Saturday, July 20, 2013

"The" Trial, Prejudice, and Mind Control

If I never hear or read another word about the Martin-Zimmerman case, it will still be too soon!
Oh GASP!!.... do I hear the words "then you must be a racist!!" If those are the words you wish to use to accuse me -- may I suggest that you do not know me at all-!...and that your accusation is as groundless as are many people's judgments and conclusions of that
court case. You would only be reacting to your OWN experiences and ideas.
No, this article is not about defending EITHER Zimmerman or Martin. Some people automatically think if you are not on 'their side' you are on the 'other side.' That is sheer nonsense.
This 'trial' is very representative of the 'trials' we put ourselves through.
Chances are you were not THERE and observing what happened between Zimmerman and Martin. You have CHOSEN to believe whatever appealed to you...for reasons know only to your psyche.
Chances are many people who have laid-in-concrete decisions about 'what happened' didn't even so much as see ALL of the testimony during the trial. Instead, once again, you simply have CHOSEN to believe whatever it was that appealed to you and your ideas and beliefs.
The above picture fairly captures what "I" believe has influenced your choices... to deny this means you somehow psychically transported yourself to the scene of the crime, or it came to you in a dream, or you just 'know' all about it. Or, of course, your source of media information is reliable, impeccable or inspired by the divine. Right? :)
In no way am I saying one doesn't have a right to their opinions. What I AM saying is that I think its a good idea to examine just what those opinions and consequent thoughts, reactions, and actions are doing to one on a personal, soul level.
Do you have an opinion as to WHY this particular case has had an INFINITE amount of attention and publicity?? Ask yourself WHY! What purpose has it served? Has it served ANY honestly GOOD purpose?? Oh, but it drew ATTENTION to a problem that needs to be fixed. God knows it did NOT draw attention to SOLUTIONS... Has what you are aligning yourself with made you feel love and peace...or...anger and hatred??
What you focus on, you get more of. Universal Law. Quantum Physics.... some would even call it common sense.
Those are not airyfairy pink fluffy words... they are a part of a much greater truth. I truly believe those of you who are reading this know that... if you are into metaphysical thinking or not. I truly DO believe that in your heart you KNOW.
It's easy to get caught up in a rioting type of situation and justify what is said or done as some action you believe needs to be taken. But -- what and how? If it's not based in peace or love it will only increase whatever it is you do not want: what appears to you to be injustice, unfairness, prejudice, etc etc etc.... 
The Buddhist philosophy has an interesting way of describing all of this: "He who takes on another's problems takes on his karma." It doesn't mean you shouldn't want to 'help' another but how you go about it will determine if ANYTHING you do is a help or a detriment. Resistance is met with resistance and it will NOT overcome anything. Took me a long time to understand that. I still forget sometimes. :)
To those of you who are metaphysically minded, you know that the Law of Attraction was at work when Zimmerman and Martin encountered each other. What you sew, you reap. If you prefer to believe 'shit happens'...that is your choice, too, but it will not be of any 'help' to yourself or anyone.
If you wish to call me a 'conspiracist', that, too is your privilege. But do I believe the Powers That Be were behind all the attention?...ya derned tootin' I do. Do I also believe that 'the powers that be' are also a reflection of the power that is INSIDE of us?... that is another derned tootin'..
Unrest, coupled with violence and hatred of any kind, is simply a reflection of what is going on inside of us. THE CHOICE for Peace and Love is always there, also. Don't blindly excuse anyone by saying:  'they can't help it' thus keeping them victims. That is the most disempowering thought you can have of ANYone.
I am not speaking to 'you' and not 'me'... There are few 'sins' I have not committed when it comes to wrong thinking, or unwise thinking, or thinking that blocks true empowerment.
If we all could stop thinking we are so damned smart by being suckered into an article, a post, a video that is anger provoking...and realize we will then only be CONTRIBUTING to the problem...we could be turned more easily towards the direction of Peace and Love.
I could list and list incidents and events between races that show love, understanding, and respect. But that doesn't make the news. It takes 'the news' to emphasize the other.... If you are convinced that  "I have to DO something about it or the problem will never be solved" ...than--sorry-- you are not going to solve it. Not when you concentrate on the 'other side being wrong'.... Funny how few people SEEM to believe that the power of LOVE is so weak... that is the saddest thing of all. I understand... this is the way we have been mind controlled to think... --send in the peacekeepers with the weapons to keep the peace-- type thinking... and... The 'intellectuals' don't have all the answers, either. Not without Love or Peace in their hearts. May 'sound good'... but won't  'do good.' NO 'demonstration' without Peace or Love will have a positive affect. Get attention? Sure. Solve anything? Not long term.
A house divided cannot stand. Divided, we can easily be swayed and controlled and trained to focus on 'what is wrong'... but we can't blame 'them'... it's merely an outer reflection of our own heart, mind, and intentions. We CHOOSE which world, which mass consciousness we wish to be a part of. We all need to remember that. Our thoughts are continuously creating our world.  We really need to become aware of what we are 'sending out' to create our world.