Thursday, February 27, 2014

Get Out of the Matrix-!!.... From Our True Self....

This article will definitely not be appreciated by 'everyone'...perhaps far from your cup of tea. It is, however, meant for those who are not afraid to challenge, to question, to dare to go beyond the boundaries that are so firmly entrenched in much of our culture and society.
It's been awhile since I wrote my last article. I have spent too much time re-entering the wrong rabbit hole. Kept taking the blue pill. Some of you will know what I am talking about.Emoji
I watched The Matrix last night. Hadn't done that in years. It certainly got my attention, and re-woke me up with quite a start! It made me realize just how far I have been allowing myself to blend into The Matrix.
As human beings, we have a strong tendency to be Creatures of Habit... This especially is true when it comes to the barrage of repetitive thoughts that we allow to be replayed over and over in our minds, giving far too much attention to them. What we focus on we get more of.  You can call that metaphysics or quantum physics...either one is close enough. It's not my aim to make this difficult and complicated... If someone benefits by reading this, you totally receive all the credit because it will have been your choice. We are 100% responsible for all our choices, in spite of our tendency to blame 'influence of others or circumstances'...
I do sincerely believe that more and more people ARE waking up from the hypnosis of The Matrix we are mentally saturated with... But not all are. Many still wander around within the boundaries of their own self-imposed, confining, narrow beliefs. They believe the News....they believe implicitly in what they interpret is 'real' according to the five physical senses. They do not question any kind of authority. They are fear and guilt conditioned by the vast majority of any and all religious beliefs. They unthinkingly squelch all impulses they receive that attempts to tell them that they have magnificent inner power and that everything is illusion except for Consciousness.
I am so glad that I was drawn to the teachings of Seth. many years ago, because they helped me to let go of so much fear from my life and broadened the path of new and expansive ideas.
I consider myself to be a spiritual person. I have, perhaps, a bit more regard for 'some' of the ideas of the so called New Age as opposed to organized religion; least it encourages one to toy with your Imagination -- something religion totally discourages. Science, as a singular phenomena, does NOT... have 'all the answers'... but any kind of 'belief system' that refuses to utilize the findings of science is based on Fear (especially) and Guilt Conditioning. To me, one of the most ignorant sayings that can be uttered by a supposedly otherwise intelligent human being are those that promote the idea that "only 'God' knows all the answers" ... or "it's all up to God." ... Having experienced some of the most frightening conceptions of 'god,' I can, to a certain extent, empathize with the poor schmucks who are so locked in to fear-based ideas of this Christian/Judaic/Islamic god. They fear burning in hell if they DARE to step one foot over the boundaries of the dogma that was etched into their minds and its blasphemy to question it!!. Not that we didn't choose that experience. We did. But we tend to forget that we don't have to stay in that trap and have the ability to move beyond it.
Many people fear what will happen in the future. They don't realize that we each create our OWN world, even though we ,may share any number of 'worlds' with others depending upon which of the segments of mass consciousness we attract into our lives.
What will 'happen' to us on a personal and a mass consciousness basis, depends upon one thing, and one thing only: WHAT WE BELIEVE.
Beliefs are malleable...there is no 'one' certain 'truth.'  Its all relative. The only thing in our entire experience that is 'real' is consciousness. It is always waiting for direction and we direct it by what we CHOOSE, what we CONCENTRATE upon, what we give our ATTENTION to. If it helps to hear it: 'science' has proven this. However, as Morpheus told Neo: "You must believe. But you need more than just believing. You need to move from believing into knowing."
I could recommend that you read a Seth book by Jane Roberts called "The Nature of Personal Reality." It is one of the most enlightening books around. You will know if its for you. As I said, this article is not aimed at those who are perfectly comfortable with their present lives and belief systems, but for those who feel they are on the leading edge of more soul-sought answers and manifestations. This book helps you to find those answers within yourself. We all can (and do) use guides to point out the Doors...but again, as Morpheus said: "I can show you the door, but you are the one who must go through it."
As for others to whom this is all 'old hat' ... this is just meant to be a bit like a splash of cold water in the face! Emoji Don't get too comfortable with 'what appears to be'... because, as the P's say: NOTHING IS EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS TO BE. Especially The Matrix that people are trapped in, because it offers 'comfort' and familiarity and there is no struggle or stress of learning. All you have to be is a 'good citizen.'...and obey all the rules and 'all will be well.' some of you: There is no special race of ETs that will rescue us and make everything hunky dory and sweet as sugar candy. Of COURSE they exist...but they, too, must be questioned. Absolutely everything is up to us. We DO create our own reality...every single bit of it. Sometimes that sort of pisses us off and we want to scream: I
 am a VICTIM!... but see, that just doesn't work...Nope. if that were TRUE: then we would be nothing but puppets.  Accepting that we create our own reality is the key to the freedom we continuously seek. So perhaps we should focus on creating a more joyful, stay in the moment, inspirational life! As we learn to accept and examine 'what is'...we can go forward and unleash more of our own Inner Power and Create what we want! Emoji
We don't need the false comfort of The Matrix.