Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do Ghosts Really Exist?

No one could be afraid of those cute little ghosts. Waaaay too cute. We enjoy all the fun and 'spookiness' with which we have surrounded Halloween. Ghosts have been a part of that.
Halloween, to the Pagans, was a time of 'thinning of the veils' during which it was easier to communicate with those who had crossed over into different dimensions. It was a beautiful and sacred time...not a scarey time. Tempting as it is to go into this history, let's get on with "Do Ghosts really exist?"
The answer is "yes"...but not in the ways that many people mistakenly believe. It's important to allow one's mind to move out of old, misconceived, traditional thinking. What needs re-thinking is our ideas of life and death. Fear of death remains the greatest Fear of All... mostly thanks to religions use of dogma centering on Heaven and Hell to scare you into 'being saved' and 'being good.' Just look around. You can SEE how well that dogma works!! Pardon my sarcasm... :)
What we call Ghosts or apparitions or non physical entities exist in many dimensions. When a person dies, however, his 'soul' does not become some ghost.
Waking up dead is basically no different than waking up when you are alive... The soul is always alive and well. The main quickly-noticed difference is that after you 'die' you have so much more freedom to do as you please. It takes a while, in some cases, to catch on to this new freedom. First off, one feels a tremendous release, immense love, and wellness. THEN!-- after that momentary 'high''s beliefs and Creating Your Own Reality kicks in. For a time the 'newly dead' will continue to 'act out' what they believe should happen after death. We Create Our Reality on BOTH all dimensions. If one chooses to not believe that he creates his own reality in this physical 3D life on will be in for a few biiiig surprizes when you 'croak!' as Abraham says....trying to get people to laugh and lighten up a bit.
Ghosts (the ones we claim to see) are temporal energy essences or fragments ... NOT the total sum of a 'soul's personality. ' When people cross over they bring their beliefs with them... Those who have persisted in living with a great deal of hatred and anger OR perhaps an unhealthy, addictive, obsessive 'love' -- may refuse to go on to The Light (greater Enlightenment) and may, in their confusion 'haunt' those they hated ...or were overly attached to. However _co creating_ takes place here. It takes two to do the Ghostly Tango.
Places that are 'haunted' very often are the result of the ghost(s) obsessive emotional attachment, or desparate clinging to a person, place, or thing. An extreme attachment or an obsessively focused upon 'problem'...may cause one to become a 'ghost' that refuses to go on.'
Many ghosts don't even care who they are around and their intent is NOT to harm. Some are simply the Curious George type who haven't contemplated life after death and like hanging around old familiar 'haunts.' :) The only way a ghost can 'haunt' a living individual is by mutual CONSENT at the soul level of ALL parties involved. Living and dead.
Places that have been haunted for years have had so much 'belief' and strong imaginative energy poured into them, that it is the OBSERVER that keeps re-creating the ghosts. It's always 'mutual interaction.' Co-creating.
If a person wanders in a cemetary in the dark of night by the light of full moon expecting to see and hear things...they will seldom be disappointed. If one looks at it like an unusual 'walk in the park' ...and doesn't over indulge one's dark imagination, it could turn out to be a rather silly experience.
There can always be 'exceptions' in everything. Sometimes those exceptions spring from the unrecognized and unconscious workings of our minds that have sublimably picked up 'information' from somewhere. Tales, books, movies, TV shows, etc...all information 'sticks' in our minds and therefore serves as the foundation--and allows the CREATION of many possibilities to occur__ Law of Attraction is always at work. Recognizing that there are SO many different dimensions operating at different vibrational levels makes it easier to understand the whole 'ghost thing.'
Even though I see the TV program "Ghost Whisperer" as believable and plausible, there is so much more beyond these similarly presented episodes. There are different 'types' of ghosts. Regardless of what kind of horror flick you may have seen--never let yourself be convinced that a ghost can 'hurt' you! They can't...but you can hurt yourself through believing they can!
A common type of ghost 'fragment' is the kind that you may catch glimpses of repeating the same action of over and over again. The anticipation/expectation of the observers will keep that ghost in place--such as 'haunted places you pay to visit.' Some may be fake, but others are 'real'. Some ghosts refuse to leave a place of residence and can be glimpsed or heard by the present occupants. In time, they will get bored, go on, and disappear.
Ghosts may be seen by children (or adults who are 'sensitives' to other dimensions)-- as long as they have not yet been taught that 'no, there is no such thing.' Each individual, including children, will decide -- and his experiences will have matched his expectations.
Angry and troublesome ghosts may not realize they are 'dead' and that there is so much life around them. They still do not realize they ARE in control. They like to destroy or upset things. Ghosts can be 'sent on.' It doesn't take a priest!--(unless you believe it does) or ghostbusters :) to get rid of ghosts. Talking to them in a kindly manner and finally convincing them to 'go to the light' usually does the trick. If one BELIEVES in demonic possession, then yes-- it can happen, and most likely, you will call on the local padre. If a child is involved, the child's SOUL has agreed--either for the weird experience of it or to teach the parents some kind of lesson. Its so important to understand that it IS done unto you according to your beliefs...and your beliefs are operative on this side...and the other side.
I've known any number of people who have enjoyed 'their ghost(s)'... and no one, including children, were 'afraid.' Some 'ghosts' are not really the ghost of a dead person you have known, but are beings from other dimensions that you may glimpse during a vibrational or frequency 'match up.' You may never see him/her/them again...nor they you. Technically, they are not 'ghosts.' :)
There is so much to this whole subject ... but a person is benefitted by some knowledge of metaphysics. If Hollywood or scarey religious dogma are your only sources of probably need to open up and expand your knowledge. There is nothing to fear. Actually, everything gets more loving... bigger...and better; when fear is allowed to melt away. In time we ALL will understand so much's just a matter of spiritual growth.
Most of us have experienced this: you are sitting alone at night (or daytime! :) --it's quiet so nothing distracts you; perhaps you are reading. You 'sense' or 'feel' the presence of something 'being there'...Suggestion: Just say 'hello, I wish you love, I wish you peace on your journey.' Picture yourself surrounded by a pink light of love, and allow it to spread to the 'visitor.' It's nice making that kind of contact. :) Not much different than giving a smile to a stranger you meet on the street, as you each go your different ways. We are ALL journeying and seeking...and learning...and experiencing -- on BOTH sides. That never ends. That's why it's called Eternity. Namaste'.
Trick O' Treater In the following article I describe my own personal experience with a ghost named Francis. I think you might enjoy it! And yes, its a "true" story. :)