Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let's Teach Our Children Well...and each other...gently, please, By Our Own Example

I had not seen this video, a clip from the Ellen Show of Oct 9, '09, (on which Judy Shephard was a guest) until yesterday. I will never forget it. It was a heart warming presentation of Matthew's life. Additionally, it was also heart-tugging because of what Judy told about the deer that had been nesting in a bush close to Matthew's body. The lady biker who found him, told Judy about the deer that appeared to have been nesting all night near Matthew's body. To me, that deer was an angel meant to be seen by the lady who found Matthew. It brought tender comfort to the family and friends -- knowing this little creature watched over Matt's body during that dreadful night. Strange how such terrible tragedy... and soul felt beauty... can co-exist in the same space. Such is the irony of Life.
This is the clip from the Ellen Show. I hope you will watch it.
Many of us have lost loved ones in tragic ways, and we well understand Matt's story, somehow in some way. Many of us have learned it is our responsibility to stand up and speak out against prejudice of ANY kind. This is, I believe, especially important when it comes to racial issues and sexual orientation.
I believe it would make such a positive impact on mass consciousness if we would only speak up and say something as simple as: "I'm sorry, but I don't appreciate your remarks."
If someone we know or do not know makes a derogatory remark, it can be far too easy to just 'sit there' and not speak up...even when something within us is telling us that we must take a it just a quiet, gentle one. Sometimes the quieter and more simplistic it is, the more effective it is. Yelling and preaching usually brings about: "What you resist, persists."
A friend of mine said once that a very effective remark is: "I'm sorry that you feel that way." It is not necessary to be confrontational and argue...regardless of what their retort might be.
From Crosby, Stills, and Nash's "Teach Your Children Well" the lyrics emphasize the importance of loving and understanding one another. We must choose to do the right thing. I believe that parents can be THE most important influence on their children's potential for tolerance, acceptance, and allowing.
ts so important not just to say "Don't say that...its not 'nice' " without explaining the WHY NOT. Parents and all others authority figures to children need to take the time to explain more as to how prejudicial remarks and actions HURTS not only others -- but also themselves. ANY of you who claim to be metaphysical know exactly what I am talking about. When you willfully hurt another you disconnect yourself from Source... this is not what we want.
Example: the Jones's and the Smiths meet for a BBQ and little Johnny makes a disparaging remark about gays... it needs to be addressed immediately regardless of how 'embarrassed' one gets or how afraid of 'what kind of reaction' someone might have. Addressed not with scolding or put downs... but firmly, with love. Can you imagine the tremendous effect this kind of action would have on mass consciousness if everyone would do this at this level??!!... It could have such a powerfully healing effect!
To those who merely give 'lip service' to tolerance but are filled with hatred, bigotry, and prejudice... __Life will be their teacher.__ If not in THIS life...than in another. Don't feed them your attention.
But it is for us 'who know better' who must take a stronger, and yet gentle, stand and not tolerate callous or derogatory remarks.
We are becoming Legion...we are awakening and growing by leaps and bounds... It is not for us to 'convert' others to our way of thinking. We'll leave that to the Radical Right. ANY teaching not based on unconditional love (which simply means Allowing) will never ultimately succeed.
Let's just do what WE know we need to do. Far too many of us are overly concerned about 'looking cool' or worried about what other people think. This is cowardice. There is a time to speak...and a time to be silent. We KNOW the difference if we listen to our Inner Being.
Consider this: Look who is truly suffering the MOST when it comes to what 'other people think'... Gays, people of color, the handicapped, etc etc. Each one of us, individually, has to do what "I" need to do... that is our responsibility. Eventually, we WILL be able to see the impact that courage and love have on our world. Believe.