Saturday, June 9, 2012

Television, other Electronics...and OUR MINDS....

Television. Tell a vision. Who's vision? Hmmmm... Absorb an idea, swallow a suggestion, believe it all. Flower The tv sets have served well as mind control devices -- OK!--hold on!... I know we don't like to hear this, read about, much less believe it... but we need to be aware of all kinds of possibilities -- and being more Aware makes us less vulnerable.
Flower We prefer to think: 'nothing is going on' over choosing to believe in some far out 'conspiracy theories!' OK...make you a deal. Think scientifically. Those of you who accept the fact that we do indeed create our own reality (quantum physics) are highly cognizant of the fact that it is, unfortunately, fairly easy to manipulate thinking -- becoming part of our 'belief systems.' All that beliefs are, are thoughts we keep thinking and those we give the label of 'right' to and focus upon... Flower

If you want to give yourself a good scare (I realize that is not an appealing thought -- there goes more readers ! Cool ) simply Google the effect of TV frequencies on brain wave activity. It's not only the pulsation of frequencies...its also the 'lighting' from cathode rays, LCD, etc that has a hypnotic effect.... All of this 'technical stuff' is not necessarily 'dangerous' in and of itself ... but what we must be aware of is that all this 'stuff' can be likened to building and paving a road into our minds.
Our brains are like computers...we are constantly programming them. Just like Artificial Intelligence, once certain 'programs' have been repeated often enough, it results in habits, addictions, all type of non-think, automatic actions and reactions.Flower Naturally, this is not all 'bad.' Its nice to be able to 'remember' (be programmed in) how to walk, sit, stand, use a fork and spoon, etc... Those are GOOD automatic actions/reactions. What is not good is when we allow our brains to be programmed in a way that affects our CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS--and accept without question what we see, hear, or are being told.
Let's not be too casual in our responses to this. Let's not think "I am immune" to a certain amount of mind control... please... Rolling Eyes It's not that I am trying to question your ability to decide what is real or what not is real....OR..... am I???

The 'news' is far more dangerous to one's critical thinking skills than many of what we might call "really dumb shows." When a person turns to the NEWS and simply assumes that whatever is said is 'the truth' he/she has really been hooked. On a humorous note, I might suggest that FOX news is not the only 'guilty party' in brainwashing... In fact, maybe its 'better' in that FOX has the capacity for pissing some people off so badly (and THAT, at least, involves at least SOME critical thinking!!) ...Whereas ABC, CBS, and NBC smilingly drone on and on, delivering the same messages, leaving us with a hopeless, depressed, disempowered state of mind. Now...heere come 'the excuses.'
"Oh, I just watch the news to see what the weather is going to be like..." is the most often verbalized excuse for watching all the rest of 'the news' about murders, thefts, rapes, accidents, a bad economy, terrorist threats. AND here is the Big Draw: in the midst of 'the news' will be the much advertised, cutesy little story about how our friends, the policemen, have saved a wee doggie lodged in a drain pipe. THIS keeps one's attention anchored so that we stay 'tuned in.' Flower
The second most offered excuse for watching the news is: "I need to stay (ta DAH!!) ...informed...." THAT is a more subtle, yet more powerful hook than the 'weather' one. That is the one that reaches the 'programmed' part of us... (yes...don't argue! DOES :) ... This is the one that says..."Ok...I know most of the crap is just awful...but what if they say something I really need to know about" ...and here comes the justification: "I can handle it...I'm not letting any of that other junk bother me...everything is ok...really it is!...I'm not like 'one of those people' who believe everything they hear....not me... At the root of all of this justification we find: FEAR. "If I don't know what is happening how will I know what to do or how to protect myself??" Trust?? Trust is fine as long as everything is going well... I am talking 'being practical and reasonable'...that's all... Cool sure...I am.... So there.
The 'news' is all about keeping us in fear...keeping us divided...keeping us dependant on 'those who can save us'.... keeping us discouraged. WHY?? It is all aimed at attempts to destroy our belief in SELF-EMPOWERMENT ... Even those very words: self-empowerment can, at times, seem so UN-realistic, don't Flower they? We have been so convinced to 'believe in the reality' of what we see, read, and hear.

Flower Most TV 'programs' ... have the same themes...have you noticed? The 'shows' are about policemen, lawyers, and doctors...the law, the state, and AMA... The Powers that Be... always shown as heroes. Even the 'bad' ones are taken care of by the 'good' ones. Violence is so commonplace one barely gives it a second thought. Not good. I am hardly a 'goody two-shoes' ... but so called 'morality' or disgression on these shows, is, for the most part, a thing of the past...Much of it is about not just the dumbing down...but the NUMBING down which tends to destroy inner guidance and intuition. NO?... oh yes...

Am I telling anyone 'don't watch TV?' ... No. Just be aware of its influence to the critical thinking processes of your mind... A good measuring stick is to 'check in with your emotions/mind' while watching any kind of a program... Does it make you feel good about life? --or just the opposite? Just intend to 'own your mind' regardless of what you are watching! Flower (including PBS!) What the Internet has going for it is the fact that it is USUALLY INTERACTIVE... You can't just sit in front of your monitor with your mouth hanging open and have to participate actively (to varying degrees)... That doesn't mean it isn't addicting. I could easily live without a TV... but would go through painful withdrawals if my computer suddenly disappeared. Confused I am, however, aware of this. If we are honest, we know that we all have a tendency to escape into the world of technology and electronics and admitting to the first step. To decide 'what to do about it' is something each individual has to figure out on our own. I can't provide your answers and you can't provide mine. We have to keep a balance in our lives. We have to be WILLING to see 'all sides of our modern technology' rather than to poopoo the idea and stay in denial. Flower
It all comes down to a personal battle, doesn't it...? I honestly believe that most of us 'know better'... and know what is good for us and what is not good for us... It's just a matter of: what do I choose to do with what I know? Do I want to be empowered and own my own mind ... or will I give it over to -- who knows who or what.... ? It really is time ... high time... to believe in ourselves and STOP swallowing all the garbage that is handed out to us in so many different forms...via the TV, computers, movies, politicians, men of the cloth, newspapers and magazines, and all means that our 'sacred government-connected institutions' use to maniuplate our minds. Set your alarm for: NOW.