Sunday, November 24, 2013



To 'be mindful' is a commonly used phrase by Buddhists. It's a popular aphorism to many people. Sometimes we think we know what it means. But 'knowing the meaning' doesn't reap the benefits. If practiced, it can truly be a major key to Peace of Mind. To be mindful is very closely aligned with Be Here Now. If one wants to be centered in the Now, it requires mindfulness.
Mindfulness is what helps to keep one anchored in the Now.
All of us, at one time or another, cause our own problems by concentrating and focusing what happened Yesterday or what 'will happen' Tomorrow. Memories held tightly as to how one has been 'wronged' in any which way -- is what keeps them alive and painful.
Fear of what might happen Tomorrow keeps this pain anchored in the Past. When we create negative, forceful, miserable daydreams we are keeping ourselves locked into a mental hell which is so difficult to emerge from. Especially if one keeps playing
The Blame Game card.
It is amazing how we assign the job of 'making me happy' to others -- and all existing conditions and situations that surround us. "If Only" is what we believe is 'The Answer' to how we want to feel.
The real clincher here is that it may not only seem to 'us' that what has gone wrong or how we have been wronged it is definitely not our may seem to most everyone else!!, that yes, indeed, we are the poor victims who didn't deserve anything of what happened. Thus, making it appear that we are the Winners in The Blame Game.
Before I go any farther, let me be reeeeally clear here that I am not any kind of advocate of which one patiently suffers abuse and 'prays for strength to endure the abuse.'
Suffering is a 'human condition' that serves as a springboard for us to search for and find our Inner Power. We create our own reality. That is Free Will.... two words that are very often  most miserably misinterpreted.
I have mentioned this presently super strong Energy, that we are all experiencing, in nearly every article I have written. This is, in part, the reason we keep wondering WHAT in the world is going on with us! It's there alright... Some of the ways we are 'suffering' as the result of this New Energy could be lessened a great deal if we practiced Being Mindful. As time goes on, this energy will continue to be encouraging us to Take Responsibility for how we are Creating Our Reality..
Sometimes we all wish "Shit just happens" were true...but sorry, folks, that has no part in an intelligent, expanding Universe.
Blaming Others for our problems will intensify that already great pressure that gives us all kinds of mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. This is not to say anyone is 'wrong'... it is a necessity to love ourselves unconditionally regardless of how badly we think we have screwed up. But, we must remember that WE DO NOT 'improve' under threats of guilt, punishment, or hell fire, (or 'karma' if it is interpreted as punishment)... Not at all...  Fear may result in a change of behavior but it won't be the kind that is lasting or meaningful in terms of bringing one joy, peace or any semblance of Feeling Good.
Some of the most all encompassing words of wisdom that Seth ever uttered were these:
"The Point of Power Is in The Present"
Most of us thought we caught on to that when we first read it, but it is something not understood immediately, but rather, is a gradual process of enlightenment  that is 'felt by the soul' rather than intellectually comprehended.
If one is in the habit of continuously thinking negatively (some call it realistically :)  one has to, first of all, recognize this and own it. I am not talking 'religiously' here... this is actually 'scientific' stuff here...this Law of Attraction! There is no Instant Fix nor a Happy Pill to pop, or some pink fluffy phrase like 'Think Nice Thoughts'..that will change your life overnight... But accepting the FACT that 'thoughts' are the root cause, the beginning of ALL creation...all things that are manifested, is necessary. Emotion is the FUEL that causes this thoughts to blast off into reality. And even more basic ... what you BELIEVE is what its all about..because your thoughts and emotions are the result of your Beliefs...whether or not you even consciously recognize all those beliefs.
Seth never admonished us to Never Think Angrily or feel ANY kind of what we call 'negative emotion'... What he did say was: think of your emotional state as walking into a room... walk in the front door and sit there as long as you need to...then when you are tired of it...walk out the back door. We all know this doesn't mean sit there for months or years until your mind becomes distorted and difficult to retrieve. We all DO know better than that.
Abraham has perhaps the best suggestion in how to deal with habitual (and thoughts DO become habitual!) thoughts that bring us misery. Slowly climb up 'the emotional scale'...thinking one slightly better thought than the previous one. From Depression (the worst) to Anger (a huge improvement) to Frustration, To Hope, to Possibilities, to Feeling Better... and you will vacillate back and forth between those steps and that is FINE... as long as you keep INTENDING that you WANT to overcome, that you WANT to Feel Good again.
Your habitual thoughts are like super glue...So don't try to 'fix them' or 'undo them'...just reach for BETTER ones. This works when you begin to accept the possibility that YES, I do create my reality and things CAN change. We are not talking instant radical change here... But Take it Easy... and know you can do this! In the meantime, a good start is simply, mentally stand back and 'watch and observe' your thoughts. They may be 'yours' but...they are NOT 'you'..:)
Follow up article in a few days: Examples and more concrete ideas as to this process