Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Of The Saddest Days ... Ever...

I read an article that a friend posted on Facebook, written by William Rivers Pitt called "I Hate This Day" ... referring to Veterans Day... and found it amazingly in line with my own feelings about this so called 'holiday.'
There have been times when I have ranted (quite vehemently!) against the whole war thing, and even though I know I am not 'wrong' in doing so... It still does not make me feel good.
My wishes would be to see more people Wake Up and stop believing that lies that have been fed to us for SO many years as to WHY we engage in wars.
Not fond or condoning any wars, but the ones we have participated (initiated!) during the last number of years have NOT been to 'preserve our freedom'...
The media always knows (is told) what to say to make us look justified ... the propaganda fills us with hatred for all those 'bad guys' that are a so called threat to our personal liberty or freedom.
Some people still believe this to be true... but...not as many.
It is amazing how war has always been presented to us as a necessary evil. And of course, it was always, always, always their fault... The bad guys that were a personal threat to each American individual. Some people still believe this, but as I said before...not as many.
The whole psychological and philosophical arena encompassing war is such a large, complex one that it would take many books to include all the variations. I am hardly going to attempt that! :)
The Viet Nam war was perhaps the most obviously ill decided war we have ever engaged in. The soldier were DRAFTED to participate in that one. Little choice...war or sit in jail... This war has never been justified in so far as 'protecting America's freedom' goes... Something had to be done to stir up Americans to start approving of war: Enter 9-11. I'll stop there.
After the Viet Nam war most Veterans found themselves ignored and unappreciated. So The Powers That Be knew things had to be given a 'necessity' slant, bad guys/groups needed names that we could focus our manipulated hatred and fear upon... Such as El Qeada Taliban, Isis, etc...
There is PROFIT in War...and calling up the most empathetic and sympathetic emotions people have is what needed to be done. And even though the suicide rates, the mental illness, the increasing vet based homeless population is there right in front of our eyes... we still continue to say with a rote like droney tone: serving God and country. That's a bit more acceptable than saying: thanks for the huge boost in corporate gain.
Many people used to join the military because they honestly thought it was 'the right and noble thing to do' ... None came home feeling good about it, however... I am not blaming them. When the draft ended, other strategies needed to be used: promises of housing, health care, a steady pay check, a nice shiney uniform, 'status'... Which is why recruiters always target the poorer sections.
There are some angry people, however, that actually WANT to go to strange lands and kill strange people that they know nothing about....I am glad they are in the minority.
Religion has had a great influence on and helps to perpetuate war. After all, like my 8th grade teacher said one day as he was banging in Bible on his desk, yelling: "America is GOD'S country!! God is on OUR side! And don't you ever forget it."  Funny how we just hate it when the radical Muslims supposedly say the same thing! :)
Christianity is supposed to be a religion of Peace. A few denominations actually practice this and put their money where their mouth is. Good for them. Others justify all the slaughtering by convincing themselves 'ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die.' hmmmmm.
The motto "Question All Authority" became popular in the 60's...  I would love to see the same number of bumper stickers on car NOW as one did back then.
The only way a person can go to war and obey the rule of Kill The Enemy is to never question authority... I have been told more than once by Pro War folk:"We are dying for your freedom and if you don't like it here...leave." My choice. Not yours. Besides the whole business started when we considered the Native Americans to be in our way. I'm part Cherokee and Osage (as well as Irish and English) so I don't have to go anywhere. Original Squatters Rights! Heh! :)
Anyway, I feel sorry for what the vets have gone through. War is HELL...
Until our consciousness evolves more on a mass basis, there will continue to be war. Until no man (or woman) is willing to put down their arms...war will continue. But for the rest of my metaphysical friends, we know it is also a very individual matter. To be or not to be... literally... because we do create our own reality.
Love is stronger than hate...or greed... or all the 'real' reasons for war. Its Fear based renamed 'Duty"...
So instead of hating today and the wars it represents, its better to pray for, send peaceful loving energy to, and visualize a world that is growing closer to our common SOURCE, to All That Is.
It's up to us to choose if Love is stronger than Hate.
Peace. Namaste'

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Forgiving...Letting Go...and I did NOT Create That!

I had a friend that would say: "I'll forgive but I won't forget!"
If someone told you that, would you take their 'forgiveness' seriously?? Not exactly... Emoji
True. Others may hurt us...some through simple carelessness, not meaning to; while, at times, some may intentionally seem to hurt us. emotionally or physically.
 Plainly and simply, we all get emotionally hurt from time to time. In order for ANY emotion to be dealt with -- I have learned that it has to, first of all, be recognized, acknowledged, and faced. "Just ignore it and it will go away"... can be misleading. To say "I am not feeling this... I am completely at peace" sounds good...but denial can be an ornery companion that makes 'what happened' pop up at the most undesirable times! Recognize it...own it...then Let It Go. Most problems involving what or who has hurt us 'stay around' because we refuse to let them go. Insistence upon holding them in memory is the number one cause of so much of our pain in many areas of our lives.
I know that hearing Pink Fluffy aphorisms, when having problems with forgiveness, seem to make it worse...not better. The top offenders in this category
You  forgive the offender so you yourself feel better." (really?)
You are forgiving them for your sake -- not theirs... (oh yeah?) 
and then there is the religious angle:
'After all, God forgives 'you' so you are obligated  to forgive others.' (guilt)
This kind of thing is not soothing or helpful when we are truly upset.
So...what does work?
Each one of us have our own beliefs (including contradictory ones...we all do) as to why bad things happen to us.  My approach to this will be, however, a metaphysical one. Sometimes it's extremely hard to take 'responsibility' as to what happens to us in our reality. "Do you really think I would create that on purpose??!!" No! Of course not... we do not create a bad things happening to us 'on purpose' ...
However, there are two ways we manifest everything and anything that happens to us. One is consciously and deliberately...the other way is...(as Abe calls it): by 'default'... That is when our psyche goes into un-or sub-conscious overdrive, relying on the strongest of what may be the strongest of our unrecognized beliefs -- which we may interpret as "shit happens' ... That attitude paves a way for the Law of Attraction (which is continuously, unfailingly, and ALWAYS at work) -- to take over and deliver us little or big surprises that we do NOT want, that we might think came 'out of the blue.'
Nothing really happens 'out of the blue'.... although it seems like it is NOT connected to nothing we were thinking, doing, or believing. But there is always a root cause. Two of the most trouble-making beliefs we can harbor are: 1) "shit happens" -- assigning bad events that seem to have NO logical or justified reason.
Another is, believing: If anything CAN go wrong...it probably WILL. (Murphy's Law--amazing how many people truly believe this.)
Both these attitudes (beliefs) send out negative vibes to the Universe and jump start LOA into manifesting what we are bound not to welcome.
I know one can think of hundreds of examples in which horrible things have happened to seemingly 'innocent' people (including ourselves! Emoji)....in an attempt to argue that we do NOT certainly  create our own reality... To overcome this takes being able (and willing) to See the Bigger Picture...and not try to justify or analyze any of it with a 3rd dimensional, lower vibrational, mindset. It seems very few have entertained that idea that FREE WILL actually encompasses Creating Our Own Reality.
So back to forgiveness. Granted, events may take 'time' to heal and to calm down.  We are NOT meant to beat ourselves up with "I created it, I'm a spiritual dummie! It's all my fault"... NO!! That is harmful and it is NOT the same as taking responsibility.
Instead, just a gentle recognition with intentions to get up, dust off, LET GO of it, including all the miserable thoughts of self-pity and revenge. Then, we need to INTEND to be FREE --that is what heals us.
Yes FREE. When we feel FREE we are aligned with Source.
Thoughts of Getting Even, Revenge, Pay Back...which also includes "God's gonna get you for this" or "karma will bite you in the ass!"... (To which I always say: "So what did YOU do to piss off God...or cause YOUR karma??" Emoji Vicious circle, eh wot?? Emoji
To 'forgive' someone doesn't mean we need to speak a self-righteous pronouncement over the person as if 'absolving him/her' from what they did to us. It can be as simple as saying 'let's just forget about it' and get on with life'..(if they ask your forgiveness)... If they don't, just say to yourself "I want to let this go and move on"...  Remove your self imposed chains to your painful situation! When people cry out "I just can't!!" -- that is a choice, a decision.
Accepting that you create your own reality does not mean that you are to continuously 'hold yourself accountable' -- scrutinizing your every thought. That will drive you nuts.
Buddhism has two really dandy teachings that are SO helpful and comforting. One is Let Go of All Blame (blaming yourself and others) And the second is: Recognize the misery of Attachment... attachment to all your self pitying feelings, to blame, to Being Right (big one there!) and to mentally replaying the drama over and OVER...which does nothing but signal LOA to bring us more of the same misery!!~!! What we focus on and continuously give our attention to -- is what we GET MORE OF...sooner or later!
It's so easy to get waaaaaay too serious about anything and everything. (this goes back to Attachment) And, the more negative or overly concerned attention we give to anything...the more we bind what we do NOT want to us... Some day we will all see that more clearly.
It truly is that pesky part of our Ego that wants to control, demands constant attention, and needs to Be Right -- that we need to run occasional anti-viral scans on from time to time, especially when we keep being so emotionally distraught. Our feelings are our indicators of what is right...or not so right...for us. Be careful of how you interpret the word "Justice." Justice has a huge attachment to Ego. It is amazing how we tend to 'justify' our thinking as to what 'the other guy deserves.'
We need to learn to get into the habit of Letting Go, concentrating on what is good and happy in our lives, and on being grateful for any and all good things we have.
There was a 'hipster saying' in the 70s that did a pretty good job of reflecting much of what I am talking about: "It's all in the 'tude, dude! It's all in the 'tude"...
Yup, one's attitude towards life coupled with a kindly loving feeling towards ourselves, plus a kindly allowing feeling towards others... will reap SO MUCH GOOD into our own lives. It has go be 'genuine'...not with a pretentious air of martyrdom! Emoji
Bliss is a state of mind filled with love, allowing, peace, and freedom.
As Joseph Campbell said: Follow Your Bliss.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marijuana, Approval, Validation, and Remembering


Strange title for what might seem like a bit of a weird article...But maybe, if you read through it far enough, you will relate to what I will be saying. Emoji
I have often said that the New Energy is very challenging to deal with. As per always, the conclusions that I come to after pondering (sometimes agonizing) over challenging situations, always finds me returning to the same conclusions: Follow your own heart, your own ideas and beliefs, be willing to take a fresh new look at things, and recognize that what others believe does not have to affect you at all. Nary a bit. Nada. Zip. 
Most of us were raised to 'seek approval from others' especially from those that we were told have superior enlightenment....from them down to our peers... and sometimes we even seek approval of those we don't know! But alas, this usually has to do with the cravings and demands of our all ego... (ego as interpreted by Buddhism, as opposed to ego being a mere guidance and survival tool.) Also, we can be so inwardly (and perhaps unintentionally, fearful of 'being wrong' that we feel the need to justify what we claim to believe. Validation from others 'helps' soothe this fear.
I wrote a post on Facebook which described my first reaction to the 4-20 Event in Denver's Civic Park where the Great Pot Smoke Out was held, attended by over 60,000 people blowing smoke. My reaction was one of disgust as I was posting the question as to why can't that many people be motivated to gather to impress government when it comes to making decisions about war, the economy, Monsanto, privacy rights, etc etc etc .... I asked for readers' opinions, knowing I did not 'feel good' about my angry reaction. I knew someone's response would trigger 'an answer' for me...
After reading the very diverse answers from people who claim a metaphysical way of viewing things, I realized that the first person in the long line of responders captured exactly what I needed to hear...  She told me "you KNOW the answer, Betty" ... implying it was already there, inside me, temporarily unrecognized... and that, indeed, was true.
Much of what the responses said is what I knew and agreed with... Some of it I  temporarily put aside because of my initial hostile reaction to this Holy Smoke event. Emoji Thing is, no-one-answer, regardless of how eloquent or convincing some of the responses/answers seemed,  could possibly have applied to all of those 60,000 plus participants. Case in point.
Buddhism speaks of attachment. Not only about attachment to 'things' but to attachment of beliefs and ideas... Seth would caution us to stop taking everything so seriously, and that beliefs are simply thoughts that we keep repeating over and over to ourselves. We have a habit of dogmatizing them into sacred rules.
We all like to think we have the 'right' answers. Many of us were taught there is only 'one way', one 'correct god-sanctioned and approved of' answer. And it's difficult to wrap our minds around there not being a definitive Right or Wrong.
There is 'safety in numbers' so goes the old belief... a feeling of comfort and security in believing that we are amongst that group that offers a feeling of 'protection' belonging to large groups whose beliefs are the same. None of us are totally exempt from this.
The Pleiadians are the ones, I believe, gave us the best definitions of Unconditional Love when they described with just one word: Allowing.
Just ALLOW, in your heart and mind, others to choose and hold the ideas and beliefs that to them is 'right.' It doesn't mean you have to agree!  Not at all!
It just means: Let It Be...Let Them Be...Let It Go...
 The times when I have experienced the greatest feeling of inner freedom was when I just plain didn't CARE what the opinions of others were about. This usually means that you 'feel good' enough about your own ideas and beliefs so you do not crave validation (ego calling!) from others. You are also willing to admit to yourself that at some point in time, your present ideas and beliefs might change!
My response to the great smoke-out in Denver was due to a lot of 'old stuff' and apparently to unrecognized beliefs that I realize needed to be Let Go of... It doesn't mean any of us need to approve or disapprove of marijuana. Marijuana is just ONE of many 'hotly debated topics.' It means we should opt to focus and concentrate upon those things that make us FEEL GOOD!..allowing instead of judgmental. Peaceful, joyful, and at ease. We are here to 'take care of' one person...the one we see in the mirror. It doesn't mean we 'shouldn't' get involved...but we need to make sure we are feeling aligned with Source and our true inner self which is free of attachments to all those things we give SO much 'seriousness' to. If our happiness depends upon others, situations, or circumstances to change to suit us ... we will be waiting forever.
This is what I had temporarily forgotten. But...that's ok. As the P's say: Remember!
There is a great benefit in store for us when we really learn to Lighten Up.
And that doesn't necessarily mean to Light Up...ok?? Emoji 
Follow your hearts. As Joseph Campbell so wisely said: "Follow Your Bliss" ...and we each know, in our heart of hearts, what is 'right for us.' We just need to put forth our Intentions to the Universe, to that Source, to help us shine our own Inner Light upon that which we need see...and remember...and follow.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to CONTACT and WORK With Your GUIDES....

Do guides really exist? Does everyone have guides? Yes, I believe they do exist, but I don't believe that they are 'imposed' upon you, or 'assigned' to you. It's all about your own free will, what you choose, and what you want to be part of your life.
What works for me, in contacting my guides, may not seem to you to be filled with intriguing mysticism. It's a very simple approach. There are MANY different ways of going about making contact with your guides...If you like, simply Google, because, as we know, Google Knows All... Emoji
Before I even knew anything about 'guides' --I was communicating with them... even though my religious/church related adventures didn't promote their existence.
So, to back track a bit into the Past. Starting many years ago, whenever I was really troubled about something, some kind of problem with a job, relationships with friends, etc; I would just "Sit Down and Talk to Myself"... Right from the onset of this practice, it was very helpful. It was necessary for it to be quiet and peaceful around me, so that nothing distracted me. I would simply pour out my heart about the troublesome situation, and I would 'hear' This Voice Inside Me ask questions. No, I knew I was not 'making it up'... This Voice would never give 'advice'...only ask questions, as if leading me to the real heart of the matter. These 'sessions' would often lead me to some kind of a possibility as to how to take another look at the problem from a different perspective.  No, no bells and whistles, or heavenly harp music would occur. No immediate signs of miracles.  However, I would always feel better for 'someone to have listened to me without judging'...this was encouraging and heartening.
 I know now that I was 'helped' by the intuitive ideas and feelings I experienced because of these conversations. 
Some might say this was my 'Higher Self' because we DO have that soul-part of us that 'knows and transcends'...however, I chose to believe these were my guides. Through the years, a few of the guides became more 'personalized' and I would recognize their presence by name. No, they never appeared 'in person' to me in a bright flash of light, but I do believe they can assume human form and have contact with us in ways that truly helps us. We have all heard stories about how 'someone appeared out of the blue' and assisted people. One is left with a 'Who was that masked man??!!" type of feeling. Emoji
I believe that everyone is capable of having contact with Guides. I believe we have multiple guides...and they may all vary in their interaction with us ...
What about Angels? I think they are great, but just haven't particularly been drawn to that facet of spirituality... I think of Guides as being 'people' who are living in other dimensions and have chosen to enjoy working with and helping humans.
So...give it try. First: Quiet down; Meditate a few minutes; surround yourself with a golden white light of protection and intend  (verbally) that whatever messages come to you be for your Highest Good. Second: Simply start talking aloud to them, tell them what is troubling you, and ask them for help. It won't take you long to figure out what approach 'works for you.' If what you are talking to them about doesn't come a sincere place in your heart... you might end up being disappointed. Guides aren't there to give you winning Lotto numbers unless, maybe a huge lesson is involved.... This is not a parlor game to be taken lightly...it is for people who have a sincere desire for help, guidance, and direction.
There is nothing spooky or 'supernatural' about any of this. Be ready to hear what they have to say. Pause often from your talking. They will be THERE for you... but you have to learn to talk truthfully from the heart and then ...LISTEN.... Just be calm and peaceful. Perhaps your message is 'wordless'...perhaps you may receive impressions, ideas, a sudden inspiration that feels helpful. It simply takes practice and persistence.
If nothing seems to work... try a different method. We are all different in what works for us!. Just Google it! Seriously! You will find many 'how to communicate/contact your guides'-sites/links. Mine is just a simple basic approach. It's about whatever works best for you.
After awhile,  who knows when, you may start picking up on a vibration that one particular guide seems to be returning, wanting to communicate with you... ask their names... you usually get an answer... Just trust what you receive. It seldoms sound like a very New Agey, pink fluffy type of a name. If a bunch of garbledeegook comes up with nonsensical talking... you need to stop  and re-center. This is very similar to meditation when you find yourself doing anything BUT meditating. Don't guilt yourself. It's all OK. You are not 'failing.' Just re-center or choose another time. It's important to leave your mind open to all possibilities. Choose to AFFIRM that you will be receiving the help and ideas you need. Sometimes, the answers or ideas may hit you hours later. Remember that.
This is not like playing with a Ouija board Try not to get all 'wierd' in your mind about all of this! One can always depend upon a few drama queens that will CREATE strange experiences for themselves by imagining weird scenarios...Emoji Contacting your guides benefits you more by using a respectful, prayer like attitude. 
Many of the messages you receive from your guide may be purely telepathic...no 'hearing words' of any kind. Later, you might say: "suddenly it just dawned on me!" or "right out of the blue I had this brand new idea!" ... The more you TRUST and BELIEVE...the more help you will come your way. Your guides are hardly obligated to 'prove their authenticity' to you.
The primary goal of having contact with your guides is one whereby you are able to regain your sense of balance, a sense of well being coupled with the courage to believe that all things will turn out for your highest good. To receive help and guidance in making decision which is for your highest good...if it concerns an old problem or if you are seeking to go in a different direction that benefits you.
Enjoy their company... Emoji they really are there for you.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get Out of the Matrix-!!.... From Our True Self....

This article will definitely not be appreciated by 'everyone'...perhaps far from your cup of tea. It is, however, meant for those who are not afraid to challenge, to question, to dare to go beyond the boundaries that are so firmly entrenched in much of our culture and society.
It's been awhile since I wrote my last article. I have spent too much time re-entering the wrong rabbit hole. Kept taking the blue pill. Some of you will know what I am talking about.Emoji
I watched The Matrix last night. Hadn't done that in years. It certainly got my attention, and re-woke me up with quite a start! It made me realize just how far I have been allowing myself to blend into The Matrix.
As human beings, we have a strong tendency to be Creatures of Habit... This especially is true when it comes to the barrage of repetitive thoughts that we allow to be replayed over and over in our minds, giving far too much attention to them. What we focus on we get more of.  You can call that metaphysics or quantum physics...either one is close enough. It's not my aim to make this difficult and complicated... If someone benefits by reading this, you totally receive all the credit because it will have been your choice. We are 100% responsible for all our choices, in spite of our tendency to blame 'influence of others or circumstances'...
I do sincerely believe that more and more people ARE waking up from the hypnosis of The Matrix we are mentally saturated with... But not all are. Many still wander around within the boundaries of their own self-imposed, confining, narrow beliefs. They believe the News....they believe implicitly in what they interpret is 'real' according to the five physical senses. They do not question any kind of authority. They are fear and guilt conditioned by the vast majority of any and all religious beliefs. They unthinkingly squelch all impulses they receive that attempts to tell them that they have magnificent inner power and that everything is illusion except for Consciousness.
I am so glad that I was drawn to the teachings of Seth. many years ago, because they helped me to let go of so much fear from my life and broadened the path of new and expansive ideas.
I consider myself to be a spiritual person. I have, perhaps, a bit more regard for 'some' of the ideas of the so called New Age as opposed to organized religion;...at least it encourages one to toy with your Imagination -- something religion totally discourages. Science, as a singular phenomena, does NOT... have 'all the answers'... but any kind of 'belief system' that refuses to utilize the findings of science is based on Fear (especially) and Guilt Conditioning. To me, one of the most ignorant sayings that can be uttered by a supposedly otherwise intelligent human being are those that promote the idea that "only 'God' knows all the answers" ... or "it's all up to God." ... Having experienced some of the most frightening conceptions of 'god,' I can, to a certain extent, empathize with the poor schmucks who are so locked in to fear-based ideas of this Christian/Judaic/Islamic god. They fear burning in hell if they DARE to step one foot over the boundaries of the dogma that was etched into their minds and its blasphemy to question it!!. Not that we didn't choose that experience. We did. But we tend to forget that we don't have to stay in that trap and have the ability to move beyond it.
Many people fear what will happen in the future. They don't realize that we each create our OWN world, even though we ,may share any number of 'worlds' with others depending upon which of the segments of mass consciousness we attract into our lives.
What will 'happen' to us on a personal and a mass consciousness basis, depends upon one thing, and one thing only: WHAT WE BELIEVE.
Beliefs are malleable...there is no 'one' certain 'truth.'  Its all relative. The only thing in our entire experience that is 'real' is consciousness. It is always waiting for direction and we direct it by what we CHOOSE, what we CONCENTRATE upon, what we give our ATTENTION to. If it helps to hear it: 'science' has proven this. However, as Morpheus told Neo: "You must believe. But you need more than just believing. You need to move from believing into knowing."
I could recommend that you read a Seth book by Jane Roberts called "The Nature of Personal Reality." It is one of the most enlightening books around. You will know if its for you. As I said, this article is not aimed at those who are perfectly comfortable with their present lives and belief systems, but for those who feel they are on the leading edge of more soul-sought answers and manifestations. This book helps you to find those answers within yourself. We all can (and do) use guides to point out the Doors...but again, as Morpheus said: "I can show you the door, but you are the one who must go through it."
As for others to whom this is all 'old hat' ... this is just meant to be a bit like a splash of cold water in the face! Emoji Don't get too comfortable with 'what appears to be'... because, as the P's say: NOTHING IS EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS TO BE. Especially The Matrix that people are trapped in, because it offers 'comfort' and familiarity and there is no struggle or stress of learning. All you have to be is a 'good citizen.'...and obey all the rules and 'all will be well.'
Also...to some of you: There is no special race of ETs that will rescue us and make everything hunky dory and sweet as sugar candy. Of COURSE they exist...but they, too, must be questioned. Absolutely everything is up to us. We DO create our own reality...every single bit of it. Sometimes that sort of pisses us off and we want to scream: I
 am a VICTIM!... but see, that just doesn't work...Nope. if that were TRUE: then we would be nothing but puppets.  Accepting that we create our own reality is the key to the freedom we continuously seek. So perhaps we should focus on creating a more joyful, stay in the moment, inspirational life! As we learn to accept and examine 'what is'...we can go forward and unleash more of our own Inner Power and Create what we want! Emoji
We don't need the false comfort of The Matrix.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is It Always 'Good' to Give to Others??

Don't donate, don't give anything away, don't be charitable and give away money...if you have to worry about 'what will they do with it.'
 I am not saying I am always exempt from that kind of thinking... but I am aware of it. The best teaching (to me) that comes into alignment with this subject comes from Abraham: "If your happiness depends up circumstances or others changing or acting to suit you, you will not experience the happiness you are seeking."
How often have you heard "I would give that poor person some money, but who knows what he will do with it!" I've said that... and I feel safe in saying "so have you..."Emoji
The old aphorism "It is more blessed to give than to receive" has generally gotten misinterpreted. If one thinks that 'giving' in any shape, manner, or form will make our halos shine brighter -- or expect our generosity to score brownie points with the recording secretary of Karma... it's just not gonna work, folks.
What we tend to forget: Everything is energy. Everything is vibration or frequency... So the 'solidness' of our 'generous deeds in giving ANYTHING' is for naught.  People who 'give' because their good deeds are meant to be self-benefitting tax write offs... are at least being honest with themselves.
We so often 'give' because we feel we are 'supposed to' Some feel it's their 'religious duty' ...but I'm not going to even go into that one. Emoji
Unless we can totally 'let go' of what it is we are giving; be it money or material goods of any kind, we shouldn't give it away.  If one is afraid that the 'receiver' is going to turn around and misuse, --or heaven forbid, SELL what he was given...(what a horrible personal insult that would be to us! Emoji) it would be better to toss it in a dumpster so that NO ONE could do that dirty deed. (and then some might still worry about who might find it!)
Martyrs have imposed martyrdom on themselves. Most of us know what it feels like to hear the words "after all I've DONE for you...!"  Not fun and it makes us feel anger more than the eternal gratitude we 'should' feel.
This is basically no different than giving a homeless person five bucks and seeing him buy a pack of cigarettes instead of 'spending it wisely' on a Big Mac. How dare they waste 'our' money like that!
We should give because it makes us FEEL GOOD. Period. What 'they' do with what we gave to them is actually none of our business. If we can't accept that, then we should not give anybody anything. Period. If one has trouble with what I just said (and I would understand your reaction) then it simply should point out to us how deeply programmed we have been as to our 'reasons' for giving.
We all need to learn that what others do, how they react, (if it meets with our approval or not) is none of our concern/business/problem, etc etc etc. 
I am not advocating being unkind, unsympathetic, or apathetic towards our fellow human beings. If we 'give' because we feel we need to be 'better' or that somehow this will 'erase our sins' for just being who we are... then we need to face that within ourselves. We need not be martyrs on any level, even though, unfortunately, we have been taught that 'sacrifice' or suffering is necessary to cleanse our sinful souls. 
Abraham has often been asked "So are you teaching us to be selfish, self-centered people?" Their surprising answer is "Yes" but that answer can only be understood by those who have looked inwardly and have seen The Light. To say that Feeling Good is 'bad' is to have a totally skewed understanding. Sadly, we elevate 'suffering' as being ' god-like. Abe has also said: If we really and truly Feel Good (or genuinely generous) we will not bring harm, physical or emotional to ANYONE! In that spirit we can give or donate whatever-- without placing obligations or  conditions (to satisfy our own egos!!) on our offerings.
We have been fed so many unhealthy lines that are filled with bovine elimination.
To Feel Good is to be in Alignment with Source. Feeling Good is not something we have to 'earn'... it is simply understanding and aligning with that we are ONE with what we call God, Universe, Source, Spirit, All That Is, etc etc etc, and when we are in THAT place, we can truly be of the greatest benefit to ALL people, places and things that we encounter. The act of 'giving' from THAT Feel Good Place will enforce that Oneness. We will have served that which is the Highest within ourselves.  THAT is using Energy wisely!
That is honoring ourselves and others... freeing others to make their OWN choices, because it is NOT up to us to make those choices for them.
Forget the 'yeah, but's' that arise if you have a tendency to condone those lofty arguments we take such false pride it. Please remember that I said I, too, have to watch 'myself'...I am not saying anything that I don't have to remind myself of. Emoji OK? OK!
I was walking, on Colfax, with someone who said she declined giving money to a hungry looking homeless person, because: "I'd like to give her money, but she'd probably just buy drugs with it, and what if she would die from it??" I replied, actually surprising myself, "Well, what if she got killed crossing the street on her way to buying a Big Mac" ... I was prepared to hear her say "Well, that would have been up to God" ... but thankfully, she didn't... She just looked at me in a strange way and said "oh...yeah."....
I felt it was ok to let my Ego feel that one small victory. Emoji 
After all, I learned from that incident, too.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oh My God.... literally..or figuratively...

 "You have cast your idea of god, therefore, in your own image."
Seth Speaks
Session 560, Page 203
  • Probably no other word that we can think of, provokes such emotion, feelings, confusion, wondering, and self-examination, as the word 'god'.
  • Someone once wrote that we are born searching for 'god.' I agree with this, but maybe not in the way one may think.
  • We are born 'searching'...I do believe this is true. We are also born wanting to find and experience a joyful, adventurous, stimulating life. But soon we are subjected to 'learning' which basically amounts to adapting to the ways of our parents, teachers, and any and all authority figures. I believe the majority had the best of good and loving intentions.  It's all a mixed bag.
  • Those of us who chose to experience 'religion' and various perceptions of 'god' really took on quite a challenge.
  • So what exactly is God? To some of us, raised with good ol' fear and guilt conditioning, God was the spy in the sky, much worse than the NSA or the KGB, who knew our every thought, watched our every move, and was always ready to judge -- punish (or if we really are 'good') and reward us -- every second of the day. And the 'reward' will be, after death, burning in eternal hell fire... or walking streets of gold, playing harps, and eternally singing praises to this God... which is not that far removed from the other 'reward.' Emoji IMO.
  • To many of us, it was a long hard struggle to overcome this kind of programming. What we 'overcame' depended upon our experiences and our own personalities.
  • For me, God went from being a horribly monstrous all powerful entity that lived in some indefinite. nebulous region 'in the sky' to something entirely different. For some people, raised with no particular kind of dogma or religious training, there was not much to overcome. In some cultures their own brand religion is so embedded in their government, schooling, local organizations, etc, that it isn't 'taught' so much as it is simply 'absorbed.' It's 'just the way it is.'
  • There are thousands of religious ideas and an equal number of ways to define who and what God is. I think that the Christian religion is one the most totally diversified religion of all the Earth's religions... Many of the teachings, from widely differing church dogmas, directly oppose each other, which for many result in "my way is the ONLY way." and  "God is definitely on my/our side." Much of this is due to VERY personal translations and interpretations of the Bible to use as 'proof' to win personal arguments for or against 'good or evil.'
    To overcome this type of programming takes guts, fortitude, determination, intelligence, and enlightenment. Pretty much in that order.
    When we get to the point where we realize and are willing to truly accept that everyone "is where they is" Emoji
    and stop being angry and judging... and are being  willing and able to see that it's ALL OK -- that our only job is to deal with our own stuff: then we are finally in a place where we are FREE of programming, dogma, religious threats and or promises, and the various concepts of 'god.' When we are able to allow others to have their own beliefs without over-reacting and going totally  bonkers over what we consider outrageous or 'wrong' concepts or beliefs, we are then indeed FREE of 'others' opinions. 
    I used to bristle when I so much as heard others use the word 'god.' I even had a very adverse reaction to anyone who  said "God bless you." So I have come a very looooong way!
    I am not saying we have to 'agree' with what others believe. Far from it!! But we need to learn to DETACH from fearful-based reactions to what others say or believe. And yes..it IS fear!...not some 'superior and advanced thinking' on our parts... although we may like to think that! Emoji 
    That which is Life itself, The Creative Force, the Field of Love, the ALL THAT IS ... cannot be truly adequately defined regardless of what words we use. There is nothing wrong with calling that "God."  I do know that I have come to see that this Force is what we are made of and that NOTHING exists without it...nothing in the Universe and whatever is Beyond. When I 'pray to God' I know that I am speaking to, reaching out to, the Spirit, The All That Is, that is within me. Not to some kind of all-powerful-human-like entity that exists outside of myself. Altho, if that is what people want to believe, it is their right...their choice. If we are familiar with and aware of The Law of Attraction, we KNOW we Create It All... and if 'others' with some seemingly outrageous beliefs hurt or bother us, hard as it is to 'take': we inwardly know that we have either consciously or often unconsciously attracted a problem to us. it is only when we accept this, that we will know what True Freedom is.
    We have 'done it all' according to Seth...so basically, who are we to judge and condemn? Discern? OF COURSE!! That is what Contrast is all about... but to blame others, which is what the self-serving,  demanding Ego is always nagging us to do...is not a choice that will  ever serve us well or bring us peace. Inner or Outer.
    What Seth says, in the above quote, really nails it. As we grow, spiritually, so do ALL of our concepts and perceptions.
    Religion, like political parties, philosophical groupings, etc. are all 'man-made' limiting ideas. Whether or not there is a 'they' that wants to divide and therefore control us -- who knows. We are individually STILL the one in charge.
    When we finally stop feeling driven to be 'in the right group' or 'seek approval from others to validate ourselves' will indicate that we are on the way to utilizing our real inner Power....
    When we allow others to think and be the way the want... we find it easier for us to do the same for ourselves.
    Funny how that works...Emoji