goes again with that stuff, eh? :) told us many years ago, that as the year 2012 comes closer, the battle to own our own minds will be the most important battle we have ever fought.
What will be the true underlying CAUSE of some kind of disaster -- will be triggered by the mass consciousness of whoever is involving themselves... and each of us chooses, continuously, as to what part of mass consciousness we choose to align with.
There are a lot of 'them' and 'they's involved, aren't there?...but it all comes down to the individual and how each creates what will happen in their own individual world...
If we choose the route of peace and love...and "think upon those things" it is what will primarily manifest in our world.
As far as this article goes... its 'been awhile' since I have written one so animated, right? Right! Nerd
But I know that I must lay down the 'writing megaphone' and be extremely careful what I give my OWN focus to ... This, dear friends, is really about what all of us need to do. Pay what we 'believe'...and what we are 'thinking'...and TURN OFF THE NEWS. If you are meant to find out something that is critical to your that you will. Don't give your inner power away to those who would control your minds.
Faith and Trust... it always somes down to that.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Are You Thinking About? What Do You "think" about 2012..?

What do you think about all day long? That is a question that can be quite impossible to answer. We may not be able to make a long of a list of our thoughts ... but what we are capable of doing is being mindful of what those thoughts and ideas are that are demanding most of our focus and attention.
Thoughts are the most basic tools of creation. They are the foundation --the building blocks with which each of us creates our own reality.
Granted, not every fleeing thought that passes through our mind is going to manifest into our reality...(thank heavens!) but the thoughts that we concentrate upon, coupled with the emotion that intensifies as a result of those thoughts -- is the root cause of manifestation into our material world.
The teacher Abraham puts it quite simply: "A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking." It is 'done unto us according to our beliefs.' Our strongest beliefs --and the resultant thoughts based on those beliefs-- makes things manifest in our lives. Beliefs are opinions that we hold to be 'true'...There was a saying that got started in the 60's which we often found amusing: "Think Nice Thoughts" ... This particular era saw the influence of Eastern religion and philosophy that emphasized the importantance of being mindful of our thinking. Even though those three little words got tossed around a lot in jest ... many started to recognize the power that resulted from being mindful of our thoughts. Perhaps the famous of all the American 'thought books' was also written during the 60's. Normal Vincent Peale's "The Power of Positive Thinking."
Some people believe thoughts are just innocuus jibberish...or little half sentences that keep jumping around in our mind. Many believe "I have no control over my thoughts." They also sadly underestimate the very consciousness that maintains their very being. I am not meaning to imply that we are responsible for monitoring or controling every single thought that comes our way! That is truly impossible. We are all capable, however, of paying attention to the flow of our thoughts and redirect them or simply stop focusing on them, --and increasing our postive aspects.
Abraham says the easiest way to be mindful is not by 'looking at or listening to' your thoughts' -- but my doing mood checks. If you Feel Good...if you feel OK, chances are your thoughts are NOT creating or attracting anything unwanted in your life. The opposite is also true....Negative daydreams are OUT!
We CAN improve the quality of everything about our lives if we mindful. Most of the time a simple 'spot check' will do it...It also takes diligence and determination if we want things to change...but if 'little things' like feeling good emotionally, mentally, and physically; -- enjoying our relationships more... and just being all around more peaceful with increasing periods of joy MEAN anything to us... than I believe its worth the effort.
The best way to do this is by purposely finding things to appreciate. Little bitty things. BIG things... Something as simple as: I appreciate the fact that this little pencil in my hands works well. I am thankful for the clothes I am wearing." I like the way my sofa pillow feels...I appreciate all my things... my family members...friends...the little lady bug that just crawled by. The clouds. All these things are purpsely directed CHOICES that directly affect our frequencies...our vibrations. Voila! The Law of Attraction.
It's kinda fun to be able to present a challenge to folks who refuse to believe anything that can't be proven via their own 5 senses or by
scientific research.' Well, it can be proven!! I have discovered a wonderful book by Depak Chopra, entitled "Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness" ...It puts Quantum Physics in a Class 101 that anyone can understand how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs form our world. I have read hundreds of spirituality based books... but NONE has put this knowledge so clearly --so succinctly as did this author!! -- While reading it, I had a plethora of Ah-HA's!!...and more than a few OMG's!! Nerd
Seth told us we keep recreating our bodies on a daily basis... (that 5 or 7 yrs business is nonsense and way obsolete!) OK... I believed Seth but not until I read this small book did I plainly see the 'how we do this.'
We really ARE powerful creators and yes, we DO create it all. We are each one of us -- a powerful and individualized part of This Field of Divine Intelligence which covers ALL THAT IS. Some people call it God. I don't like to..because it seems to demagnify what we ARE capable of conceptualizing!
The more we INTEND to purposely find things to appreciate day in and day out...even the smallest, wee mundane things like a blade of grass growing through a crack in the sidewalk!... the more habitual our positive thinking becomes.
We are human and can express it ALL--including what we call Evil or the Dark Side ...What is not wise is to insist that we have no choice in the matter.
Yes, we truly suffer at times, we become angry, we may even act out very horrendous things. John Bunyan in "Prilgrims Progress" says (paraphrased and populazaried later) "If all of our thoughts were to be openly exposed -- they would shame the Gates of Hell." Whew. Well. Embarrassed Hey!...we have ALL had those kinds of thoughts. Most pass harmlessly if we ALLOW them to...But to continously think upon them day and night and empower them with emotional focus WOULD, however, turn us into people who were continusouly attracting dire and unwanted circumstances into our lives. Sorry--but shit does NOT 'just happen.'
Heart/wings I like this quote from the book "Ask And It Is Given" by Abraham via Esther Hicks:
"The longer you focus on things that feel good to you, the easier it is for you to maintain those vibrational frequencies that feel good. And, the more you maintain those good feeling frequencies, the more the Law of Attraction will deliver to you other thoughts, experiences, people, and things that match your practiced vibration."
As I have written many times lately ... the energy IS stronger...things are manifesting at a much higher rate of frequency and intensity. Basically, we are each going to create our own 2012.... each in our way what kind of 'thinking' we do about it.
Now, in closing...Abe frequently asks: "Do you know what you want?" _Think_ about it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Get Scared!...It's Just the Paranormal...(Pt. Two)

It's amazing what a wide variety of topics the term 'paranormal' covers!
The topic of 'ghosts' is usually at the top of the list, but the paranormal covers a plethora of subjects. Poltergeists, shadow people, vampires, werewolves, zombies are included. Cryptoid figures from the animal kingdom such as Mothman, Abominable snowman, Bigfoot, chupacabras, and 'monsters' of all sorts are also a part of this varying group. A more endearing faction of the paranormal encompasses unicorns, elves, faeries, dragons, leprechauns, etc..even though we tend to connect them more with fantasy. Subjects such as shape shifters and time travelers are more difficult to classify. Do all of these beings / entities really exist? Why not? As long as we remind ourselves that we create our own reality...and that what we manifest coincides with what we BELIEVE... we can sit back and enjoy it all. It's all mind expanding. Sometimes more like mind blowing! Surprised
If we are honest ...we have to admit there are times we enjoy a good scare! Fear, when seen as entertainment can be fun... as long as we remember to stay grounded. The paranormal can take us out of the mundane and into new and exciting worlds. Some people seem to use their imaginations so little that it does them good to wonder what may be lurking in the closet or under the bed!
Blending into regions of the paranormal is what we may call fantasy, with its stories of mythical creatures and age-old tales or legends... Do the labels legend or mythological make it less real or true? All of organized religion is based on mythology. The similarities between many ancient mythologies derived from the far reaches of the earth, bear amazing similarities to each another and to modern day religion. Most myths have their own versions of a 'holy family', a trinity of sorts, saviors and bad guys, good and evil, and 'lessons' to be learned. As has been said ... there are elements of truth in all things.
We tend to not treat very kindly those things we do not understand. This applies especially to what we call the paranormal. "It's OK to have fun with it, just don't take it seriously!" is what the doubting Thomas or skeptics say. On the other hand, why take religion seriously? Nerd "Until you prove to me that your rituals, prayers, and scriptures are scientifically provable, why should I believe you?" ...Oh, but that's different... Is it? Really?
On the flip side, Quantum Physics has been showing for quite some time, actual 'scientific proof' that it is our Inner Power, the consciousness of which we are all made-- is what is doing the creating, and subsequent manifesting. This is why prayer works for the religiosity's, why magick works for pagans and why BELIEF (or directed consciousness), is the bottom line...the root...of it ALL. We are talking Truly believing... not the mechanical reciting of rituals, dogma, spells, or incantations.
Someone once said that true Yogi's are the show-offs of the metaphysical world. They can walk on burning coals, they can levitate, and they can put their hands through solid objects without any seeming effort. It is also said of them, they have gone beyond 'belief' to that Inner KNOWING which transcends physical matter. This is the stuff 'miracles' are made of... not dispensed by a god who is showing special favor to certain people.
I have several friends who are SO open to the the so called 'spirit world' they can see into -- or hear entities from other dimensions with little or no effort. What we call the spirit world is not made up of globs of nebulous, shapeless non-substances. The existence of other dimensions is just as genuine and 'real' as ours...Or I could say "just as illusional."
We are all part of layered and intertwining dimensions of varying vibrations and frequencies of which we, with our 3D eyes, are not usually capable of seeing...However, upon occasion, we DO let down our 'programmed guard' and see what we 'shouldn't !'
The Beatles song "Come Together" ...'come together right now over me'... is SO apropos. So many things are 'coming together' and happening SO FAST...that many of us are wondering...what will happen next! NOTHING is the same anymore. There is no taking refuge in the old familiar safety least not once you become aware of "who you really are" as the P's and other teachers tell us. Peace can only be found within. It cannot be sought after or un to-- anywhere 'out there.' Not anymore.
Some people consider the "2012" prophesy as 'paranormal' nonsense. I personally think it will involve drastic change because of the intense and complicated focus and attention it is getting...It's ALREADY creating more 'creative chaos!'
Attention and focus are the tools of creation which lead to manifestation. As Seth would say: "Which You, Which World" do you want to be a part of? To realize we have 'a choice' is the beginning of a freedom so immense that it can be a bit scary and formidable!...but also tremendously exciting and enthralling.
To the pagans. Halloween or "Samhain" (pronounced Saw'-win)...was a time of thinning of the veils between the physical and the spiritual world...a time in which the two worlds became enmeshed, enabling contact between the living and the dead. Most of us know, as did the Pagans, there is transitioning and change...but no real death...
I believe this particular Halloween will have a very significant meaning to many who are on a path of Awareness. You can already field the 'wild and wierd' energy! It's beginning to feel 'normal.'
And so the 'para' ...the along-side...becomes the new 'norm.' Then what? Who knows?!... but I would definitely stay 'tuned in.'

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't Get Scared! It's Just the Paranormal-!! (Pt. One)

Many people become rather frightened at the mere mention of the word: paranormal. Instead of showing fear, they may laugh, they may joke, or they may be quick to 'put down' the person who expresses a belief in anything they themselves can not...or do not want... to understand.
The Greek meaning of 'para' means "beside, along side, near, irregular, or in addition to." The paranormal includes a wide variety of phenomena, objects, beings, or situations that cannot be explained in a so called logical or rational fashion. I am not including the word 'scientific'... because science itself is expanding and 'catching up' to what many of us have known for ages...most especially in the field of Quantum Physics.
Some people believe in ghosts but think the idea of extraterrestrials is absurd. The opposite is also true. I find this a bit funny.
It's been my observation that people who refuse to believe in anything considered paranormal...are also afraid to venture outside the little boxes that society has contrived. They feel uncomfortable appearing to others as anything except what they think of as 'normal'. They find it difficult to leave the safety zones of what they believe is discerning or intelligent rationale. In plain language...they are afraid of being made fun of ! These are the same people who feel safer believing in mainstream ideas; in what our illustrious leaders say;' what the media reports, and -- in what authority figures tells them is 'true.' When trying to speak with them about any kind of paranormal activity, they usually become defensive and hide behind that good ol' reliable one-liner-clincher: "Prove it to me!!"
The Law of Attraction is always doing its thing--which is the reason these "I Do NOT WANT to Believe" people seldom encounter anything paranormal! in view of their tightly reigned-in, narrow beliefs -- it leaves them with little or no room to welcome some really far-out, cool paranormal experiences! If something paranormal does manage to manifest in some small way in their experience, they usually attempt to analyze it to death, determined to come up with a 'rational explanation'...even if they have to make one up! Rolling Eyes
At times, groups of polar opposites (ex: the ultra religious as opposed to atheists) actually share an emphatic disbelief in what is called "channeling"... During channeling, messages are received from discarnate entities. This is something I find amusing: The Bible was 'channeled'... because the God of all Religions was either missing his Bic or simply preferred his 'secretaries' take dictation who would then claime what they were receiving came straight from their one and only god. Oh, but that's different!! Nah...not really....
When my children were of elementary school age, we lived in an apartment in Littleton. We shared our home with a poltergeist we nicknamed Francis. We mostly enjoyed his harmless although very ornery antics. It was only after I gingerly revealed, to the manager, some of the pranks Francis pulled off, that she confessed to me that her former tenants had the same exact 'problem' in that apartment. Compared to the stunts he pulled on the other family... let's just say Francis must have liked us!
Fortune tellers, astrologists, card readers, runes readers, divining, etc...have been around for multi-thousands of years. There ARE gifted psychics who can see into certain of your probabilities. 'Good' psychics can tell you what is most likely to occur because they can read what is called your energy field. An honest psychic knows you create your own reality. They know you can pick and choose totally different probabilities at any time. On the lighter side, we all know people who are so 'predictable' or 'easy to read' that anyone can prophesy their probable outcomes! We say "I know exactly what he/she is going to happen to him!"... That 'feeling you get' -- is also energy-reading. All things/beings are made up of vibrations. Vibration is energy. Hence, everything has an energy field.
I don't like using phrases like "science has proven" to justify any of my uncommon beliefs. I am finding, happily so, that many more people are becoming both more open-minded and aware of the paranormal, even to the point where they realize we are surrounded by...and immersed in different dimensions, Some people are even accepting the idea of parallel universes!
There are a number of people who can 'hear and see' beings/entities who exist in other dimensions. Some may pick up on 'ghosts of the past' including relatives or friends-and some may be 'strangers.' (although my own version of ghosts is very different from the more popularized versions meant for entertainment) It's not a good idea to 'dabble' in this kind of thing just for fun and games. There are both 'good and bad' entities that are willing to 'make contact.'
What some may explain as 'optical illusions' could be described more accurately as the "quick switching of dimensions." For instance: we have all placed an object in a certain place...turned around...and the object is gone. Eventually it will reappear again when we don't expect it to. It's easy to say "Oh, I just didn't see it." Too often we are too ready to 'explain away' all kinds of paranormal activities...because we don't want other people to think we're crazy!.... Mouth At Side
I believe everyone has what is called psychic abilities ... although certain individuals are more highly 'gifted' or receptive to them than others.
As with all the varied and asundried types of psychics, some are trustworthy, honest, and forthright. This kind of 'true pyschic' has a respectful regard for the highest good in others.
Granted some so called psychics may be charlatans. These types are mind manipulators and are very clever and convincing. Others who claim to be psychic, I believe, are simply self-deluded and have overactive imaginations -- in which their own personality traits come to the forefront and projected onto their clients. They are not seeing others--only themselves. They may not mean any intentional harm..but they are, most definitely, full of themselves. Nerd
Hollywood has given us some fun and scary entertainment... but unfortunately, what is produced for FUN is far too readily accept as "truth" about the Unknown...The impressions given via Hollywood can serve as mind blocks to 'the real thing.' Freddie Kruger and The Exorcist -- neither is what the paranormal is truly about.
Any kind of paranormal activity or phenomena CAN be understood correctly by individuals who are well grounded in their own positive beliefs of safety and self-assurance. I firmly believe that. There is SOOOO much more to life than the little 3D roles that we wake up to and go though from day to day.
In some ways, study of the paranormal can be an intriguing and interesting way to expand one's own consciousness. Unfortunately, religion has done so much damage. and has often completely and totally misrepresented a lot of information that could open up worlds of knowledge leading to a far greater understanding of the depth and breadth of Life Itself.
In the next article, Part 2, I will list more specifics surrounding paranormal activity.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The God of The Phelps...and the Westboro Church

Does the God of the Phelps family from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Ks, actually exist?
Shocked that I said so? It's all OK. Nothing to worry about. Unless you so choose to worry. Cool
I grew up believing in that same kind of a wrathful, horrid, mean, punishing god. Satan, in comparison, actually seemed rather like a fairly decent guy! Perhaps there are some of you reading this who can relate. It's taken me much of this life to overcome what I know I chose to experience in this lifetime. Whether or not I was imbibing some kind of heavenly nectar when I planned for this...I am not sure. Confused
To go from believing in a hateful, vengeful god to a 'god is love' fluffy-pink concept -- is like expecting to overcome a very embedded addiction in a day's time. Miracles DO happen...but overcoming a self-degrading, self-abasing concept of god takes time and effort and INTENT. And most of all -- "Awareness"...which means you are finally thinking ON YOUR OWN as opposed to responding to all the 'stuff' you have soaked up over the years because authority figures said "this is what you SHOULD believe." Your ultimate freedom involves being willing to focus on new and positive beliefs, especially when you have a lifetime filled with fear-reactions and responses saturating your mind and your psyche.
I heard a speaker once say: "As long as you believe you are a child of god... you will remain a child all your life and never grow spiritually."
So many people are so terrified of this biblical-torah-koran god that they are afraid to say or think any kind of thoughts that are outside of the narrow little box their mind has been encapsulated in.
Thinking of 'god' as ANY kind of entity...even the 'loving father with infinite patience' type entity, is to me, so SMALL its completely ludicrous. In light of the indescribable significance of all of LIFE... to try to contain this force into the word 'god' is even more ludicrous. Humans tend to visualize 'god' as superMAN.
It's so easy to revert back to fear and guilt-conditioned thinking. This is basically what ALL the major religions are about. You have to "be" a certain way in order to please or 'serve' this idea of god in order to be 'good.' Otherwise, you will burn in the everlasting fires of hell. The new more politically-religiously-correct version of god is a sort of hollow escape mechanism by which their god is totally nebulous and without any kind of mental substance. Guess that's part of the 'mysterious ways' eh?
What has happened with people like the Phelps family who first gained notoriety while parading their ugly protest signs in front of Matthew Shephard's parents the day of his funeral? (re: Your son will burn in hell...god hates fags, etc etc) They are the people who have become so saturated IN FEAR (even though it appears as self-righteous anger)...that they have literally become insane. I believe these people are representative of a dark side that is worse than senseless murders on the battlefields... ironically in both of these scenarios, each claims are following the will of god.
Human races and their gods and goddesses have come and gone. Through the many Ages some managed to find the Awareness that enabled them to realize that there is no god separate from what they are themselves. Hard to swallow if you believe you were born sinful, dirty, and unclean....and need to be 'saved.' But try telling that to a Christian, or a Jew, or a Muslim! Each "knows" they are right and will kill those who refuse to agree or cooperate.
What anyone claims or BELIEVES to be his 'god' is what he creates...and therefore, all of these 'gods' DO exist... Jesus hit it right on the button when he said It is ALL done unto you according to your beliefs. Granted, there are some 'truths' hidden (sometimes hidden very well!) in all of organized religions' rule books: Bible, Torah, and Koran...but they should NOT be taken literally, word for word.
We all know people who regard their god as a sort of self-appointed trained pit bull 'who will take care of all those sinners' as these religious people hide inside their shriveled little minds and pretend they are 'trusting god' to take care of all those bad people and situations. I guess its a bit like being protected by the Mafia (or the Phelps family Nerd ) if you happen to be a 'member in good standing.'
In some ways...people with UNobvious beliefs are worse. At least the Phelps are not worried about being 'politically correct!' Please do not take that the wrong way. I believe you know exactly what I mean! It is the enemy you canNOT identify that is the principle underlying cause of the bullying, the meanness, the painful suffering...which are often the unseen roots of prejudice and bigotry!
When one adheres to being metaphysical, one has to abandon all blames, all crutches, and stop being a victim. This includes those who claim to be victims and hide behind other people's shortcomings!
In some respects, "Creating Your Own Reality" is that point where what we call 'science and religion' can experience a common ground. Especially so in the field of Quantum Physics. Yes, there is a "higher power" but this higher power is nothing outside of is something we all are a part of. To experience self-illumination or to realize this. When we realize that we are all part of The One...the same 'force'... we intellectually ...and then spiritually...are able to Let Go of those old fear based concepts and religious dogmas... When we feel At One with ALL THAT IS...we will never harm, hurt, or injure anyone else...OR ourselves. Neither will we want to!
The Egyptians were wise enough to perceive that there is NO NAME for what people call 'god.' The minute we call 'it' by any name -- it immediately diminishes. We are spiritual beings playing a human game -- and we are finding our way back to this magnificent Source. When we self-realize our own 'god-hood' we recognize it's all grounded in Unconditional Love. To "serve god" is to honor and serve The Self. The "I AM." Some will understand that... some might perceive the polar opposite of what I said....and call it blasphemy. Well. Too bad.
Unconditional Love is best defined (thank you P's) as ALLOWING... ALLOWING everything... to be at peace ...and know you create your own reality just as others are creating theirs. Most religious teachings are aimed at keeping us from knowing we are ALL a part of All That Is and that we ALL have this tremendous ability to create our own reality.
In many ways... the new technologies are somewhat representative of the Inner Power I am talking about. It can be very difficult and challenging to understand...and easy to misuse... especially if one believes all the 'answers' are OUTSIDE of us -- and that we need to be obedient and subservient to those 'rules.' The only Law that exists, upon which all other Universal Laws are based, is the Law of Attraction. Sorry, Moses.
I guess I may seem 'unfair' to those religionists who are 'trying to be good people' ... but "I say unto you": (sorry couldn't resist.. Angelic)...until you understand the concept of WHY you are 'trying to be good' and WHO you are trying to please and WHY... its will continue to be a slow, rough road to travel. I am not 'blaming' people for being 'into' religion.
My own path was made up of 'trying out different churches/religions' while I was "desperately seeking to please God and find "the" Right Way" ... Finally, I believe my Intent paid off --It opened up my own mind to- and the potential of the Power within myself. I can always see and sense the fear in people who are scared to death of the god they are trying to 'obey' and please. Been there, done that. For so long.
In many ways, this is exactly what the Phelps family is trying to do. Their fear has taken them to the darkest part of the dark side. They are far more afraid of their god than the average "its Sunday better go to church today' type of a person who decides instead to go fishing or hiking or shopping, but 'knows' he isn't 'pleasing his god.' That's the sad part.
And my point is? Nerd ?? We all create...and/or accept beliefs. We also create what we call 'our God'... So many of our beliefs are so sadly dis-empowering because of all the fear and guilt conditioning attached to them. For all the people who are still so 'afraid of God' (including those who refuse to admit it) ... eventually we are all 'led to the Light that shines INSIDE of us...which is in our soul.'
I truly believe so many people...ARE...being led to this EnLIGHTenment... Intend and focus on believing that you will be led to the right teachings/teachers at the right time ... and you will. A lot of JOY and HARMONY and plenty of GOOD FEELINGS can accompany you on this journey! In fact, that's a good way to know you are on the right path...the one meant just for you.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let's Teach Our Children Well...and each other...gently, please, By Our Own Example

I had not seen this video, a clip from the Ellen Show of Oct 9, '09, (on which Judy Shephard was a guest) until yesterday. I will never forget it. It was a heart warming presentation of Matthew's life. Additionally, it was also heart-tugging because of what Judy told about the deer that had been nesting in a bush close to Matthew's body. The lady biker who found him, told Judy about the deer that appeared to have been nesting all night near Matthew's body. To me, that deer was an angel meant to be seen by the lady who found Matthew. It brought tender comfort to the family and friends -- knowing this little creature watched over Matt's body during that dreadful night. Strange how such terrible tragedy... and soul felt beauty... can co-exist in the same space. Such is the irony of Life.
This is the clip from the Ellen Show. I hope you will watch it.
Many of us have lost loved ones in tragic ways, and we well understand Matt's story, somehow in some way. Many of us have learned it is our responsibility to stand up and speak out against prejudice of ANY kind. This is, I believe, especially important when it comes to racial issues and sexual orientation.
I believe it would make such a positive impact on mass consciousness if we would only speak up and say something as simple as: "I'm sorry, but I don't appreciate your remarks."
If someone we know or do not know makes a derogatory remark, it can be far too easy to just 'sit there' and not speak up...even when something within us is telling us that we must take a it just a quiet, gentle one. Sometimes the quieter and more simplistic it is, the more effective it is. Yelling and preaching usually brings about: "What you resist, persists."
A friend of mine said once that a very effective remark is: "I'm sorry that you feel that way." It is not necessary to be confrontational and argue...regardless of what their retort might be.
From Crosby, Stills, and Nash's "Teach Your Children Well" the lyrics emphasize the importance of loving and understanding one another. We must choose to do the right thing. I believe that parents can be THE most important influence on their children's potential for tolerance, acceptance, and allowing.
ts so important not just to say "Don't say that...its not 'nice' " without explaining the WHY NOT. Parents and all others authority figures to children need to take the time to explain more as to how prejudicial remarks and actions HURTS not only others -- but also themselves. ANY of you who claim to be metaphysical know exactly what I am talking about. When you willfully hurt another you disconnect yourself from Source... this is not what we want.
Example: the Jones's and the Smiths meet for a BBQ and little Johnny makes a disparaging remark about gays... it needs to be addressed immediately regardless of how 'embarrassed' one gets or how afraid of 'what kind of reaction' someone might have. Addressed not with scolding or put downs... but firmly, with love. Can you imagine the tremendous effect this kind of action would have on mass consciousness if everyone would do this at this level??!!... It could have such a powerfully healing effect!
To those who merely give 'lip service' to tolerance but are filled with hatred, bigotry, and prejudice... __Life will be their teacher.__ If not in THIS life...than in another. Don't feed them your attention.
But it is for us 'who know better' who must take a stronger, and yet gentle, stand and not tolerate callous or derogatory remarks.
We are becoming Legion...we are awakening and growing by leaps and bounds... It is not for us to 'convert' others to our way of thinking. We'll leave that to the Radical Right. ANY teaching not based on unconditional love (which simply means Allowing) will never ultimately succeed.
Let's just do what WE know we need to do. Far too many of us are overly concerned about 'looking cool' or worried about what other people think. This is cowardice. There is a time to speak...and a time to be silent. We KNOW the difference if we listen to our Inner Being.
Consider this: Look who is truly suffering the MOST when it comes to what 'other people think'... Gays, people of color, the handicapped, etc etc. Each one of us, individually, has to do what "I" need to do... that is our responsibility. Eventually, we WILL be able to see the impact that courage and love have on our world. Believe.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Bullshit TALKS...'but Money WALKS....

Sometimes, it takes awhile..... to catch on and reeeally understand what we claim we 'know'... Perhaps our illumination of understanding was more akin to a 25 watt bulb -- instead of a 100 watt. We could still 'see' ...but not all that clearly.
We are like that ... we 'see' things and agree that, yes, this is the way it should be for me ... However, there remains a good chance that we are examining the beliefs that Create Our Reality...with a 25 watt bulb. When we need that 100 watt. As we know...everything...yes, everything is "done unto us according to our beliefs."
We always have a choice. We don't "have to" see anything. We can always choose to hang onto our present, perhaps not-fully-examined beliefs. But, if we really want to know why we crash into walls or trip over stumbling blocks time and again... then Life will present us with the exact experiences we need to change our 25 watt into a 100 watt bulb so we finally "see the light" ...
If we so choose.
Its SO easy to say 'this is what I believe'...or 'that is what I believe'... Talk is easy. Talk is cheap. Sometimes what we claim we believe isn't even related to what we truly believe. The saying "bullshit talks, but money walks" is true. Actually we do pay for what we get. The price we pay for spiritual growth and expanded consciousness is generally equivalent to how much pride or ego is directing us. We 'pay' by being willing to give up 'being right' (or have to be SEEN by others as right) in order to be free of a situation. It's not always easy.
Being "free" doesn't mean we will necessarily change a situation --or--a person... It means we can be inwardly free of what caused OUR problem, our misery, and especially --our reaction-- to it. THOSE things are really the problems... and not 'situations or people.' Even when we appear to others to be 'victims'...or treated unfairly.
Having recently gone through a 'light bulb change' myself ... my 'seeing' experience was doubly reinforced when I sat and listened to a friend ramble on and on about her relationship with a friend. The 'lines' were all too familiar: "Well, SHE is going to have to change her ways if she wants me to be her friend and help her out.".."I am not going to put up with it if he refuses do this or that." "Can't she see how self-centered and self-serving she is being!" "Why can't he change and treat ME like I want him to treat me." "I'm just not going to take crap from her anymore!" etc etc etc ...
We've all been there and done that.
We may even believe we are being very reasonable, logical, justified, and 'fair' about it all, and others are 'on our side.' None of that, however, solves what amounts to their... but our problem...
I used to get a bit annoyed when the teacher Abraham would say "YOU are in charge of your own reaction...and of the way you feel" because we are so quick to want to come up with our 'yeah but's'...and all of our self-righteous justifications.
Those people are indeed self-blessed when they realize that no one else is obligated to make us happy ... no one is under contract by the universe to 'change' for us so that we can be happy... Setting ALL excuses aside as to why we think they SHOULD do that ... we are then left with "it's all up to me" ... And the somewhat ironic part is: once we recognize this, and __adopt this belief__ we find that things go better for us. Not because "they" or "it" has changed...but because we have taken back our own inner power are gaining a better understanding of HOW we Create Our Own Reality.
To walk away from a person or situation is NOT the answer....unless we first take full responsibility for 'seeing' with that 100 watt bulb what OUR problem is in the situation...the real insight as to the "why" did __I attract__ this situation or person to me., rather than believe myself to be an innocent victim.
Blaming 'the other' ...or 'the circumstances' will only invite the same exact problem into our lives, until we SEE our into our own belief system (which is at the root of what we have created.) Otherwise, we will, once again, invite a different setting, perhaps with different role players... maybe even another lifetime....until we 'get it.' The choice is always ours. If we are smart we will see what really 'empowers' us. Until we choose to believe we are Creators...rather than Blamers... what we call "God" will always remain something that is outside of us.
I can appreciate Seth's saying: "If you have nothing else to do, sit and sift through some of your beliefs if you want to recognize why your life is going as it is... if you are liking it...or not liking it."
Much of what we think of as our 'powerlessness' comes from believing we have a right to be hurt, angry, frustrated, grievous, etc. We have a 'right' to out emotions. So let them flow through us but stop and THINK...or be Buddhism would teach us: that what we CHOOSE to hold on to will manifest into our reality.
We don't 'get rid of' or 'destroy' beliefs we don't want. Everything exists. What we CAN do is focus upon and give our attention to what we WANT to believe. Our "present reality" will not change if we are stuck with the belief that it can't be changed! So, it's probably a far better idea to spend a lot more time thinking about what really DOES make us Happy... the kind of happy that is at one with peace ...the kind of peace that "Passeth All Understanding" (or logic and reason.) Real happiness is NOT about 'being right' or 'getting even' or some kind of a 'I'll show you!" attitude. That will only keep us stuck with the same problems.
As the P's say: "You are the gods/goddesses of the Universe"... In this time of hard-pressing energy, perhaps its 'time' we acted like it, eh?? OK! Nerd It's time for us to Walk The Talk... cuz we know what a lot of 'just talk' amounts to, yup!..nothin' but bullshit.
Photo by Lori Parker-Gurule'

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yup! Shit is Happening...and Hitting our Own Personal Fans...

Most of agree that much change is taking place. The energy is seemingly becoming stronger every day. Nothing is the same. Sometimes it just feels weird!
It's somewhat like The Law of Attraction is doing overtime. Reaction to our Actions is swift and right in our facec. There seems to be less and less of a buffer of time...which means that previously we could afford to ignore things, put things off, 'get away with' things...and possibly even retract something so that we did not have to suffer immediate consequences of anything we might have said of done. Not so anymore. Nope.
Time seems to be traveling at an unparalleled speed. Its truly like watching a cassette tape speeding towards the end... even though we 'experience' our daily routines at the same 'speed'...but as we refelct and observe, we are astounded at how fast it is going ... Towards the End? In a way, yes.
I happen to be one who believes we will experience a part of mass consciousness that we have chosen to attach ourselves to. No, shit doesn't just happen. What is flying in our face is what needs to be looked at and attended to.
Rather than spend a lot of time bemoaning the 'shit that happens'...(We still create our own reality if we believe we do or not)...I think we would benefit by simply addressing the problem and deciding what to do about it. For the most part, when we say 'shit happens'...we are implying that we had absolutely NOTHING to do with it ... that something has happened that had nothing at all to do with our thoughts, behavior, or beliefs. Once we accept that yes, we DO create/co-create what actually is a huge relief~! It takes us out of victim mentality and allows us to be in touch with our Inner Power which totally eludes us as long as we play the Blame Game...or insist that 'nothing caused it'... 'it just happens.'
I think a limited amount of time wondering "why" the shit happens is a good thing ...EVEN IF...we cannot 'see' why certain things came about. It's tempting to spend too much time 'looking for the cause of why this happens to me.' When we DO believe we 'have found it'... it's usually interpreted as: "NOW I know who to blame!!...and that can be one of the worst traps we fall into...That mental trap is lined with velcro. It encourages us to experience a false euphoria that comes with 'finding the answer:' NOW I know... it was my mother's fault! my lover's fault! my miserable childhood, any and all traumatic experiences, etc, etc... NOW I have a reason for the --way I respond-- which means I am perfectly justified in the way that I feel. I knew it wasn't my fault! So there. Problem solved. Not.
So with so much shit flying around the world over...aiming to hit our own personal fan... It is time that we reaffirm that whatever happens to us is trying to tell us something ...and the message/answer is always 'right there. We never experience anything that we are not a vibrational match to. That is Universal Law. Hard to take, yes, but an ultimate truth.
You have probably noticed as you listen to conversations, that the bulk of talk revolves around 'who is at fault' in the world, in our government, in our homes, including our own personal relationships. And yes, we find ourselves participating actively in this type of folderaol at times, don't we?! But something inside of us gnaws at us...You see, we know better... Yes, we do. All of you reading this KNOW better. (or you would have already clicked out of this site! :) Our radar IS working. We can surpress it...but when we do...THEN shit happens to us, hits our personal fan, and we our knocked for an emotional loop.
It is really high time for us to Buddhism says: Be Mindful. Be mindful of what we are thinking and saying and doing...(and that ain't always easy! Cool We need to pay attention to How We Feel...that being the biggest clue as to whether or not we are standing in the Light or the Shadows. Yes, we DO know how to differentiate our feelings... knowing if they are coming from gratifying and satisfying the Ego... or if they come from that place of Inner Knowing... even if its feels a bit shakey at times. That's OK. We will keep getting stronger...if we want to be aligned with Source. We KNOW what the lessons are we need to learn. Yes, we do. Others do not.... WE do. We know it has only to do with US... not with others or blaming others in any way. Ouch, says the Ego! Smile
We are standing on the brink of a HUGE change...a shift. A Shift in consciousness...and its up to us if we decide to go with the type of mass consciousness that reflects the world being in a hellava mess ... or... a world in which we find ourselves in touch with Who We Really Are... Empowered Beings on our way to bigger and better and more exciting things, reflections of All That Is...and loving it. Nerd