Monday, November 11, 2013

War Will NEVER Bring About Peace..When Will We Learn...


Today, I read a post by a Facebook friend that made me cry...  It was written by a vet ... but not in defense of war, nor did he want to be 'thanked'... I could barely believe what I was reading because I was always wondering if any of our older vets would actually speak up so bravely the TRUTH about war... and how people are mentally manipulated to 'serve god and country'....
I have said for years that the ONLY reason all this 'honoring' is taking place is a desperate attempt to hide behind some kind of justification for what we have participated in -- rather than face the truth about the horrors and atrocities we have committed. Yes, I know, some (not all!) other countries 'do the same thing' but NO other country (except our little controlling cheer-leader buddy Israel) is as quick to go to war as the U.S....
We are divided, individually, within our own 'belief system' when it comes to what we personally profess to believe is right...versus what we are still willing to participate in... 
It is so ludicrous to me how we made fun of suicide squadrons...or how we accuse Muslims of being the 'war loving' religion... but look at the actual history of our own country.
This nation was 'founded on Christian principles'... Right?...which we 'enacted' after we killed off much of the Native American population in order to claim 'our land' and establish our religion-based ways, especially our 'freedom'-- and 'freedom to worship god'... at any cost. All this 'serving god and country and freedom' is STILL what is propagandized today as we send troops in to 'help' other countries.... I find it so hard to believe that ANYONE cannot see through the political ploys for 'control'... but many still opt for the delusion that war is about 'serving god and country.'
I am NOT condemning the people who participated in any wars... If one wasn't drafted-play soldier or go to jail...soldiers 'joined up' for various reasons all of which made sense at the time.... Who knows  how many times I have done the same thing in past lives!! So after we did what we did: go overseas and kill strangers -- we had/have to go about 'justifying' our participation rather than look in the mirror and say, 'what in the name of god and country have I done...'... What kind of lies did I fall for...
The grandest excuse of all is: "It's not OUR country's's all those OTHER bad leaders in OTHER bad countries fault'... We 'must' intervene and intercede to 'help them.' For our own protection and peace, of course.
I can more or less understand religious people's excuses for defending war because of their beliefs: 'I am serving my god and country by killing and participating in the malicious destruction of war'... And we know the God of the Bible was really into war!' They are afraid to think otherwise. It becomes their 'duty.' I 'owe it' to God and country.
However, I 100% totally fail to understand how ANYONE, who claims to be metaphysical and create their own reality, can justify the utter absurdity of war as a means of 'gaining peace.' 
Thankfully, people are Awakening and if the draft were ever to be reinstated, there would be a true rebellion. 
We KNOW 'the way of war' is a complete, utter, total failure... it brings about NOTHING but more hate, more destruction, more war. Calling soldiers 'peace keepers' is the height of all oxymorons. This 'lest we forget' crap keeps our focus and attention on perpetual slaughter.
Until we 'change our minds' nothing will change. Until we truly want PEACE enough to not participate in war, nothing will change. As Jimi Hendrix said: "When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power... the world will know Peace."
When enough people in our country (and any other) truly want peace, it will be reflected by peace in our country. In some,  we already see that reflection. When we as individuals want peace and CHOOSE to live that peace... it will be reflected in our own personal reality/lives...
If you Google something today... Google the words to John Lennon's "Imagine" ... because as the song says, and as I myself say as I write this, "I know I'm not the only one."
And as my FB friend says: If we really want to honor our vets, we can do so by making sure that we don't bring about more vets to honor. Think about that.