Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is It Always 'Good' to Give to Others??

Don't donate, don't give anything away, don't be charitable and give away money...if you have to worry about 'what will they do with it.'
 I am not saying I am always exempt from that kind of thinking... but I am aware of it. The best teaching (to me) that comes into alignment with this subject comes from Abraham: "If your happiness depends up circumstances or others changing or acting to suit you, you will not experience the happiness you are seeking."
How often have you heard "I would give that poor person some money, but who knows what he will do with it!" I've said that... and I feel safe in saying "so have you..."Emoji
The old aphorism "It is more blessed to give than to receive" has generally gotten misinterpreted. If one thinks that 'giving' in any shape, manner, or form will make our halos shine brighter -- or expect our generosity to score brownie points with the recording secretary of Karma... it's just not gonna work, folks.
What we tend to forget: Everything is energy. Everything is vibration or frequency... So the 'solidness' of our 'generous deeds in giving ANYTHING' is for naught.  People who 'give' because their good deeds are meant to be self-benefitting tax write offs... are at least being honest with themselves.
We so often 'give' because we feel we are 'supposed to' Some feel it's their 'religious duty' ...but I'm not going to even go into that one. Emoji
Unless we can totally 'let go' of what it is we are giving; be it money or material goods of any kind, we shouldn't give it away.  If one is afraid that the 'receiver' is going to turn around and misuse, --or heaven forbid, SELL what he was given...(what a horrible personal insult that would be to us! Emoji) it would be better to toss it in a dumpster so that NO ONE could do that dirty deed. (and then some might still worry about who might find it!)
Martyrs have imposed martyrdom on themselves. Most of us know what it feels like to hear the words "after all I've DONE for you...!"  Not fun and it makes us feel anger more than the eternal gratitude we 'should' feel.
This is basically no different than giving a homeless person five bucks and seeing him buy a pack of cigarettes instead of 'spending it wisely' on a Big Mac. How dare they waste 'our' money like that!
We should give because it makes us FEEL GOOD. Period. What 'they' do with what we gave to them is actually none of our business. If we can't accept that, then we should not give anybody anything. Period. If one has trouble with what I just said (and I would understand your reaction) then it simply should point out to us how deeply programmed we have been as to our 'reasons' for giving.
We all need to learn that what others do, how they react, (if it meets with our approval or not) is none of our concern/business/problem, etc etc etc. 
I am not advocating being unkind, unsympathetic, or apathetic towards our fellow human beings. If we 'give' because we feel we need to be 'better' or that somehow this will 'erase our sins' for just being who we are... then we need to face that within ourselves. We need not be martyrs on any level, even though, unfortunately, we have been taught that 'sacrifice' or suffering is necessary to cleanse our sinful souls. 
Abraham has often been asked "So are you teaching us to be selfish, self-centered people?" Their surprising answer is "Yes" but that answer can only be understood by those who have looked inwardly and have seen The Light. To say that Feeling Good is 'bad' is to have a totally skewed understanding. Sadly, we elevate 'suffering' as being ' god-like. Abe has also said: If we really and truly Feel Good (or genuinely generous) we will not bring harm, physical or emotional to ANYONE! In that spirit we can give or donate whatever-- without placing obligations or  conditions (to satisfy our own egos!!) on our offerings.
We have been fed so many unhealthy lines that are filled with bovine elimination.
To Feel Good is to be in Alignment with Source. Feeling Good is not something we have to 'earn'... it is simply understanding and aligning with that we are ONE with what we call God, Universe, Source, Spirit, All That Is, etc etc etc, and when we are in THAT place, we can truly be of the greatest benefit to ALL people, places and things that we encounter. The act of 'giving' from THAT Feel Good Place will enforce that Oneness. We will have served that which is the Highest within ourselves.  THAT is using Energy wisely!
That is honoring ourselves and others... freeing others to make their OWN choices, because it is NOT up to us to make those choices for them.
Forget the 'yeah, but's' that arise if you have a tendency to condone those lofty arguments we take such false pride it. Please remember that I said I, too, have to watch 'myself'...I am not saying anything that I don't have to remind myself of. Emoji OK? OK!
I was walking, on Colfax, with someone who said she declined giving money to a hungry looking homeless person, because: "I'd like to give her money, but she'd probably just buy drugs with it, and what if she would die from it??" I replied, actually surprising myself, "Well, what if she got killed crossing the street on her way to buying a Big Mac" ... I was prepared to hear her say "Well, that would have been up to God" ... but thankfully, she didn't... She just looked at me in a strange way and said "oh...yeah."....
I felt it was ok to let my Ego feel that one small victory. Emoji 
After all, I learned from that incident, too.