Sunday, May 27, 2012

The "Glory of War"...aka "Serving God and Country"

I think what stuns me the most -- is anyone who actually believes that war means 'serving god and country.' That people still exist who are so deeply programmed and brainwashed that they actually believe any and all wars are justified and a necessity. This is always accompanied by 'we' are always in the right ...we are the 'good guys' and naturally, 'god' is on our side.
I am weary of seeing pictures of 100+ yr old veterans, flags flying, with softly played patriotic music in the background. Perhaps more appropriate pictures would be that of soldiers with weapons blowing men, women, and children apart.
There are those who say 'Oh but the BIG WARS...they were needed,unavoidable...we had no choice.' Really? What makes them so sure? This means one is saying: Evil is stronger than Good.
Awakenings are taking place. People ARE starting to question any and all authority... including the dogma and decrees that comes from both church and state. The combination of church and state makes each one worse.
"Join the military, see the world, meet and kill perfect strangers" should be what military recruiters tell young men and women they are seeking...instead of luring them with paychecks, health care, and housing with the distorted ideas of 'serving god and country.'
Many might say that "I" am the one who is being incredibly naive, unrealistic, and perhaps just downright stupid in the way I perceive the the military and war. That is their privilege. Warmongers like to wrap everything up in patriotic sounding phrases: 'They died for our freedom'...It's because of all the destruction and massacres that we have our liberties.'
I am not just speaking of America...I am speaking OF ANY AND ALL COUNTRIES/GOVERNMENTS.
I am in agreement with whoever said "All wars are religious wars" ... because it is the mindset of each propagator that "we are in the Right, God is on OUR side, and we MUST kill/defeat our enemies"...
Many people's ideas of "God" is so screwed up, so ludicrous...Many have no idea who or what their 'god' is!!...Saddest of all, patriotism tells us: Ours is not to question why--ours is but to do or die." Do not even question your own doubts. Just OBEY!! Well, folks, It all ties in quite nicely with calling military actions 'peacekeeping.' Roughly translated: Bad guys=Bang, hang, boom!--your're dead=Now we have peace.
If most people WOULD actually question what they think about war in connection to 'doing the will of god' --they might find it far too disturbing, far too upsetting and confusing..."so -- let's just not."
Even though it sounds like it...I am not...and neither do I have the right to personally judge or condemn any person who has participated in the killing, the violence, and the destruction of war. But I have a right to completely, 100% disagree with their actions.
We have ALL lived many lives (believe it or not). I believe Seth when he said "you have done it all" ... But at some point, sympathy and empathy is not enough and we have to accept that we CAN CHANGE., We have to accept that we have the right to practice peaceful resistance, refuse to participate in ANY war. We must recognize that we HAVE the Inner Power to live our own lives in PEACE.... We can 'help others' but only to a point. Our first duty is to ourselves, to clean up our OWN acts-- and THAT is what will have the the most powerful effect on others! Ghandi was a beautiful example of that.
"Let there be peace on earth ... and let it begin with me."---a great song with perhaps the best and most meaningful lyrics ever written.... but only meaningful if taken into our hearts.
Namaste' with Peace