Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Get Scared!...It's Just the Paranormal...(Pt. Two)

It's amazing what a wide variety of topics the term 'paranormal' covers!
The topic of 'ghosts' is usually at the top of the list, but the paranormal covers a plethora of subjects. Poltergeists, shadow people, vampires, werewolves, zombies are included. Cryptoid figures from the animal kingdom such as Mothman, Abominable snowman, Bigfoot, chupacabras, and 'monsters' of all sorts are also a part of this varying group. A more endearing faction of the paranormal encompasses unicorns, elves, faeries, dragons, leprechauns, etc..even though we tend to connect them more with fantasy. Subjects such as shape shifters and time travelers are more difficult to classify. Do all of these beings / entities really exist? Why not? As long as we remind ourselves that we create our own reality...and that what we manifest coincides with what we BELIEVE... we can sit back and enjoy it all. It's all mind expanding. Sometimes more like mind blowing! Surprised
If we are honest ...we have to admit there are times we enjoy a good scare! Fear, when seen as entertainment can be fun... as long as we remember to stay grounded. The paranormal can take us out of the mundane and into new and exciting worlds. Some people seem to use their imaginations so little that it does them good to wonder what may be lurking in the closet or under the bed!
Blending into regions of the paranormal is what we may call fantasy, with its stories of mythical creatures and age-old tales or legends... Do the labels legend or mythological make it less real or true? All of organized religion is based on mythology. The similarities between many ancient mythologies derived from the far reaches of the earth, bear amazing similarities to each another and to modern day religion. Most myths have their own versions of a 'holy family', a trinity of sorts, saviors and bad guys, good and evil, and 'lessons' to be learned. As has been said ... there are elements of truth in all things.
We tend to not treat very kindly those things we do not understand. This applies especially to what we call the paranormal. "It's OK to have fun with it, just don't take it seriously!" is what the doubting Thomas or skeptics say. On the other hand, why take religion seriously? Nerd "Until you prove to me that your rituals, prayers, and scriptures are scientifically provable, why should I believe you?" ...Oh, but that's different... Is it? Really?
On the flip side, Quantum Physics has been showing for quite some time, actual 'scientific proof' that it is our Inner Power, the consciousness of which we are all made-- is what is doing the creating, and subsequent manifesting. This is why prayer works for the religiosity's, why magick works for pagans and why BELIEF (or directed consciousness), is the bottom line...the root...of it ALL. We are talking Truly believing... not the mechanical reciting of rituals, dogma, spells, or incantations.
Someone once said that true Yogi's are the show-offs of the metaphysical world. They can walk on burning coals, they can levitate, and they can put their hands through solid objects without any seeming effort. It is also said of them, they have gone beyond 'belief' to that Inner KNOWING which transcends physical matter. This is the stuff 'miracles' are made of... not dispensed by a god who is showing special favor to certain people.
I have several friends who are SO open to the the so called 'spirit world' they can see into -- or hear entities from other dimensions with little or no effort. What we call the spirit world is not made up of globs of nebulous, shapeless non-substances. The existence of other dimensions is just as genuine and 'real' as ours...Or I could say "just as illusional."
We are all part of layered and intertwining dimensions of varying vibrations and frequencies of which we, with our 3D eyes, are not usually capable of seeing...However, upon occasion, we DO let down our 'programmed guard' and see what we 'shouldn't !'
The Beatles song "Come Together" ...'come together right now over me'... is SO apropos. So many things are 'coming together' and happening SO FAST...that many of us are wondering...what will happen next! NOTHING is the same anymore. There is no taking refuge in the old familiar safety least not once you become aware of "who you really are" as the P's and other teachers tell us. Peace can only be found within. It cannot be sought after or un to-- anywhere 'out there.' Not anymore.
Some people consider the "2012" prophesy as 'paranormal' nonsense. I personally think it will involve drastic change because of the intense and complicated focus and attention it is getting...It's ALREADY creating more 'creative chaos!'
Attention and focus are the tools of creation which lead to manifestation. As Seth would say: "Which You, Which World" do you want to be a part of? To realize we have 'a choice' is the beginning of a freedom so immense that it can be a bit scary and formidable!...but also tremendously exciting and enthralling.
To the pagans. Halloween or "Samhain" (pronounced Saw'-win)...was a time of thinning of the veils between the physical and the spiritual world...a time in which the two worlds became enmeshed, enabling contact between the living and the dead. Most of us know, as did the Pagans, there is transitioning and change...but no real death...
I believe this particular Halloween will have a very significant meaning to many who are on a path of Awareness. You can already field the 'wild and wierd' energy! It's beginning to feel 'normal.'
And so the 'para' ...the along-side...becomes the new 'norm.' Then what? Who knows?!... but I would definitely stay 'tuned in.'