Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Wind Beneath the Wings of the Doves who Fly to Haiti

Very few disasters have had the kind of devastating effect on people as the earthquake in Haiti. Sadly, we have all gotten to the point where we found ourselves numb to the tragedies of life...but this one...this one brought us out of our apathy. This one penetrated our layers of indifference and made its way into our hearts.
We can be glad if we were able to hurt, to cry, to FEEL... because as the Pleiadians have said: Dealing is Feeling, and Feeling is Healing. We have to let it flow through us, not avoid it;...not hang on beyond its time...but not trying to dodge or escape those overwhelming feelings, either.
In spite of our individuality...we are all a part of the collective consciousness. For those of us who understand things from a metaphysical point of view, we know that what happened in Haiti was a result of the collective consciousness of mankind on this planet. It didn't just 'happen to the people of Haiti' ... ALL of us who were aware of 'what happened' were also a part of it.
The utter devastation that took place mirrored our OWN inner energies being shaken up. The energy NOW is far different than it was a few years back. This is fast running, fast moving, and quick to manifest type energy. The way time seems to be 'speeding up' is a kind of proof we can relate to.
I had a real struggle with some of the hell and damnation, self-righteous religionists who employ their god as a whipping board, saying 'God is punishing the Haitians'... These primitive, ignorant, unawakened, unaware people are a miserable lot, afraid of making a wrong move for fear 'their god' will do the same to them! After all--what goes around, comes around. What you believe about also believe about YOURSELF.
We were made aware of the things Pat Robertson said (and some others) because perhaps there was a time when we went through the same religious struggles. Maybe we still do, at times. Regardless, it is there for us to look at...not to condemn them (however easy and tempting that is!) but learn to focus on what we really want to create and experience.
Contributing money to trusted sources to help the Haitian people is a loving thing to do...One does wonder, however, with the whole world trying to do this...WHY the people who need it most are so slow to receive that help. Some of us entertain various thoughts on this. Aside from whatever we think, it still remains, however, for us to bear in mind that we all are one. What WE do, what thoughts WE entertain, how WE visualize, what loving energy WE work with and send--has a very powerful and direct effect on the people who are suffering and in many kinds of pain.
"What you do unto the least of these, my brethern, you do unto me" ... said Jesus. This doesn't mean become a show off do gooder...but realize that what you do from your heart and soul honors the Divine that makes up your very being which is NOT some god separate from you...
IF we would all take the time to sit quietly and meditate and visualize the people of Haiti receiving help, seeing them fed, seeing them smile, seeing their suffering aleviated, that individual and collective energy would make it HAPPEN! Then the people whose path it is to take the ACTION physical journey would know exactly what to do and how...It takes BOTH the inspiration and the action. The Action j0urney alone is fraught with problems and dilemmas.
Every day...however often you feel is right for you...take the time to visualize, to send your loving and healing energy. This provides the wind beneath the wings of the doves that have flown into Haiti to help the people.
This will also benefit those who so suddenly Crossed Over...They can use help from BOTH sides!!...the Other side...and this side.
Even though we cry and hurt for them...we must remember that no one can help anyone by jumping into the drowning pool with them...Amidst our own tears, we must remember to look Inward and find the love that will actually benefit them...and send it to them.
Let us say: Namaste' to them: May Our Souls Greet Your Souls.