Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Internet...and...Law of Attraction

I usually listen to a few minutes of an Abe tape each morning, just to get some good vibes going. What I heard the other day really grabbed my attention.

Abraham made the statement that there is no other device in this modern day world that better reflects the Law of Attraction than the Internet.

I know I had listened to that tape many times before, but never before had that statement grabbed my attention so profoundly as it did last week.

Our brains are basically nothing but computers. Notice: I did not say 'minds'.. there is a difference. Consciousness, Awareness, and Being are attributes of the mind. The mind feeds into the computer-like brain which in turn attracts what we experience. Our belief systems are the results of what we repeatedly think and imagine, which causes how we react physically and emotionally....(just like programming a computer or some might say Quantum Physics.) All this feeds into how we use the Internet...and what we get out of it. Nerd

The Internet, for the largest part, is an interactive device. This makes it unlike television, newspapers, magazines, etc. whereby little or no interaction is involved. The Internet is marvelous in the way it is able to connect us with people from all over the world. People we have attracted to us! It's been interesting to me to find out that one can be very close friends with a person we have had no physical contact with. This perhaps is a new way of incepting "Meeting of the Minds"...

The P's have repeatedly told us that advances in technology will always follow what our minds allow and have opened to. To me it is utterly phenomenal to read the opinions and comments from people all over the Earth! I'm so glad we opened up and became willing to do this!

Nothing is more reflective of the Law of Attraction at work then Facebook!! Talk about your 'get out of it what you put into it' phenomena at work!

We all learn a lot about ourselves because of Facebook... I enjoy it immensely...but not all of it is/was always pleasant and easy to digest... but this is not to fault the Internet. After all -- who is in charge? We are. Just as in everyday life, the things we experience that really 'get to us', upset us, confuse us, make us angry, etc ... are those things that have triggered something in our own belief systems (At this point let's PLEASE dispense all ideas of "right and wrong" and stop judging ourselves... just be as observing of ourselves as we can.) and maybe some of our beliefs need reprogramming or just simply deleting.

My 'use' of Facebook is limited to Groups and Friends. Groups and Friends involve choices ... choices of What and Who appeals to me. I don't see much personal value or 'choice,' (other than clicking 'confirm' or 'not now,') in having multi hundreds or thousands of 'Friends.' But once again...what others do is NONE of my beeswax!

I recently experienced a 'big lesson' via Facebook because of one of my posts and the responses I received/and or/didn't receive. And -- just as in our 'virtual reality' life -- my reactions come from some faulty chips within my OWN Belief System.Once I looked inwardly and 'saw' that, I was able to Let It Go. No one can Let Go of anything if they refuse to acknowledge or own it.

To me, the funniest thing I have ever seen posted on Fb, was entitled "If There Were No More Facebook" It was a picture of a man was running down a crowded street, picture in his hand, desperately screaming "Does anybody LIKE this??!!"

Even though a joke, it relates somewhat of a sad truth. We often post things not just to Share...but to gain approval and validation. Sometimes we post things that we know wil DEFY other's approval or beliefs. Sometimes we are just postive others will appreciate an article, picture, or poster as much as we do.

As you know, I have written more than once, the person who says "I don't give a damn what ANYbody else says"-- is covering up. We all flucuate when it comes for need of recognition or approval. If we 'see this' within ourselves, we are the lucky ones. Being willing is the key.

The Internet is the bane of world governments and institutions. Even though we still have to be extremely discerning about what we are reading and believing... I believe that enough 'real truth' has emerged so that governments (and the infamous 1%) no longer have many of us blindly serving them like "sheeples"... We are questioning, defying, and demanding changes. This is what happens when we see the need of this within OURSELVES. It is THEN reflected in what we 'observe' around us.

I believe that the internet has helped us realize -- and take advantage of -- our own Inner Power. It is very encouraging to read Emails, comments, or posts from others all around the world who are also Waking Up...and questioning ALL of our so called "sacred institutions" (the media, organized religion, the AMA, FDA--all the Initials that we tended to believe were only slightly flawed because of simple human error ... rather than done on purpose to keep us controlled.) We are ATTRACTING more truth-of-the matter, more possibilities and probabilities than ever before.

At the same time, we are seeing so much more GOOD in many situations and circumstances. Over all -- it's all Good... even what we perceive as such upheaval. It's just 'change' ... needed change...and change is good... if we Go With The Flow and intend it to be so. THAT... is connecting with our Inner Power.