Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Impending War... Please, Please NO~!...

Whether or not we will have started bombing Syria before I even get a chance publish this...who knows....
How I would love to be able to say: "YES!! Obama had the balls to say NO!!!!! to the whole mess" but I am afraid he will follow in the footsteps of George W..
I know full well that our top political figures are nothing but puppets in the hands of the true Powers That Be... but I still keep hoping and visualizing Obama taking a true stand for humanity by putting his OWN life on the line and saying HELL NO, WE WON'T GO.
To those of you who are free of being ensnared in the programming of the so called 'political parties' you KNOW this is not a Democrat vs Republican issue! The bigger picture that surrounds our so called two party system involves keeping our citizens blindly and unquestioningly loyal to the party of their choice...which is part of the reason we cannot move ahead as we should.
Division ...and... Diversion
These tactics have always seemed to work well.
They both  represent a very effective way of keeping Americans from 'coming together as one unit' to make true progress. However! -- MANY people have either Awakened or in the process of Awakening.
It takes courage to be willing Awaken and to dispense with the old, 'tried and true but not workable' ways... Some people hate to take on the discomfort of having to "think for themselves" because Old School taught us to be unquestioning, loyal, and obedient. Always respect your superiors/elders because they know best.
I will never forget my 8th grade teacher. During a very slanted lecture on WW2, he slammed down his Bible (standard equipment in those days) and screamed: "America is God's Country!! God is on OUR SIDE!!"
To believe differently, of course, meant you were taking a chance on this "hell" that awaited all sinners who dared question anything. Ah...the good ol' days. :)
Thanks to the internet, we are successfully tearing down walls and surmounting barriers that have separated us from our fellow earthlings
I fully realize that America is/was not the only country who instilled in its a citizens a 'superior' or 'better than' attitude. But we were right up there at the top of the List! The imperialist attitude and actions of our government is inexcusable and should NOT be tolerated.
One of the most wonderful aspects of the internet is that it cuts across old barriers and gives each and everyone of us a CHANCE at being seen and heard as to how we REALLY are as individuals. Like will find like. Law of Attraction supports that old saying "Water will always find its own level".. I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most WONDERFUL people from the U.S. AND COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD!-- who are filled with love and respect, and desire peaceful communion and understanding with each other.
All or ANY 'reason' or 'justification' for what seems eminent the U.S. will do in Syria...none of it makes sense. It will have been one of the biggest mistakes ever made.
So... what to do. It's hard... very hard... not to be upset
when you think about it... But I have to remind myself that what we concentrate upon is what we materialize/manifest. So I keep using my imagination to picture a beautiful SUNRISE with lovely, shining rays; steeped with lasting peace and love with Whatever plays out.
We must NEVER lose sight of what we WANT.
Peace. Joy. Love. Compassion. Understanding.
I wish everyone in America (and the world over!) would take to the streets and protest this war... PEACEFULLY.
There is a part inside of me, to be painfully honest, that feels lost and doesn't know 'what to do.' I want to say to the rest of the world, Please, please do not believe that all Americans are in favor of
the way our government is handling things... The only positive things I feel I can do is write, call, email to officials. I've done that. That...
and most importantly...
Keep the BELIEF that somehow... in someway... regardless of the interim, that there _IS A DIVINE ORDER_ to all things and events
and that on some cosmic level, all is...and will be...well.
As the owner of FB's "Astrophilosphy" said: "This is a time for us
to be exceptionally kind to each other."
May that peace which indeed DOES pass all human understanding,
keep our hearts and minds centered in unconditional love, and our eyes focused on that bright and shining sun of enlightenment
that will lead us through this valley.
Namaste' and bless us all.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Whose "SIDE" are you on ... WHY?...

Most of us are aware that this newer and more discerning (to put it mildly!) energy is more than a bit challenging. It's coercing us into being painfully honest with ourselves....but...that's all Good. 
I'll never forget the first time I heard the phrase: "Choose your battles wisely."
We participate in 'battles' to varying degrees...depending upon how emotionally involved we become. Our emotions are seldom our best guides. They spring from the Ego, which makes it, at times, confusing, to say the least.
There is a huge difference between following our emotions and following our hearts. Following our hearts brings about much more subtle and deeper feelings -- that which we know in our souls. To follow our hearts would, therefore, mean doing what we KNOW is for our Highest Good... regardless of what others think, do, or say.
Reactive emotions spring forth from the Ego. I am not implying the Ego is 'bad.' We need it to discern our preferences, but very often those choices are rooted in a very fear-based place. Plus, the Ego has a dreadful need of believing it must always be RIGHT....  prompting us to act on those emotions. We must use our Ego... but not allow it to use us.
I truly believe that. Shit doesn't just happen. Neither do all the good and wonderful things that happen to us. Abraham and many other metaphysical teachers emphasize that things don't just happen 'out of the blue.' More of science is catching up to that!
There is no such thing as anyone being 'totally guilty' or 'totally innocent'... regardless of what our dumbed-down human 'laws' may tell us.
When we get 'into trouble' or things 'happen to us,' it's amazing how the Ego goes into the I Will Justify To Myself And Others How I Feel At All Cost mode...and the 'yeah, but's' and excuses spew forth with volcanic action. The more we can get people  to agree with us and 'be on our side' the more deeply we are convinced of our self-righteousness. We may find ourselves thinking "Karma will catch up to you, buddy!!" but we seldom seem to associate karma as the cause of what happened to us. :)
I hesitate using the term karma because I personally don't believe it is 'punishment' but rather a 'result' allowed by the soul/higher self in order to expand a person's consciousness. This means things DO and can happen regardless if we understand why (in the present moment) or not. There are two ways we create our reality: deliberately... or by 'default'-- meaning creation follows mental or physical actions/beliefs of which we are not aware of or paying attention to. Like habits: conscious or subconscious.
But what about when we engage in 'other people's battles?'
It's no different than when we encounter our own personal dilemmas. We make them our own. We believe 'they' are in the right... which can be interpreted as "I" am right. We like to think of it as 'doing the right thing' or being noble. At times that's actually a bit comical. :)
Never has a statement hit me harder than one made by Dick Sutphen in "Life After Life". "Everything you do, you do for yourself." This includes putting your own life at risk to save someone else. Even THIS involves creating your own reality.... on the part of the 'hero' and the so called 'victim.' As judgmental humans we then have a tendency to judge who or what is 'good or bad.' Again, that is fear-based because we are 'afraid of being judged' by anyone/anything else  (which can include the old God image.) We have to be 'on the right side'... We truly need to stop deluding ourselves into thinking we are doing things 'for others'... Be careful with words such as: 'I owe it to them'...
... (also ask yourself WHY or WHO said to you: 'you owe it to yourself'...) That can be a double edged sword...think about it...
We cannot save anyone. We can help others... However, when it gets to the point where one is feeling torn, miserable, confused, angry, etc etc... its time to ask "WHY am I doing what I am doing?"...and be excruciatingly honest with yourself. Is it because you are afraid NOT to...for very personal reasons?
As Seth would say: You do not need to justify your own existence...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Transgenders...and Your Reaction to ANYTHING Different...

So maybe you are curious. That's great.
Why would I have chosen such a topic for a metaphysical, 'spiritual' newsletter article?
Meaning this respectfully: why not?
I have always been interested in controversial subjects and goodness knows, this is a subject that raises a lot of that!
LGBT: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgender
I find it interesting that these are listed in  that particular order. I find that this listing seems to be in the order of 'acceptance' by the general population. Lesbians seem to edge out in popularity because they seem to be of particular interest, for varied reasons, to straight men. Gay is a general term in some ways, but gay men have been accepted more in the field of entertainment which has a great influence on people's opinions. However, no one is more accepted and admired than Ellen DeGeneres. She is simply her delightful self and is loved the world over.
Bisexuals have a rougher time being taken seriously and even much of the so called gay community has a tendency to think: make up your mind, its one or the other.
Then there are the transgenders. Heaven help them all.
For any greenies out there, let's set the record straight (pardon the use of that word)... There is a world of difference between being a drag queen and being a male turned female person. Drag queens love playing and pretending to be women... but a male who sincerely believes he IS a woman in a man's body puts him/her in a whole different category.
Transgenders are the least accepted by society. For one thing, even though radical religionists find 'reasons' to dislike (or condemn) LBG's... the thought of changing the gender that "God" made you is an unthinkable, unacceptable, dastardly deed.
Most of us who are 'straight' (all these labels/terminologies get a bit weird) have gone though our own times of judgment and prejudice. To say otherwise, I would only conclude you have a severe memory problem...or... you are not being truthful with yourself or others. I was going to say 'liar'... but  that's harsh.... :)
So, if people choose not to use God as an excuse for it 'being wrong'... what is left? Nothing much except 'nature' or the word 'natural.' However, even though 'nature' seems to produce 'scientific' results for a transgender to be 'un-natural'... this argument still doesn't hold water in a leak proof way. Basically, ALL things, ways, and means are included in the Universe...In All That Is. Anything contrary to that is nothing more than a narrow point of view, usually held by people whose minds seem to be extremely determined not to expand or evolve. This doesn't exclude one's right to 'their opinion' but it DOES exclude, in my books, a right to condemn, judge, and use violence and cruelty...which includes enacting those cruel judgments in LAWS.
I have several transgenders who are my friends. Only one that I know personally, is one that a person would never suspect as a 'trannie.' Another one might leave you guessing, and the other two make even ME go 'why or why did you do it!'...  I suppose that is judgment of sorts, but it comes from feeling their hurt and pain. I think, at times, WHY would you put yourself through all of what you go through...and some of it amounts to the worst of pain and torture.
I honestly do not believe that I would have the guts, the strength, courage, and bravery to go through the surgeries and all the requirements that are expected of the candidates even before the surgeries. But then again, how would I 'know that' for sure. It really and truly does come down to being in their moccasins.
Society (another somewhat debatable term/label) has a habit of condemning what they do not understand, or anything that is 'different' from what they are or what they believe. Take them out of their comfort zones and automatically 'it's wrong' or insane or inferior,
This doesn't mean you have to "like" or experience a fuzzy, warm loving feeling towards something, someone, or some ways of going about whatever is different or controversial or seemingly strange to you. But, to me, it DOES mean that you owe it to yourself and others to be a decent, compassionate human being who knows that you get no real JOY and PEACE from violating, abusing, making fun of, and in any way...hurting or harming another individual, and not giving them the respect due another human being.
Why not just LET IT BE... take care of yourself and your life. We all have a big enough job doing that! :)
Give Peace, and Love, and Beingness a Chance.