Sunday, August 4, 2013

Transgenders...and Your Reaction to ANYTHING Different...

So maybe you are curious. That's great.
Why would I have chosen such a topic for a metaphysical, 'spiritual' newsletter article?
Meaning this respectfully: why not?
I have always been interested in controversial subjects and goodness knows, this is a subject that raises a lot of that!
LGBT: Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgender
I find it interesting that these are listed in  that particular order. I find that this listing seems to be in the order of 'acceptance' by the general population. Lesbians seem to edge out in popularity because they seem to be of particular interest, for varied reasons, to straight men. Gay is a general term in some ways, but gay men have been accepted more in the field of entertainment which has a great influence on people's opinions. However, no one is more accepted and admired than Ellen DeGeneres. She is simply her delightful self and is loved the world over.
Bisexuals have a rougher time being taken seriously and even much of the so called gay community has a tendency to think: make up your mind, its one or the other.
Then there are the transgenders. Heaven help them all.
For any greenies out there, let's set the record straight (pardon the use of that word)... There is a world of difference between being a drag queen and being a male turned female person. Drag queens love playing and pretending to be women... but a male who sincerely believes he IS a woman in a man's body puts him/her in a whole different category.
Transgenders are the least accepted by society. For one thing, even though radical religionists find 'reasons' to dislike (or condemn) LBG's... the thought of changing the gender that "God" made you is an unthinkable, unacceptable, dastardly deed.
Most of us who are 'straight' (all these labels/terminologies get a bit weird) have gone though our own times of judgment and prejudice. To say otherwise, I would only conclude you have a severe memory problem...or... you are not being truthful with yourself or others. I was going to say 'liar'... but  that's harsh.... :)
So, if people choose not to use God as an excuse for it 'being wrong'... what is left? Nothing much except 'nature' or the word 'natural.' However, even though 'nature' seems to produce 'scientific' results for a transgender to be 'un-natural'... this argument still doesn't hold water in a leak proof way. Basically, ALL things, ways, and means are included in the Universe...In All That Is. Anything contrary to that is nothing more than a narrow point of view, usually held by people whose minds seem to be extremely determined not to expand or evolve. This doesn't exclude one's right to 'their opinion' but it DOES exclude, in my books, a right to condemn, judge, and use violence and cruelty...which includes enacting those cruel judgments in LAWS.
I have several transgenders who are my friends. Only one that I know personally, is one that a person would never suspect as a 'trannie.' Another one might leave you guessing, and the other two make even ME go 'why or why did you do it!'...  I suppose that is judgment of sorts, but it comes from feeling their hurt and pain. I think, at times, WHY would you put yourself through all of what you go through...and some of it amounts to the worst of pain and torture.
I honestly do not believe that I would have the guts, the strength, courage, and bravery to go through the surgeries and all the requirements that are expected of the candidates even before the surgeries. But then again, how would I 'know that' for sure. It really and truly does come down to being in their moccasins.
Society (another somewhat debatable term/label) has a habit of condemning what they do not understand, or anything that is 'different' from what they are or what they believe. Take them out of their comfort zones and automatically 'it's wrong' or insane or inferior,
This doesn't mean you have to "like" or experience a fuzzy, warm loving feeling towards something, someone, or some ways of going about whatever is different or controversial or seemingly strange to you. But, to me, it DOES mean that you owe it to yourself and others to be a decent, compassionate human being who knows that you get no real JOY and PEACE from violating, abusing, making fun of, and in any way...hurting or harming another individual, and not giving them the respect due another human being.
Why not just LET IT BE... take care of yourself and your life. We all have a big enough job doing that! :)
Give Peace, and Love, and Beingness a Chance.