Thursday, October 25, 2012

We are ALL Capable of Murder

The recent kidnapping/murder case that shook the souls of Denver residents is supposedly now 'solved.' I am hoping that somehow this gives Jessica Ridgeway's parents and family at least a small measure of relief. I feel so sorry for them. I don't feel, however, that it is 'solved' in any way. Solving this, to my way of thinking, comes down to our own personal self-searching, and being willing to dispense with ANY kind of judgment while doing so...and most importantly, finding some semblance of answers that means something to us individually.

I realize and fully admit that if this tragedy would have happened to any of my loved ones, I would probably (at least for awhile) join the throngs wanting hell and damnation for the 17 yr old killer, Austin Sigg. But from my Right Now perspective, I can't help but feel a powerful, overwhelming sadness for everyone concerned...and that includes this young man.
I believe that each and everyone of us has the inner potential of being a murderer.
Many of you might agree to a point... falling back on the justifications such as self-defense, protecting your loved ones, the total loss of sanity in war, etc... but will not agree that you would be capable of coldly plotting a murder and carrying out what seems like the most evil of all actions.
I am not trying to 'defend' what this 17 yr old killer did per say... but I am saying ... in the words of The Shadow who used to say at the end of every radio program: "Who knows...what evil...lurks in the hearts of man...The Shadow Knows..."...and then there would be that awful laugh.
This is what I believe simply exists for us in our Earthly Costumes and Physical Consciousness.
Light and Dark both exist. Opposites. Polarity. Dualism.
We are creators. We have free will. We are sentient beings. We are not hapless victims of a chaotic universe. Regardless of what our thoughts/beliefs are on how we 'evolved' to this present moment in time, most agree on one thing: We always have a choice. It may not 'seem' or feel that way, but nonetheless, we do.
Maybe my saying we all have a dark side would be more acceptable and palatable if I'd say it this way: EVERYTHING EXISTS and we are part of that EVERYTHING. The ALL THAT IS.
Not even some New Thought is willing to stretch that idea beyond their comfort zones. But the way I look at it, what is not examined and faced is likely to grow in that denied Darkness if its not exposed to the Light.
We have ALL entertained 'evil thoughts'... ok...(all except for several of those flawless beings who glow in the dark :) if we like to admit it or not.
Like the well documented story of the inhabitants of Easter Island who could not 'see' the oncoming ships that the explorer pointed out, we DO need experience or a point of reference to make an association. Then we can relate, understand, and 'see.'
I believe 100% what the teacher Seth said: During all of your various lifetimes -- you have done it all.  I am tempted to reference metaphysics at this time, but will refrain (as best I can :) from doing that.
Regardless of our philosophical, religious, or experiential beliefs/thoughts/reasonings, we do know this. If we are seeringly honest: It does not feel good to condemn even the worst of criminals. It may give one's ego a temporary ego-high ... but that has nothing to do with the incomparable feelings of true, genuine feel-good-ness. Absolutely no relationship there whatsoever. It's amazing how the media can totally drag us around by the nose and we submerge into a crazed group think .. feeling self-righteous and screaming for blood.
Forget, please, about all the 'yeah BUT' retorts and think, just momentarily about how any of your come-back arguments are serving you...and what has this entire story done to you personally? Do you follow mob thinking?... or do you pause, reflect, and wonder how this young man arrived at that Darkness.
Don't give me any shit (sorry there is NO other word for it) like, gazing blank faced heavenward, clasping your hands to your heart, and saying in your best Sunday voice:
"It's not up to me to's up to God." ...That is the MOST self-righteous judgment of ALL....mainly because (IMO) you have never really been encouraged to think for yourself, question, examine, or show any other traits that resemble depth of intellect or true spiritually human character.
I personally think we attract the 'knowledge' of things such as this horrendous murder for a purpose that is known to us... so that we can take a look at ourselves and ask "What kind of reactions do I feel the best with...our peaceful best with...when I think about this incident?" For those of you who claim you believe in the Oneness of Humanity...that shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Actually, you have the advantage here.
What you feel toward this young man is not affecting HIM...but you are affecting YOURSELF AND THE WORLD. Those of us who know reincarnation to be a 'fact'... know that we have NO idea what plans had been in the making...or WHY... for all those concerned in this overwhelmingly upsetting happening.
So Let the courts and all the people involved in the upcoming proceedings do what they think they must. But "you" take care of "you." Don't use 'others' as your excuse for the way you think or react. If there was ever a time in Denver (and all the world over!) that we need to calm down, meditate, pray/visualize in our own ways, and most of all send LOVE and  good energy to everyone... in this Now.
Peace to us all.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Note To My Readers

Hi Dear Readers,
I have chosen to delete the article enitled
"Athiests, Agnostics, Religionists"
for personal reasons of my own.
Thanks for your positive input, however,
I am just following my intuition on this one.
I appreciate my followers, readers, of this newsletter
and I shall have another one ready shortly!
Have a super good week! Take care, and those of you from the U.S.,
don't let this horrible energy from all the rotten politics get to you.
Keep yourself centered and happy! You deserve that!
Bless you all!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Will We Ever Learn to THINK Outside of The Two Party System?

Our two party system is strictly for the birds... not meaning to insult some of nature's finest creatures!
I was 'raised' a Democrat. My Dad used to tell me the same line I am sure many of you heard growing up: The Democrats care about the poor, and the Republicans only care about the rich. To a certain extent that still may be true...some of it... but it has gotten a LOT more complicated than that! IMO, both parties have taken on aspects that I simply do not like. If 'you' do --hey, that's fine.
What the two party system has succeeded in doing to the ultimate extreme is to polarize the people of this nation, dividing them to the point where most people of both parties have become radicals adherants with no tolerance of the other's opinions. Both sides have become so narrow and unyielding, because of their utter devotion to their respective parties, that there is little wiggle room for any kind of discernment or intelligent deciphering. The unquestioning devotion is frightening.
No, not 'all' (either party) are like this. And, what is, to me, most encouraging of all, is that many people are beginning to WAKE UP and realize "wait a minute, something is not quite right here...' Thanks be to all that is GOOD for that.
As tempting as it is, I will refrain from divulging some of the things I believe (or don't believe) about our government--not any of which is too complimentary...but we'll just play the game here as it 'appears' to be.
Most of my friends know I do NOT vote. When I tell people this, I take my chances. Its like "Leave this country!" and I an assigned to a fairly low number on their shit list. I do not care. It's my belief that it is NOT 'the people' who 'elect' the next president. You see, I WOULD actually vote for certain people who I believe are NOT corrupt or puppet material. What pisses me off more than ANYTHING else is when people tell me "Well, if you vote for that might as well be voting for _____ (insert candidate of your choice here...) Or the other other one: "If you don't vote you have no right to complain!" Oh please, gimme a break! This I will admit to: Even though my vote may not 'count' if I voted outside of the Hallowed Two Party religions... I would at least have the satisfaction of following my feelings. And for that reason, I will end up doing a Write In. Last time I voted, I did just that. I wrote "Mickey Mouse" clearly and boldly on the specified write-in line. If you want to credit me with the current mess we have in this country, please, be my guest.
A friend of mine on FB, taking his own chances of disapproval, said that there were things from BOTH parties that he agreed with. I agree with that. When you take some of those 'party ideals' and blend them into the same pot -- you've got a pretty sensible mix. Again, IMO. Thing is, both parties bullshit their way through their speeches and rhetoric...and a lot of it can be catogorized under Hot Air, Sounds Good, and ApCray. Same person also wisely observed: I get tired of people thinking the country will go to hell if _______ becomes president. Like we are pinning all of our OWN personal power and responsibility on one person, giving him all of our power, and ready to let everything go to hell in a handbasket. That is the epitome of stupidity. I know, I know...if some of you have read it THIS far, mayhaps you have assigned to me the title of in over simplifying everything because 'she really doesn't get it.' Yeah, I do.
Basically, I believe in the principals of anarchy. Self rule. Ok, stop rolling your eyes. I am talking about the TRUE principals of anarchy which, to me, IMO, complies with the teachings of Metaphysics ( and/of including Quantum Physics. You Create Your Own Reality. Do I really believe that? Yup~! Am I always a bright, shining, and flawless example of that? Nope. :) But it is where my core -- my HEART is.
Those of you who are picturing anarchists as lawless pillagers and plunderers, please educate yourselves, do a little Googling and be willing to see the Big Picture. Dankeshane. :) If you understand the principals of metaphysics and Universal Laws..ex: The Law of Attraction, then you know my idea isn't Pink Fluff. If you don't, I can understand, too. If we see the world and all of humanity as BAAAAD...that it needs to be SAVED...and it needs LAWS to govern every breath we take...then then DO need those Laws. For "IT IS DONE UNTO YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR BELIEFS" Thank you, Jesus.  Idealistic. Sure. I know it is. But it beats the heck out of all the hate and prejudice that goes on between the two parties.
I am proud of my friends who are affiliated with Occupy and Anarchists. They are able to see beyond the 'script' that is handed out to us via the media and mainstream mind control. Sure, you will always have a few 'that give it a bad name'... well, ladies and gents, may I then present to you the MAJORITY of the two parties who are afraid to crawl OUT of the box and have blind faith in the Sanctity of Their Sacred Parties.
Sheesh, people.
True, we each have to do 'our own thing.' Slowly, people ARE waking up and actually starting to Question Authority!! Someday, I DO BELIEVE... the Hundredth Monkey principal WILL overcome this two party system -- and I intend to be part of those groups of people who BELIEVE in something far greater than being a Republican or a Democrat... for The Awakened Ones WILL change things, by assuming
RESPONSIBILITY for their lives coupled with the WILLINGNESS to do that. Peace. 
Enough for now. ( I HEARD THAT...) :)