Saturday, June 19, 2010

To All My Gay Friends...Thank You~!

I am not going to waste or devote a lot of time talking about people who are prejudiced, bigoted, and just plain ignorant...when it comes to their attitudes towards the gay community. Whatever causes their lack of humanity--it is strictly their problem.
The same could be said of any group that has any kind of prejudice leveled toward them. There is a time to speak up, and stand up for what you believe... but never take on the same hatred or the same self-righteousness that furthers or promotes this ignorance. Life is too precious, too filled with constantly evolving possibilities of JOY and waste it focusing on whatever is NOT wanted.
At least half of all my friends are either gay, lesbian, or transgender. They have brought SO MUCH to this table of my life -- and have helped me to grow and learn and expand my own consciousness in so many ways. They have honored and accepted ME ... with their love and friendship. This is what Life is about ... loving, allowing, accepting, supporting, and uplifting each other.
Because of getting to know my gay friends and their lives, I have been able to reflect back on my own life in which I suffered a great deal of prejudice and non-acceptance simply because I was adopted. Often resenting that part of my life, I came to realize that it helped me to become a much deeper and far more compassionate and understanding person than if I never would have known what that kind of pain, based in non-acceptance, was like. It takes the Darkness for us to recognize the Light. The Ying and the Yang. Without either, we would have no balance. Without either we would stagnate and not grow from the inside out...For it is within our hearts that all spiritual growth emerges.
It's "OK" to think of the various 'communities' as different!! We would have to be fairly deaf, dumb, and blind to NOT see the differences...but... our job as spiritually evolving human beings is to ACCEPT, ALLOW, and APPRECIATE the differences and still be able to see that All Is One... (howz that for a triple A?? :)
It is NOT principles, so called moral or religious values, or opposing philosophies that separate us from one another... it is FEAR... Show me a self-righteous, obtuse, inflexible, unbending, pig-headed individual -- and I will show you a person who is literally drowning in fear -- although it may not outwardly seem to be so.
I don't have to point out the 'contributions' of the gay community... that is an eye-roller! That would be too much like a 'defense' of sorts. No 'community' of any kind needs that. NO ONE needs to justify their existence! -- or prove anything to anybody. "Above all else, to thine own self be true" ... is basically all that needs to be said.
So, to all my gay friends...Thank You... for adding so much to my life. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. And I say that with pride! Gay Pride!