Saturday, March 20, 2010

"I Don't Believe In Anything Anymore!" ... it's all OK....

What is the cause of those times when we feel like we have lost our faith in everything? Those times when we say: "I don't believe in anything anymore!" We feel down, depressed and lost... Or exasperated, embittered or angry. Maybe even numb to any feelings. During those dark nights of the soul we feel like we may never again regain any kind of faith or belief in anything again.
Sometimes these feelings occur after something 'very unfair' has happened. At other times it just seems to hit us out of the blue...for no reason. We see the future as having no bright outcome. We feel fearful or afraid. Alone. We may even think no one is there for us. Perhaps the worst part of it all is feeling that we have been abandoned by 'god', spirit, guides, angels. Even our Higher Self seems to have disappeared.
Hard as it is to believe...we ALL feel that way once in awhile. Yes! Even those people that we may think always (pardon) "have their shit together."
Part of the problem may stem from our mis-thinking. Especially if what we call our Higher Power, Source, or Force, God, is something we believe is _outside_ of us....and this is our one and only little lifetime. That belief alone makes things seem hopeless. Understandably.
Many of our feelings of abandonment are due to habitually entertaining negative thoughts patterns and choosing to dwell on what makes or keeps us miserable. We identify with our thoughts and believe that our thoughts are 'us'...when they are NOT us.
In addition, we tend to forget that we create our own reality. We become so submersed in what we believe is concrete, cast in stone 'reality' -- So convinced that this role we are playing in this lifetime is "all there is" -- that we totally space out the fact that we are the writer, the producer...and the role player. During our 'worst times'...this can be very hard for us to believe and accept. But. We can do so. It's all choice. We just have to consciously choose what we actually want to experience.
As hopeless as it may seem during times of depression or crisis...those 'lost times'... it is then that we most need to remind ourselves: "This, too, shall pass." Because it always does. The only true constant is change. Sadly, we can choose to NOT believe this and keep ourselves trapped in a state of misery for a very long time... but, even though we feel totally trapped in a hopeless state...that IS the time we need to remind ourselves that we ARE empowered human beings and we need to ACT like it! Granted, there are no sudden, easy-breezy answers. Sometimes it takes much determination and focus to get off the Pity Pot. We don't always want to admit that it is a CHOICE --about what we are continuously giving our attention to and focusing upon.
Saying "I can't help it" a choice. So is saying "I sure as hell don't FEEL like it right now, but, so help me, I WANT to FEEL BETTER and I WILL!" is also a choice. It's OK to be angry or feel any of the wide scale of emotions. We need to acknowledge those emotions....and tell ourselves:" It's OK...I am not 'bad' for feeling this way." At the same time we have to acknowledge that tiny voice that speaks the truth when it says: "But you CAN turn this around." Not wham-bam immediately! But merely acknowledging the TRUTH of this
ability within us is what helps us to 'turn our boat around and float downstream"...It took me awhile before I understood this persistant message of Abraham's. We do have to make the effort (choice) of picking just a slightly better thought...which can be as simple as: "It will be such a relief when I don't feel this way anymore" or "It may be hard to believe, but I know things will change" or "even though I think this is the WORST crisis, and it feels like it will never go away, but I really want to allow those tiny little changes and even slightly better feelings to rest in my mind." That will keep us pointed in the right direction -- downstream. But if we INSIST and PERSIST (we may lie to ourselves, however, and call it 'facing reality') our present situation IS totally overwhelming... we can create that, too! We are still the director, the producer, and the creator of that reality. Sorry. Can't blame ANYbody else. When we learn to accept that ... we have taken a HUGE step towards our soul's freedom. This is enlightenment.
My teachers have taught me that even though our emotions indicate to us 'which direction we are pointing in during this moment." Thoughts just didn't "invent" them--but you attract them. You are SO MUCH greater than all your thoughts that keep plaguing you Or your emotions. As Seth always taught us, We take ourselves waaaaay too seriously. We are SO much more than just 'this' life... We are not here to suffer or be punished. We are here to expand the God Source within us...even in ways you won't hear recommended in your local churches!! Nerd We should love and really LIVE this life. Enjoy it as must as possible! And a LOT is possible.
When we are really down and discouraged...chances are this 'me' role we are currently playing, will not believe one word of what I have said...That's OK... Just don't bar the possibility that ALL probabilities and possibilities exist...IF you believe it or not! There IS more to you than just that 'you' you see in the mirror...and that BIG part of you DOES BELIEVE... The idea here is to "Come Together Now Over Me" (Thank you, Beatles) We are NOT here on this planet to learn to "be good" ...we are here to live, love, and laugh, experience, and expand..And we really want to feel that alignment...those wonderful 'all is well' feelings.
At times we have chosen to take on some real doozies of dramatic roles along the way. That's just all part of it. Stop being so 'realistic' ...and realize whatever reality we have created is the same one we can alter!...or just plain Drop it!...Forget it!...Stop judging yourself. Not everything needs "closure" Rolling Eyes ...that's over done. Play more. Every moment is 'new' and the only place to really LIVE is right in the NOW. Dare to question authority! (that's another whole article!)
Over the last 30 some years I have bought, read, and given away hundreds of books. Only a precious few do I hang on to. One of those books that is a really KEEPER: is "Freedom From the Ties That Bind" by Guy Finley. I would really recommend it to anyone--everyone--that thinks the negative thought patterns are driving you nuts. Pardon the political incorrectness. It won't 'magically solve' all of your problems but it is excellent in helping you LET GO of the negative thinking and thought patterns that keep you creating all the yukky stuff in your life. I am including the website... take a look at some of the many aspects of life he addresses. Chances are, you will relate. I always can. Nerd

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aging...Loss of Beauty: Some of Our Greatest Fears

"Often, of course, those who try the hardest to be good do so because they fear for their basic worth; and those who speak of having youthful minds and bodies do so because they are so terrified of old age."
Quote from Seth: __The Nature of Personal Reality__Session 643
Amongst the greatest fears that we harbor as Americans...(I should perhaps include most of the western world,) is the natural progression of aging... and the even greater fear of loss of 'beauty.' OK. Not everyone. But mayhaps a few more (if everyone were honest with themselves) then will admit to worrying about 'how I look' to others. Very often the ones who vehemently deny this and loudly proclaim they don't care!--are the ones affected the most...
Funny part is: its not just 'how I look to others' ... its also about being afraid to look in the mirror. Being afraid of our own image. So afraid of any "imperfections"...
Hollywood is largely responsible. Media marketing has been both clever and very subtle at times, promoting the 'look natural' pictures and articles and pricey 'natural comsmetcs.' All of it is meant to SELL products. Period.
Nearly 10 billion dollars is spent each year in America on cosmetics, or some kind of surgery to 'enhance' ones appearance. The appearance most seek is the Hollywood or model stereotype...excessively thin, flawless in someone's interpretation of 'beauty' and of course, hiding one's age.
A reasonably healthy Diet and forms of exercise are, for the most part, good. Provided one is not torturing oneself to obtain 'a certain weight or look.' That is another whole story. To feel better and have more energy is another ballgame. Only the participant knows for sure.
Its impossible to go through a check out stand in a supermarket without being visually bombarded by all those magazines -- either promoting false beauty (a whole lotta photoshopping goin' on...) or pointing out how ugly and unattractive one is if one doesn't adhere to the Hollywood standard of beauty.
I'm not holding myself exempt here. When I choose something to wear in the morning, there are times when I think--oh no--that would not look right on me...To who? And that small phrase speaks volumes. It speaks of fear that you will not be impressing EVEN STRANGERS in the right way. To say "Oh, I just want to look nice...and I do it for myself" is usually one big fat oneself. Perhaps that is the saddest thing of all.
I think this problem is evenly distributed between men and women, as far as worrying about 'how I look'...although I think women are under far more pressure and THAT pressure, quite often, comes from men. Men can 'get away' with more, They don't 'show their age' as quickly and easily as women, and people are less critical of overweight men. All of this programmed-psychology is used by the media and product companies to make money off of what is so easy for us to succomb to: FEAR. In adequacy. Not being Good Enough.
I gave up, a long time ago, looking through the personals for a fun male I was never re-interested in marriage... But it became far too discouraging. A typical male ad would read: "Man, 60 y/o seeks slender, attractive woman, preferably 20 to 50, for relationship." In a way, he, too, is a self-appointed victim of society. He feels he needs is a 'showpiece' so that HE will look good to other men!!. All of this idiocy can be even more difficult for people in the gay community.
Basically, all of this 'false face/stereotype appearance business' is way too much of humanity saying: I am not good enough just the way I am.
In reading through some articles prior to writing this article I came across the horrid writing by some "man" from the UK who said that British women, as far as he was concerned, don't CARE as much about themselves as American women do...or so many wouldn't look so slovenly. Oh, my murderous thoughts that ran through my mind... all primal and unprintable..
Age, in any light, in this country is NOT respected or accepted by the vast majority in this country. Ironically, We even push our little children to look and act older...beginning with infancy! It's pathetic! At the other end of the spectrum, Some TV ads are saying: When you get that over 30, honest to god, said 'over 25.' How miserable and pathetically stupid and ignorant can people be!. And to think some of claim to be religious or spiritual.
I started in wearing wigs a few months back. I was tired of dying my hair and doing this or that to cover up a severe hair loss problem. I didn't do this to 'look younger.' Hopefully sometime this summer, I intend to "go white"... and yes, I will be prepared for remarks. Many will be phony, some will be kind, some will be intentionally hurtful...a few will be supportive--or 'just remarks.' But, one of my mottos, as in the words of the Divine Miss M: "Blank 'em if they can't take a joke." Spiritually intended, of course. Nerd
At the bottom of all this simply Non-acceptance of self. Fear of not being good enough...especially for 'other people' because too often we need their validation to reassure us. It's sad. Pitiful, in many ways.
I loved the TV show "Ugly Betty" which really made a lot of fun of fake beauty industry I've been talking about. Of course this 'sensible' show is going off the air because we need more TV shows that are ultra demeaning, violent, or just plain demented. Gotta keep 'em dumbed down, sayeth the government...
Some of the models at world-class modeling shows look like might frighten the oddest looking aliens from any other planet. Trouble is: too many people take too much of this 'model / star / performer' business seriously as they put themselves down. It really is a crying shame.
This is why I like a good Drag Queen show. Its FUN. Everyone is having FUN and fully recognizing they are being PHONY which gives them leeway to a type of HONESTY that many of the rest of us know nothing about. You see...'they know' who they are and who they are not...and have accepted themselves as they are. Gee, what a novel idea. Maybe we should all try it sometime. Eh?

Picture: Killarney, Ireland: from Photobucket
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