Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas....whatever that means to you...

It's been an interesting Christmas. If most of us are honest, we admit to Christmastime as that holiday we both look forward to...and forward to it being overwith.
I've noticed that that people with a religious bent are quick to lecture others about 'what Christmas is really all about'...but it doesn't seem to work as much of a defense against their accumulating the same amount of fuss, worry, botheration, and stress that goes with it.
How does one become stressed during this holiday season Simple. By Breathing. As you inhale, you just suck in the stress...and as you exhale you 'share it' with others around you. It's OK. You are not obligated to agree. Nerd
No other holiday brings about so many memories or so much nostalgia as does Christmas. I am not meaning to put a negative slant on it ...but let's face it. Most of those memories evoke a lot of pain and tears. Some of the BEST memories include things such as kittens attacking and knocking down the Christmas tree. I've never known that to bring about tears. Or getting a present that was so goofy you had many laughs for years to come.
There is the old worn out line about "Christmas has become way too commercialized"...become? Its been that way forever. Even Jesus got gifts that were undoubtedly way overpriced for the time and place! Those Wise Guys started the whole thing! Lips Are Sealed
The amount of time, effort, and money (with emphasis on money) a person spends on gifts is no different (I betcha!) than those same people would over-spend during other times of the year. My rule of thumb is: if I ENJOY buying the gift...than the whole thing is justified and just ducky dandy. If I start to scowl or frown or bitch about the price...just don't buy it. It is safe to presume that, yes, I am not a 'big spender' but I am a 'fun spender!'
If one is worried about 'what the other person will think' ... then he or she is stuck with a problem that Christmas can hardly be accountable for.
So, in many ways ... methinks...Christmas brings about both the best...and the people. It emphasizes both their strengths and their weaknesses. It puts to the test what their real values are...
All the controversy about "Merry Christmas" vs "Happy Holidays" SO stupid. And yes, I am satisfied with my choice of word. It's fun to say either one! If you want to attach a religious connotation to it -- do so... do not expect me to absorb your feelings or beliefs. I love to walk down the 16th st Mall and say Happy Hannukah to people...some respond surprizingly jovially...some of them probably taking pride on how tolerant they are of Jews. Well, that's serving a good purpose.
The best thing about ANY happily offered greeting...regardless of the words that are chosen--is the Good Feeling it gives you when you direct it towards a loved one or a stranger... Its a way of reaching out to others in ways we so often afraid we will do or say the wrong thing (or suffer rejection...) I love saying Merry Christmas to people who are Christians of various persuasions, to Jews, to Buddhists, to Hindus, and yes!--even to a some Muslim friends... (I am sure to some of my acquaintances may conclude that aligns me with being a potential terrorist...(again...the word supid comes to mind...) For when you greet someone...what is in your HEART reaches and is reciprocated by the HEARTS of those you greet. My belief in that is strong...and therefore, it does not fail me. Your true intent does not lie...neither does it fool others.
I don't admire or applaud people who "out do themselves" by slaving away, persistant in making an 'impression' on others about how hard they worked or how much they spent. However, I have to allow them their own belief that this makes them 'better'... Sometimes that allowing business can sure make you Rolling Eyes
But I love Christmas and I love to see the excitement that it generates. A little stress if good for us! heh... And irregardless of what people attach to this season of the year...if it makes them Feel Good and Happy (must I add holy and pious?? Mouth At Side )...then I say GO FOR IT.
As for the 'real meaning' of Christmas...that is also a personal choice. To me, it makes no difference if Jesus was a real, genuinely historical character or not... I believe he was...and I think he was a phenomenal teacher who taught the same great lessons as did other Great Teachers...each presenting those same lessons and teachings in different ways.
AND SO...I hope each and everyone of you had a Christmas that left you with warm and wonderful GOOD feelings...and yes, its OK to experience a bit of relief that it is now past for another year. Smile
And so....with 6 hours left as I write this, of Christmas Day, 2009, I wish you all a most happy, blessed, and very Merry Christmas!! I hope it was one of your best!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Acceleration of Time...and the Year 2012

It's nothing new for one to hear: "Time is flying so fast!" What IS new is that the 'feeling' surrounding Time nowadays. People have been uttering that phrase forever...but not in the way they do now. Not even close.
What's happening?..and what does this have to do with the year 2012? Quite a bit, I believe.
To re-quote Einstein yet once again-- it was he who predicted years ago, that we would be experiencing this particular acceleration of Time --(a bit paraphrased here) "It's like observing a tape recorder it nears the end ...the tape itself begins to spin faster and faster --even though the listener experiences whatever is taking place or whatever is being the same rate of speed. Think of Time as the Tape that is spinning." I think that is a wonderfully understandable explanation.
This speeding tape called "Time"...IS approaching 'the end'...but this does not mean the end of -- or self-destruction of -- the world. It is the end of a cycle, however. Astronomers, philosophers, and scientists all know everything goes in cycles. It's just the way of life.
We are coming to the end of a particular cycle of life on Earth...a cycle that was recorded and prophesied by the ancient Mayans. As we approach the Year 2012, be prepared to be bombarded by the media from every angle, exploring and exploiting the various interpretations of the Mayan calendar and what it supposedly means to us as a human race. It has started already! Try not to believe everything you hear or read!
More polarization will be taking place...We seem to be dividing into various groupings based on our personal belief and thought patterns concerning not only the Year 2012 but the way we think about Life itself. This will, I believe, become even more apparent as we approach the end of this particular 36,000 year cycle.
We will be slowly but surely moving into a "Time" -- a new cycle, as this one comes to an end; and experiencing new dimensions. Some call it a new Heaven and a New Earth. What will 'happen to us' will not be caused by some force that comes slamming our way, leaving us hapless victims. Some people, however, do not realize that and choose to believe it will all be catastrophic. Some will choose to stay in a victim mentality...or blame or credit some outside force they call God. That is not the idea of God that most of us hold who read this newsletter. We inwardly know we are responsible for creating our reality. We know we have choices. We know that how we respond to situations is of our own choosing. Yes, sometimes it's difficult to 'own it', but it beats the living heck out of living in Blame and/or Helplessness. It's always, however, our choice.
Reasoning and constant analysis of life's happenings as to the "why's" of events has SO many limits and boundaries, plus, it has a tendency to keep us stuck. This applies to any and all phases, experiences, and events in our lives. We are approaching a time when an increasing number are saying --" I can't figure out what's happening!?"...which means we are on the leading edge of new dimensions! We have to ask ourselves: "What do I expect?" For what we expect...what we truly believe we will see...will, in large part, be what we shall experience.... most definitely in our own personal experience... Remember we are here to be the Watchers when it comes to Mass Consciousness / Events. We pick and choose --then FOCUS on what we want to draw to us. It will become even MORE prudent to keep that in mind as Time goes speeding along.
Most of our teachers are now telling us that we must...must learn to use our intuition. We need to practice this on a daily basis. It mainly requires 'quieting down'...and asking to be led in the direction that is for our Highest Good and the Highest Good of All Concerned. We have to learn to follow our feelings...and trust them. During the next two years we will be lambasted by SO much energy...and not all of it will be positive! We cannot rely on reasoning alone. There will be so much "information" out there. If we do not learn to use our Inner Guidance and Intuitive skills...we may very well become miserably confused, upset, and feel lost.
People who expect 2012 to be fraught with disaster will likely NOT be disappointed. I am sure we all know people who are constantly swimming in's all they talk about, concentrate upon, and feed to others. Because of their negative attitude--they continuously, by Law of Attraction, draw more of the same to them. Be careful how you speak of the upcoming two attention to your words and to your emotions. Do NOT play into anything that is wrapped and soaked in FEAR...
What lies ahead for us is The New Earth. If you have not read Eckhart Tolle's book "A New Earth" I would truly recommend you do so. It is encouraging and self-empowering. Those who expect 'nothing to change' best be careful where their thoughts might lead them. I can't imagine anything too much more discouraging than "more of the same" to what is going on in many arenas of mass consciousness. Is that what we want? I sure don't.
I know for myself, one of my biggest challenges is learning to be more Allowing; allow others to be, say, and do and believe... exactly as they please. Which includes ANYthing that I have written in this article. :)
No one is condemned. Pity the poor person who thinks of God as a whipping board against elements of society that do not meet with his approval...and claims "God thinks as I do."...Those who are quick to condemn others do not actually accept themselves. It's not the other way around.
We all have within us the best built-in gauge possible. Our feelings. When we are allowing and accepting and are grounded in a feeling of Love...we FEEL GOOD!!!! Regardless of how 'self-righteously right" a person is... self-righteousness does NOT make one feel good. That is merely the Ego need for recognition. Know that each person finds their own way, their own path...and over the course of lifetimes... have learned so much by experiencing everything that we might now be judging. Perhaps we should remember this.
Not all of us experience the same reality...even if we are sitting side by side, talking about the same subject. We are not hear to "save others" ... helping others is fine as long as it makes US feel good and we are not trying to 'change them.'... and no one else is here to Save US, either...

As 2012 approaches and Time flies even faster!--we need to practice remaining calm and peaceful. We can still get all enthusiastic and excited and have lots of FUN...that is GOOD for us... but Easy Does It when it comes to our dramas... Let's learn to recenter by stepping outside our dramas and realizing 'that is not really who we are'.... It is time to accept the challenge of becoming Who We Really Are....and stop identifying with the Games and Roles we are playing. We are upward and outward bound... New we come!
I am beginning to see more clearly the importance of keeping my own vibrations clear and aligned with the Source. We need to learn to go with the flow! (not just say it!) Let Go of the games and dramas we tend to get so caught up in. Faith. Trust. I believe its important we start doing this ALL the time...because Time IS flying! Practicing Allowing...which is the true definition of Unconditional Love... The more we keep ourselves happy, free, and content...the more we radiate this outwardly into the world...and into a New Earth that we want to experience.
I hear people saying things are 'getting worse' and that 'their old stuff/problems' are resurfacing again... Well, maybe so--and we 'ain't seen nuttin' yet'..because the energy will be increasing and intensifying. Ever wonder why SO MANY people are on Happy Pills...and why drug and alcohol consumption is increasing? People are trying to handle the energy...but too much of that stuff will just backfire. We have to learn to face and confront our fears. We have what it takes. Everyone does! Just have to tap into it! :)
We need to spend more time in meditation, prayer, yoga, nature!,etc etc and doing whatever it is that helps to make us HAPPY and genuinely (not artificially) FEEL GOOD... ...for it is then that our vibrations are the highest...It is then when we are painting the picture of what the Mama Cass sang years ago: "There's a New World Comin'...and it's just Around the Bend...There's a New World Comin'...this one's comin' to an End....There's a New World Comin' can hear it if you try...Comin' in Peace, Comin' in Joy, Comin' in Love."

REMEMBER: What you do not believe is possible...will not be possible for you. As long as you believe in the necessity of 'necessary evil' will always be necessary for you in your world.
Peace Out, Baby!!
Peace Sign

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Really "OK" To Be Different!

"Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken or rumored by many.
Do not believe in anything simply because it is written in your religious books.
Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.
Do not believe in traditions simply because they have been handed down for many generations.
But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of all, then accept it, and live up to it."

These are not only, I believe, some of the wisest and most insightful words ever spoken, they are also very challenging.
What do we really "know?" vs what we claim to 'believe?' Many teachers have pointed out the difference between believing and knowing. Generally, we are taught what we 'believe.' We adopted the beliefs of authority figures during childhood. We were also taught to listen to and trust those 'who know better' ...or 'who know more than we do.' Often, when we were told "Think for yourself" it usually meant choosing those beliefs we have accepted from others that were "right"... even though they may not have been 'proven' within the scope of our own personal experience. Flowers
There are times when things seem "to work out" even though we might not have chosen what we truly wanted to do...but the admiration and approval we get from others seems to compensate us and 'make up' for it. Thus, it reinforces those beliefs that we never question or challenge -- and we continue to go along with what is expected of us.
To not do what others have taught us is 'the only right way' -- might result in disaster, punishment, failure, loss of our standing or reputation in the community, loss of others praise and recognition which might result in isolation, shunning, criticism, etc etc etc. So, we play by 'the rules' that no one dares question or we get kicked out of the game...or at least become assigned to being a permanent bench warmer... :) Flowers
So we stay well within the confines of our little Community box, Church box, Social box, Accepted Customary box, etc etc etc...and convince ourselves we are "Safe and Just Fine." We don't make waves and are therefore recognized as a "respected member of our family, groups, or community." We've decided it's always better to play it safe.
If and when you feel like it ... take a break, sit quietly and comtemplate: "What is it that I really and truly DO KNOW of my own accord... that really works for ME...What are the beliefs I feel very deeply is My Own Truth. What is it that gives me a really good feeling about life itself when I follow my OWN instincts and intuition -- that sense of knowing that helps me to realize that I am, indeed, not only connected to--but a part of Source, God, the Creator, the Universe?"
In sifting through your own beliefs about your role in this life, you might find a few ideas that others do not approve of. And that's OK. We must be willing to look inwardly and see the truth of how we feel when we cave in to "what others think" and admit that 'going along with crowd' makes us feel that we are somehow cheating ourselves.
It is amazing how we can be so overwhelmed by: 'others will be upset with me if I DO...or DON'T do what they expect.'
Doing what we KNOW is best for us makes us feel like we are honoring ourselves. This does not have to result in arguing, confrontation, or hurting others. SILENCE can be very powerful. We don't have to "fight for the right" to honor ourselves. We can still be loving and allowing of others ideas. If someone is pitching a fit...or perhaps just becoming quietly sullen or pouty because you are not doing what THEY want you to truly need to realize: that is THEIR problem...Not yours. Flowers
Buddha is not advocating becoming a maverick, a rebel, or a dissenter and announce to others: "your ideas are wrong!'... Not at all. After all, what you resist--persists. (good thing to keep in mind!:) He is saying to use our OWN minds, observe through our OWN experiences what we know works the best us. Experience IS the best teacher. Not always the easiest taskmaster... but the one it is best to learn from. We seldom learn or profit from the so called mistakes or experience of others.
Some of the wisest teachers in the world, which includes Buddha, have all said the same thing... Follow what you KNOW works the best for you. This applies to everything we encounter. Throw away the books and the lectures and stop continuoulsy looking to 'the outside' for all the answers. It is all within us. We are not separate from-- but part of --the Divine. The best teachers trigger the knowing that is already within us. We cannot keep permitting 'fear of retribution if I don't do it this way or think it this way' to continue to rule our minds. For if we do, it truly is forsaking the God, the Real You, Your Higher Self (etc) that dwells within each and every one of us. Flowers
The Knowing I am speaking of has precious little to do with facts, statistics, or other data. This kind of Knowing is not something one can 'prove' to others. This Inner Knowing is a deeply inlaid part of us through which our Soul communicates with us. When we feel this kind of Knowing --we KNOW this is something we need to act upon, express, or follow through on. It is our Truth. Perhaps it will require a brave change from what one "should" -- or is expected to do. It might call forth quite a bit of courage, but we always carry within us untapped resources of courage. We simply need to use it.
We know we can find the courage to be the only one in the room with our convictions and speak them...perhaps not the ones we were 'taught to believe' ...but the ones that have been within the scope of our own Buddha would say. Flowers
One of my favorite quotes comes from the American poet / author: ee cummings.
This is what he said: "To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, day and night, to make you into everybody else--means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."
Basically Shakespeare said the same thing: "Above all else, to thine own self be true; for it follows as surely as day follows night, that thou canst not then be false to any man." Flowers
Seth once told us: "Once you learn to accept yourself for who you are, it's amazing how much easier it becomes to accept others for who they are."

Namaste', dear friends. Prayer

Saturday, November 14, 2009

There Is NO Honorable Way To Kill.....

"There is no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war except its ending."
Abraham Lincoln
No truer words have ever been spoken. Its easy enough to agree with's another thing to observe the beliefs and mindsets of far too many people who DO believe in war. They may say "It's not that we want to go to's just that we have to ... it's a necessary evil...we have to 'protect' ourselves, democracy, and our country. And besides...we have to do it because "God" wants us to. We have to go kill the 'bad guys' because its our 'duty' to 'serve our country." Like children: "I can't help it...he started it...he made me do it. It's not MY fault"....
I have no doubt some may read this and think my views totally 'unrealistic.' Others who might think: "our brave soldiers are dying so YOU can say those horrible things."... the ultimate guilt absurd.
War is pure insanity. ALL wars. People can soooo easily be misled to think otherwise, however. So many had accepted the fantasy-like 'glory of war'...(as portrayed in the movies out of the 40's and 50's)...which remained an embedded core belief;... Others swung to the opposite side of the spectrum, which says: Don't question, don't ask...just do, think, and believe what you trsf snf are told. Drown yourself in the typical American technological "me" lifestyle of The Walking Dead. Who cares. Whatever. Not my problem. We don't have to grow up and expand our minds.
There is no way I can say this 'in a nice, palatable way'... but I hope you will believe me when I say I am NOT meaning to judge anyone who has gone to war and killed people. I echo and truly believe the words of Jesus who said "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." The military establishment brain washes minds...that is its JOB. It turns ordinarily kind, nice, reasonable people into trained killers who have NO conscience left and are able to kill men, women, children, babies...rape, pillage, mock...destroy everything in sight..and hopefully come away thinking they have "served God and country" or other such adages of equal idiocy. Those who could return home sane were fortunate.
Some of you know what I am talking about when I say "all wars are religious wars." .... And Christians and Islamics are equally suited sparring partners when it comes to saying "God is on OUR side." However, historically, Christians pull out waaaaay ahead in the contest of who has killed more people all over the world--in the name of serving god.
Ironic how this little media story about the Ft Hood shrink going bonkers just at a 'good time' when people seemed unusually restless about Why in the HELL are we in Iraq and Afghanistan??!!... Oh yeah...that's right...almost forgot:...we have to 'fight those terrorists.' Duh....I'll leave that be...with a famous quote from Pogo: "We have met the enemy and they are us."
I believe people join the military for various reasons... some of which may be well intended but in the end, are seldom justified. The miliary offers 'security' (boy what an oxymoron!) a paycheck, health benefits, housing, promise of education, etc etc etc...and sugar coats it all with fancy speeches...using words such as 'honor' 'service' 'bravery' 'selflessness,' etc etc etc. To those who are trying to find meaning in their life--it appears as a solution to Instant Recognition and they can think themselves 'worthy.' " Wow! Just think! I can tell people I'm a Marine!...boy, will they give me respect NOW, by gum!" These young men and women, however, are ordinary, normally very decent human beings who are looking for answers to 'what am I going to am I going to make it?'
There are some however, who because of lack of conscience and any kind of human sensitivity..._LIKE_ the idea of KILLING PEOPLE...because they are so desperate for a sense of EMPOWERMENT. Like one big video game!
Seth says in The Nature of Personal Reality: "Violence of any kind results from a state of PowerLESSness." Many philosophers prior...and many after...totally concur with this insight and wisdom.
Others have gone to war because they were drafted and HAD TO...or face jail and the judgment of those who would call them ungrateful cowards...Pretty easy for the Monday morning quarterbacks of war...who basically don't know jackshit about any of it, sitting in the safety of their armchairs.
No one wants to THINK about it very much...we might get "upset." about how the national guard is basically fighting the war 'over there'...and are being deployed 4, 5, or 6 times. God only knows how the results of this hellish scene will play out a few years from will have a ripple effect like no other in history. And to think that Obama wants to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Peronsally, I think and Bush ought to go, too. And Bush can holler "Bring 'em on!"....
How many of you know that over 60% of all the 'crazy' acting homeless on the streets are Viet Nam vets?
Those of you who know about the effects mass consciousness has on society can easily see WHY the soldiers from WWI and WWII had an easier time coming home. I'm not saying 'all' did... Which brings me to a part which may make some readers extremely angry...provided you haven't thrown your computer out the window already! :) We continue to "honor" the vets ...but not without a sense of guilt... because we KNOW inwardly...that all the fancy words and bullcrap spoken is simply to pacify and bandaid the mental wounds the soldiers suffered...and we 'try to make war right.' Except for the sociopathic, schizophrenic type of military who enjoy war and killing... any one who has 'served' has my utmost sympathy... and perhaps I need to be more forgiving to 'those others' ...who show us what we do NOT want to be like. We need contrast to learn from.
During the end of the Viet Nam war, America started in using helicopters to spray psychotropic chemicals onto our battling troops to keep them 'insane' enough, angry enough to keep killing when they could tell the soldiers were losing faith and heart in what they were having to do. US??? Moi? America?? Do you know anything about 'drugs and war?' I'm not talking 'pain relievers.' Naaaaah....couldnt be! We are God's children, for corn's sake!
Funny how we so hate the Muslims for being EXACTLY the same as us...different strokes maybe...but doing the same thing. But wait!!--They kill 'bad like' because they are 'bad'...and we kill 'nice like' because God is on our side. Or like the most idolized killer of all: John Wayne's portrayals: "I hate ta to this to ya, podner, but I gotta kill ya." (Bang. You're dead.) "Sorry Charlie..but ya see 'ah'm RIGHT and you are WRONG.'
An amazing number of Americans STILL think we are "God's best country" and all other countries are the poor, dumb country cousin folk. Which only shows how ignorant many people are about the rest of the world! (How 'bout them Broncos!) Thank god we had a total idiot of a puppet leader seeking out those Weapons of Mass Destruction to help protect us and our primitive cousins, eh? :)... At least quite a few of us are waking up to the fact there is NO basic difference between Republicans and Democrats. It's a set up to keep us divided. But...there will always be the few who continue to play the ostrich. Brains in the sand...showing their asses in the air.
The ONLY reason that wars continue is that the majority of people BELIEVE it has to. I am not sure what Christians think Jesus was talking about when he said: "It is done unto you according to your beliefs.".... but SURELY not stuff such as war! But...heavy sigh...too many Americans are stuck in the belief that "none of it is OUR fault." This is strangely funny: now the Republicans can blame Obama for the wars instead of the Democrats blaming Bush. Unbelievably retarded.
Being engaged in the killng fields of battle turns people into the worst monsters conceivable. Otherwise -- how could they kill? This is true of BOTH sides.
I hope (if you are still reading this) you will take a look at this website which will give you a 'realistic' (which you might not think I possess a sense of...) look at what our ..yes OUR soldiers are doing. It's a wonder ANY of them retain any kind of a sense of sanity and humanity after they return. Many won't.
If ONLY...if ONLY everyone could spend five minutes a day at the same time praying for and visualizing a world at peace...we could transform this entire planet. I believe Love IS stronger than Hate...don't you?
I don't believe you will want any child to see these photos. I would recommend you click on these two--if any... In the first column --the 9th one down-- of the Iraqi war pictures...and a little further down...the DU babies... some victims of Daddy coming home and fathering them when having chemicals in his blood...OUR chemicals that we use. You won't forget the one Pyramid of Bodies...where a man and woman soldier are doing a smiling toast over their 'success.'
I will proably never write a post like this again ... but it was important to me to state my own truth...and be willing to stand up for it...regardless of the amount of criticism leveled at me. I wish we could all stand up to our government and say ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do Ghosts Really Exist?

No one could be afraid of those cute little ghosts. Waaaay too cute. We enjoy all the fun and 'spookiness' with which we have surrounded Halloween. Ghosts have been a part of that.
Halloween, to the Pagans, was a time of 'thinning of the veils' during which it was easier to communicate with those who had crossed over into different dimensions. It was a beautiful and sacred time...not a scarey time. Tempting as it is to go into this history, let's get on with "Do Ghosts really exist?"
The answer is "yes"...but not in the ways that many people mistakenly believe. It's important to allow one's mind to move out of old, misconceived, traditional thinking. What needs re-thinking is our ideas of life and death. Fear of death remains the greatest Fear of All... mostly thanks to religions use of dogma centering on Heaven and Hell to scare you into 'being saved' and 'being good.' Just look around. You can SEE how well that dogma works!! Pardon my sarcasm... :)
What we call Ghosts or apparitions or non physical entities exist in many dimensions. When a person dies, however, his 'soul' does not become some ghost.
Waking up dead is basically no different than waking up when you are alive... The soul is always alive and well. The main quickly-noticed difference is that after you 'die' you have so much more freedom to do as you please. It takes a while, in some cases, to catch on to this new freedom. First off, one feels a tremendous release, immense love, and wellness. THEN!-- after that momentary 'high''s beliefs and Creating Your Own Reality kicks in. For a time the 'newly dead' will continue to 'act out' what they believe should happen after death. We Create Our Reality on BOTH all dimensions. If one chooses to not believe that he creates his own reality in this physical 3D life on will be in for a few biiiig surprizes when you 'croak!' as Abraham says....trying to get people to laugh and lighten up a bit.
Ghosts (the ones we claim to see) are temporal energy essences or fragments ... NOT the total sum of a 'soul's personality. ' When people cross over they bring their beliefs with them... Those who have persisted in living with a great deal of hatred and anger OR perhaps an unhealthy, addictive, obsessive 'love' -- may refuse to go on to The Light (greater Enlightenment) and may, in their confusion 'haunt' those they hated ...or were overly attached to. However _co creating_ takes place here. It takes two to do the Ghostly Tango.
Places that are 'haunted' very often are the result of the ghost(s) obsessive emotional attachment, or desparate clinging to a person, place, or thing. An extreme attachment or an obsessively focused upon 'problem'...may cause one to become a 'ghost' that refuses to go on.'
Many ghosts don't even care who they are around and their intent is NOT to harm. Some are simply the Curious George type who haven't contemplated life after death and like hanging around old familiar 'haunts.' :) The only way a ghost can 'haunt' a living individual is by mutual CONSENT at the soul level of ALL parties involved. Living and dead.
Places that have been haunted for years have had so much 'belief' and strong imaginative energy poured into them, that it is the OBSERVER that keeps re-creating the ghosts. It's always 'mutual interaction.' Co-creating.
If a person wanders in a cemetary in the dark of night by the light of full moon expecting to see and hear things...they will seldom be disappointed. If one looks at it like an unusual 'walk in the park' ...and doesn't over indulge one's dark imagination, it could turn out to be a rather silly experience.
There can always be 'exceptions' in everything. Sometimes those exceptions spring from the unrecognized and unconscious workings of our minds that have sublimably picked up 'information' from somewhere. Tales, books, movies, TV shows, etc...all information 'sticks' in our minds and therefore serves as the foundation--and allows the CREATION of many possibilities to occur__ Law of Attraction is always at work. Recognizing that there are SO many different dimensions operating at different vibrational levels makes it easier to understand the whole 'ghost thing.'
Even though I see the TV program "Ghost Whisperer" as believable and plausible, there is so much more beyond these similarly presented episodes. There are different 'types' of ghosts. Regardless of what kind of horror flick you may have seen--never let yourself be convinced that a ghost can 'hurt' you! They can't...but you can hurt yourself through believing they can!
A common type of ghost 'fragment' is the kind that you may catch glimpses of repeating the same action of over and over again. The anticipation/expectation of the observers will keep that ghost in place--such as 'haunted places you pay to visit.' Some may be fake, but others are 'real'. Some ghosts refuse to leave a place of residence and can be glimpsed or heard by the present occupants. In time, they will get bored, go on, and disappear.
Ghosts may be seen by children (or adults who are 'sensitives' to other dimensions)-- as long as they have not yet been taught that 'no, there is no such thing.' Each individual, including children, will decide -- and his experiences will have matched his expectations.
Angry and troublesome ghosts may not realize they are 'dead' and that there is so much life around them. They still do not realize they ARE in control. They like to destroy or upset things. Ghosts can be 'sent on.' It doesn't take a priest!--(unless you believe it does) or ghostbusters :) to get rid of ghosts. Talking to them in a kindly manner and finally convincing them to 'go to the light' usually does the trick. If one BELIEVES in demonic possession, then yes-- it can happen, and most likely, you will call on the local padre. If a child is involved, the child's SOUL has agreed--either for the weird experience of it or to teach the parents some kind of lesson. Its so important to understand that it IS done unto you according to your beliefs...and your beliefs are operative on this side...and the other side.
I've known any number of people who have enjoyed 'their ghost(s)'... and no one, including children, were 'afraid.' Some 'ghosts' are not really the ghost of a dead person you have known, but are beings from other dimensions that you may glimpse during a vibrational or frequency 'match up.' You may never see him/her/them again...nor they you. Technically, they are not 'ghosts.' :)
There is so much to this whole subject ... but a person is benefitted by some knowledge of metaphysics. If Hollywood or scarey religious dogma are your only sources of probably need to open up and expand your knowledge. There is nothing to fear. Actually, everything gets more loving... bigger...and better; when fear is allowed to melt away. In time we ALL will understand so much's just a matter of spiritual growth.
Most of us have experienced this: you are sitting alone at night (or daytime! :) --it's quiet so nothing distracts you; perhaps you are reading. You 'sense' or 'feel' the presence of something 'being there'...Suggestion: Just say 'hello, I wish you love, I wish you peace on your journey.' Picture yourself surrounded by a pink light of love, and allow it to spread to the 'visitor.' It's nice making that kind of contact. :) Not much different than giving a smile to a stranger you meet on the street, as you each go your different ways. We are ALL journeying and seeking...and learning...and experiencing -- on BOTH sides. That never ends. That's why it's called Eternity. Namaste'.
Trick O' Treater In the following article I describe my own personal experience with a ghost named Francis. I think you might enjoy it! And yes, its a "true" story. :)

A Ghost Named Francis...our friend

I have no recollection of seeing ghosts during either my childhood or youth...not even young adulthood. At least none that I was aware of.
It wasn't until I moved to Denver, and my children, then 10 and 13, and I moved into an apartment on Ida Street in Littleton--did we ALL encounter Francis.
The manager didn't tell us about the unusual goings-on in that 3rd floor apartment. Good thing. We loved the apartment. The first thing we noticed, a few weeks after we had been there, was SO many things were either disappearing or being displaced in absolutely ridiculous areas. Not just little things...BIG things...such as pots and pans, clothes, toys, knickknacks, etc...Nothing was damaged, however. After uselessly accusing each other of the pranks that were getting way out of hand... we finally acknowledged there was a good possibility we had a ghost. Actually, Francis was not a ghost...he was a poltergeist. Poltergeists are unusually active energy essences that are prone to childlike oneriness. We all decided upon the name Francis because we had no idea if he/she was male or female.
I bravely confronted Karen, our manager, with this dubious information, who swiftly rose out of her chair, took a drag on her cigarette, and cried "Oh NO!"... Now, momentarily that DID scare me, but intrigue and curiousity quickly replaced any fear I might have had. Karen told me about experiences other tenants had in Apt #310. In fact, its latest tenants, a mother with 3 young boys, switched apartments because she could no longer deal with 'Francis.' Some of the stories were incredible...although me.
Poltergeists feed off of the high intense energy of children (usually.) I told Lori and Mike about what Karen said, and they reacted very happily and were excited about the whole thing! Reading The Oversoul Seven Books by Jane Roberts (who channeled Seth) removed any fear of death they might have had. So, what's to fear?
We all could sense when Francis was around, and in some ways, we found his (we all began to think of Francis as a 'he') presence comforting and enjoyable in spite of the ornery and sometimes exasperating stunts he would pull off. I had checked with the Littleton police department, inclouding research in the library to see if I could find any unusual activity that had taken place in that apartment... Nothing. Perhaps before that apartment was one knew.
Francis would hide Mike's toys or rearrange them. He would do the same with Lori's jewelry. One day, Lori bought a Snickers candy bar and placed it on her jewelry box before she went to school. That was to be her after school treat. When she came home... no candy bar. Mike insisted he had not taken it...nor I. I gave her the money to replace the Snickers...for two more days!...On the 3rd Missing Snickers Day she just burst into tears and yelled at Francis.... By the next afternoon, Francis had replaced the candy bar.
On a day off, I decided to tackle the job of cleaning the oven. I had made a grilled cheese sandwich and placed it on the counter beside the oven. I had one bite of the grilled cheese. Nearly done with the oven, I removed my gloves and reached for the sandwich...which was NOT there. That pissed me off and this time I yelled at Francis!--grumpily fixing another grilled cheese.
We had two cats, Cinderella and Snowball. They acknowledged Francis's presence and, from time to time, would stare at him, follow his movements, and switch their tails. He didn't really bug the cats. Good thing. The orneriest thing Francis did to me took place during meditation. I had been sitting quietly for at least 15 minuts when all of sudden I was levitated several inches into the air and landed back down again onto the sofa. That scared me and I said more than a few bad words. Later on it struck me funny.
Karen would ask how we were getting along with Francis and was relieved to know we seemed to have a very good, amiable relationship with what had caused other tenants to leave. Valerie (the former tenant with the boys) didn't even WANT to hear about Francis! Francis had pulled off some horrible (but funny) stunts with her. Several nights, during snow storms, he would brace the door open with a chair and they'd wake up freezing -- with snow in their doorway. He loved to put Valerie's slippers in the freezer part of the refrigerator. He would upset furniture, he would hide the boys' shoes. Papers would go flying across the room. He would remove items from the refrigerator. Finally, Valerie demanded another apartment...and Francis did not move with them.
I have mentioned only a few of the 'best' tricks Francis pulled on us. I would ask Francis if he would 'tell me' who he had once been...what his 'story' was. Never a response. I did a lot of reading on poltergeists and Francis, definately, was a 'typical' one. Some say poltergeists come from the energy of children who had crossed over. Maybe some did, but I don't believe this was what had been energizing Francis. I think he had been an immensely ornery trickster in real life, and drew similar energy to him after he crossed over and he became very powerful. Not 'bad'...just powerful and ornery. We didn't mind our extra roommate at all.
One evening, and it still makes me sad when I think about it, Francis did 'go on.' Mike and Lori were both spending a weekend night, a sleepover, with their friends. I was in bed, reading. With no warning I had a horrible feeling and got goosebumps!...and yes, I was frightened.
I knew Francis had come around, but ...he was not alone. I sensed who or what ever this 'other thing' was, was NOT good. At all. If my 'conversation' with those two could have been recorded and listened to, I am sure I could have been declared certifiably insane!
I was frightened...but even more angry...but I knew my anger would only FEED this mean ghost (or whatever kind of an entity it was) So I had to pipe down and talk to it in a reasonable manner. I told The Bad One that he had to leave...that I wished him well.. but that he was not welcome in my home. I was both firm and determined. I could 'feel' that he left. So there I was with just Francis...a bit upset with him for keeping such bad company. I told him that it was time that he left, too...that there would be others around him to help him reach the Light and go on. I could feel his reluctance. But he did leave...I could even sense 'the direction' --to the East... in which he went. I was upset and I cried. It was like banishing an old friend. And yet, I knew I had done the right thing. And I know Francis...or whoever or whatever he is fine... Who knows. Maybe he graduated from poltergeist to some high ranking angel. He had the makings and the talent to be a good one.
Mike and Lori and I missed Francis. But we, too, served a purpose for him...a good one... just as he did for us. We loved him and accepted him for who he was. That's the best any of us can do for anyone or anytime.
Happy Halloween, Francis. Ghost
Namaste', everyone.
Special Thanks to my British friend, Fran Pickering, for that phenomenal photo.
Jack O' Lantern

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Do You Think of "The World." ??

I am sure you have all heard someone, at one time or another, grumble the words: "I hate this world...I am so ready to get out of here." ....
I remember a time when I believed that the 'good guy aliens' were going to come swooping down in their big ol' motherships and take a number of us to some idealized peaceful planet -- so I can't point fingers without some pointing back at me! But that was more like big times fun and games and wild adventures. I believe this is an Awesome world!
If one believes that 'this world' is nothing but a place of suffering and sorrow, a veil or tears-- and that one is nothing but a poor, hapless 'victim' who needs an outside source to 'save them'... this article will have little appeal.
One doesn't have to be an expert in either metaphysics and quantum physics to have learned some basic principles of how life operates... but it does require being willing to think outside the box. And who knows...maybe it reuires quite a number of lifetimes to 'get it.'
The Law of Attraction is not the exclusive property of New Age philosophy... it is also that divine principle that Jesus and Buddha...and a number of other enlightened ones, taught. "It is done unto you according to your beliefs"... These beliefs are not the ones you had to memorize from some 'church instruction book' ... that's _dogma_ which was instilled into your brain until you finally believed it. Especially when 'they' told you "God said it."
The daring and brave who boldly questioned authority found out, through their own curiosity and perserverance, that one's own "World" is the result of how one creates it. We do so if we realize it or not -- because the Law of Attraction never takes a holiday...It simply IS. That which is like unto itself is drawn, is one of Abe's oft-used quotes. What makes it a bit challenging is the fact that we are usually hanging about in one of several dimensions...and there are many, many more to look forward to. One way of defining 'dimensions' is: varying levels of vibrations.
There are two ways of Creating: One is Deliberate: Conscious. The other is by Default: or Unconscious. If we say, amidst some catastrope says: "I do NOT create my own reality...because I would NEVER create this!" ... it makes no difference how wild and wooly we get in our blatant denial... we are still responsible.... Our god like (which we are) creative powers (which everyone has) is a bit like a person with a magic wand (or power tool. :) It's all about re-learning how to use the power effectively...and REMEMBERING who we really are. Life on Earth is just one the Games we play in the Never-Ending Story of the Universe.
Our minds are all powerful and are forever creating...and what we give our attention to is what we strengthen, bring about, and/or manifest... It's how we create our own world. If we insist up focusing upon what appears to be 'all the bad stuff' in the world, and believe people are terrible, unfair, and that we are that hapless victims... we will simply continue to get more of the same. That is Universal Law. That is the Law of Attraction....the power tool, the magic wand is simply 'taking directions' from where we 'put our minds.' If we are sick, poor, without love, misunderstood, treated unfairly, and believe we are powerless... (the key word here being 'believe')...we will continue to get more of the same... A vicious circle. But! The circle CAN be broken...every instant, every moment is a new juncture. No one said it was easy. But maybe its a lot easier than we might think. Jesus, who has often been (IMHO) so miserabl;y misrepresented said "Oh ye of little faith... if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move mountains." He wasn't just blowing smoke.
FEAR (of all kinds) keeps us from attempting to Let Go of The Old Ways That Keep Us Stuck. Fear of Failure is the number one (again IMHO) reason we refuse to step off the edge of the cliff in the dark (my favorite saying from Lazarus) and have the FAITH that we will be supported by the very stuff we are made of.
People who 'believe they are weak, puny, substandard creatures called human beings who can't do anything unless "God does it through them" have this Ala Grande excuse. They can always point to their idea of God and his "Divine Will" for what happens or doesn't happen... thus safely assuming the role of the Glorified Victim who was either 'chosen' or 'spared.' ...or mayhaps 'condemned' if one sinks further into all the bad crap.... Then one can posture, arms folded across the chest, pouting, and say "Not my fault...!" It's all "God's will"...nani, nani, naa, naa, naa... (raspberry sound heard here....:)
We see "the world" through the filters of our own beliefs and experience. Let's just One to One this. A person observes a homeless person. He sees a failed person, worthless, corrupt, untrustworthy, dirty, unpleasant, disturbed, potentially dangerous, not even worth being alive, and he doesn't want to be near him. That, then, on a grand how this person would most likely 'see the world.' We are all part of The Whole. The All.
Seth once said "Tell me what you think of others and I'll tell you what you think of yourself." There simply are no ifs, ands, or 'yeah but's... I continuoulsy, constantly remind myself of this...
"Judge not, lest ye be judged also" -- Think of Jesus's words in light of what Seth said. It takes on a far deeper meaning that just thinking: don't do this or yer gonna git it... right? Right.
The P's would often tell us: All things come from one of two sources: One is Love, and One is Fear... and yet even those two rivers come from THE Source. Without the Dark we could not see the Light. It's all good...perhaps at a level we may not always understand... but sometimes we DO get those glorious flashes of enlightenment that penetrate us in that Remembering.
The what we choose to see and make of it. That is pretty much what Free Will is all about. Choices. Ain't it ever grand that we have them?! :)
On the lighter side...some of you may remember Flip Wilson, the black comedian who played the character "Gearldine." Her most famous line was "What you SEE is what you get!"... Yup. Very true.
It all comes down to...what are we choosing to see.
Please read Seth's words about 'the world' in the short 'older post' below! Thanks.

Seth's Ideas on Changing The World For The Better

Session 860
Seth's Ideas On "Changing the World For The Better" ... It helps to read it with your hearts and minds open to the Bigger Picture:
"When you are taught to block your impulses and distrust them, then your organizations become clogged. You are left with vague idealized feelings for wanting to change the world for the better, for example, but you are denied the personal power of your own impulses that would otherwise help direct that idealism by developing your own personal abilities..
You may (have a tendency to) begin to exaggerate the gulf between this 'generalized ideal' and the specific evidences of man's 'greed and corruption' that you see so obviously about you.
You may become outraged, scandalized, or worse, filled with self-righteousness, so that you begin to attack all those with whom you do not agree, 'because you do not know how else to respond to your OWN ideals, or to your OWN good intent.'
The job of making the world better seems impossible, for it appears that you have no power and any small private beneficial actions that you can take seem so puny in contrast to this 'generalized ideal' that you dismiss them sardonically--and so you do not try to use your power constructively.
You do not begin with your own life, with your own job, or with your own associates. What difference can it make to the world if you are a better salesperson, or plumber, or office worker, or car salesman, for Christ's sake!? What can one person do!?
Yet that is precisely where, first of all, you must begin to exert yourselves. There, on your jobs and in your associations, are the places where you intersect with the world. Your impulses directly after the world in those relationships."
Session 873
"If you do your best in your own life, then you are indeed helping to improve the quality of ALL life...
You DO have the power to change your life and the world for the better, but in doing so you must, again, re-evaluate what your ideals are and the methods that are worthy of them.
__You will not be unkind in the pursuit of your own ideals.__
If you will look upon the world with a sane compassion, with some humor; and if you will look for man's basic good intent.... Then you will find it."

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Above All Else...To Thine Ownself Be True

Sometime we 'see' things...akin to a flash of enlightenment. Sudden Insight. We see 'through' what is happening 'out there'... During those times we become almost shockingly aware of what we have been creating in the world of the mass consciousness. During those rare moments we have possess true clarity. All too soon we withdraw our clarity.
Think about the word "mainstream" ...and imagine a powerful river of water. Let's call it Mainstream River... See it as a waterway upon which we navigate through each day of our all things we do.
At the onset of our imaginary journey best we can --let's refuse to label anything Right or Wrong...Let's just LOOK and consider. Let's also be willing to say "I tend to do this, too...not just others."
So often the decisions we've made have gone through this filter we'll call "Acceptable to Others Filter." Let's not lay too many weaknesses at the feet of the obvious People Pleasers, but look at the subtleties -- upon ourselves and our own lives. You and me. If you are convinced this could NOT possibly be you...just pretend. It won't hurt that much. Rolling Eyes Honest.
Actually, one might find the 'pretending part' far easier than trying NOT to immediately attach the labels of Right or Wrong....
We were taught to please even before we could walk or talk! Be a good baby, good tot, children, teen, youth, adult, middle aged and then old person...which usually meant: don't make waves as we ride upon that Mainstream River and we'll all get along just fine.
The people who instilled in us ideas of what is Right or Wrong meant was for 'our own good'...However, even the well-meaning ones had their own agendas (as WE do now -- towards our own children, friends, 'others', etc) in mind . If "we did what we were told" it would mean more all around comfort general tranquility for THEM. Generally, 'Make me proud of you' -- translated, means: If would just live your life to please ME. Simply be obedient to the current Laws of the Mainstream commandments and then _I_ can be happy and trouble free, too. I am not saying we/or they don't genuinely love and care for us/others...but there is always...always...some pay off in it for someone else. (Now labeling Good or Bad) Nerd
Thing is: none of us were originally wired to just "go along with everything and keep the peace"... although we don't have to look far to see many people still playing that game. Why do they? Most likely because they still want sooo much to be admired and accepted by others. Fear of getting off The Big Acceptable Boat on Mainstream River and paddling one's own canoe might cause SO much upheaval for other people-- which in turn affects them. You and me. It becomes a sort of vicious circle type of a trap.

Undoubtedly, all of us, at one time or another, heard a person proclaim: "I don't give a damn what ANYbody else thinks!....I say and do exactly as I please!"... Oh really? Too often the volume and emotion emitted with their proclamation is in direct proportion to their need to convince themselves.

Because of the way most of us have been raised -- not only to please others, but perhaps even more significantly -- led to believe all power and knowledge we need to have a 'good' life is _outside_ of us. This includes all those authority figures that "knew better than we did,' Consequently, we learned not to trust our own Inner Guidance, Feelings, and Emotions. Instead, we grasped and clung to what 'they' said -- accepting -- then -believing- it to be THE only truth.
The result of all this, made it very difficult (if not impossible) for us, at times allow others to have their opinions! -- especially when it flew in direct opposition to what WE believe is Right or Truth. After all, not everybody can be Right...Right? Somebody HAS to be Wrong! After all, that's what religion (especially) taught us..
We thrive on the 'fools gold type of safety' wanting to believe "I am right" --but paradoxically needing others to agree. If we don't rock the Mainstream boat and play it safe, it makes it 'easier' all the way around for everybody. Or does it? We mistakenly think if we play it safe and are never challenged by others...that must mean we are "Right." Or does it? Eventually (hopefuylly) we wake up to the point where we can't deny to ourselves that we have been too often compromising what our own Inner Self is telling us. Then we feel awful, weak or cowardly --knowing we are repeatedly letting ourselves down...all for the sake of staying aboard that Ship of Fools on Mainstream River....and listening to everybody else -- but not our own Inner Voice. The religionists have it especially hard because they have been taught to never trust your 'own voice'...which is most likely the voice of Satan.... makes you wonder how the human race has survived this far. Cool
Somewhere along the line, we have failed to consistantly accept that we have this right to believe as we choose-- and that we will recover even if ALL others disagree with us! As Shakespeare said: "Above all else, to thine own self be true, and surely as night follows the day, thou then canst not be false to any man." ... or to oneself.
I hope I'm not sounding like I'm accusing us of being pansies and wussies and agreeing with everything everybody says...I'm not. But, truthfully, I think we all need a little honing in the area of speaking what we really believe (especially in those delicate area that Political Correctness says to avoid)...and simply take a chance with the reactions of others and let the chips fall where they may. I'm not advocating cramming our ideas and beliefs down others throats and threatening them if they don't agree with us...heh! Embarrassed...but learning to talk with quiet and respectful confidence and not be so worried about keeping the peace which usually means one is afraid to rock that Mainstream Boat!
There are times, however, when no truer statement was ever uttered then "Silence is Golden." Sometimes it takes as much courage to be still as it does to speak our own minds. This is truly an 'art form.'
I wrote this article because I DO sincerely believe "the times they are a'changin' " and I think it will be of crucial importance to know what to say, when and how to say it, and when to just keep under the radar....and still 'always be true to ourselves.'
I believe there is a beautiful horizon shining in our future. I also believe we may go through some pretty rough challenges. High time for us to call on Faith and Trust ... and Trust the Process of Life... because it IS good...we only need to believe it, find the best in The Now...and know All Is Well. The sooner we accept that we ARE self-empowered human beings, the better it will be. And remember...Paddle Your Own Canoe! Waving

Friday, September 18, 2009


Are you sure you want to take the swine flu vaccine? Why? Your decisions and opinions are your business...but don't you think it's a good idea to do a little investigating -- a little questioning before you play into the barrage of FEAR being promoted left and right via the media?

I am always amazed at people who automatically trust everything they hear on the news, read in the papers; everything medical professionals tell them; anything politicians say. I can also understand. It was what we were trained to believe in.
I am not saying 'they are all bad' ... but neither is what is being told to you equated to Moses descending Mt Siani with stone tablets still smokin'.....
I am not advocating you believe every conspiracy theory that comes along. There IS -- as Buddha said -- a Middle Way. A place where YOU are the one in charge of you! -- and have a right to question everything that is put out to you.
Amazing how many people give any and all governmental authority god-like power and feel it is wrong to question. Sadly, this is a prime example of Fear and Guilt conditioning.
Anyway.... whatever you decide to do I would ask you all to do a little Googling and investigate for yourselves what this Swine Flu and this vaccine is all about.
For your own sake...don't just say "I trust everybody else to know what is best for me."
If one does not recognize that the God Source is within, or has had no experience in following one's intuition, then it IS hard to even think outside the box. if one blindly trusts all of our sacred institutions: government, the AMA, the military, educational systems, media, etc ...then why in the world would you not trust a 'simple flu shot' or the very presence of this so called 'Swine flu?"
When people are willing to accept everything that is thrown at them because they dare not question or challenge it...that is not what I call choice...that is programming and mind-control.
Here is a partial list of what is contained in the Swine flu shot. Even though I am not a religionist -- I do give respectful applause to a Catholic organization for opposing this vaccine because the greatest percentage of it is cultured on aborted fetal tissue. They did convince a small drug company to make up the vaccine without using abortion tissue. is the list:

1. aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate
2. animal blood from pigs and horses, tissue from rabbit brains, dog and monkey kidneys and or livers.
3. fetal bovine serum
4. the cells are cultured on aborted human fetal tissue
5. MSG
6. pancreatic casein from pigs...mixed with sorbitol
7. VERO...a continuous line of monkey kidney cells
8. washed sheep's blood

I have talked with a number of people whose family members were actually diagnosed with the Swine flu and none of them were very sick at all. BUT if history teaches us anything --and follows true to form...this _flu shot_ will most likely kill any number of people.
I have never witnessed this much hype and fear-mongering as is being currently projected via the media. I never cease to be amazed at the number of people who STILL believe what is told them via "the News." Who simply believe that 'data' that is given to them is some kind of Ultimate Truth not to be questioned.
Of all the things I have received plus researched on this swine flu business--THIS video is by far the best. Won't you please take the 9 minutes it requires for you to watch it?

Whatever your decision...blessings to you and may you walk in peace. We each have a right to our own decisions... We DO create our own reality. I just have this opinion that the decisions we make should be INFORMED decisions. Nerd
Namaste' ...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A New Dawn: Accepting Being Good Enough

I think this is an unusually beautiful picture of the dawn...Just imagine standing there next to the lighthouse -- and taking in all that awesome wonder.
Sometimes we have inner revelations that can be just as powerful as the ones we are fortunate enough to witness outside of ourselves.
Many of us, at times, have a tendency to coerce ourselves into 'seeing things the way we think we should (or are supposed to) see things' ... I am not meaning 'positive thinking or optimism' ... but the kind of pretense that makes our Inner Being say: "Would you just get real here and not be afraid to see things for what they really are... and, for corn's sake, stop trying to act like you are obligated to always think nice thoughts or see it the way you think you 'should' in order to be a 'good person.' " Know what I mean?
I am writing this article because of what I have experienced--and hopefully learned from! Nerd --and, perhaps some of you might be able to relate. Learning and relearning. It's what we do. Even though we might have successfully recovered from the fear and guilt conditioning instilled in us by religion (in my case--many different religions Confused )... we still may find bits and pieces of that old thinking still sticking to us. Kinda like a piece of Velcro that accumulates those little pieces of lint and fuzz, etc...
Usually, when we find ourselves in some kind of an emotional mess, it came about as the result of having reactivated some of those old self-damaging beliefs that formerly caused us much grief, worry, or concern. We are wise when we choose to 'see' these patterns. Flower
Many of us (I am in total awe of those of you who have overcome this problem!) still have a habit of thinking "I've got to do better and work harder because I'm not-good-enough".... Even though we may have _intellectually overcome_ the religious dogma that convinced us we were sinful creatures in need of saving, constant admonishing, and forever deserving of punishment -- emotionally we find those beliefs are like the lint and fuzz on the Velcro, AND we STILL find ourselves trying to please and appease the Old God...the old God that punishes us for disappointing 'him.' If we like to admit it or not -- we inwardly know the reason we believe we are 'not good enough' -- is based on fear. The belief in that 'old God concept' is at the very deepest root of it 'enlightened' as we we like to think we are! Rolling Eyes
Equal to the fear-based belief that human beings are 'by nature bad and prone to sin' - this belief goes hand in hand with the idea that life itself is _meant_ to be difficult, that we are meant to suffer; and the reason we are on Earth is a test that includes suffering and endurance...then we die and hopefully go to heaven... IF... we've been 'good enough.' Flower
Ironically, THIS type of belief system results in turning us into control freaks -- people who simply HAVE to be right, who must be in total control of their lives; those who are always ones who have been wronged, people obsessed with blaming others -- all the while having to bear in mind we must not blame God because he might get pissed and cause even more bad things to happen to us. Lips Are Sealed ... The results from the old beliefs are: anger or defeat or both--both spring from fear. When you blend anger and defeat the result is Depression... and heaven only knows...there's enough of THAT going around.
The foremost characteristic of depression is a sense of powerlessness. Seth told us that violence, physical or emotional, is the result of DIS-allowing our natural feelings of hatred, anger, disgust, etc.. Religion taught us we were WRONG for just plain having these feelings!... So when these negative feelings are continuously STIFLED within us -- rather than allowing them to 'just be'...the dam will eventually burst and overflow and violence is the result.
This is one of the reasons that "political correctness" has, IMO, made things worse...not better. Seth (nor I~! :) advocate we should be physically ACTING UPON our so called negative feelings... but to recognize that they, also, are 'normal and natural' and are 'trying to tell us something. Flower
Religion has taught us to disregard and mistrust our Intuition, our Inner Feelings -- even though the purpose of ALL of our feelings is to help us realign with Source. Once we stop beating ourselves up for simply experiencing negative feelings and just allow them to be, to flow...and stop condemning ourselves for having them, they will dissapate SO much more quickly... allowing us to realign more quickly with what FEELS GOOD to us.
We have way too many built in Fear Filters through which we view the world... although we may not acknowledge them as such. We get so used to it, we don't even recognize them as Fear-based beliefs. Therefore, we are continuoulsly saying to ourselves: "I shouldn't do that, or say that, or think that, or be that..." constantly reinforcing within ourselves that we better strive to be 'good enough' or God's gonna make us pay for it one way or another! If we continue to BELIEVE we are 'bad' --the more the Law of Attraction will provide 'bad' things for us to do --and then regret and feel guilty about. Whether or not we are Catholic, many of us are constantly present in the Confessional of a judgmental God; mentally reciting all the 'wrong and bad' things we keep doing. It gets to be a wearisome, hopeless, vicious circle.
Is it as simple as just telling ourselves "I _AM_ good enough" ?? Actually, I think it is (now stop thinking of examples that have NOTHING to do with YOU!) IF we are willing to BELIEVE it... We are all free to change our beliefs. At any time. Believe it or not! Nerd
An example: We betray our Real Self when we force ourselves to behave or talk in a way to others that goes against our Inner Feelings and Intuition. ..or by being "false" because we feel it will 'make us better people' by keeping the peace, flattering and enabling the other person, and just 'going along with them.' That is the ultimate in self-betrayal. It's not our business to "save" or convince anyone else of OUR opinions... but it IS our business to stay true to ourselves by gently but firmly not agreeing with what you observe is damaging the other person. We don't have the 'right' to purposely hurt or offend anyone. Sometimes the best thing to say is absolutely nothing. Just remain silent. Silence can be very effective.
I had a very challenging learning experience this past week that led me to see how I was trying to be "nice and supportive" (you know!--'good enough') when I should have been silent and listened to my own Inner Feelings and Intuition.
My 'teacher' was someone who has no belief whatsoever in creating her own reality -- but sees herself as a victim who desparately needs undeserved sympathy from anyone willing to listen to her stories -- always based on everyone else being at fault. My "lesson" came as the result of my OWN (not hers!) "false seeing." When I realized and had to _truly see_ that my fear-based motivation manifested as: I "need to" or "should" or "had to be nice and supportive, sympathetic, and even empathic" even when it felt so wrong to me... I finally woke up! My reactions to her did not come from "goodness" on my part but from FEAR of 'not being good enough person, kind enough, understanding enough, etc' -
The point here? I believe we've got to be willing to Slow Down. Buddhism calls it Being Mindful....and listen to that still small voice within us. It also means taking a determined stance to ignore those harmful old beliefs that we are not good enough. How different this world would be if we all would have been taught that we ARE good, self empowered beings... rather than have accepted what religion taught us. I know that in my own example that I shared with you ... had I not reverted to that 'not good enough belief' ... and been true to my own small voice, my own intuition, I would have saved myself from this 'teacher's' betrayal and judgment ... all she was doing was reflecting back to me that I was betraying and not beingt true to myself.
I started in realizing that the overwhelming majority of all my friends DO claim responsibility for their lives and do not play the role of 'victim' and are willing to look within themselves to see the beliefs that are causing their dilemmas. Even they don't always 'understand' why certain things happen. So, by the same token, I also have to give myself credit for their genuine goodness as something that is also being reflected. That is a true reason for JOY. I am grateful for this.
Each one of us are living and learning, sometimes making choices that result in having pain or grief... but the sooner we accept the Universal Law and the belief that we do indeed create our own reality, the sooner we will expect that feeling of FREEDOM that comes with it. It isn't really necessary to understand it all right now...but someday we will... When we do not understand the reasons, I think it could be a good time to start using more "Faith and Trust" on our pathways. Flower
Just IMAGINE how awesome that collective Inner Dawn could be if we all chose to believe we are GOOD ENOUGH. Wow....