Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't Get Scared! It's Just the Paranormal-!! (Pt. One)

Many people become rather frightened at the mere mention of the word: paranormal. Instead of showing fear, they may laugh, they may joke, or they may be quick to 'put down' the person who expresses a belief in anything they themselves can not...or do not want... to understand.
The Greek meaning of 'para' means "beside, along side, near, irregular, or in addition to." The paranormal includes a wide variety of phenomena, objects, beings, or situations that cannot be explained in a so called logical or rational fashion. I am not including the word 'scientific'... because science itself is expanding and 'catching up' to what many of us have known for ages...most especially in the field of Quantum Physics.
Some people believe in ghosts but think the idea of extraterrestrials is absurd. The opposite is also true. I find this a bit funny.
It's been my observation that people who refuse to believe in anything considered paranormal...are also afraid to venture outside the little boxes that society has contrived. They feel uncomfortable appearing to others as anything except what they think of as 'normal'. They find it difficult to leave the safety zones of what they believe is discerning or intelligent rationale. In plain language...they are afraid of being made fun of ! These are the same people who feel safer believing in mainstream ideas; in what our illustrious leaders say;' what the media reports, and -- in what authority figures tells them is 'true.' When trying to speak with them about any kind of paranormal activity, they usually become defensive and hide behind that good ol' reliable one-liner-clincher: "Prove it to me!!"
The Law of Attraction is always doing its thing--which is the reason these "I Do NOT WANT to Believe" people seldom encounter anything paranormal! in view of their tightly reigned-in, narrow beliefs -- it leaves them with little or no room to welcome some really far-out, cool paranormal experiences! If something paranormal does manage to manifest in some small way in their experience, they usually attempt to analyze it to death, determined to come up with a 'rational explanation'...even if they have to make one up! Rolling Eyes
At times, groups of polar opposites (ex: the ultra religious as opposed to atheists) actually share an emphatic disbelief in what is called "channeling"... During channeling, messages are received from discarnate entities. This is something I find amusing: The Bible was 'channeled'... because the God of all Religions was either missing his Bic or simply preferred his 'secretaries' take dictation who would then claime what they were receiving came straight from their one and only god. Oh, but that's different!! Nah...not really....
When my children were of elementary school age, we lived in an apartment in Littleton. We shared our home with a poltergeist we nicknamed Francis. We mostly enjoyed his harmless although very ornery antics. It was only after I gingerly revealed, to the manager, some of the pranks Francis pulled off, that she confessed to me that her former tenants had the same exact 'problem' in that apartment. Compared to the stunts he pulled on the other family... let's just say Francis must have liked us!
Fortune tellers, astrologists, card readers, runes readers, divining, etc...have been around for multi-thousands of years. There ARE gifted psychics who can see into certain of your probabilities. 'Good' psychics can tell you what is most likely to occur because they can read what is called your energy field. An honest psychic knows you create your own reality. They know you can pick and choose totally different probabilities at any time. On the lighter side, we all know people who are so 'predictable' or 'easy to read' that anyone can prophesy their probable outcomes! We say "I know exactly what he/she is going to happen to him!"... That 'feeling you get' -- is also energy-reading. All things/beings are made up of vibrations. Vibration is energy. Hence, everything has an energy field.
I don't like using phrases like "science has proven" to justify any of my uncommon beliefs. I am finding, happily so, that many more people are becoming both more open-minded and aware of the paranormal, even to the point where they realize we are surrounded by...and immersed in different dimensions, Some people are even accepting the idea of parallel universes!
There are a number of people who can 'hear and see' beings/entities who exist in other dimensions. Some may pick up on 'ghosts of the past' including relatives or friends-and some may be 'strangers.' (although my own version of ghosts is very different from the more popularized versions meant for entertainment) It's not a good idea to 'dabble' in this kind of thing just for fun and games. There are both 'good and bad' entities that are willing to 'make contact.'
What some may explain as 'optical illusions' could be described more accurately as the "quick switching of dimensions." For instance: we have all placed an object in a certain place...turned around...and the object is gone. Eventually it will reappear again when we don't expect it to. It's easy to say "Oh, I just didn't see it." Too often we are too ready to 'explain away' all kinds of paranormal activities...because we don't want other people to think we're crazy!.... Mouth At Side
I believe everyone has what is called psychic abilities ... although certain individuals are more highly 'gifted' or receptive to them than others.
As with all the varied and asundried types of psychics, some are trustworthy, honest, and forthright. This kind of 'true pyschic' has a respectful regard for the highest good in others.
Granted some so called psychics may be charlatans. These types are mind manipulators and are very clever and convincing. Others who claim to be psychic, I believe, are simply self-deluded and have overactive imaginations -- in which their own personality traits come to the forefront and projected onto their clients. They are not seeing others--only themselves. They may not mean any intentional harm..but they are, most definitely, full of themselves. Nerd
Hollywood has given us some fun and scary entertainment... but unfortunately, what is produced for FUN is far too readily accept as "truth" about the Unknown...The impressions given via Hollywood can serve as mind blocks to 'the real thing.' Freddie Kruger and The Exorcist -- neither is what the paranormal is truly about.
Any kind of paranormal activity or phenomena CAN be understood correctly by individuals who are well grounded in their own positive beliefs of safety and self-assurance. I firmly believe that. There is SOOOO much more to life than the little 3D roles that we wake up to and go though from day to day.
In some ways, study of the paranormal can be an intriguing and interesting way to expand one's own consciousness. Unfortunately, religion has done so much damage. and has often completely and totally misrepresented a lot of information that could open up worlds of knowledge leading to a far greater understanding of the depth and breadth of Life Itself.
In the next article, Part 2, I will list more specifics surrounding paranormal activity.