Monday, April 1, 2013

REINCARNATION...and Karma... Part TWO

Here I go again!!.....

We have all...and I do believe all of us -- met 'new people' in our lives and yet feel as if we have known them for all of our life. Chances are -- you knew them well -- in another life.
It's not necessarily because they 'remind you' of some other person... You still
know there is a big difference between that -- and the other kind of 'knowing.'
In Part One I talked about agreements that souls have in playing certain 'roles' for each other in a various incarnations. Maybe you (or they) have agreed to play a very supportive role, someone that you needed at just the time when you needed the help, guidance, and support the very most.
Maybe you chose to NOT have anyone that really seemed to understand or support you in your struggles to learn difficult lessons. In choosing this, you definately gain an understanding of what that abandonment or loneliness feels like.
Nearly all the great teachers say the same thing about the planning or the blue printing of a new incarnation. Remember YOU are the one doing the choosing, the planning, the blue printing. But you must also remember that you may 'change your mind' and alter those plans. You have this freedom.
This is quite opposite the kind of 'karma' some people believe in whereby 'some god or spirit' or some undefined source-- condemns you and issues severe 'punishments' so that you are 'paid back' for harming someone in a recent life. People who believe that are a bit reluctant to verbalize this to another because they KNOW that it sounds extremely mean and judgmental. Sometimes they just pawn it off to saying "We aren't meant to understand why these horrible things happened to so and so... it's part of "God's mysterious ways"... :)
It's a little amusing to me to hear people, who have taken a firm stand against incarnation, try to analyze why some of those 'horrible things' happens(ed) to them. They may quickly cry 'poor innocent victim' and again include God's mysterious ways, always managing to somehow excuse themselves from any and all kind of responsibility. It's not very 'nice' to say "hmmm I wonder what you did to 'deserve' this"... Do you suppose sometime in some lifetime someone said about YOU???  "One day you are gonna get it, sister!" or "you are gonna pay for this, brother!"... even though in this lifetime you may say: "I'm just too nice! I'm just too trusting! I just let people take advantage of me because I'm such a nice person..." And maybe it actually seems that way to you... This doesn't mean that you are supposed to keen and wail about 'how horrible you must have been' ... Staying in the NOW is the best advice we can possibly give heed to.
We are human beings learning how to manage all this great energy...self empowering energy that we HAVE and ARE... during an incarnation -- or -- in non physicality. Without the dark contrast we would have no need to learn compassion, patience, unconditional love, understanding, etc, etc... It's not as if life is a 'test!'...its all experience, and its all about All That Is, the Source of All Creation, being able to expand its consciousness and gain and grow in its own creative abilities. And WE ALL are a PART OF THAT. It's all 'so overwhelmingly BIG' that I could never explain it in this article neither could any famous author 'explain it' in a huge book!
Once we understand and accept the Immutable Laws of the Universe of which the Law of Attraction is the greatest -- we then begin to understand HOW we are meant to use and direct the Energy. Ask and It Is Given. Everytime, says Abe... we just have to learn what works BEST, easiest, and most joyful. 
"Maybe I don't want to be born again"... Well, Abe says we are adventurers and are ready to go back. Sometimes our Higher Self simply decides "I think I would like to understand THIS better"... and then you drawing up your plans. There will come a time when each of us will go on to Other Things besides human existances. It's exciting to think about it. Most any of it beats wearing a white robe, playing a harp, and walking on streets of gold singing praises forever and ever and ever and EVER... THAT, to me, would be hell. Perfection means death. There is no where to go... no more to do, no reason to exist...THINK about that and then stop trying to be perfect. Ain't a gonna happen, dudes! There is no such thing as 'eternal rest.'
One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to stop judging, stop condemning, and dispense with the better than's, as well as the 'I'm not good enoughs'... Turn towards happy thoughts, easy does it, and follow your bliss!! -- you KNOW what makes you Feel Good! You know that being kind and loving makes you Feel Good. DROP THE FEAR BASED BELIEFS! Then forgive yourself and others-- as need be. And don't spend one minute worrying about anyone who doesn't understand a single word I've said. We are ALL in the right place for what we need, and for where we need to be on our paths. And don't forget to say this to yourself: "I" am the only one I need to be lovingly concerned about...
That's what "I AM" is really all about.
I would very much like to recommend a book to you that will remove your fear of death or the afterlife. It's called "The Oversoul Seven Trilogoy" by Jane Roberts. It will expand your consciousness and stretch your imagination to things Bright and Beautiful! I think I can safely 'promise' you that! :)