Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Right The Right Time

"I Intend To Be In The Right The Right Time,
I Intend To Do and Say The Right Thing at The Right Time.
All of This I Intend for My Highest Good...and the Highest Good of All"

Simply put, our FEELINGS tell us if we are on the right track for us...or not. Note I said: "for us." There are always those who would tell us differently.
There are those who would tell us not to trust our own feelings, our own intuition, our own choices...because they say: 'you can't trust yourselves!'... Well...according to them maybe.
We have complicated our lives so badly that its no wonder we get stressed out... All the great teachers, and that includes Jesus and Buddha, told us to be in the NOW. If you haven't read Eckhardt Tolle's book "The Power of Now" should. Oops...pardone' the word 'should.' Nerd
If we SLOW DOWN enough, stop giving the Past power over us, stop projecting fear into the future...and determine to trust the Inner Guidance that IS THERE for us... we can learn to rely on the Divine within us: by following our true feelings. We KNOW...we cannot FOOL ourselves when what we are doing is NOT for our highest good or way of Feeling Good. We can talk over it, around it...and temporarily suppress it...but we still know.
Forget about 'the past.' Stop worrying about the future. Live in the present...the NOW...and Go with the Flow. Sure. Sometimes we will crash into boulders. Maybe we needed to get our own attention. It doesn't mean it's 'bad' just IS. Stop already with those miserably annoying labels of Good and Bad. And learn to trust your Feelings--not other people's ideas.
It takes practice. So what if we make some choices that turned out to be a bit muddled to big time disastrous... Life goes on. So do we. Seth knew exactly what he was saying when he said: "Stop taking life so seriously." Argue with that if you want to. Its anybody's free choice to be either as happy or as miserable as they choose. Yes. CHOOSE. Even in the midst of what we might call miserable situation -- some people know how to find joy...and peace.
The Pleiadians said, in response to a question from a workshop attendee: "If we could narrow down those things that we should focus on and Intend...what should they be?" Their answer was.
1) Joy, 2) Clarity, 3) Safety, 4( Harmony.
It covers everything. Yes. It does. Including love. You can take any three of those four intentions and they will always equal the 4th one.

Intention is a direction we set for ourselves. Not to follow anyone else's ideas...but where it is that WE want to journey. Eventually, as the greatest teachers have said..."you will throw away the 'rule books' and the 'how to' books when you realize it is ALL within you." ALL of it. Until then, choose the ones that make you Feel Good about yourselves...!! Not the ones that scare the hell outa you and constantly encourage self-judgment.
If one says: 'but, there is a lot more to it!'...please feel free to complicate it as much as you think you should. All of us tend to be drama queens...oh well, beats martydom and sainthood. Angelic

We would all be better off by following our own hearts and wish others well on their journeys. Just, as the Beatles said: "Let It Be." Don't worry if some condemn you or say 'you are wrong.' Condemnation and judgment may make one feel temporarily self-righteous and the Ego might do a little Whoopee Dance...but it will end...and the result will not make one truly Feel Good. We REALLY need to just focus on that image we see in the mirrow. THAT is the role we chose to play this go-round.
I love it that Seth said: "In the course of your lifetimes, You have done it all" ...We have done it ALL in our many, many reincarnations. That alone should keep us from pointing fingers, eh? Smile Actually, we are not here to 'save the world' ... we are here to expand and evolve ourselves, thereby being a benefit to All That Is.
Abe has told us that sometimes people ask "Aren't I being self-centered and selfish thinking only about myself!" ... but I think most of us realize that by taking care of ourselves first and foremost and focusing on our OWN growth, we are actually giving the MOST to others... It doesn't mean 'we don't care and we never help' others...If one thinks it DOES mean that ... one might have to ask oneself "Why do I think that?" That kind of self-questioning could lead one on a very interesting and self-revealing journey.
Don Miguel Ruiz's very popular "The Four Agreements" fits in here very well. The Agreements are: 1) Be Impeccable With Your Word; 2) Don't Take Anything Personally; 3) Never Make Assumptions; and 4) Always Do Your Best. ... Now...don't use those ideas as clubs to hammer yourself over the head with into making you "Good!!" Bottom line its about honoring yourself.
Just imagine people actually BELIEVING they are good. This was John Lennon's intent when he wrote my favorite song: "Imagine." We DO end up seeing what we -really-believe in.
Wanting, Visualizing, and Intending to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time, Saying and Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time...for one's own Highest Good which INCLUDES the Highest Good of all....
It really doesn't have to be any more complicated than that...
As we 'go within' when we meditate...we know exactly where to find that Peace That Passes All Understanding... It's there. Always has been. Always will be.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Wind Beneath the Wings of the Doves who Fly to Haiti

Very few disasters have had the kind of devastating effect on people as the earthquake in Haiti. Sadly, we have all gotten to the point where we found ourselves numb to the tragedies of life...but this one...this one brought us out of our apathy. This one penetrated our layers of indifference and made its way into our hearts.
We can be glad if we were able to hurt, to cry, to FEEL... because as the Pleiadians have said: Dealing is Feeling, and Feeling is Healing. We have to let it flow through us, not avoid it;...not hang on beyond its time...but not trying to dodge or escape those overwhelming feelings, either.
In spite of our individuality...we are all a part of the collective consciousness. For those of us who understand things from a metaphysical point of view, we know that what happened in Haiti was a result of the collective consciousness of mankind on this planet. It didn't just 'happen to the people of Haiti' ... ALL of us who were aware of 'what happened' were also a part of it.
The utter devastation that took place mirrored our OWN inner energies being shaken up. The energy NOW is far different than it was a few years back. This is fast running, fast moving, and quick to manifest type energy. The way time seems to be 'speeding up' is a kind of proof we can relate to.
I had a real struggle with some of the hell and damnation, self-righteous religionists who employ their god as a whipping board, saying 'God is punishing the Haitians'... These primitive, ignorant, unawakened, unaware people are a miserable lot, afraid of making a wrong move for fear 'their god' will do the same to them! After all--what goes around, comes around. What you believe about also believe about YOURSELF.
We were made aware of the things Pat Robertson said (and some others) because perhaps there was a time when we went through the same religious struggles. Maybe we still do, at times. Regardless, it is there for us to look at...not to condemn them (however easy and tempting that is!) but learn to focus on what we really want to create and experience.
Contributing money to trusted sources to help the Haitian people is a loving thing to do...One does wonder, however, with the whole world trying to do this...WHY the people who need it most are so slow to receive that help. Some of us entertain various thoughts on this. Aside from whatever we think, it still remains, however, for us to bear in mind that we all are one. What WE do, what thoughts WE entertain, how WE visualize, what loving energy WE work with and send--has a very powerful and direct effect on the people who are suffering and in many kinds of pain.
"What you do unto the least of these, my brethern, you do unto me" ... said Jesus. This doesn't mean become a show off do gooder...but realize that what you do from your heart and soul honors the Divine that makes up your very being which is NOT some god separate from you...
IF we would all take the time to sit quietly and meditate and visualize the people of Haiti receiving help, seeing them fed, seeing them smile, seeing their suffering aleviated, that individual and collective energy would make it HAPPEN! Then the people whose path it is to take the ACTION physical journey would know exactly what to do and how...It takes BOTH the inspiration and the action. The Action j0urney alone is fraught with problems and dilemmas.
Every day...however often you feel is right for you...take the time to visualize, to send your loving and healing energy. This provides the wind beneath the wings of the doves that have flown into Haiti to help the people.
This will also benefit those who so suddenly Crossed Over...They can use help from BOTH sides!!...the Other side...and this side.
Even though we cry and hurt for them...we must remember that no one can help anyone by jumping into the drowning pool with them...Amidst our own tears, we must remember to look Inward and find the love that will actually benefit them...and send it to them.
Let us say: Namaste' to them: May Our Souls Greet Your Souls.

Friday, January 1, 2010

PEACE, JOY, and LOVE...What Do Those Three Words Truly Mean To Us?

Peace, Joy, and Love...
Those three words are ones we so often wish for others during the Holiday season of Christmas and New Year's.
They sound good... they are good... But we have to ask ourselves: what is it that we really believe when we say those words?
During the 60's, the song "Let There Be Peace On Earth" became a very popular and much loved song. The last line of the song was taken to heart, however, in varying degrees: "let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me..." Peace on Earth will never be truly obtained by "peacekeepers' with guns and bombs and other methods of annihilation. Until humans refuse to participate in war and discontinue believing that war is a 'necessary' means of 'keeping the peace ...the Earth will never experience Peace.

I am finally accepting/realizing/being enlightened to --the fact that absolutely nothing I can say...regardless of how profoundly I might word it ... or how attention getting or provocative my words might be --nothing will change people's minds/beliefs about the 'necessity' of war. Nor should I expect them to agree with me. If I want Peace in my own heart, however, and in my own daily life ... I have to Let Go of any negative feelings their pro-war opinions have on I so different in 'wanting to be right'?
What one resists...persists in one's life. That is Universal Law based on the Law of Attraction. PEACE begins in each one of our lives individually. We don't really "win" anything by winning an argument...or winning a war ... True victory comes from allowing others to think as they please...Swallowing one's pride is a small price to pay for true Inner Peace. Please understand I am not just talking 'war' can be something as common as a person's chosen way of life in every area imaginable.
JOY is the result of alignment with one's Source... it is a reflection of Spirit, of God, of All That Is, of the Divine. It is not an ego-based feeling at having gotten one's way, or by beating someone else, or of being the 'best' or a 'winner' ...or those types of 'victories' ... True Joy is a spontaneous outflow of our Higher Self; our true Inner Nature.
True Joy totally transcends the Ego's constant need to be right and need to 'win.' It is not dependant upon money or materialism. Joy is probably the purest of all our spontaneous emotions. Someone once said that feeling HAPPY is the result of getting what we want ... but JOY is spontaneously experienced as a flood of warm Light in the Soul. It is the best of all the natural high's!
LOVE is a word that is probably more subjected to personal interpretation than any other word one can think of... but Unconditional Love is one of the most subtle of all the emotions because you do not have to FEEL unconditional Love as much as you simply have to ALLOW it... Unconditional Love is a decision, a choice, our response based on what we know is for our Highest Good and the Good of all concerned. It is more of an Action than it is a _Re_action.
The Pleiadians said that the definition of Unconditional Love could be summed up in one word: _allowing_. It has nothing to do with thinking we are being so 'good' because we will tolerate certain things about others... It has everything to do with the realization that others were not born onto the Earth to please us. Unconditional Love is allowing others to have their own opinions and beliefs by simply recognizing it is the RIGHT of others to differ from us.
Without practiing Unconditional Love, we will never know the true meaning of Peace. Nobody owes us the debt of changing their beliefs to suit or please us... regardless of how convinced we are the we are 'right.' Herein enters Unconditional Love.
The Three Words: Joy, Peace, and Love are truly interconnected. We really can't pick or choose just one or two ... the three go inseparable package deal.
People who are most insistant that their views on politics, religion, and 'morality'
is the only right way (and perhaps they insist God is on their side, too!)...are afraid to Let Go because they are actually in Fear of Being On The Wrong Side. They can't see this, however. And it's not up to any of us to point out the error of their ways so that they align with OUR 'correct' way of thinking. This is probably the greatest lesson we will ever have in transcending the demanding Ego.
Winners are really 'winners' when they are willing to put down their weapons before the battle.
Those of us who are metaphysically minded, know that what we experience in our world is very individual...that it will be what we create which will depend upon what we truly believe....I think a willingness to examine what we really believe about the words: Joy, Peace, and Love should give us a lot of insight as to what we will potentially create. It doesn't depend upon what others believe.
I truly do hope we are all blessed with understanding ourselves and looking within to find the answers that we too often think are 'outside of us.'
Blessed Be!...and