Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Giving Attention to the "News" ...OR....Conspiracy Theories...

Which do you tend to believe?
The 'daily news' or conspiracy theories?
We live in a society that expects us to 'choose sides' and align ourselves with those sides that we choose.
From the time we are toddlers...but especially when we start school...
it simply is a given that we were expected to believe what is told to us and are seldom, if ever, encouraged to question the WHY of what we are taught.
In fact, we seldom heard 'there are often many sides to a story.'
It used to be that 'listening to the evening news' approached the status of being a ritual. One never, ever questioned that what the broadcaster said was anything but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
The same held true for all the subjects that our teachers and all other authority figures taught to us... And then there was religion. It was not only unheard of to question anything that rabbi, priest or minister said... to do so was a sin!
Granted, things have changed... Somewhat, at least. For the most part (although not all together...) people ... some people... started questioning the things they were taught that were never to be questioned. The reactions to these bold and daring people  who dared to question authority of any kind were viewed in various ways. Some admired them openly, some secretly, and there were those who would seek to 'punish' either by making fun of them, or with harsh criticism -- to wanting these bold and brazen derelicts to be somehow legally punished. 
We have gotten a lot more allowing of other people's opinions or questioning...
but only to a point. And a lot of our tolerance for the opinions, beliefs, or actions of others depends upon 'the subject'...
Let's take, for instance, 'the news.' Gone are the days when everyone believed every word that was uttered by  a newscaster had the same validity as what Moses spoke descending from Mt Sinai... However... I believe its safe to say (IMO) that we still have many people who hold in contempt those people who would dare go so far as to say that 'news is mind control and/or brain washing.'
Enter: the Conspiracy Theorists.
Now for some, the ideas held by these theorists is just going too far!!
For some, questioning what the whole process of 'the news' is all about is bordering on lack of patriotism... especially if one is believing those conspiracy theories!
As with all things that we experience, we need to 'question' just how it makes us feel and what purpose is it serving in our lives. Why do you feel 'obligated' to attend or defend certain of our habits or beliefs. Beliefs, perhaps, that we are not even too well aware of.
We never come away from 'the news' with a good feeling... you know you don't. Yet, some people say they must 'remain informed' of what is going on. Really? If we were honest, we would admit that it is 'fear' that keeps us tuned in to those things we do NOT benefit from because 'we know about them.'
Much of the same thing applies to conspiracy theories....even if they have been 'proven by experts to be correct'... Again, what we need to ask ourselves is:
How does this make me feel? Does this tend to keep me in fear? If so, what purpose are they serving?
Its fine to be aware of what is happening. As the P's told us... be aware but remember to be the Watcher...the Observer... not a Participator in what keeps you locked into anger, fear, or any kind of resentment.
What brings you joy, excitement, a feeling of hope and peace, and connects you to the Stream of Well Being, as Abe would say-- those are the things to give your focus and attention to. As metaphysicians, we have to remember that Attention and Focus are the tools we use in creating our own reality. Not all of us live in the same world.
We can't forget that it all starts with our thoughts...and what we dwell upon, what we give our focus and attention to that creates our reality.
We have a choice as to what we want to believe... and guess what... we don't HAVE TO BELIEVE what others believe! We have free will, remember?? :)
So, let's be SELF-ish enough to want what is really best for us,
and be determined to allow the good to come in...stop blocking with either 'the news' or 'theories' ...Let's not forget our Inner Power.  
The things that feel good and excite you!--go for it!...and be determined to 'be your own boss.'