Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Ghost Named Francis...our friend

I have no recollection of seeing ghosts during either my childhood or youth...not even young adulthood. At least none that I was aware of.
It wasn't until I moved to Denver, and my children, then 10 and 13, and I moved into an apartment on Ida Street in Littleton--did we ALL encounter Francis.
The manager didn't tell us about the unusual goings-on in that 3rd floor apartment. Good thing. We loved the apartment. The first thing we noticed, a few weeks after we had been there, was SO many things were either disappearing or being displaced in absolutely ridiculous areas. Not just little things...BIG things...such as pots and pans, clothes, toys, knickknacks, etc...Nothing was damaged, however. After uselessly accusing each other of the pranks that were getting way out of hand... we finally acknowledged there was a good possibility we had a ghost. Actually, Francis was not a ghost...he was a poltergeist. Poltergeists are unusually active energy essences that are prone to childlike oneriness. We all decided upon the name Francis because we had no idea if he/she was male or female.
I bravely confronted Karen, our manager, with this dubious information, who swiftly rose out of her chair, took a drag on her cigarette, and cried "Oh NO!"... Now, momentarily that DID scare me, but intrigue and curiousity quickly replaced any fear I might have had. Karen told me about experiences other tenants had in Apt #310. In fact, its latest tenants, a mother with 3 young boys, switched apartments because she could no longer deal with 'Francis.' Some of the stories were incredible...although me.
Poltergeists feed off of the high intense energy of children (usually.) I told Lori and Mike about what Karen said, and they reacted very happily and were excited about the whole thing! Reading The Oversoul Seven Books by Jane Roberts (who channeled Seth) removed any fear of death they might have had. So, what's to fear?
We all could sense when Francis was around, and in some ways, we found his (we all began to think of Francis as a 'he') presence comforting and enjoyable in spite of the ornery and sometimes exasperating stunts he would pull off. I had checked with the Littleton police department, inclouding research in the library to see if I could find any unusual activity that had taken place in that apartment... Nothing. Perhaps before that apartment was one knew.
Francis would hide Mike's toys or rearrange them. He would do the same with Lori's jewelry. One day, Lori bought a Snickers candy bar and placed it on her jewelry box before she went to school. That was to be her after school treat. When she came home... no candy bar. Mike insisted he had not taken it...nor I. I gave her the money to replace the Snickers...for two more days!...On the 3rd Missing Snickers Day she just burst into tears and yelled at Francis.... By the next afternoon, Francis had replaced the candy bar.
On a day off, I decided to tackle the job of cleaning the oven. I had made a grilled cheese sandwich and placed it on the counter beside the oven. I had one bite of the grilled cheese. Nearly done with the oven, I removed my gloves and reached for the sandwich...which was NOT there. That pissed me off and this time I yelled at Francis!--grumpily fixing another grilled cheese.
We had two cats, Cinderella and Snowball. They acknowledged Francis's presence and, from time to time, would stare at him, follow his movements, and switch their tails. He didn't really bug the cats. Good thing. The orneriest thing Francis did to me took place during meditation. I had been sitting quietly for at least 15 minuts when all of sudden I was levitated several inches into the air and landed back down again onto the sofa. That scared me and I said more than a few bad words. Later on it struck me funny.
Karen would ask how we were getting along with Francis and was relieved to know we seemed to have a very good, amiable relationship with what had caused other tenants to leave. Valerie (the former tenant with the boys) didn't even WANT to hear about Francis! Francis had pulled off some horrible (but funny) stunts with her. Several nights, during snow storms, he would brace the door open with a chair and they'd wake up freezing -- with snow in their doorway. He loved to put Valerie's slippers in the freezer part of the refrigerator. He would upset furniture, he would hide the boys' shoes. Papers would go flying across the room. He would remove items from the refrigerator. Finally, Valerie demanded another apartment...and Francis did not move with them.
I have mentioned only a few of the 'best' tricks Francis pulled on us. I would ask Francis if he would 'tell me' who he had once been...what his 'story' was. Never a response. I did a lot of reading on poltergeists and Francis, definately, was a 'typical' one. Some say poltergeists come from the energy of children who had crossed over. Maybe some did, but I don't believe this was what had been energizing Francis. I think he had been an immensely ornery trickster in real life, and drew similar energy to him after he crossed over and he became very powerful. Not 'bad'...just powerful and ornery. We didn't mind our extra roommate at all.
One evening, and it still makes me sad when I think about it, Francis did 'go on.' Mike and Lori were both spending a weekend night, a sleepover, with their friends. I was in bed, reading. With no warning I had a horrible feeling and got goosebumps!...and yes, I was frightened.
I knew Francis had come around, but ...he was not alone. I sensed who or what ever this 'other thing' was, was NOT good. At all. If my 'conversation' with those two could have been recorded and listened to, I am sure I could have been declared certifiably insane!
I was frightened...but even more angry...but I knew my anger would only FEED this mean ghost (or whatever kind of an entity it was) So I had to pipe down and talk to it in a reasonable manner. I told The Bad One that he had to leave...that I wished him well.. but that he was not welcome in my home. I was both firm and determined. I could 'feel' that he left. So there I was with just Francis...a bit upset with him for keeping such bad company. I told him that it was time that he left, too...that there would be others around him to help him reach the Light and go on. I could feel his reluctance. But he did leave...I could even sense 'the direction' --to the East... in which he went. I was upset and I cried. It was like banishing an old friend. And yet, I knew I had done the right thing. And I know Francis...or whoever or whatever he is fine... Who knows. Maybe he graduated from poltergeist to some high ranking angel. He had the makings and the talent to be a good one.
Mike and Lori and I missed Francis. But we, too, served a purpose for him...a good one... just as he did for us. We loved him and accepted him for who he was. That's the best any of us can do for anyone or anytime.
Happy Halloween, Francis. Ghost
Namaste', everyone.
Special Thanks to my British friend, Fran Pickering, for that phenomenal photo.
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