Friday, September 18, 2009


Are you sure you want to take the swine flu vaccine? Why? Your decisions and opinions are your business...but don't you think it's a good idea to do a little investigating -- a little questioning before you play into the barrage of FEAR being promoted left and right via the media?

I am always amazed at people who automatically trust everything they hear on the news, read in the papers; everything medical professionals tell them; anything politicians say. I can also understand. It was what we were trained to believe in.
I am not saying 'they are all bad' ... but neither is what is being told to you equated to Moses descending Mt Siani with stone tablets still smokin'.....
I am not advocating you believe every conspiracy theory that comes along. There IS -- as Buddha said -- a Middle Way. A place where YOU are the one in charge of you! -- and have a right to question everything that is put out to you.
Amazing how many people give any and all governmental authority god-like power and feel it is wrong to question. Sadly, this is a prime example of Fear and Guilt conditioning.
Anyway.... whatever you decide to do I would ask you all to do a little Googling and investigate for yourselves what this Swine Flu and this vaccine is all about.
For your own sake...don't just say "I trust everybody else to know what is best for me."
If one does not recognize that the God Source is within, or has had no experience in following one's intuition, then it IS hard to even think outside the box. if one blindly trusts all of our sacred institutions: government, the AMA, the military, educational systems, media, etc ...then why in the world would you not trust a 'simple flu shot' or the very presence of this so called 'Swine flu?"
When people are willing to accept everything that is thrown at them because they dare not question or challenge it...that is not what I call choice...that is programming and mind-control.
Here is a partial list of what is contained in the Swine flu shot. Even though I am not a religionist -- I do give respectful applause to a Catholic organization for opposing this vaccine because the greatest percentage of it is cultured on aborted fetal tissue. They did convince a small drug company to make up the vaccine without using abortion tissue. is the list:

1. aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate
2. animal blood from pigs and horses, tissue from rabbit brains, dog and monkey kidneys and or livers.
3. fetal bovine serum
4. the cells are cultured on aborted human fetal tissue
5. MSG
6. pancreatic casein from pigs...mixed with sorbitol
7. VERO...a continuous line of monkey kidney cells
8. washed sheep's blood

I have talked with a number of people whose family members were actually diagnosed with the Swine flu and none of them were very sick at all. BUT if history teaches us anything --and follows true to form...this _flu shot_ will most likely kill any number of people.
I have never witnessed this much hype and fear-mongering as is being currently projected via the media. I never cease to be amazed at the number of people who STILL believe what is told them via "the News." Who simply believe that 'data' that is given to them is some kind of Ultimate Truth not to be questioned.
Of all the things I have received plus researched on this swine flu business--THIS video is by far the best. Won't you please take the 9 minutes it requires for you to watch it?

Whatever your decision...blessings to you and may you walk in peace. We each have a right to our own decisions... We DO create our own reality. I just have this opinion that the decisions we make should be INFORMED decisions. Nerd
Namaste' ...