Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gun Control...What Do You REALLY Believe...??

Let me say, first off, that I do not like guns. At all. I owned one once...for about 2 weeks...that was enough. They are not for me. I respect the fact the some people do not share my opinion.
But having said that, this article may not turn out to be what you might be expecting.
Funny. Ironic, actually. I was looking to write a real bang-up (pardon the pun) article on gun control, and I started in doing research. I couldn't seem to find what I thought I was looking for, but I found what I needed to find in order to align myself with my own beliefs.
Again--'funny' in a way --how when you think you are looking for one thing  --you come up with what you really need to find...which may turn out to be quite the opposite of what you were searching for.
In my searching to 'prove' how I was statistically correct by jumping onto the Gun Control bandwagon, wanting to believe that would 'solve' so many of America's problems... I couldn't seem to find anything to back that up. Nada. Zip.
What I found, much to my surprise, was that the amount of crimes and murders in a country had nothing to do with whether or not the country had loose to strict  gun control -- to banning of guns.
It's not my aim to try to 'prove' this to you using statistics... I would instead ask you to lay your opinion aside (both sides) and simply do some open minded research.
In spite of the fact that I was just sooo positive that I  was on the 'right side' --thinking that the banning of all guns,  especially assault weapons, would prevent 'needless and senseless' murders, what I found instead was -- the absence of guns would not prevent an evil or insane person from committing murder. NOT to a 'significant degree'... I mean that respectfully, so please don't get angry with me here and just  be willing to hear me out.
I know that those of you who read this have many widely varied religious, philosophical, or spiritual beliefs. I am metaphysical which leans more towards a scientific bent, but not void of emotion. 
What kept nagging at me as I was carrying on so vehemently (although somewhat hesitantly at times...) about gun control was that little voice that kept saying: But Betty, if you claim you create your own reality... why are you suddenly believing that 'control and change of situations on the _outside_ ' will bring about a real solution or answer?
Like getting caught up in politics and 'taking sides'... we are more often than not, simply wanting to be 'right.' Both sides guilty.
I had used the quote "If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword'... and I still believe that is true. But not in the superficial, circumstantial, 'realistic' way I was thinking about it.
It's what you BELIEVE that manifests into our reality. If you like it or not...if we lay claim to it or not. It is simply Universal Law. Most religions as well have some scriptural reference to how our thoughts create and that what we think about gives birth to reality. No, my friends ...its not really true that: "shit happens" ... It's just that we are being clueless as to the WHY of it.... We each handle this in our own varying ways...and that's ok, too.
Even a newborn infant is connected to an 'old soul'...or better stated, a 'timeless soul'... I'm not trying to change what you believe, but I found myself having to clarify my own beliefs. No person dies unless it is upon agreement with that greater part of the Self. I know that we ALL have experienced death of loved ones in ways that just tore our hearts apart... and we were reminded of that with this latest school shooting...but we DO have to move beyond that. So many people seem to be hovering like vultures over the worst pictures and most heartbreaking accounts they can find. This IS wrong!...wrong for us and any kind of sense or sensibility. But we are 'media trained' to do this...and we call it 'being concerned or / informed.' Excuse me: but Bovine Elimination.
If you are not metaphysical (or even into quantum physics) I do not expect you to believe what I will now say: But those of us who ARE know that there are blue prints in place, acted upon in accordance to the inescapable Law of Attraction... whereby The Perpetrator and The so called Victim were (for whatever reasons!) drawn together. There are many themes and variations on this idea and I'm not saying one is Right and the other is Wrong.
But we have GOT TO keep focused about what is GOOD FOR US. Moaning, groaning, complaining, condemning, judging, concluding, etc etc etc is NOT going to do anything but energize vibrationally what we do NOT want. Remember that what seems to cure things 'short term' is never the lasting answer or change we seek.
What we do not create deliberately, knowingly, we do so by 'default'...which means our frequencies/vibrations are simply taking their cues/reactions from our strongest beliefs and habitual thoughts. Thank goodness, as Seth told us, that we have 'conflicting beliefs' and that a goodly balance of them are more positive...because it saves our derrieres many a time. To be mindful of our thoughts is one of the most important things we can be doing. Truly.
If we BELIEVE we need to gun to be safe...than you perhaps DO need one, because your belief in that will play itself out. I am not saying 'you are wrong.'
As for me, however, this whole thing was seeing, quite suddenly and surprisingly, that I needed to mentally 'put my money where my mouth was'... or either truly adhere to what I claim to believe or not. I DO believe that in time, as every human continues to expand or evolve, we will all learn how powerful we are...that we ARE creators and that we DO create our reality. Otherwise, to believe we are lowly little sinful 'nothings' that are unworthy and in constant need of 'saving' --would give us a tendency to see life as quite meaningless in the long run, or  for what we call eternity.
I didn't write this to 'win an argument'... I am well aware of every single 'comeback' (re pro-gun control) you could put forth to me. (that means I can understand it, too! :)
It's about my own journey, following my own Light, and maybe taking the hand of another person who temporarily got lost in the 'outside of things'...forgetting how terribly impermanent ALL those physical things are.
Let's forget about and not concentrate on the horror of those bad events. Let's choose instead to picture ourselves filling with Light and Love and sending that Light and Love to those who we think would benefit... because it WILL.
We are all connected... so what do we want to contribute to make our world
a better place?