Saturday, June 26, 2010

You are 'asking' with your vibration...not your words; and "Why things don't change"...

Continuing with Abraham's "Flawed Premises" in which we will recognize how our misaligned thinking causes problems and blocks as to what we truly want from life.
Flawed Premise #7: "With enough effort and hard work, I can accomplish anything."
When a person is vibrationally out of balance with what we really want ... NO amount of struggle, determination, or hard work will get us want we it material objects, health, situations, or desired relationships. Otherwise people who perform backbreaking physical work would be rich as kings and always sitting on top of the world. What Abe tells us about this flawed premise is the opposite of what most of us have been taught.
Unless our 'feelings, beliefs, focus and attention' are in sync with what we want... no amount of 'hard work' will help. If one concentrates and continuously focuses upon on "what is" and "what I do NOT want" --this is all the Law of Attraction is able to respond to. Keeping our attention on what we DO want and being mindful of our thoughts...enables us to be in a state of allowing so that we are vibrationally open to receive what we want ...This, then, coupled with postive work, action, planning... becomes the magic key. It takes practice...and willingness to abandon ones old ways of thinking and believing.
False Premise #8: "To be in Harmony with another, we have to Want and Believe the same things."
Sometimes, what initially binds people together is what they are against. This will never be 'enough' for any relationship between two people or even a large group -- to keep them together. To think relationships will continue in harmony because of one's 'against-beliefs' will sooner or later result in DISharmony. It is the nature of the soul to grow and expand. ANY kind of growth or expansion is dependant upon contrast. The best relationships of any kind are had by people who allow the other to differ from them--not insist upon sameness. This does not mean one isn't free to leave a situation; but until one has learned to allow others to disagree with, or disapprove of them... they will gravitate towards the same situations that 'broke them up' in the first place. Regardless of how much a couple (or group) thinks they have in common... it doesn't take long for differences to be appear, which in turn, presents each individual with a chance to grow and expand his own consciousness. One's happiness can never be dependant upon another to 'make them happy.' If one is comfortable and secure enough in his own beliefs...he will find it so much easier to allow others their differing beliefs.
Flawed Premise #9: "The Path to my Joy is through my Actions. When I am feeling bad, I can get to a Better Feeling Place by taking Action. I can focus upon a situation that I think is the reason for my feeling bad, and then walk away from it. And once away from it, I will feel better. I can get to what I want by walking away from what I don't want."
To quote Abraham: "Your true happiness happens when you discover that no one other than yourself is responsible for the way you feel. If you believe that others are responsible for the way you feel, you are in true bondage, because you cannot control how THEY behave or how THEY feel."
Another quote in response to a workshop attendee who asked if he wouldn't be better off leaving a job he hated. Abraham's response to this was : "Whatever you are giving your attention to is offering a vibrational frequency, and your attention to it for an extended period of time that same frequency to be active within you. It is important to remember that when a vibration is active within you, taking the physical action of walking away from it will NOT prevent it from being present in your experience. In clearer terms, the action of walking away does NOT hold enough power to compensate for the attraction power of your thoughts."
This is how "blame" keeps you glued to the person or situation or circumstance that is making your miserable. Basically, you cannot walk away from yourself. As Seth said: "You get what you focus upon. There is no other main rule."
I never could truly understand WHY (and it used to really gripe me! :) the Universe could not understand something as simple as "I don't want that!!" ...Like: "I don't want to be sick" or "I don't want to be poor" or "I don't want to be treated like that," etc, etc, But -- when I began to realize it is not the WORDS themselves the Law of Attraction is gleaning ...its the vibration that one is emitting that is doing the "asking" or "inviting"... things cleared up. This is not easy to overcome but it can be done. If I can do it, anybody can! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

To All My Gay Friends...Thank You~!

I am not going to waste or devote a lot of time talking about people who are prejudiced, bigoted, and just plain ignorant...when it comes to their attitudes towards the gay community. Whatever causes their lack of humanity--it is strictly their problem.
The same could be said of any group that has any kind of prejudice leveled toward them. There is a time to speak up, and stand up for what you believe... but never take on the same hatred or the same self-righteousness that furthers or promotes this ignorance. Life is too precious, too filled with constantly evolving possibilities of JOY and waste it focusing on whatever is NOT wanted.
At least half of all my friends are either gay, lesbian, or transgender. They have brought SO MUCH to this table of my life -- and have helped me to grow and learn and expand my own consciousness in so many ways. They have honored and accepted ME ... with their love and friendship. This is what Life is about ... loving, allowing, accepting, supporting, and uplifting each other.
Because of getting to know my gay friends and their lives, I have been able to reflect back on my own life in which I suffered a great deal of prejudice and non-acceptance simply because I was adopted. Often resenting that part of my life, I came to realize that it helped me to become a much deeper and far more compassionate and understanding person than if I never would have known what that kind of pain, based in non-acceptance, was like. It takes the Darkness for us to recognize the Light. The Ying and the Yang. Without either, we would have no balance. Without either we would stagnate and not grow from the inside out...For it is within our hearts that all spiritual growth emerges.
It's "OK" to think of the various 'communities' as different!! We would have to be fairly deaf, dumb, and blind to NOT see the differences...but... our job as spiritually evolving human beings is to ACCEPT, ALLOW, and APPRECIATE the differences and still be able to see that All Is One... (howz that for a triple A?? :)
It is NOT principles, so called moral or religious values, or opposing philosophies that separate us from one another... it is FEAR... Show me a self-righteous, obtuse, inflexible, unbending, pig-headed individual -- and I will show you a person who is literally drowning in fear -- although it may not outwardly seem to be so.
I don't have to point out the 'contributions' of the gay community... that is an eye-roller! That would be too much like a 'defense' of sorts. No 'community' of any kind needs that. NO ONE needs to justify their existence! -- or prove anything to anybody. "Above all else, to thine own self be true" ... is basically all that needs to be said.
So, to all my gay friends...Thank You... for adding so much to my life. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. And I say that with pride! Gay Pride!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Flawed Premises: Pushing Against,; Changing Others; Older and Wiser; and Born to Struggle

Continuing with what Abraham calls the Flawed Premises from which all of our problems and challenges come: Based on the book_The Vortex_by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Leaf 2
Flawed Premise #3: If I push hard enough against unwanted things, they will go away.
We have been taught that there is great nobility in struggling, or 'fighting the good fight;' and often reward those who suffer the most to achieve what they want. We go so far as to instill in our children that "nothing comes easy." Those who seem to come by things without a struggle are often pointed at with great derision (and jealousy!).
The Law of Attraction will assure us that if our only motivation in achieving solely based on 'getting away from a situation' or believing that its even wrong to have fun along the way! -- then LOA will make sure that our goals will remain difficult, miserably challenging, and fraught with difficulties. The Universe simply doesn't hear the word "no"...That used to really bug me until I finally caught on! We get whatever we focus on and give our undivided attention to. If we keep believing that we have to struggle to get this or that...than it will always be an uphill battle... The Universe will make sure we will experience what __we believe__. Think about this: How much more powerful is thinking that we are creators!...rather than 'survivors.'.... Creating implies trust and faith in your innate Source. Surviving implies it's a constant struggle. Have you ever wondered why "the war on..." always fails...every single time? Leaf 2
Flawed Premise #4: I have come here to live the right way of life and to influence others to the same right way of living. And what feels right to me must be the right way of living for all.
For this premise, I will quote Abe's words: "My group's / our way of life is the only correct way, therefore all other ways must be stopped, because when I look at what I do not agree with, I feel bad" --this is the basis for the majority of unhappiness on your planet.__Not only do those being pushed against feel the pain, but those doing the pushing feel it as well. In fact, the unhappiest, least fulfilled among you are those who are pushing against others., because in doing so, you are disallowing the most important relationship of all: the relationship between you...and YOU"...(meaning the Source You, the All that Is, that some call God.)
Our committment, our vows to 'destroy' what we perceive as evil...will assure us that we will only see and experience more and more of it. Once the majority of all people realize this ... we will see a huge change in mass consciousness that will also affect our government. If we continue to BELIEVE that 'war is a necessity' we will continue to see the necessity for war. Think that is too much fluffy talk? Take a look at what is happening now...It's obvious that it IS done according to our beliefs = (premises: unquestioned, unexamined, continually focused upon thought patterns) We are elctromagnetic beings and we are creators... what do we want to continue to create? Oh! -- Let's be 'practical'...Meaning?? All of our "yeah, but's!" simply do not hold water. What is our job? Not to push against "them."...or else, guess what?... we will only see more of what we do not want. What we resist, persists.
Flawed Premise #5: Because I am older than you, I am wiser than you; therefore, you should allow me to guide you.
I won't spend a lot of time on this one, mainly because I believe we all see the flaws in this premise. The ones who loudly proclaim their great wisdom are most likely the ones who inspired the motto: Question Authority. My only other observation here is: Actions speak louder than words. Leaf 2
Flawed Premise #6: Who I am, began the day I was born into my physical body. As an unworthy being, I was born into a life of struggle in order to try to achieve greater worthiness.
Ahhh yes...Enter religion. As I heard via the ol' preachers when I was a child "You are born dirty, sinful, and unclean!!" and must be saved ...employing the various rituals and techniques that will keep one from eternally burning in hell if you have f'd up a bit too much in a particular lifetime. This premise is, to me, one of the most incredibly damaging and harmful beliefs that one can impose upon a child. you can see 'what you push bring more of it about... This instilled in us the persistant and nagging belief / premise: "I am never good enough"... and therefore, its difficult for me to NOT believe one of two things: the other guy is always better than me ...and/ or ....I am so much better than the other guy.
We really have worked some real trips on ourselves, eh?? But hey, we ARE waking up from this mass hypnosis... and in the words of Mama Cass: "There's a New World Comin'..."
How can it ever be 'too late'? -- when its always NOW? Angelic