Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gun Control...What Do You REALLY Believe...??

Let me say, first off, that I do not like guns. At all. I owned one once...for about 2 weeks...that was enough. They are not for me. I respect the fact the some people do not share my opinion.
But having said that, this article may not turn out to be what you might be expecting.
Funny. Ironic, actually. I was looking to write a real bang-up (pardon the pun) article on gun control, and I started in doing research. I couldn't seem to find what I thought I was looking for, but I found what I needed to find in order to align myself with my own beliefs.
Again--'funny' in a way --how when you think you are looking for one thing  --you come up with what you really need to find...which may turn out to be quite the opposite of what you were searching for.
In my searching to 'prove' how I was statistically correct by jumping onto the Gun Control bandwagon, wanting to believe that would 'solve' so many of America's problems... I couldn't seem to find anything to back that up. Nada. Zip.
What I found, much to my surprise, was that the amount of crimes and murders in a country had nothing to do with whether or not the country had loose to strict  gun control -- to banning of guns.
It's not my aim to try to 'prove' this to you using statistics... I would instead ask you to lay your opinion aside (both sides) and simply do some open minded research.
In spite of the fact that I was just sooo positive that I  was on the 'right side' --thinking that the banning of all guns,  especially assault weapons, would prevent 'needless and senseless' murders, what I found instead was -- the absence of guns would not prevent an evil or insane person from committing murder. NOT to a 'significant degree'... I mean that respectfully, so please don't get angry with me here and just  be willing to hear me out.
I know that those of you who read this have many widely varied religious, philosophical, or spiritual beliefs. I am metaphysical which leans more towards a scientific bent, but not void of emotion. 
What kept nagging at me as I was carrying on so vehemently (although somewhat hesitantly at times...) about gun control was that little voice that kept saying: But Betty, if you claim you create your own reality... why are you suddenly believing that 'control and change of situations on the _outside_ ' will bring about a real solution or answer?
Like getting caught up in politics and 'taking sides'... we are more often than not, simply wanting to be 'right.' Both sides guilty.
I had used the quote "If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword'... and I still believe that is true. But not in the superficial, circumstantial, 'realistic' way I was thinking about it.
It's what you BELIEVE that manifests into our reality. If you like it or not...if we lay claim to it or not. It is simply Universal Law. Most religions as well have some scriptural reference to how our thoughts create and that what we think about gives birth to reality. No, my friends ...its not really true that: "shit happens" ... It's just that we are being clueless as to the WHY of it.... We each handle this in our own varying ways...and that's ok, too.
Even a newborn infant is connected to an 'old soul'...or better stated, a 'timeless soul'... I'm not trying to change what you believe, but I found myself having to clarify my own beliefs. No person dies unless it is upon agreement with that greater part of the Self. I know that we ALL have experienced death of loved ones in ways that just tore our hearts apart... and we were reminded of that with this latest school shooting...but we DO have to move beyond that. So many people seem to be hovering like vultures over the worst pictures and most heartbreaking accounts they can find. This IS wrong!...wrong for us and any kind of sense or sensibility. But we are 'media trained' to do this...and we call it 'being concerned or / informed.' Excuse me: but Bovine Elimination.
If you are not metaphysical (or even into quantum physics) I do not expect you to believe what I will now say: But those of us who ARE know that there are blue prints in place, acted upon in accordance to the inescapable Law of Attraction... whereby The Perpetrator and The so called Victim were (for whatever reasons!) drawn together. There are many themes and variations on this idea and I'm not saying one is Right and the other is Wrong.
But we have GOT TO keep focused about what is GOOD FOR US. Moaning, groaning, complaining, condemning, judging, concluding, etc etc etc is NOT going to do anything but energize vibrationally what we do NOT want. Remember that what seems to cure things 'short term' is never the lasting answer or change we seek.
What we do not create deliberately, knowingly, we do so by 'default'...which means our frequencies/vibrations are simply taking their cues/reactions from our strongest beliefs and habitual thoughts. Thank goodness, as Seth told us, that we have 'conflicting beliefs' and that a goodly balance of them are more positive...because it saves our derrieres many a time. To be mindful of our thoughts is one of the most important things we can be doing. Truly.
If we BELIEVE we need to gun to be safe...than you perhaps DO need one, because your belief in that will play itself out. I am not saying 'you are wrong.'
As for me, however, this whole thing was seeing, quite suddenly and surprisingly, that I needed to mentally 'put my money where my mouth was'... or either truly adhere to what I claim to believe or not. I DO believe that in time, as every human continues to expand or evolve, we will all learn how powerful we are...that we ARE creators and that we DO create our reality. Otherwise, to believe we are lowly little sinful 'nothings' that are unworthy and in constant need of 'saving' --would give us a tendency to see life as quite meaningless in the long run, or  for what we call eternity.
I didn't write this to 'win an argument'... I am well aware of every single 'comeback' (re pro-gun control) you could put forth to me. (that means I can understand it, too! :)
It's about my own journey, following my own Light, and maybe taking the hand of another person who temporarily got lost in the 'outside of things'...forgetting how terribly impermanent ALL those physical things are.
Let's forget about and not concentrate on the horror of those bad events. Let's choose instead to picture ourselves filling with Light and Love and sending that Light and Love to those who we think would benefit... because it WILL.
We are all connected... so what do we want to contribute to make our world
a better place?

Friday, December 7, 2012

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? December 21, 2012....

By the time I publish this, there will be only a few days left before, the now infamous, date of December 21, 2012.
Never before has such attention been given to a projected date. The Mayans supposedly predicted this date as being 'the end of time' ... or did they? A lot of controversy surrounds this particular date. Astrologically, it truly IS a time of unusual alignments. There should be no doubt in any one's mind that the earth, our galaxy, and the entire universe goes through significant cycles which definitely has a direct bearing on 'what happens' to our planet...and to other planets. This latest cycle brings about the end of a 26,000 year cycle.
But let's talk about what worries people the most! First of all: the #1 Big Fear:
Will the world come to an end?
Injecting some humor here -- if it does 'come to an end', we will be at a slight disadvantage to argue about it and say 'who was right!' :}
I can only write this from the standpoint of what I, myself, believe.... and what I believe the majority of my readers believe. I don't know of anyone, personally, who believes that Earth will come to a sudden demise and simply no longer exist.
There is more than one way, however, of looiking at what one might consider to be 'the end.'  
It's all individual. Everything always is. NO ONE experiences 'life on Earth' in the same exact way as any other human does. When enough people agree about what they believe and are in agreement (on a subconscious as well as conscious level) upon what they 'see'...this lends itself to what we call mass consciousness. We can be a part of many groups of mass consciousness.
A term that is currently gaining in popularity is the word 'tribe.' Each tribe does not see themselves as members of countless and vast groupings of the masses... but rather, as being set apart from them. So much so, that they don't mind being referred to as being 'weird.' :) A member of a 'tribe' shares more in common, belief wise, than anything that is disagreed upon by its members. Various tribes can have multiple differences, and sometimes they may overlap. The only thing these tribes truly share as a very distinct commonality--is that they KNOW they do not 'go along with the crowd'... and this can envelope many different aspects of life. Back in the hippie days, it was called being 'anti-establishment.'
Metaphysics is gaining in acceptance and popularity. All over the world. A lot of Hundredth Monkey business contributed to that. An amazing phenomena.
Many people are becoming aware of the 'polarization' that has been going on..(meaning you are more acutely aware of where you 'belong' and where you do not). This is good in that it serves as a vantage point. Sometimes, as of late especially, events/situations have been painful for us..but polarization has caused us to 'see what we are doing or thinking' --and-- if it is benefiting us...or not.
The 'old ways' are dying hard..In some ways, its like overcoming addictions. We are each learning to open and expand more -- in our own ways, in our own timing.
The more we Let Go of the old embedded ideas of 'good and bad' and 'right or wrong' the more we will start allowing our OWN god power -- which we have always been endowed with. Before our Earth experiences as humans, we set up some interesting 'games' for ourselves in which we CHOSE to get lost or forget in order to find our way back to our own Power.... the main we 'forgot' was  remembering to look WITHIN...rather than to something we had convinced ourselves was OUTSIDE of ourselves.
Most of you know exactly what I am talking about when I say "This new Energy has been really difficult to live with...and becoming more so!" Since everything... yes, everything is frequency and vibration it shouldn't be overly surprising to us "that the times, they are a changin' "(and how!) .... The only constant is change. Everything is in continuous motion...nothing remains stagnant... although sometimes we try to insist to our 'minds' that it must 'remain the same.' To Let Go and TRULY 'go with the flow' takes a LOT more Faith and Trust than any of the ol' time organized religions especially that of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, ever demanded of us... But, to be fair, they have all served (are serving) as stepping stones, and to level all our criticism at any one of them is NOT 'Letting Go'... in fact, it serves us as velcro that holds us back and keeps us from expanding our consciousness. I know...
It's not easy! :)
What will 'come to an end' will, once again, be an individual matter. When we are drawn to, attracted to (in many cases born to) members of a 'tribe'... we most likely will experience the same 'end' events. As for me (and my tribe) I believe we will, individually and tribally, observe the same big changes, and most of those changes will consist of moving forward in a more expansive direction of one's consciousness and total being, choosing to leave behind the baggage, garbage, and the whatevers... all the things that did not serve us...but in fact, hurt us. This is not to say that individuality will not still predominate. We each have to learn to 'stand alone'...not just rely on any group think, as comforting as that can be.
Who is to say that for some people 'the world won't come to 'an end' in the way that THEY think about it and strongly believe in it. We continuously CREATE OUR OWN REALITY...One of the hardest ideas to LET GO OF is one that says: "we are ALL observing the same thing." In stubbornly clinging to that kind of thinking, some of us who consider ourselves more liberated in our thinking, are actually on the same 'track' as those who keep insisting on the concept of: 'one god of the bible'... Same theatre, different movie. (especially when we mutter to ourselves, yeah, but, they are wrong and we are right..:) See what I mean? :)
I do believe the date: December 21, 2012
will be a very powerful day. Look how much focus and attention it will be given...!Whatever we focus upon and give our attention to becomes very significant and powerful ways. Hence, the energy will be, in my opinion, VERY strong that day...This, my friends, including possible doubters, :) is simply SCIENCE. (quantum physics to be precise) It's not some far out intangible, pink fluff thinking.
Perhaps, then, by being aware of this, it would wise to have this day be a day
of working with INTENTIONS... What is it we really and truly want? We need to make sure that what we want TRULY is what we know will genuinely benefit us.
It will be a most excellent day for meditation, prayer, and thoughtful reflection, (and any kind ritual) that you believe is for your Highest Good...and don't forget to add, the Highest Good of All.
So learn to hang on to safety bar of Faith and Trust... cuz its a real possibility that the roller coaster ride could get even wilder with higher crests and deeper valleys before we enter the newer and improved dimensions!... Maybe we best learn how to have FUN while doing this? Sounds like a good plan to me!!
LIVE, LOVE, and LAUGH is a good motto.
As the P's once told us. "You can fool everybody else by what you are appearing to think and be, you can even temporarily fool canNOT fool your OWN frequencies." (which basically are our REAL beliefs...) What we manifest into being will be directed by those vibrations/frequencies. So above all else, let's be true to ourselves. Let's LET GO of what is not serving us well.
Let's Think Peace and Joy!!.. A great combo.

Friday, November 30, 2012

FACEBOOK...and Our FB Friends

I thought this might be a good light-weight subject to talk about. Anyway -- I'll try to keep it light-weight! Mostly. Kinda... :)
Ah, Facebook. If one has never experienced what it's like to both love and hate something on the Internet at the same time, you most likely are not caught up in Facebook.
I have what I consider to be a 'good bunch' --nice, intelligent, small group of Facebook friends with good senses of humor-only around 60 or so.. I think those who gather up thousands of 'friends' on FB are in need of something they are not gonna get from Facebook!
For the most part, as in life itself, water usually finds its own comfortable level. Most of the friends you keep on FB are the ones you share a certain commonality with....which may include similar philosophies and personal beliefs... and ...even if you don't have 'that much' in common, you find it easy to be tolerant and allowing, a have respect for your differences because this 'friend' is a real decent sort.
Facebook has made it wonderfully possible to get acquainted with people from all over the Earth! That still thrills me! Far less than a hundred years ago, the majority of people were fairly provincial. If you knew people from long distances away, chances are they were relatives. But how things have changed! To me, it's fun getting differing perspectives on subjects from people who live in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa... even New Jersey! (bad joke... ;)
It still fascinates me that I can be chatting with someone waaaaaaay over on the other side of the world! 
Facebook is unquestionably the best vacuum for 'profiling'   the government has ever taken advantage of (or maybe instigated! :) ...and basically nothing is secret. Is that so bad? Maybe. Maybe not. It's always our choice as to whether or not we want to stay under the radar on FB...
 Probably the 'worst' thing about Facebook is that it is so addictive. I am doing better! :)  I have 'cut the dose in half' so to speak.
Everything in life is a 'mirror' one way or another..although we may not like to see it as such...(usually when we disagree with 'what we see in the mirror.' ;) Sometimes our FB friends provide us with a better mirror than some of our 'in person' friends do. During some of my exchanges with FB friends I have experienced many more emotions than I thought one could with someone that one doesn't really 'know in person.'  You learn a LOT about yourself.
Sometimes this reflecting can be rather uncomfortable...even painful for us.
Other times it's just pure joy, because FB friends can give us opportunities to reach out and 'help' in ways that some of our 'in person' friends do not.
I think we can do best if we intend to learn more patience, more tolerance, and be willing to take a look at those places within us that really challenge our 'comfort zones.'
Sometimes the 'comments' from not just FB friends but anyone who responds to certain posts or comments, can teach us a lot about ourselves. I am always annoyed by those, especially on sites having to do with spirituality, who seem to always appear having a perfect understanding, no problems because they have become SO enlightened, and others want confirmation by having the wisdom to always agree. :) It took me awhile to learn to be blunt and totally honest (MPOV) without being unkind. I am not beyond pointing a few arrows back at ones  who are cruel or needlessly insulting to my FB friends. This, too, needs to be self-examined. I am not implying that FB should be taken as seriously as a monastery or school of theology....only saying that there are always opportunities to learn...especially learn to Let Go. We all need to keep re-learning how to detach, step back, breathe, and THEN...maybe delete...backspace, etc... and post something we will not regret. We all forget this at times --so we get over it! Forgive others and ourselves.
FB also provides a way for us to further learn how to discern just WHAT we believe--and also how to say NO... and that includes un-friending people not only on FB but in so called 'real life.' Life (even on FB) is not about 'having' to learn to accept belief systems and attitudes that are contrary to our own... but to use these situations to help clarify what WE need, what do "I" believe... and to be able to then say NO... _click_...done. BUT (another one of those big but's :)  --none of it has to be done with hate... because we will most likely be presented with yet another 'opportunity' to repeat some similar  situation or occasion...until we learn to say no...without screaming it while throwing verbal rocks. :)
As in every corner of life, FB is just another corner where we learn that we are Creating It All.
As in all phases of life, it's necessary to keep a Balance... and not be constantly plugged in to our electronic technology. As the P's told us: If your spirituality does not remain on the same level as your technology, you will soon find yourself losing your humanity.
I think we will be discovering, more and more, the vast importance of being connected with the Earth... in order to keep that Balance.
Nearly every teacher of any importance is telling us the same thing... the same thing that Buddhism has taught for thousands of years: SIMPLIFY. We can't keep burying ourselves in our TVs, DVD players, the computer and the Internet just to 'escape.' We can 'feel' this lesson if we really try... no one has to outwardly 'teach' us this...
With FB as with everything else: Everything in moderation. Best advice ever.



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You Are Your Own Worst Judge... So: Stop It~!!

No one...absolutely no harder on us than we are on ourselves.
We spend so much all times of the day or night...judging ourselves, criticizing ourselves, and in ways that we may not realize-- reminding ourselves that we are not 'good enough.'
Granted, some may be more guilty of this 'habit' (and that's what it IS...a habit) than others, but still, to one degree or another, each of us are the ones standing before us, like a scolding authority figure shaking that admonishing finger.
Naturally, we all have reacted in different ways when others reminded us that we needed to be 'better' to be 'good enough'. There are many variables, when it comes to our many life experiences, so I will just 'generalize.' :)
Authority figures of all kinds, parents, teachers-- all have played significant roles in shaping our personalities / belief systems. But the  two factions that played the most impressionable roles can be credited to religion and the cultural philosophies that surrounded us as we were growing up.  Those with no religious training usually relied exclusively, then, on cultural / philosophical influences of authority figures. Both contributed heavily to our personal beliefs about our selves and our self images. Even though other influences factored in, those two were most likely to determine what and how we 'thought about ourselves' -- our very style of thinking. Those habitual thoughts were either positive and beneficial...or just the opposite. Sometimes a confusing mixture of the two!
It can be uncomfortable--even very disturbing to ask oneself: "Do I think I am a good person?" or stated another way: "Am I good enough?" We generally conclude that we could -- or -- should be 'better.'
Adding a sorely needed touch of humor here -- perhaps the biggest test of all that many folks use as a 'comparitive standard' for seeing if they (and others!) have 'succeeded in life' is attending the infamous and usually dreaded "class reunion"...the 10th and the 25th seeming holding much significance! No wonder the 'class reunion' was an oft chosen theme for many comedy type movies! :)
We all know that many (and highly varied) types of religions didn't exist for the purpose of making one feel better / positive about life, but of reminding one how sinful, frail, weak, and bereft of naturally good values -- as in worthless sinners.  I can joke about it -- but it is a far cry from a joking matter when it takes countless years to start believing in any kind of inate goodness about oneself.
 I am not forgetting the metaphysical types of organizations or churches that many have chosen to experience...Here, too, differences in spiritual approaches can vary greatly...but they are pleasantly devoid of "hell and damnation." Metaphysics may have far out fringe groups that seem to spend a lot of time in la la land --as compared to groups that are extremely grounded in a scientific approach...including quantum physics... distinguishing them from most organized religions who rely on 'outside sources' to save them instead of seeking the power within and seeing it as The All.
I would like to think that more people are 'waking up' and letting go of the more primitive, fear based ideas of what they call 'god'... I only mention this because it DOES play a crucial role in how we view OURSELVES. Meta physicians can punish themselves ALSO by unduly holding themselves mercilessly accountable for every fleeing thought they have....or DON'T have.... they can be their OWN worst 'gods.'...
Please note: I am not even going to touch the religions of Judaism and Islam.
 Even as sensible and logical as Buddhist teachings are...some adherents can carry servitude and self-sacrifice to a rather scary extreme!  Kind of like the monks tribe in Italy that wear horsehair robes and beat themselves with straps. Kind of a religious S & M... Well, at least they aren't hurting others!
So!--you ask, what  is 'wrong' with wanting to 'be better'... to 'amount to something,' to improve, to expand, to be more worthwhile or worthy, or to 'grow' more? And heaven forbid -- the big one: "achieve your potential~!!"... like who in the heck ever did that?? It is my opinion that the absolute WORST thing a person can say of another is: "He/She wasted his/her whole life"... So who died and put those Judges on some Divine throne?!
There is NOTHING wrong with want to 'be better' ... as long as it's not done from a negative standpoint. It's when it becomes obsessive that it can serve just the opposite of what you are wanting to do.
 "Only those people who are afraid they themselves are 'not good enough' are most likely to see the least good in others." Having to think of oneself as 'better than' is always based in fear....not 'superiority.'
So far, what I have said is maybe a wee bit 'theoretical' ... So let's get down to the nitty gritty of what might be an 'average day in the life of ...?'
Here might be a typical day...just insert your own comings and goings: Alarm rings. Monkey-mind starts chattering ceaselessly: I have GOT to go to bed earlier, Now I don't have clean laundry, I'm too lazy. I should eat something besides pop tarts for breakfast. Dammit I didn't get the car washed buy gas! What's the matter with me!  I hate my boss, I am wrong for doing that, I really do have a bad attitude. I need to find a new job but don't really deserve one because I KNOW don't try hard enough. I should treat my co-workers nicer, its my fault the way they act. I didn't spend enough quality time with my wife, kids, partner, friends, relatives, etc etc.. I am not doing nearly enough in the way of improving my church habits -- or following my spiritual beliefs, its no wonder I never feel good about myself! I hate my weight, I always 'eat wrong'.. I need to stick with an exercise program. I lose my temper too quickly. I really can be a loser. I need to try harder in every way. I just do SO many things wrong. I know I need to be so much better in so many areas. I'm really kind of a mess... oh yes, I have some good points, but they barely count...
Now...recognize ANY of that? There is no way, without challenging the content of Google, that I could list all of our familiar monkey-mind chattering.
What's so sad...and bad...about our continuous self-deprecating, is that we are not even AWARE most of the time that we are doing it. Our barrage of continuous negative thinking becomes a bit like learning to walk with a limp. You get used to it.
However, these culprit thoughts do not have to be harmful .. They are only so when you continuously pay attention to them and 'dwell' on them. It is absolutely impossible to go around thinking 'nice thoughts' all day long. Try it...within less than 5 minutes you'll be judging yourself as to 'how well' you are doing. :)
Memories are thoughts focused upon. Good ones can be fun, but you can overdo it and become delusional, totally escaping the Now.  Focusing upon 'bad ones' can be damaging especially when it involves guilt. Seth put it best in talking about guilt. He said that ALL guilt is's purpose has been served when it simply tells you 'don't repeat it.' For those of who insist upon 'blame and punishment of those who have wronged you' ... you are totally creating your own self-punishment. 'God' and or 'The State' are the weapons you want used against others because you think it will bring you 'peace.' ... oh please...
So what to do...?....
Give yourself a break... continuously. If you 'fuck up' what!  Life will go on regardless of what you have done or didn't do. Even meta physicians have to guard against playing the eternal judgement game. Stop thinking what you do or don't do will make or break somebody else. Everything is a game played out, via the Law of Attraction. You cannot even KILL somebody without the other's soul consent. Not that I am advising it.  STOP thinking about what you 'should have done'...just LET IT GO. Forgive yourself (if you want to put it that way) constantly all throughout the day. This is NOT to say that you shouldn't act in a way that makes you Feel Good... but the way to Feeling Good, peaceful, content, OK, etc... is NOT through beating up on yourself. Just LIVE ... and Let Live. Buddhism does put it best when it speaks of 'being Mindful' ... in other words, are you allowing yourself to get sucked in and down under the powerful stream of your thoughts...or are you standing back and saying, (as Pema Chodron says) "Thinking...just thinking...that's all it is." And just Let it Go.
You are of NO HELP to anyone by acting overly humble, self-deprecating, or acting the part of the 'over-achiever'... Knock it off about the 'regrets' if your perpetual humiliation is spiritually awesome. It's NOT. It's aggravating.
When we love and accept ourselves for exactly who we are then our MINDS function best: creativity and inspiration can start to work! Screw what anybody else thinks. If you are doing what is right for you...that is ALL that matters. That is honoring the All That Is within.
As Bob Marley sang: Don't Worry...Be Happy.
Not saying a state of totally high bliss... but a REAL OK-ness! :)
If you say: 'yeah, but its not that easy'... But it can be done!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

We are ALL Capable of Murder

The recent kidnapping/murder case that shook the souls of Denver residents is supposedly now 'solved.' I am hoping that somehow this gives Jessica Ridgeway's parents and family at least a small measure of relief. I feel so sorry for them. I don't feel, however, that it is 'solved' in any way. Solving this, to my way of thinking, comes down to our own personal self-searching, and being willing to dispense with ANY kind of judgment while doing so...and most importantly, finding some semblance of answers that means something to us individually.

I realize and fully admit that if this tragedy would have happened to any of my loved ones, I would probably (at least for awhile) join the throngs wanting hell and damnation for the 17 yr old killer, Austin Sigg. But from my Right Now perspective, I can't help but feel a powerful, overwhelming sadness for everyone concerned...and that includes this young man.
I believe that each and everyone of us has the inner potential of being a murderer.
Many of you might agree to a point... falling back on the justifications such as self-defense, protecting your loved ones, the total loss of sanity in war, etc... but will not agree that you would be capable of coldly plotting a murder and carrying out what seems like the most evil of all actions.
I am not trying to 'defend' what this 17 yr old killer did per say... but I am saying ... in the words of The Shadow who used to say at the end of every radio program: "Who knows...what evil...lurks in the hearts of man...The Shadow Knows..."...and then there would be that awful laugh.
This is what I believe simply exists for us in our Earthly Costumes and Physical Consciousness.
Light and Dark both exist. Opposites. Polarity. Dualism.
We are creators. We have free will. We are sentient beings. We are not hapless victims of a chaotic universe. Regardless of what our thoughts/beliefs are on how we 'evolved' to this present moment in time, most agree on one thing: We always have a choice. It may not 'seem' or feel that way, but nonetheless, we do.
Maybe my saying we all have a dark side would be more acceptable and palatable if I'd say it this way: EVERYTHING EXISTS and we are part of that EVERYTHING. The ALL THAT IS.
Not even some New Thought is willing to stretch that idea beyond their comfort zones. But the way I look at it, what is not examined and faced is likely to grow in that denied Darkness if its not exposed to the Light.
We have ALL entertained 'evil thoughts'... ok...(all except for several of those flawless beings who glow in the dark :) if we like to admit it or not.
Like the well documented story of the inhabitants of Easter Island who could not 'see' the oncoming ships that the explorer pointed out, we DO need experience or a point of reference to make an association. Then we can relate, understand, and 'see.'
I believe 100% what the teacher Seth said: During all of your various lifetimes -- you have done it all.  I am tempted to reference metaphysics at this time, but will refrain (as best I can :) from doing that.
Regardless of our philosophical, religious, or experiential beliefs/thoughts/reasonings, we do know this. If we are seeringly honest: It does not feel good to condemn even the worst of criminals. It may give one's ego a temporary ego-high ... but that has nothing to do with the incomparable feelings of true, genuine feel-good-ness. Absolutely no relationship there whatsoever. It's amazing how the media can totally drag us around by the nose and we submerge into a crazed group think .. feeling self-righteous and screaming for blood.
Forget, please, about all the 'yeah BUT' retorts and think, just momentarily about how any of your come-back arguments are serving you...and what has this entire story done to you personally? Do you follow mob thinking?... or do you pause, reflect, and wonder how this young man arrived at that Darkness.
Don't give me any shit (sorry there is NO other word for it) like, gazing blank faced heavenward, clasping your hands to your heart, and saying in your best Sunday voice:
"It's not up to me to's up to God." ...That is the MOST self-righteous judgment of ALL....mainly because (IMO) you have never really been encouraged to think for yourself, question, examine, or show any other traits that resemble depth of intellect or true spiritually human character.
I personally think we attract the 'knowledge' of things such as this horrendous murder for a purpose that is known to us... so that we can take a look at ourselves and ask "What kind of reactions do I feel the best with...our peaceful best with...when I think about this incident?" For those of you who claim you believe in the Oneness of Humanity...that shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Actually, you have the advantage here.
What you feel toward this young man is not affecting HIM...but you are affecting YOURSELF AND THE WORLD. Those of us who know reincarnation to be a 'fact'... know that we have NO idea what plans had been in the making...or WHY... for all those concerned in this overwhelmingly upsetting happening.
So Let the courts and all the people involved in the upcoming proceedings do what they think they must. But "you" take care of "you." Don't use 'others' as your excuse for the way you think or react. If there was ever a time in Denver (and all the world over!) that we need to calm down, meditate, pray/visualize in our own ways, and most of all send LOVE and  good energy to everyone... in this Now.
Peace to us all.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Note To My Readers

Hi Dear Readers,
I have chosen to delete the article enitled
"Athiests, Agnostics, Religionists"
for personal reasons of my own.
Thanks for your positive input, however,
I am just following my intuition on this one.
I appreciate my followers, readers, of this newsletter
and I shall have another one ready shortly!
Have a super good week! Take care, and those of you from the U.S.,
don't let this horrible energy from all the rotten politics get to you.
Keep yourself centered and happy! You deserve that!
Bless you all!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Will We Ever Learn to THINK Outside of The Two Party System?

Our two party system is strictly for the birds... not meaning to insult some of nature's finest creatures!
I was 'raised' a Democrat. My Dad used to tell me the same line I am sure many of you heard growing up: The Democrats care about the poor, and the Republicans only care about the rich. To a certain extent that still may be true...some of it... but it has gotten a LOT more complicated than that! IMO, both parties have taken on aspects that I simply do not like. If 'you' do --hey, that's fine.
What the two party system has succeeded in doing to the ultimate extreme is to polarize the people of this nation, dividing them to the point where most people of both parties have become radicals adherants with no tolerance of the other's opinions. Both sides have become so narrow and unyielding, because of their utter devotion to their respective parties, that there is little wiggle room for any kind of discernment or intelligent deciphering. The unquestioning devotion is frightening.
No, not 'all' (either party) are like this. And, what is, to me, most encouraging of all, is that many people are beginning to WAKE UP and realize "wait a minute, something is not quite right here...' Thanks be to all that is GOOD for that.
As tempting as it is, I will refrain from divulging some of the things I believe (or don't believe) about our government--not any of which is too complimentary...but we'll just play the game here as it 'appears' to be.
Most of my friends know I do NOT vote. When I tell people this, I take my chances. Its like "Leave this country!" and I an assigned to a fairly low number on their shit list. I do not care. It's my belief that it is NOT 'the people' who 'elect' the next president. You see, I WOULD actually vote for certain people who I believe are NOT corrupt or puppet material. What pisses me off more than ANYTHING else is when people tell me "Well, if you vote for that might as well be voting for _____ (insert candidate of your choice here...) Or the other other one: "If you don't vote you have no right to complain!" Oh please, gimme a break! This I will admit to: Even though my vote may not 'count' if I voted outside of the Hallowed Two Party religions... I would at least have the satisfaction of following my feelings. And for that reason, I will end up doing a Write In. Last time I voted, I did just that. I wrote "Mickey Mouse" clearly and boldly on the specified write-in line. If you want to credit me with the current mess we have in this country, please, be my guest.
A friend of mine on FB, taking his own chances of disapproval, said that there were things from BOTH parties that he agreed with. I agree with that. When you take some of those 'party ideals' and blend them into the same pot -- you've got a pretty sensible mix. Again, IMO. Thing is, both parties bullshit their way through their speeches and rhetoric...and a lot of it can be catogorized under Hot Air, Sounds Good, and ApCray. Same person also wisely observed: I get tired of people thinking the country will go to hell if _______ becomes president. Like we are pinning all of our OWN personal power and responsibility on one person, giving him all of our power, and ready to let everything go to hell in a handbasket. That is the epitome of stupidity. I know, I know...if some of you have read it THIS far, mayhaps you have assigned to me the title of in over simplifying everything because 'she really doesn't get it.' Yeah, I do.
Basically, I believe in the principals of anarchy. Self rule. Ok, stop rolling your eyes. I am talking about the TRUE principals of anarchy which, to me, IMO, complies with the teachings of Metaphysics ( and/of including Quantum Physics. You Create Your Own Reality. Do I really believe that? Yup~! Am I always a bright, shining, and flawless example of that? Nope. :) But it is where my core -- my HEART is.
Those of you who are picturing anarchists as lawless pillagers and plunderers, please educate yourselves, do a little Googling and be willing to see the Big Picture. Dankeshane. :) If you understand the principals of metaphysics and Universal Laws..ex: The Law of Attraction, then you know my idea isn't Pink Fluff. If you don't, I can understand, too. If we see the world and all of humanity as BAAAAD...that it needs to be SAVED...and it needs LAWS to govern every breath we take...then then DO need those Laws. For "IT IS DONE UNTO YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR BELIEFS" Thank you, Jesus.  Idealistic. Sure. I know it is. But it beats the heck out of all the hate and prejudice that goes on between the two parties.
I am proud of my friends who are affiliated with Occupy and Anarchists. They are able to see beyond the 'script' that is handed out to us via the media and mainstream mind control. Sure, you will always have a few 'that give it a bad name'... well, ladies and gents, may I then present to you the MAJORITY of the two parties who are afraid to crawl OUT of the box and have blind faith in the Sanctity of Their Sacred Parties.
Sheesh, people.
True, we each have to do 'our own thing.' Slowly, people ARE waking up and actually starting to Question Authority!! Someday, I DO BELIEVE... the Hundredth Monkey principal WILL overcome this two party system -- and I intend to be part of those groups of people who BELIEVE in something far greater than being a Republican or a Democrat... for The Awakened Ones WILL change things, by assuming
RESPONSIBILITY for their lives coupled with the WILLINGNESS to do that. Peace. 
Enough for now. ( I HEARD THAT...) :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Want to Feel Good more often?? Try what is suggested in this article!

"What's the magic word" or "What do you say!?" are phrases people often direct towards children in coaxing them to say 'thank you' ... if the kid feels like it or not! It's not that a parent / authority figure, etc shouldn't try to teach simple politeness and manners to children, but I've noticed that an explanation very seldom accompanies this order. When the child asks 'why?' the usual reply may be: "Just because I said so!" This is not going to give a single clue about the little ritual the child is expected to perform. It becomes simply one of those things a child is expected to perform because Mom or Dad or somebody 'said so.' This often results in a performance that doesn't come from the heart...but rote-like, empty words droned out of the kid's mouth who learns he will 'gain approval' if he responds correctly. The real meaning of thanks and gratitude is lost. Sadly, the child may not learn that genuinely meant thanks could open up a wide and wonderful world. To adults, too!
I am not putting down genuinely expressed gratitude... only pointing out that somewhere along the line if a parent would only take the time to explain to a child, (who can understand far more than we give them credit for), that being thankful or expressing thanks can indeed be magical --then the whole ceremony of 'giving thanks' would take on a self-empowering and magical meaning!
"Why should I say thank you, Mommy?" Child asks. Parent usually answers: "Because its polite, because people will like you, because people will think you are NICE, because it will make Mommy and Daddy look like they are doing their job," etc etc etc, and they may even throw in: 'God will think you are a good boy/girl.' "
So basically what children are learning is: If I say and do the right thing, I will gain the approval of others and that makes me 'good person.' What is really learned? -- I am only as good as others think I am. This is only one of the ways we begin to view ourselves in light of 'the rest of the world.'
When we say the right words and do the 'right things'... we then will be accepted, approved of, and given validation by the rest of the world... because that is how we 'earn the right' to approval. Our own feelings didn't fact, they became harder to recognize. We learned we needed to be 'saved' from ourselves and made worthy by manipulating outside approval...
I am sure many of you have heard the phrase "Attitude of Gratitude"... It's a good one...if... it's really understood. It has nothing to do with the obligatory phrases we say to others 'at appropriate times.' It's an attitude toward Life. And best of all, it's a Tool to get into Alignment with Universal Source, with Feeling Good. It's like grabbing ahold of a torch that re-lights the Way when we are feeling our very worst.
Sometimes we have to give ourselves a little time to sit on that ol' Pity Pot! So, sit there awhile until you know you are tired of it. ...until you know that you want to feel differently.
That is incredibly important...because we ARE in charge... nothing will change for a loooong time unless we truly want to feel differently. So. Assuming that we do, maybe we should give this Attitude of Gratitude a spin ... Here is what we do.
First: Find something to be thankful for. And I don't mean that a Porche has to be sitting in your mansion's garage... Just look around at what you HAVE...and believe me...anyone reading this has a LOT more than what you may give credit to!
Just look around you...even at the 'little stuff.' Example: I'm thankful for: --my glasses, my box of kleenex, my cellphone, my computer and desk, my eyedrops, the chair I am sitting on, my clock, my lamp and its stand. the clothes I have on, the card table...etc etc etc ... Just average everyday things we take for granted. I know --there are the 'big important things' like family and friends and YES we need to often express thanks for them. Doing this, even if it's like a game, one will notice a gradual change in one's attitude. Sometimes quickly...sometime it takes awhile. That's ok. Don't take ANY of your feelings too seriously.
Abraham suggests people go on "Rampages of Appreciation" ... the more we practice it, the easier it becomes to keep away the blues, the times of self pity, the anger, depression, etc. And yes, it really works.__IF___we want it to. That is key to anything we do. Want. Desire. Intention.
The Universe gives us 'more of' what we are focusing on and giving our attention to. The aim here is NOT to 'feel good 100% of the time'... but to learn how to help ourselves feel better more often... to help us bounce back more quickly, rebound, recover.
We all know people who seem to be cranky and upset all the time, literally drowning in their supposed victimhood. They make a HABIT of negative thinking-- daydreaming the most negative scenarios, being constantly critical and fault finding. Their misery is self-imposed. We are all aware of those people who we love to be around! They don't bring you down or drain your energy and they are not always bitching -- to put it in plain language. They have learned to have a sense of humor about themselves. They have learned the art of appreciation for so many, many things. It became habitual.
Maybe...even out of curiousity, one could try playing the Thank You, Attitude of Gratitude game, for awhile. Giving it a heartfelt chance, one might find oneself being delighted with the results!! And FEELING GOOD is worth it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do We Need to Take Sides???

With so much division and derision and indecision going on -- not only in the U.S. but all over the world-- there are times I just want to say "Just shut up ... all of you!...I don't want to hear anymore from ANY of you."

So many people are wanting you to 'take sides.' Their argument is based on: you are either FOR me, it, or them... or are AGAINST me, it, or them. Without going into a lot of psycho-babble, I think their desperate need to be agreed with comes from a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty about what they claim to 'believe' in.

If you decide 'not to take sides' you most likely will be considered weak, lacking in character and/or conviction...or...accused of not having the insight or intelligence to see 'what is really going on.' You have to take a stand!! If you don't -- you are most generally branded as uninformed...and most definately thought of as uncaring: you don't care enough about your fellow human beings to 'do something about it!'

I have experienced 'my day as an activist' ... so it's not as if I haven't 'been there, done that.' However, things were less hateful when I was doing my own thing, in spite of insolated riotous incidents that plunged the media into a frenzy.

I have friends who are activists now. They have 'level heads' as the saying goes. I admire that. They enjoy doing what they are doing. Therein, to me, lies the 'pivotal point.' If one is motivated by hate and getting off on 'putting the other guy down' or angrily winning arguments... one is actually fighting against what one wants to see.

Winning a physical or oratorical fight by squashing the opponent is FAR easier than teaching by example.

It seems to me that I see, hear, and read of many people who know what they are AGAINST ... but they don't know 'what in the world' they are FOR. It's easy to quickly say (scream!) "Equality! Equal Rights!" ... but when you ask them to detail what they are talking about, more reflective thinking is required. Simply saying "Well, I should be able to say and do just exactly what he or she gets to say and do." And they want LAWS to make sure they are able to attain those sometimes nebulous sounding privileges, while at the same time complaining about 'too much government and too many laws.'

Right now, the main topic that underlines this 'for or against' business is the upcoming Presidential election. It's like __all of our individual successes depend, totally and completely, upon specific 'outside' factors.__It all depends upon: who wins the presidency in November. That is totally and completely ludicrous!

Granted, it is difficult, if not 'almost impossible' (forgive the oxymoron) to not feel or have certain inclinations towards opposite 'sides.' Our thinking and reactions have been so programmed from toddlerhood...that to claim otherwise would be blatant denial. But...a biiiig but here, once again... if we are not able to step back and observe our thinking, feelings, and reactions, it means: we are not truly owning our own minds.

Those of us who know we Create Our Own Reality - have to remind ourselves (sometimes quite often) that we cannot point fingers of blame on those in office, or upon those 'unfair' rules and regulations, upon 'the radical Right religionists, (religion of ANY kind) upon the bigots, or the war or hate mongers. It doesn't mean you have to like or agree with them, or do anything to encourage them. But to 'fight against' with violence, or the same kind of hateful energy...means losing...every time. The Left can be JUST as self-righteous as the Right.

I grew up in a community in which we had Conscientious Objectors. They would not fight in a war. They were made fun of, called Cowardly Objectors, there only contribution to the 'war effort' was cleaning bedpans in military hospitals. I would hear: 'The REAL soldiers' who serve 'god and country' have to fight for THEIR freedom. I definately overcame that thinking.

Our government -- with all its mess and coruption--is a reflection of what WE, as Americans have allowed it to become by handing over our Inner Power to the corporate heads, politicans, and ne'er do goods...and yes, this includes the world's Ruling Religions who have shut down minds to the point we lost critical thinking skills. Sorry if that offends. (actually, I'm not...:) What has hurt us, more than helped us is this so called 'political correctness.' It has elevated victimhood to a new (and untouchable) level. I know I am treading on very touchy, very volatile ground.

As much as people claim Ghandi to be a hero and admire his peaceful, non-violent principles, many of them are just blowing (but very pious sounding) hot air. Back in the '60's, many people became disenchanted with organized religion and found Buddhism appealing... however, very few actually applied the principals of Buddhist philosophy to their own lives. Especially the teachings of non-violence (in word and deed), compassion, and _detachment_ .

I am not holding myself up as some pure, blameless, shining example of what I honestly DO believe needs to be done... but even though I fall, I get up, and proceed again on the path. This I believe: We could turn this country...we ALL could turn this WORLD... into one that is loving and 'fair' for all ... if we would stop the violence and the fighting (not just in the middle East but between political parties!) in our MINDS!-- and detach from thinking that "WE are the ones in the right!!...isn't that evident!!" ... We are so busy JUSTIFYING our beliefs there is no room for love or compassion -- although we CLAIM that is what we are 'fighting' for!

I know people of color, gay people, women, the handicapped, and people who adhere to controversial philosophies, poor people (and even rich people :) ... who CHOOSE to ignore what insults may be hurled at them and consequently are leading everyday, average, pleasant enough lives without 'fighting against the system.' That is a LOT harder to do!!! They have learned all about The Law of Attraction. I also have activist friends who are truly loving people who are simply enjoying, inwardly, helping other people, without calling attention to themselves. I'm all for peaceful protests!

In the end, we learn we can NOT 'save' others. But we CAN look inward, and with peacful intentions, know what feels GOOD...a peacful kind of GOOD... and live our own lives in a way that we 'know' we need to do. That is a spiritual knowing....and cannot be 'enacted into human law.' :)




Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Internet...and...Law of Attraction

I usually listen to a few minutes of an Abe tape each morning, just to get some good vibes going. What I heard the other day really grabbed my attention.

Abraham made the statement that there is no other device in this modern day world that better reflects the Law of Attraction than the Internet.

I know I had listened to that tape many times before, but never before had that statement grabbed my attention so profoundly as it did last week.

Our brains are basically nothing but computers. Notice: I did not say 'minds'.. there is a difference. Consciousness, Awareness, and Being are attributes of the mind. The mind feeds into the computer-like brain which in turn attracts what we experience. Our belief systems are the results of what we repeatedly think and imagine, which causes how we react physically and emotionally....(just like programming a computer or some might say Quantum Physics.) All this feeds into how we use the Internet...and what we get out of it. Nerd

The Internet, for the largest part, is an interactive device. This makes it unlike television, newspapers, magazines, etc. whereby little or no interaction is involved. The Internet is marvelous in the way it is able to connect us with people from all over the world. People we have attracted to us! It's been interesting to me to find out that one can be very close friends with a person we have had no physical contact with. This perhaps is a new way of incepting "Meeting of the Minds"...

The P's have repeatedly told us that advances in technology will always follow what our minds allow and have opened to. To me it is utterly phenomenal to read the opinions and comments from people all over the Earth! I'm so glad we opened up and became willing to do this!

Nothing is more reflective of the Law of Attraction at work then Facebook!! Talk about your 'get out of it what you put into it' phenomena at work!

We all learn a lot about ourselves because of Facebook... I enjoy it immensely...but not all of it is/was always pleasant and easy to digest... but this is not to fault the Internet. After all -- who is in charge? We are. Just as in everyday life, the things we experience that really 'get to us', upset us, confuse us, make us angry, etc ... are those things that have triggered something in our own belief systems (At this point let's PLEASE dispense all ideas of "right and wrong" and stop judging ourselves... just be as observing of ourselves as we can.) and maybe some of our beliefs need reprogramming or just simply deleting.

My 'use' of Facebook is limited to Groups and Friends. Groups and Friends involve choices ... choices of What and Who appeals to me. I don't see much personal value or 'choice,' (other than clicking 'confirm' or 'not now,') in having multi hundreds or thousands of 'Friends.' But once again...what others do is NONE of my beeswax!

I recently experienced a 'big lesson' via Facebook because of one of my posts and the responses I received/and or/didn't receive. And -- just as in our 'virtual reality' life -- my reactions come from some faulty chips within my OWN Belief System.Once I looked inwardly and 'saw' that, I was able to Let It Go. No one can Let Go of anything if they refuse to acknowledge or own it.

To me, the funniest thing I have ever seen posted on Fb, was entitled "If There Were No More Facebook" It was a picture of a man was running down a crowded street, picture in his hand, desperately screaming "Does anybody LIKE this??!!"

Even though a joke, it relates somewhat of a sad truth. We often post things not just to Share...but to gain approval and validation. Sometimes we post things that we know wil DEFY other's approval or beliefs. Sometimes we are just postive others will appreciate an article, picture, or poster as much as we do.

As you know, I have written more than once, the person who says "I don't give a damn what ANYbody else says"-- is covering up. We all flucuate when it comes for need of recognition or approval. If we 'see this' within ourselves, we are the lucky ones. Being willing is the key.

The Internet is the bane of world governments and institutions. Even though we still have to be extremely discerning about what we are reading and believing... I believe that enough 'real truth' has emerged so that governments (and the infamous 1%) no longer have many of us blindly serving them like "sheeples"... We are questioning, defying, and demanding changes. This is what happens when we see the need of this within OURSELVES. It is THEN reflected in what we 'observe' around us.

I believe that the internet has helped us realize -- and take advantage of -- our own Inner Power. It is very encouraging to read Emails, comments, or posts from others all around the world who are also Waking Up...and questioning ALL of our so called "sacred institutions" (the media, organized religion, the AMA, FDA--all the Initials that we tended to believe were only slightly flawed because of simple human error ... rather than done on purpose to keep us controlled.) We are ATTRACTING more truth-of-the matter, more possibilities and probabilities than ever before.

At the same time, we are seeing so much more GOOD in many situations and circumstances. Over all -- it's all Good... even what we perceive as such upheaval. It's just 'change' ... needed change...and change is good... if we Go With The Flow and intend it to be so. THAT... is connecting with our Inner Power.



Saturday, June 9, 2012

Television, other Electronics...and OUR MINDS....

Television. Tell a vision. Who's vision? Hmmmm... Absorb an idea, swallow a suggestion, believe it all. Flower The tv sets have served well as mind control devices -- OK!--hold on!... I know we don't like to hear this, read about, much less believe it... but we need to be aware of all kinds of possibilities -- and being more Aware makes us less vulnerable.
Flower We prefer to think: 'nothing is going on' over choosing to believe in some far out 'conspiracy theories!' OK...make you a deal. Think scientifically. Those of you who accept the fact that we do indeed create our own reality (quantum physics) are highly cognizant of the fact that it is, unfortunately, fairly easy to manipulate thinking -- becoming part of our 'belief systems.' All that beliefs are, are thoughts we keep thinking and those we give the label of 'right' to and focus upon... Flower

If you want to give yourself a good scare (I realize that is not an appealing thought -- there goes more readers ! Cool ) simply Google the effect of TV frequencies on brain wave activity. It's not only the pulsation of frequencies...its also the 'lighting' from cathode rays, LCD, etc that has a hypnotic effect.... All of this 'technical stuff' is not necessarily 'dangerous' in and of itself ... but what we must be aware of is that all this 'stuff' can be likened to building and paving a road into our minds.
Our brains are like computers...we are constantly programming them. Just like Artificial Intelligence, once certain 'programs' have been repeated often enough, it results in habits, addictions, all type of non-think, automatic actions and reactions.Flower Naturally, this is not all 'bad.' Its nice to be able to 'remember' (be programmed in) how to walk, sit, stand, use a fork and spoon, etc... Those are GOOD automatic actions/reactions. What is not good is when we allow our brains to be programmed in a way that affects our CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS--and accept without question what we see, hear, or are being told.
Let's not be too casual in our responses to this. Let's not think "I am immune" to a certain amount of mind control... please... Rolling Eyes It's not that I am trying to question your ability to decide what is real or what not is real....OR..... am I???

The 'news' is far more dangerous to one's critical thinking skills than many of what we might call "really dumb shows." When a person turns to the NEWS and simply assumes that whatever is said is 'the truth' he/she has really been hooked. On a humorous note, I might suggest that FOX news is not the only 'guilty party' in brainwashing... In fact, maybe its 'better' in that FOX has the capacity for pissing some people off so badly (and THAT, at least, involves at least SOME critical thinking!!) ...Whereas ABC, CBS, and NBC smilingly drone on and on, delivering the same messages, leaving us with a hopeless, depressed, disempowered state of mind. Now...heere come 'the excuses.'
"Oh, I just watch the news to see what the weather is going to be like..." is the most often verbalized excuse for watching all the rest of 'the news' about murders, thefts, rapes, accidents, a bad economy, terrorist threats. AND here is the Big Draw: in the midst of 'the news' will be the much advertised, cutesy little story about how our friends, the policemen, have saved a wee doggie lodged in a drain pipe. THIS keeps one's attention anchored so that we stay 'tuned in.' Flower
The second most offered excuse for watching the news is: "I need to stay (ta DAH!!) ...informed...." THAT is a more subtle, yet more powerful hook than the 'weather' one. That is the one that reaches the 'programmed' part of us... (yes...don't argue! DOES :) ... This is the one that says..."Ok...I know most of the crap is just awful...but what if they say something I really need to know about" ...and here comes the justification: "I can handle it...I'm not letting any of that other junk bother me...everything is ok...really it is!...I'm not like 'one of those people' who believe everything they hear....not me... At the root of all of this justification we find: FEAR. "If I don't know what is happening how will I know what to do or how to protect myself??" Trust?? Trust is fine as long as everything is going well... I am talking 'being practical and reasonable'...that's all... Cool sure...I am.... So there.
The 'news' is all about keeping us in fear...keeping us divided...keeping us dependant on 'those who can save us'.... keeping us discouraged. WHY?? It is all aimed at attempts to destroy our belief in SELF-EMPOWERMENT ... Even those very words: self-empowerment can, at times, seem so UN-realistic, don't Flower they? We have been so convinced to 'believe in the reality' of what we see, read, and hear.

Flower Most TV 'programs' ... have the same themes...have you noticed? The 'shows' are about policemen, lawyers, and doctors...the law, the state, and AMA... The Powers that Be... always shown as heroes. Even the 'bad' ones are taken care of by the 'good' ones. Violence is so commonplace one barely gives it a second thought. Not good. I am hardly a 'goody two-shoes' ... but so called 'morality' or disgression on these shows, is, for the most part, a thing of the past...Much of it is about not just the dumbing down...but the NUMBING down which tends to destroy inner guidance and intuition. NO?... oh yes...

Am I telling anyone 'don't watch TV?' ... No. Just be aware of its influence to the critical thinking processes of your mind... A good measuring stick is to 'check in with your emotions/mind' while watching any kind of a program... Does it make you feel good about life? --or just the opposite? Just intend to 'own your mind' regardless of what you are watching! Flower (including PBS!) What the Internet has going for it is the fact that it is USUALLY INTERACTIVE... You can't just sit in front of your monitor with your mouth hanging open and have to participate actively (to varying degrees)... That doesn't mean it isn't addicting. I could easily live without a TV... but would go through painful withdrawals if my computer suddenly disappeared. Confused I am, however, aware of this. If we are honest, we know that we all have a tendency to escape into the world of technology and electronics and admitting to the first step. To decide 'what to do about it' is something each individual has to figure out on our own. I can't provide your answers and you can't provide mine. We have to keep a balance in our lives. We have to be WILLING to see 'all sides of our modern technology' rather than to poopoo the idea and stay in denial. Flower
It all comes down to a personal battle, doesn't it...? I honestly believe that most of us 'know better'... and know what is good for us and what is not good for us... It's just a matter of: what do I choose to do with what I know? Do I want to be empowered and own my own mind ... or will I give it over to -- who knows who or what.... ? It really is time ... high time... to believe in ourselves and STOP swallowing all the garbage that is handed out to us in so many different forms...via the TV, computers, movies, politicians, men of the cloth, newspapers and magazines, and all means that our 'sacred government-connected institutions' use to maniuplate our minds. Set your alarm for: NOW.