Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oh My God.... literally..or figuratively...

 "You have cast your idea of god, therefore, in your own image."
Seth Speaks
Session 560, Page 203
  • Probably no other word that we can think of, provokes such emotion, feelings, confusion, wondering, and self-examination, as the word 'god'.
  • Someone once wrote that we are born searching for 'god.' I agree with this, but maybe not in the way one may think.
  • We are born 'searching'...I do believe this is true. We are also born wanting to find and experience a joyful, adventurous, stimulating life. But soon we are subjected to 'learning' which basically amounts to adapting to the ways of our parents, teachers, and any and all authority figures. I believe the majority had the best of good and loving intentions.  It's all a mixed bag.
  • Those of us who chose to experience 'religion' and various perceptions of 'god' really took on quite a challenge.
  • So what exactly is God? To some of us, raised with good ol' fear and guilt conditioning, God was the spy in the sky, much worse than the NSA or the KGB, who knew our every thought, watched our every move, and was always ready to judge -- punish (or if we really are 'good') and reward us -- every second of the day. And the 'reward' will be, after death, burning in eternal hell fire... or walking streets of gold, playing harps, and eternally singing praises to this God... which is not that far removed from the other 'reward.' Emoji IMO.
  • To many of us, it was a long hard struggle to overcome this kind of programming. What we 'overcame' depended upon our experiences and our own personalities.
  • For me, God went from being a horribly monstrous all powerful entity that lived in some indefinite. nebulous region 'in the sky' to something entirely different. For some people, raised with no particular kind of dogma or religious training, there was not much to overcome. In some cultures their own brand religion is so embedded in their government, schooling, local organizations, etc, that it isn't 'taught' so much as it is simply 'absorbed.' It's 'just the way it is.'
  • There are thousands of religious ideas and an equal number of ways to define who and what God is. I think that the Christian religion is one the most totally diversified religion of all the Earth's religions... Many of the teachings, from widely differing church dogmas, directly oppose each other, which for many result in "my way is the ONLY way." and  "God is definitely on my/our side." Much of this is due to VERY personal translations and interpretations of the Bible to use as 'proof' to win personal arguments for or against 'good or evil.'
    To overcome this type of programming takes guts, fortitude, determination, intelligence, and enlightenment. Pretty much in that order.
    When we get to the point where we realize and are willing to truly accept that everyone "is where they is" Emoji
    and stop being angry and judging... and are being  willing and able to see that it's ALL OK -- that our only job is to deal with our own stuff: then we are finally in a place where we are FREE of programming, dogma, religious threats and or promises, and the various concepts of 'god.' When we are able to allow others to have their own beliefs without over-reacting and going totally  bonkers over what we consider outrageous or 'wrong' concepts or beliefs, we are then indeed FREE of 'others' opinions. 
    I used to bristle when I so much as heard others use the word 'god.' I even had a very adverse reaction to anyone who  said "God bless you." So I have come a very looooong way!
    I am not saying we have to 'agree' with what others believe. Far from it!! But we need to learn to DETACH from fearful-based reactions to what others say or believe. And IS fear!...not some 'superior and advanced thinking' on our parts... although we may like to think that! Emoji 
    That which is Life itself, The Creative Force, the Field of Love, the ALL THAT IS ... cannot be truly adequately defined regardless of what words we use. There is nothing wrong with calling that "God."  I do know that I have come to see that this Force is what we are made of and that NOTHING exists without it...nothing in the Universe and whatever is Beyond. When I 'pray to God' I know that I am speaking to, reaching out to, the Spirit, The All That Is, that is within me. Not to some kind of all-powerful-human-like entity that exists outside of myself. Altho, if that is what people want to believe, it is their right...their choice. If we are familiar with and aware of The Law of Attraction, we KNOW we Create It All... and if 'others' with some seemingly outrageous beliefs hurt or bother us, hard as it is to 'take': we inwardly know that we have either consciously or often unconsciously attracted a problem to us. it is only when we accept this, that we will know what True Freedom is.
    We have 'done it all' according to basically, who are we to judge and condemn? Discern? OF COURSE!! That is what Contrast is all about... but to blame others, which is what the self-serving,  demanding Ego is always nagging us to not a choice that will  ever serve us well or bring us peace. Inner or Outer.
    What Seth says, in the above quote, really nails it. As we grow, spiritually, so do ALL of our concepts and perceptions.
    Religion, like political parties, philosophical groupings, etc. are all 'man-made' limiting ideas. Whether or not there is a 'they' that wants to divide and therefore control us -- who knows. We are individually STILL the one in charge.
    When we finally stop feeling driven to be 'in the right group' or 'seek approval from others to validate ourselves' will indicate that we are on the way to utilizing our real inner Power....
    When we allow others to think and be the way the want... we find it easier for us to do the same for ourselves.
    Funny how that works...Emoji