Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas....whatever that means to you...

It's been an interesting Christmas. If most of us are honest, we admit to Christmastime as that holiday we both look forward to...and forward to it being overwith.
I've noticed that that people with a religious bent are quick to lecture others about 'what Christmas is really all about'...but it doesn't seem to work as much of a defense against their accumulating the same amount of fuss, worry, botheration, and stress that goes with it.
How does one become stressed during this holiday season Simple. By Breathing. As you inhale, you just suck in the stress...and as you exhale you 'share it' with others around you. It's OK. You are not obligated to agree. Nerd
No other holiday brings about so many memories or so much nostalgia as does Christmas. I am not meaning to put a negative slant on it ...but let's face it. Most of those memories evoke a lot of pain and tears. Some of the BEST memories include things such as kittens attacking and knocking down the Christmas tree. I've never known that to bring about tears. Or getting a present that was so goofy you had many laughs for years to come.
There is the old worn out line about "Christmas has become way too commercialized"...become? Its been that way forever. Even Jesus got gifts that were undoubtedly way overpriced for the time and place! Those Wise Guys started the whole thing! Lips Are Sealed
The amount of time, effort, and money (with emphasis on money) a person spends on gifts is no different (I betcha!) than those same people would over-spend during other times of the year. My rule of thumb is: if I ENJOY buying the gift...than the whole thing is justified and just ducky dandy. If I start to scowl or frown or bitch about the price...just don't buy it. It is safe to presume that, yes, I am not a 'big spender' but I am a 'fun spender!'
If one is worried about 'what the other person will think' ... then he or she is stuck with a problem that Christmas can hardly be accountable for.
So, in many ways ... methinks...Christmas brings about both the best...and the people. It emphasizes both their strengths and their weaknesses. It puts to the test what their real values are...
All the controversy about "Merry Christmas" vs "Happy Holidays" SO stupid. And yes, I am satisfied with my choice of word. It's fun to say either one! If you want to attach a religious connotation to it -- do so... do not expect me to absorb your feelings or beliefs. I love to walk down the 16th st Mall and say Happy Hannukah to people...some respond surprizingly jovially...some of them probably taking pride on how tolerant they are of Jews. Well, that's serving a good purpose.
The best thing about ANY happily offered greeting...regardless of the words that are chosen--is the Good Feeling it gives you when you direct it towards a loved one or a stranger... Its a way of reaching out to others in ways we so often afraid we will do or say the wrong thing (or suffer rejection...) I love saying Merry Christmas to people who are Christians of various persuasions, to Jews, to Buddhists, to Hindus, and yes!--even to a some Muslim friends... (I am sure to some of my acquaintances may conclude that aligns me with being a potential terrorist...(again...the word supid comes to mind...) For when you greet someone...what is in your HEART reaches and is reciprocated by the HEARTS of those you greet. My belief in that is strong...and therefore, it does not fail me. Your true intent does not lie...neither does it fool others.
I don't admire or applaud people who "out do themselves" by slaving away, persistant in making an 'impression' on others about how hard they worked or how much they spent. However, I have to allow them their own belief that this makes them 'better'... Sometimes that allowing business can sure make you Rolling Eyes
But I love Christmas and I love to see the excitement that it generates. A little stress if good for us! heh... And irregardless of what people attach to this season of the year...if it makes them Feel Good and Happy (must I add holy and pious?? Mouth At Side )...then I say GO FOR IT.
As for the 'real meaning' of Christmas...that is also a personal choice. To me, it makes no difference if Jesus was a real, genuinely historical character or not... I believe he was...and I think he was a phenomenal teacher who taught the same great lessons as did other Great Teachers...each presenting those same lessons and teachings in different ways.
AND SO...I hope each and everyone of you had a Christmas that left you with warm and wonderful GOOD feelings...and yes, its OK to experience a bit of relief that it is now past for another year. Smile
And so....with 6 hours left as I write this, of Christmas Day, 2009, I wish you all a most happy, blessed, and very Merry Christmas!! I hope it was one of your best!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Acceleration of Time...and the Year 2012

It's nothing new for one to hear: "Time is flying so fast!" What IS new is that the 'feeling' surrounding Time nowadays. People have been uttering that phrase forever...but not in the way they do now. Not even close.
What's happening?..and what does this have to do with the year 2012? Quite a bit, I believe.
To re-quote Einstein yet once again-- it was he who predicted years ago, that we would be experiencing this particular acceleration of Time --(a bit paraphrased here) "It's like observing a tape recorder it nears the end ...the tape itself begins to spin faster and faster --even though the listener experiences whatever is taking place or whatever is being the same rate of speed. Think of Time as the Tape that is spinning." I think that is a wonderfully understandable explanation.
This speeding tape called "Time"...IS approaching 'the end'...but this does not mean the end of -- or self-destruction of -- the world. It is the end of a cycle, however. Astronomers, philosophers, and scientists all know everything goes in cycles. It's just the way of life.
We are coming to the end of a particular cycle of life on Earth...a cycle that was recorded and prophesied by the ancient Mayans. As we approach the Year 2012, be prepared to be bombarded by the media from every angle, exploring and exploiting the various interpretations of the Mayan calendar and what it supposedly means to us as a human race. It has started already! Try not to believe everything you hear or read!
More polarization will be taking place...We seem to be dividing into various groupings based on our personal belief and thought patterns concerning not only the Year 2012 but the way we think about Life itself. This will, I believe, become even more apparent as we approach the end of this particular 36,000 year cycle.
We will be slowly but surely moving into a "Time" -- a new cycle, as this one comes to an end; and experiencing new dimensions. Some call it a new Heaven and a New Earth. What will 'happen to us' will not be caused by some force that comes slamming our way, leaving us hapless victims. Some people, however, do not realize that and choose to believe it will all be catastrophic. Some will choose to stay in a victim mentality...or blame or credit some outside force they call God. That is not the idea of God that most of us hold who read this newsletter. We inwardly know we are responsible for creating our reality. We know we have choices. We know that how we respond to situations is of our own choosing. Yes, sometimes it's difficult to 'own it', but it beats the living heck out of living in Blame and/or Helplessness. It's always, however, our choice.
Reasoning and constant analysis of life's happenings as to the "why's" of events has SO many limits and boundaries, plus, it has a tendency to keep us stuck. This applies to any and all phases, experiences, and events in our lives. We are approaching a time when an increasing number are saying --" I can't figure out what's happening!?"...which means we are on the leading edge of new dimensions! We have to ask ourselves: "What do I expect?" For what we expect...what we truly believe we will see...will, in large part, be what we shall experience.... most definitely in our own personal experience... Remember we are here to be the Watchers when it comes to Mass Consciousness / Events. We pick and choose --then FOCUS on what we want to draw to us. It will become even MORE prudent to keep that in mind as Time goes speeding along.
Most of our teachers are now telling us that we must...must learn to use our intuition. We need to practice this on a daily basis. It mainly requires 'quieting down'...and asking to be led in the direction that is for our Highest Good and the Highest Good of All Concerned. We have to learn to follow our feelings...and trust them. During the next two years we will be lambasted by SO much energy...and not all of it will be positive! We cannot rely on reasoning alone. There will be so much "information" out there. If we do not learn to use our Inner Guidance and Intuitive skills...we may very well become miserably confused, upset, and feel lost.
People who expect 2012 to be fraught with disaster will likely NOT be disappointed. I am sure we all know people who are constantly swimming in's all they talk about, concentrate upon, and feed to others. Because of their negative attitude--they continuously, by Law of Attraction, draw more of the same to them. Be careful how you speak of the upcoming two attention to your words and to your emotions. Do NOT play into anything that is wrapped and soaked in FEAR...
What lies ahead for us is The New Earth. If you have not read Eckhart Tolle's book "A New Earth" I would truly recommend you do so. It is encouraging and self-empowering. Those who expect 'nothing to change' best be careful where their thoughts might lead them. I can't imagine anything too much more discouraging than "more of the same" to what is going on in many arenas of mass consciousness. Is that what we want? I sure don't.
I know for myself, one of my biggest challenges is learning to be more Allowing; allow others to be, say, and do and believe... exactly as they please. Which includes ANYthing that I have written in this article. :)
No one is condemned. Pity the poor person who thinks of God as a whipping board against elements of society that do not meet with his approval...and claims "God thinks as I do."...Those who are quick to condemn others do not actually accept themselves. It's not the other way around.
We all have within us the best built-in gauge possible. Our feelings. When we are allowing and accepting and are grounded in a feeling of Love...we FEEL GOOD!!!! Regardless of how 'self-righteously right" a person is... self-righteousness does NOT make one feel good. That is merely the Ego need for recognition. Know that each person finds their own way, their own path...and over the course of lifetimes... have learned so much by experiencing everything that we might now be judging. Perhaps we should remember this.
Not all of us experience the same reality...even if we are sitting side by side, talking about the same subject. We are not hear to "save others" ... helping others is fine as long as it makes US feel good and we are not trying to 'change them.'... and no one else is here to Save US, either...

As 2012 approaches and Time flies even faster!--we need to practice remaining calm and peaceful. We can still get all enthusiastic and excited and have lots of FUN...that is GOOD for us... but Easy Does It when it comes to our dramas... Let's learn to recenter by stepping outside our dramas and realizing 'that is not really who we are'.... It is time to accept the challenge of becoming Who We Really Are....and stop identifying with the Games and Roles we are playing. We are upward and outward bound... New we come!
I am beginning to see more clearly the importance of keeping my own vibrations clear and aligned with the Source. We need to learn to go with the flow! (not just say it!) Let Go of the games and dramas we tend to get so caught up in. Faith. Trust. I believe its important we start doing this ALL the time...because Time IS flying! Practicing Allowing...which is the true definition of Unconditional Love... The more we keep ourselves happy, free, and content...the more we radiate this outwardly into the world...and into a New Earth that we want to experience.
I hear people saying things are 'getting worse' and that 'their old stuff/problems' are resurfacing again... Well, maybe so--and we 'ain't seen nuttin' yet'..because the energy will be increasing and intensifying. Ever wonder why SO MANY people are on Happy Pills...and why drug and alcohol consumption is increasing? People are trying to handle the energy...but too much of that stuff will just backfire. We have to learn to face and confront our fears. We have what it takes. Everyone does! Just have to tap into it! :)
We need to spend more time in meditation, prayer, yoga, nature!,etc etc and doing whatever it is that helps to make us HAPPY and genuinely (not artificially) FEEL GOOD... ...for it is then that our vibrations are the highest...It is then when we are painting the picture of what the Mama Cass sang years ago: "There's a New World Comin'...and it's just Around the Bend...There's a New World Comin'...this one's comin' to an End....There's a New World Comin' can hear it if you try...Comin' in Peace, Comin' in Joy, Comin' in Love."

REMEMBER: What you do not believe is possible...will not be possible for you. As long as you believe in the necessity of 'necessary evil' will always be necessary for you in your world.
Peace Out, Baby!!
Peace Sign