Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to CONTACT and WORK With Your GUIDES....

Do guides really exist? Does everyone have guides? Yes, I believe they do exist, but I don't believe that they are 'imposed' upon you, or 'assigned' to you. It's all about your own free will, what you choose, and what you want to be part of your life.
What works for me, in contacting my guides, may not seem to you to be filled with intriguing mysticism. It's a very simple approach. There are MANY different ways of going about making contact with your guides...If you like, simply Google, because, as we know, Google Knows All... Emoji
Before I even knew anything about 'guides' --I was communicating with them... even though my religious/church related adventures didn't promote their existence.
So, to back track a bit into the Past. Starting many years ago, whenever I was really troubled about something, some kind of problem with a job, relationships with friends, etc; I would just "Sit Down and Talk to Myself"... Right from the onset of this practice, it was very helpful. It was necessary for it to be quiet and peaceful around me, so that nothing distracted me. I would simply pour out my heart about the troublesome situation, and I would 'hear' This Voice Inside Me ask questions. No, I knew I was not 'making it up'... This Voice would never give 'advice'...only ask questions, as if leading me to the real heart of the matter. These 'sessions' would often lead me to some kind of a possibility as to how to take another look at the problem from a different perspective.  No, no bells and whistles, or heavenly harp music would occur. No immediate signs of miracles.  However, I would always feel better for 'someone to have listened to me without judging'...this was encouraging and heartening.
 I know now that I was 'helped' by the intuitive ideas and feelings I experienced because of these conversations. 
Some might say this was my 'Higher Self' because we DO have that soul-part of us that 'knows and transcends'...however, I chose to believe these were my guides. Through the years, a few of the guides became more 'personalized' and I would recognize their presence by name. No, they never appeared 'in person' to me in a bright flash of light, but I do believe they can assume human form and have contact with us in ways that truly helps us. We have all heard stories about how 'someone appeared out of the blue' and assisted people. One is left with a 'Who was that masked man??!!" type of feeling. Emoji
I believe that everyone is capable of having contact with Guides. I believe we have multiple guides...and they may all vary in their interaction with us ...
What about Angels? I think they are great, but just haven't particularly been drawn to that facet of spirituality... I think of Guides as being 'people' who are living in other dimensions and have chosen to enjoy working with and helping humans.
So...give it try. First: Quiet down; Meditate a few minutes; surround yourself with a golden white light of protection and intend  (verbally) that whatever messages come to you be for your Highest Good. Second: Simply start talking aloud to them, tell them what is troubling you, and ask them for help. It won't take you long to figure out what approach 'works for you.' If what you are talking to them about doesn't come a sincere place in your heart... you might end up being disappointed. Guides aren't there to give you winning Lotto numbers unless, maybe a huge lesson is involved.... This is not a parlor game to be taken is for people who have a sincere desire for help, guidance, and direction.
There is nothing spooky or 'supernatural' about any of this. Be ready to hear what they have to say. Pause often from your talking. They will be THERE for you... but you have to learn to talk truthfully from the heart and then ...LISTEN.... Just be calm and peaceful. Perhaps your message is 'wordless'...perhaps you may receive impressions, ideas, a sudden inspiration that feels helpful. It simply takes practice and persistence.
If nothing seems to work... try a different method. We are all different in what works for us!. Just Google it! Seriously! You will find many 'how to communicate/contact your guides'-sites/links. Mine is just a simple basic approach. It's about whatever works best for you.
After awhile,  who knows when, you may start picking up on a vibration that one particular guide seems to be returning, wanting to communicate with you... ask their names... you usually get an answer... Just trust what you receive. It seldoms sound like a very New Agey, pink fluffy type of a name. If a bunch of garbledeegook comes up with nonsensical talking... you need to stop  and re-center. This is very similar to meditation when you find yourself doing anything BUT meditating. Don't guilt yourself. It's all OK. You are not 'failing.' Just re-center or choose another time. It's important to leave your mind open to all possibilities. Choose to AFFIRM that you will be receiving the help and ideas you need. Sometimes, the answers or ideas may hit you hours later. Remember that.
This is not like playing with a Ouija board Try not to get all 'wierd' in your mind about all of this! One can always depend upon a few drama queens that will CREATE strange experiences for themselves by imagining weird scenarios...Emoji Contacting your guides benefits you more by using a respectful, prayer like attitude. 
Many of the messages you receive from your guide may be purely 'hearing words' of any kind. Later, you might say: "suddenly it just dawned on me!" or "right out of the blue I had this brand new idea!" ... The more you TRUST and BELIEVE...the more help you will come your way. Your guides are hardly obligated to 'prove their authenticity' to you.
The primary goal of having contact with your guides is one whereby you are able to regain your sense of balance, a sense of well being coupled with the courage to believe that all things will turn out for your highest good. To receive help and guidance in making decision which is for your highest good...if it concerns an old problem or if you are seeking to go in a different direction that benefits you.
Enjoy their company... Emoji they really are there for you.