Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Glory of War ...not...

Does anyone really believe that war--any war--will bring about PEACE? Think about it. How can this really work? It hasn't so far.
By going to other countries and killing 'the enemy' to show them that they better not threaten our 'freedom and peace?'
Is war 'inevitable'?? or have we been programmed to believe that is the 'only way'? Unfortunate, but the only way.
It is such an oxymoron...the height of an oxymoron...that the United States calls itself a 'peaceful nation.' We have involved ourselves in nearly every war available to mankind all over the earth.
Even though I disagree with this, many Americans like to label this country as a 'Christian nation.' So that when we march off to war, we kill and destroy in the name of "God and Country."
This is what we accuse Islamic nations of doing.
Personally, I see no difference in the way both of these 'religions' are being used to sanctify or justify war. Do you?? -- each of which condemns the other. Each one believes they have the Corner on Truth.
This is the Memorial Day weekend. It is a time set aside, supposedly, for honoring veterans of all wars. I'm not really too sure how many vets were completely convinced that they were doing the 'right thing' when they went to war or what they DID while engaged in battle. It was referred to as one's 'duty' to God and Country. And if you didn't respond to the draft (during some wars), you were jailed. So the motivating factor was there alright. Many believed they had no choice.
Although some peculiar people exist who actually seem to like the thrill and horror of war,  so they join up and re-up. It's their choice, but not one I understand. A lot of hype goes into 'joining up'... you will be protecting Americans, you will ensure our freedom and our peace.... and that all sounds real good, very noble and lofty...but what war is all about is not noble and lofty. Its primitive and bloodthirsty and pathetic and gory.
We seem obligated to 'honor' our veterans because maybe that's easier than the alternative: taking a good hard look at what in the HELL we are doing!! I wish I could hug some of these vets and say "Its most likely meant chose to believe what you were told...and I'm so sorry for what you went through." We all know what its like to be carried away by the music, parades, and cheers when we no longer hear that Still Small Voice that asks: why are you so willingly participating? (and listen instead to the sentinmental hogwash that is thrown in our faces)
I am not judging what THEY, the vets, have done. In other lives I have undoubtedly done the same thing.  I'm wondering why we NOW don't choose to listen to the Higher Calling? Why don't we all refuse to join the military? Why don't we lay down our arms and refuse to kill. If we are willing to kill others and have others kill us...why not die for REAL PEACE by refusing to participate in the killing fields? Is it more 'worthy' to die on a field of battle. Oh that's get MEDALS for that!! --because someone convinced you you were doing the right thing for "God and Country."
Over 60% of our homeless are many out of their minds from what they went through. Speak to THEM of the Glories of War...and then refuse to drop a dollar in their cup and tell 'em to Go Get A Job!!
We will never convince our country (or most others) or our power hungry leaders to not participate in wars. To them it is a Business (surely you know that by now...) .even though they will make real pretty sounding, heart wrenching speeches on Memorial white wash it all and make it all OK...after all it's never OUR country's fault...we just have a John Wayne attitude: "Sorry ta have ta kill ya, podner...but ah ain't got uh choice" Bang. Your dead...and hero rides off into the sunset.
To not participate in war, it will all come down to an individual choice. This will take REAL true bravery. We will each, individually, create our OWN world. Will we choose a Safe Universe...or ...keep believing in a flase reality? 
 Some will say I am over simplifying. But sometimes the most important decisions to make ARE the most simple. This calls upon
  motivation that comes from the Heart...which is Love...Honor...and Respect for Oneself and All Others in This World. We All ARE One.
That is not accomplished by war.