Monday, October 7, 2013


 I am not a believer in the 'apocalypse' in a religious sense, but there can be no doubt that BIG time changes are taking place. This 'new Energy' is firmly in place. It makes no difference if one looks at it religiously, metaphysically, long as you can 'feel' or 'sense' know 'things are changing.'
It's not just 'out there' to be observed by us or others... the biggest changes are happening within us.
We seldom 'feel the same' anymore...except maybe for short periods of time when we are distracted. We are 'seeing things differently.' We are reacting to things in ways that even surprise us.
Nothing is the same.
Right now, everything seems so 'right in your face' to us. We can't sluff things off, ignore them, or fluffy talk them away. Emotional reactions to situations stay there, not allowing us to forget that 'something' has to change...has to shift. The old platitudes that we used to take comfort in...or hide in...simply do not work anymore.
There are no more hiding places.
It's just us...and our dragons.
The Pleiadians used to tell us that the more we ignore our dragons, the bigger and more frightening they become. The more we shove them into the darkness, ignoring or denying them, the more they grow.
The P's advised us that the only way to get rid of your dragons...which is simply another name for our fears-- for those traits, habits, or beliefs we are refusing to deal with ... is to stare straight at them... with honesty...with love.
 'Fears' come from the faulty beliefs we hold. You might find this difficult to accept... but most of us are not even aware of many of the beliefs that are causing are problems. You see. It IS true: it IS 'done unto us according to our beliefs.' We can become so used to blowing smoke and lying to themselves (and others) about what we believe, that we never really see what is TRULY at work in our worlds. We may wishfully claim to believe one thing (because it sounds 'right' and this is what we want to believe.. ) so we ignore those more fear filled beliefs in hopes that they will just go away and not bother us.
Seth (and even modern day therapists) suggest that we take pen to paper and write down the most fearful of our beliefs. These will often be about death or dying, our health, our true feelings about ourselves or any of our relationships, about our spirituality, about lack of abundance... Being willing to say...maybe through tears or anger...THIS is what I 'actually' believe and it scares me!'--is the beginning of staring down those dragons. To do this without condemning ourselves...that is love.
Most of us were 'hypnotized' into our present day beliefs beginning with childhood and accepted them as 'true' or 'that is really the way it is.' Even if we didn't like them! Some beliefs we cling to because there is a fearful part of us that might question them...but we are too afraid of Let Go of them because somehow we might be punished or will suffer if we DO Let Go.
In each his/her own timing...we KNOW when 'it's time' to Let Go of those old fearful concepts. This includes those of us who are metaphysical and know we create our own realities. Those 'old dragons' return from time to time and can, for a time, start to grow again unless we give our attention to...and focus on... what we TRULY WANT.
Try doing what Seth suggests -- sit down with pen and paper and being excruciatingly honest...write down what you REALLY and TRULY believe... about what you call God, about yourself, about your health, about your relationships or ANY area of your life that is not working out well. Don't lie or pretend. Don't judge. Just Let It Be.
OR use the computer...or sit and talk to yourself out loud... Just DO IT. I am not saying it will be fun...or easy....BUT:
Truly FACING THEM is the beginning of FREEDOM from those beliefs...those dragons.
We subconsciously...and sometimes consciously ... hypnotize ourselves day in and day out in ways that 'keep things in place' thus disallowing good to  take its place. This is why Buddhism is so strong on BEING MINDFUL of your thoughts. Thoughts are the powerful tools of reality creation...thoughts, combined with focus, attention, imagination, and the emotions. Those are the 'magical' tools that we use every day if we 'see this' or not... this is "Life" and how it is created. Shit doesn't just happen. Sorry, folks. However "SHIFT happens"...and this is the new energy that is saying Time to get your act together and let's move on, really expand our consciousness, and have FUN again!!
If this is all new to you, I would recommend a book "The Law of Attraction" (Abraham)...if this is 'old stuff' to you and you, like me, find yourself getting into old ruts, there is nothing quite like "The Nature of Personal Reality" (Seth) by Jane Roberts. If something else 'calls to you'...go for it...
just know we can no longer get away with ignoring those dragons! :)
Follow up article in next blog: Letting Go of the Dragons