Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Do You Think of "The World." ??

I am sure you have all heard someone, at one time or another, grumble the words: "I hate this world...I am so ready to get out of here." ....
I remember a time when I believed that the 'good guy aliens' were going to come swooping down in their big ol' motherships and take a number of us to some idealized peaceful planet -- so I can't point fingers without some pointing back at me! But that was more like big times fun and games and wild adventures. I believe this is an Awesome world!
If one believes that 'this world' is nothing but a place of suffering and sorrow, a veil or tears-- and that one is nothing but a poor, hapless 'victim' who needs an outside source to 'save them'... this article will have little appeal.
One doesn't have to be an expert in either metaphysics and quantum physics to have learned some basic principles of how life operates... but it does require being willing to think outside the box. And who knows...maybe it reuires quite a number of lifetimes to 'get it.'
The Law of Attraction is not the exclusive property of New Age philosophy... it is also that divine principle that Jesus and Buddha...and a number of other enlightened ones, taught. "It is done unto you according to your beliefs"... These beliefs are not the ones you had to memorize from some 'church instruction book' ... that's _dogma_ which was instilled into your brain until you finally believed it. Especially when 'they' told you "God said it."
The daring and brave who boldly questioned authority found out, through their own curiosity and perserverance, that one's own "World" is the result of how one creates it. We do so if we realize it or not -- because the Law of Attraction never takes a holiday...It simply IS. That which is like unto itself is drawn, is one of Abe's oft-used quotes. What makes it a bit challenging is the fact that we are usually hanging about in one of several dimensions...and there are many, many more to look forward to. One way of defining 'dimensions' is: varying levels of vibrations.
There are two ways of Creating: One is Deliberate: Conscious. The other is by Default: or Unconscious. If we say, amidst some catastrope says: "I do NOT create my own reality...because I would NEVER create this!" ... it makes no difference how wild and wooly we get in our blatant denial... we are still responsible.... Our god like (which we are) creative powers (which everyone has) is a bit like a person with a magic wand (or power tool. :) It's all about re-learning how to use the power effectively...and REMEMBERING who we really are. Life on Earth is just one the Games we play in the Never-Ending Story of the Universe.
Our minds are all powerful and are forever creating...and what we give our attention to is what we strengthen, bring about, and/or manifest... It's how we create our own world. If we insist up focusing upon what appears to be 'all the bad stuff' in the world, and believe people are terrible, unfair, and that we are that hapless victims... we will simply continue to get more of the same. That is Universal Law. That is the Law of Attraction....the power tool, the magic wand is simply 'taking directions' from where we 'put our minds.' If we are sick, poor, without love, misunderstood, treated unfairly, and believe we are powerless... (the key word here being 'believe')...we will continue to get more of the same... A vicious circle. But! The circle CAN be broken...every instant, every moment is a new juncture. No one said it was easy. But maybe its a lot easier than we might think. Jesus, who has often been (IMHO) so miserabl;y misrepresented said "Oh ye of little faith... if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could move mountains." He wasn't just blowing smoke.
FEAR (of all kinds) keeps us from attempting to Let Go of The Old Ways That Keep Us Stuck. Fear of Failure is the number one (again IMHO) reason we refuse to step off the edge of the cliff in the dark (my favorite saying from Lazarus) and have the FAITH that we will be supported by the very stuff we are made of.
People who 'believe they are weak, puny, substandard creatures called human beings who can't do anything unless "God does it through them" have this Ala Grande excuse. They can always point to their idea of God and his "Divine Will" for what happens or doesn't happen... thus safely assuming the role of the Glorified Victim who was either 'chosen' or 'spared.' ...or mayhaps 'condemned' if one sinks further into all the bad crap.... Then one can posture, arms folded across the chest, pouting, and say "Not my fault...!" It's all "God's will"...nani, nani, naa, naa, naa... (raspberry sound heard here....:)
We see "the world" through the filters of our own beliefs and experience. Let's just One to One this. A person observes a homeless person. He sees a failed person, worthless, corrupt, untrustworthy, dirty, unpleasant, disturbed, potentially dangerous, not even worth being alive, and he doesn't want to be near him. That, then, on a grand how this person would most likely 'see the world.' We are all part of The Whole. The All.
Seth once said "Tell me what you think of others and I'll tell you what you think of yourself." There simply are no ifs, ands, or 'yeah but's... I continuoulsy, constantly remind myself of this...
"Judge not, lest ye be judged also" -- Think of Jesus's words in light of what Seth said. It takes on a far deeper meaning that just thinking: don't do this or yer gonna git it... right? Right.
The P's would often tell us: All things come from one of two sources: One is Love, and One is Fear... and yet even those two rivers come from THE Source. Without the Dark we could not see the Light. It's all good...perhaps at a level we may not always understand... but sometimes we DO get those glorious flashes of enlightenment that penetrate us in that Remembering.
The what we choose to see and make of it. That is pretty much what Free Will is all about. Choices. Ain't it ever grand that we have them?! :)
On the lighter side...some of you may remember Flip Wilson, the black comedian who played the character "Gearldine." Her most famous line was "What you SEE is what you get!"... Yup. Very true.
It all comes down to...what are we choosing to see.
Please read Seth's words about 'the world' in the short 'older post' below! Thanks.