Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Bullshit TALKS...'but Money WALKS....

Sometimes, it takes awhile..... to catch on and reeeally understand what we claim we 'know'... Perhaps our illumination of understanding was more akin to a 25 watt bulb -- instead of a 100 watt. We could still 'see' ...but not all that clearly.
We are like that ... we 'see' things and agree that, yes, this is the way it should be for me ... However, there remains a good chance that we are examining the beliefs that Create Our Reality...with a 25 watt bulb. When we need that 100 watt. As we know...everything...yes, everything is "done unto us according to our beliefs."
We always have a choice. We don't "have to" see anything. We can always choose to hang onto our present, perhaps not-fully-examined beliefs. But, if we really want to know why we crash into walls or trip over stumbling blocks time and again... then Life will present us with the exact experiences we need to change our 25 watt into a 100 watt bulb so we finally "see the light" ...
If we so choose.
Its SO easy to say 'this is what I believe'...or 'that is what I believe'... Talk is easy. Talk is cheap. Sometimes what we claim we believe isn't even related to what we truly believe. The saying "bullshit talks, but money walks" is true. Actually we do pay for what we get. The price we pay for spiritual growth and expanded consciousness is generally equivalent to how much pride or ego is directing us. We 'pay' by being willing to give up 'being right' (or have to be SEEN by others as right) in order to be free of a situation. It's not always easy.
Being "free" doesn't mean we will necessarily change a situation --or--a person... It means we can be inwardly free of what caused OUR problem, our misery, and especially --our reaction-- to it. THOSE things are really the problems... and not 'situations or people.' Even when we appear to others to be 'victims'...or treated unfairly.
Having recently gone through a 'light bulb change' myself ... my 'seeing' experience was doubly reinforced when I sat and listened to a friend ramble on and on about her relationship with a friend. The 'lines' were all too familiar: "Well, SHE is going to have to change her ways if she wants me to be her friend and help her out.".."I am not going to put up with it if he refuses do this or that." "Can't she see how self-centered and self-serving she is being!" "Why can't he change and treat ME like I want him to treat me." "I'm just not going to take crap from her anymore!" etc etc etc ...
We've all been there and done that.
We may even believe we are being very reasonable, logical, justified, and 'fair' about it all, and others are 'on our side.' None of that, however, solves what amounts to their... but our problem...
I used to get a bit annoyed when the teacher Abraham would say "YOU are in charge of your own reaction...and of the way you feel" because we are so quick to want to come up with our 'yeah but's'...and all of our self-righteous justifications.
Those people are indeed self-blessed when they realize that no one else is obligated to make us happy ... no one is under contract by the universe to 'change' for us so that we can be happy... Setting ALL excuses aside as to why we think they SHOULD do that ... we are then left with "it's all up to me" ... And the somewhat ironic part is: once we recognize this, and __adopt this belief__ we find that things go better for us. Not because "they" or "it" has changed...but because we have taken back our own inner power are gaining a better understanding of HOW we Create Our Own Reality.
To walk away from a person or situation is NOT the answer....unless we first take full responsibility for 'seeing' with that 100 watt bulb what OUR problem is in the situation...the real insight as to the "why" did __I attract__ this situation or person to me., rather than believe myself to be an innocent victim.
Blaming 'the other' ...or 'the circumstances' will only invite the same exact problem into our lives, until we SEE our into our own belief system (which is at the root of what we have created.) Otherwise, we will, once again, invite a different setting, perhaps with different role players... maybe even another lifetime....until we 'get it.' The choice is always ours. If we are smart we will see what really 'empowers' us. Until we choose to believe we are Creators...rather than Blamers... what we call "God" will always remain something that is outside of us.
I can appreciate Seth's saying: "If you have nothing else to do, sit and sift through some of your beliefs if you want to recognize why your life is going as it is... if you are liking it...or not liking it."
Much of what we think of as our 'powerlessness' comes from believing we have a right to be hurt, angry, frustrated, grievous, etc. We have a 'right' to out emotions. So let them flow through us but stop and THINK...or be Buddhism would teach us: that what we CHOOSE to hold on to will manifest into our reality.
We don't 'get rid of' or 'destroy' beliefs we don't want. Everything exists. What we CAN do is focus upon and give our attention to what we WANT to believe. Our "present reality" will not change if we are stuck with the belief that it can't be changed! So, it's probably a far better idea to spend a lot more time thinking about what really DOES make us Happy... the kind of happy that is at one with peace ...the kind of peace that "Passeth All Understanding" (or logic and reason.) Real happiness is NOT about 'being right' or 'getting even' or some kind of a 'I'll show you!" attitude. That will only keep us stuck with the same problems.
As the P's say: "You are the gods/goddesses of the Universe"... In this time of hard-pressing energy, perhaps its 'time' we acted like it, eh?? OK! Nerd It's time for us to Walk The Talk... cuz we know what a lot of 'just talk' amounts to, yup!..nothin' but bullshit.
Photo by Lori Parker-Gurule'

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yup! Shit is Happening...and Hitting our Own Personal Fans...

Most of agree that much change is taking place. The energy is seemingly becoming stronger every day. Nothing is the same. Sometimes it just feels weird!
It's somewhat like The Law of Attraction is doing overtime. Reaction to our Actions is swift and right in our facec. There seems to be less and less of a buffer of time...which means that previously we could afford to ignore things, put things off, 'get away with' things...and possibly even retract something so that we did not have to suffer immediate consequences of anything we might have said of done. Not so anymore. Nope.
Time seems to be traveling at an unparalleled speed. Its truly like watching a cassette tape speeding towards the end... even though we 'experience' our daily routines at the same 'speed'...but as we refelct and observe, we are astounded at how fast it is going ... Towards the End? In a way, yes.
I happen to be one who believes we will experience a part of mass consciousness that we have chosen to attach ourselves to. No, shit doesn't just happen. What is flying in our face is what needs to be looked at and attended to.
Rather than spend a lot of time bemoaning the 'shit that happens'...(We still create our own reality if we believe we do or not)...I think we would benefit by simply addressing the problem and deciding what to do about it. For the most part, when we say 'shit happens'...we are implying that we had absolutely NOTHING to do with it ... that something has happened that had nothing at all to do with our thoughts, behavior, or beliefs. Once we accept that yes, we DO create/co-create what actually is a huge relief~! It takes us out of victim mentality and allows us to be in touch with our Inner Power which totally eludes us as long as we play the Blame Game...or insist that 'nothing caused it'... 'it just happens.'
I think a limited amount of time wondering "why" the shit happens is a good thing ...EVEN IF...we cannot 'see' why certain things came about. It's tempting to spend too much time 'looking for the cause of why this happens to me.' When we DO believe we 'have found it'... it's usually interpreted as: "NOW I know who to blame!!...and that can be one of the worst traps we fall into...That mental trap is lined with velcro. It encourages us to experience a false euphoria that comes with 'finding the answer:' NOW I know... it was my mother's fault! my lover's fault! my miserable childhood, any and all traumatic experiences, etc, etc... NOW I have a reason for the --way I respond-- which means I am perfectly justified in the way that I feel. I knew it wasn't my fault! So there. Problem solved. Not.
So with so much shit flying around the world over...aiming to hit our own personal fan... It is time that we reaffirm that whatever happens to us is trying to tell us something ...and the message/answer is always 'right there. We never experience anything that we are not a vibrational match to. That is Universal Law. Hard to take, yes, but an ultimate truth.
You have probably noticed as you listen to conversations, that the bulk of talk revolves around 'who is at fault' in the world, in our government, in our homes, including our own personal relationships. And yes, we find ourselves participating actively in this type of folderaol at times, don't we?! But something inside of us gnaws at us...You see, we know better... Yes, we do. All of you reading this KNOW better. (or you would have already clicked out of this site! :) Our radar IS working. We can surpress it...but when we do...THEN shit happens to us, hits our personal fan, and we our knocked for an emotional loop.
It is really high time for us to Buddhism says: Be Mindful. Be mindful of what we are thinking and saying and doing...(and that ain't always easy! Cool We need to pay attention to How We Feel...that being the biggest clue as to whether or not we are standing in the Light or the Shadows. Yes, we DO know how to differentiate our feelings... knowing if they are coming from gratifying and satisfying the Ego... or if they come from that place of Inner Knowing... even if its feels a bit shakey at times. That's OK. We will keep getting stronger...if we want to be aligned with Source. We KNOW what the lessons are we need to learn. Yes, we do. Others do not.... WE do. We know it has only to do with US... not with others or blaming others in any way. Ouch, says the Ego! Smile
We are standing on the brink of a HUGE change...a shift. A Shift in consciousness...and its up to us if we decide to go with the type of mass consciousness that reflects the world being in a hellava mess ... or... a world in which we find ourselves in touch with Who We Really Are... Empowered Beings on our way to bigger and better and more exciting things, reflections of All That Is...and loving it. Nerd

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Having An Opinion...Do We Have a Right to Express It?

If you want to 'get along' with everybody, if you believe it is your life's purpose to have everyone like, admire, and adore you; constantly shower you with approval and validation, there are some very basic rules you must follow. Leaf 2
You must constantly strive to speak innocuous pleasantries so that no one can take issue with anything that you say or do. It may become necessary for you to live your life in a state of denial or avoidance ... ignoring any old or new ideas, possibilities, and beliefs, especially conclusions of any kind. It's best just to keep afloat on a cloud of nothingness and never offer up anything except agreement with everybody. Above all else...never, ever express any opinion that appears to have any emotion attached to it...and if you do offer an _opinion_ -- make sure you constantly apologize for it, adding things like: "I know I'm probably wrong, but..." or "I know you all know a lot more than I do.." -- things like that which drip with humility and meekness. Additionally It might help you to sound hesitant or uncertain. Just make sure you continuously praise everyone -- and for goodness sake, never, ever DISagree with them. Leaf 2
In some cases it might help to act cute and funny and adorable...and perhaps throw a little neediness into the mix. It also helps to debase and deride yourself upon occasion, because that gives others the chance to bolster your ego and give you a never ending supply of reassurance. Above all...never, ever do or say anything that might possibly indicate you have your own ideas, beliefs, or opinions. If you do happen to develope this ungainly aspect... make sure you are ready to retract your ideas immediately, quickly agreeing with whomever is countering you. Most importantly of all.. make sure that whatever you say agrees with the status quo, so no one can possibly assign to you or connect you to anything that might be controversial. Might you recognize anyone like this?
Leaf 2 Leaf 5 Leaf 2
If the worst criticism that is ever leveled at you is: "You are too opinionated".. congratulate yourself. You are not afraid to say what you want, when you want. It means you are utilizing your god-given right to draw from your life experience and apply what you have learned to everyday living. Some will appreciate your forthrightness...others might feel uncomfortable at having to examine their own beliefs. They may not like having to agree OR disagree with you because 'taking a stand' for what one believes in -- causes many folks a lot of squirming and discomfort. Seom will continue to play both sides of the fence. Leaf 2
I am not advocating extremism, insensitivity, or the putting down of anybody's opinions but one has to be willing to express what one believes in without apology. What we believe in today...we may change our minds about in the future. Some say: "It's better to keep your opinions to yourself"... WHY? Has political correctness taken us to the point where all we can do is be still, silent...for fear of upsetting somebody elses unstable applecart? I agree that there is a 'time and place' to express our opinions...but to not be willing to express yourself at all usually implies you don't actually believe in your opinions...or are too afraid of gaining disfavor with others. Leaf 2
I _am_ rightly accused to being 'opinionated' ... but my accusers can never accuse me of being unwilling to admit to a multiplicity of mistakes, or sitting on 'better than's,' or refusing to listen to the opinions of others. Expansion of consciousness, of light, or any kind of intelligence does not take root or grow in soil that is never dug into, disturbed, rained on, or given fertilizer. In other words, sometimes people have to give you 'shit' so that you can grow. However, the choice to remain closed down is always available. Leaf 2
One of my favorite teachers posed a question to me that I remember to this day. "OK, Betty" he said, "I know what you are've made that clear. Now can you tell me what you are FOR...and make that just as clear?" Good, huh? Protestors know what they are against... but what you resist, persists... and we must make known not just what we are against, but what we are for. As Ghandi said... "you must Peace for Peace." That was his 'opinion' ... I'm glad he was stilling to express it. Leaf 2
Photo by Lori Gurule'