Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Of The Saddest Days ... Ever...

I read an article that a friend posted on Facebook, written by William Rivers Pitt called "I Hate This Day" ... referring to Veterans Day... and found it amazingly in line with my own feelings about this so called 'holiday.'
There have been times when I have ranted (quite vehemently!) against the whole war thing, and even though I know I am not 'wrong' in doing so... It still does not make me feel good.
My wishes would be to see more people Wake Up and stop believing that lies that have been fed to us for SO many years as to WHY we engage in wars.
Not fond or condoning any wars, but the ones we have participated (initiated!) during the last number of years have NOT been to 'preserve our freedom'...
The media always knows (is told) what to say to make us look justified ... the propaganda fills us with hatred for all those 'bad guys' that are a so called threat to our personal liberty or freedom.
Some people still believe this to be true... but...not as many.
It is amazing how war has always been presented to us as a necessary evil. And of course, it was always, always, always their fault... The bad guys that were a personal threat to each American individual. Some people still believe this, but as I said before...not as many.
The whole psychological and philosophical arena encompassing war is such a large, complex one that it would take many books to include all the variations. I am hardly going to attempt that! :)
The Viet Nam war was perhaps the most obviously ill decided war we have ever engaged in. The soldier were DRAFTED to participate in that one. Little choice...war or sit in jail... This war has never been justified in so far as 'protecting America's freedom' goes... Something had to be done to stir up Americans to start approving of war: Enter 9-11. I'll stop there.
After the Viet Nam war most Veterans found themselves ignored and unappreciated. So The Powers That Be knew things had to be given a 'necessity' slant, bad guys/groups needed names that we could focus our manipulated hatred and fear upon... Such as El Qeada Taliban, Isis, etc...
There is PROFIT in War...and calling up the most empathetic and sympathetic emotions people have is what needed to be done. And even though the suicide rates, the mental illness, the increasing vet based homeless population is there right in front of our eyes... we still continue to say with a rote like droney tone: serving God and country. That's a bit more acceptable than saying: thanks for the huge boost in corporate gain.
Many people used to join the military because they honestly thought it was 'the right and noble thing to do' ... None came home feeling good about it, however... I am not blaming them. When the draft ended, other strategies needed to be used: promises of housing, health care, a steady pay check, a nice shiney uniform, 'status'... Which is why recruiters always target the poorer sections.
There are some angry people, however, that actually WANT to go to strange lands and kill strange people that they know nothing about....I am glad they are in the minority.
Religion has had a great influence on and helps to perpetuate war. After all, like my 8th grade teacher said one day as he was banging in Bible on his desk, yelling: "America is GOD'S country!! God is on OUR side! And don't you ever forget it."  Funny how we just hate it when the radical Muslims supposedly say the same thing! :)
Christianity is supposed to be a religion of Peace. A few denominations actually practice this and put their money where their mouth is. Good for them. Others justify all the slaughtering by convincing themselves 'ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die.' hmmmmm.
The motto "Question All Authority" became popular in the 60's...  I would love to see the same number of bumper stickers on car NOW as one did back then.
The only way a person can go to war and obey the rule of Kill The Enemy is to never question authority... I have been told more than once by Pro War folk:"We are dying for your freedom and if you don't like it here...leave." My choice. Not yours. Besides the whole business started when we considered the Native Americans to be in our way. I'm part Cherokee and Osage (as well as Irish and English) so I don't have to go anywhere. Original Squatters Rights! Heh! :)
Anyway, I feel sorry for what the vets have gone through. War is HELL...
Until our consciousness evolves more on a mass basis, there will continue to be war. Until no man (or woman) is willing to put down their arms...war will continue. But for the rest of my metaphysical friends, we know it is also a very individual matter. To be or not to be... literally... because we do create our own reality.
Love is stronger than hate...or greed... or all the 'real' reasons for war. Its Fear based renamed 'Duty"...
So instead of hating today and the wars it represents, its better to pray for, send peaceful loving energy to, and visualize a world that is growing closer to our common SOURCE, to All That Is.
It's up to us to choose if Love is stronger than Hate.
Peace. Namaste'