Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Are You Thinking About? What Do You "think" about 2012..?

What do you think about all day long? That is a question that can be quite impossible to answer. We may not be able to make a long of a list of our thoughts ... but what we are capable of doing is being mindful of what those thoughts and ideas are that are demanding most of our focus and attention.
Thoughts are the most basic tools of creation. They are the foundation --the building blocks with which each of us creates our own reality.
Granted, not every fleeing thought that passes through our mind is going to manifest into our reality...(thank heavens!) but the thoughts that we concentrate upon, coupled with the emotion that intensifies as a result of those thoughts -- is the root cause of manifestation into our material world.
The teacher Abraham puts it quite simply: "A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking." It is 'done unto us according to our beliefs.' Our strongest beliefs --and the resultant thoughts based on those beliefs-- makes things manifest in our lives. Beliefs are opinions that we hold to be 'true'...There was a saying that got started in the 60's which we often found amusing: "Think Nice Thoughts" ... This particular era saw the influence of Eastern religion and philosophy that emphasized the importantance of being mindful of our thinking. Even though those three little words got tossed around a lot in jest ... many started to recognize the power that resulted from being mindful of our thoughts. Perhaps the famous of all the American 'thought books' was also written during the 60's. Normal Vincent Peale's "The Power of Positive Thinking."
Some people believe thoughts are just innocuus jibberish...or little half sentences that keep jumping around in our mind. Many believe "I have no control over my thoughts." They also sadly underestimate the very consciousness that maintains their very being. I am not meaning to imply that we are responsible for monitoring or controling every single thought that comes our way! That is truly impossible. We are all capable, however, of paying attention to the flow of our thoughts and redirect them or simply stop focusing on them, --and increasing our postive aspects.
Abraham says the easiest way to be mindful is not by 'looking at or listening to' your thoughts' -- but my doing mood checks. If you Feel Good...if you feel OK, chances are your thoughts are NOT creating or attracting anything unwanted in your life. The opposite is also true....Negative daydreams are OUT!
We CAN improve the quality of everything about our lives if we mindful. Most of the time a simple 'spot check' will do it...It also takes diligence and determination if we want things to change...but if 'little things' like feeling good emotionally, mentally, and physically; -- enjoying our relationships more... and just being all around more peaceful with increasing periods of joy MEAN anything to us... than I believe its worth the effort.
The best way to do this is by purposely finding things to appreciate. Little bitty things. BIG things... Something as simple as: I appreciate the fact that this little pencil in my hands works well. I am thankful for the clothes I am wearing." I like the way my sofa pillow feels...I appreciate all my things... my family members...friends...the little lady bug that just crawled by. The clouds. All these things are purpsely directed CHOICES that directly affect our frequencies...our vibrations. Voila! The Law of Attraction.
It's kinda fun to be able to present a challenge to folks who refuse to believe anything that can't be proven via their own 5 senses or by
scientific research.' Well, it can be proven!! I have discovered a wonderful book by Depak Chopra, entitled "Power, Freedom, and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness" ...It puts Quantum Physics in a Class 101 that anyone can understand how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs form our world. I have read hundreds of spirituality based books... but NONE has put this knowledge so clearly --so succinctly as did this author!! -- While reading it, I had a plethora of Ah-HA's!!...and more than a few OMG's!! Nerd
Seth told us we keep recreating our bodies on a daily basis... (that 5 or 7 yrs business is nonsense and way obsolete!) OK... I believed Seth but not until I read this small book did I plainly see the 'how we do this.'
We really ARE powerful creators and yes, we DO create it all. We are each one of us -- a powerful and individualized part of This Field of Divine Intelligence which covers ALL THAT IS. Some people call it God. I don't like to..because it seems to demagnify what we ARE capable of conceptualizing!
The more we INTEND to purposely find things to appreciate day in and day out...even the smallest, wee mundane things like a blade of grass growing through a crack in the sidewalk!... the more habitual our positive thinking becomes.
We are human and can express it ALL--including what we call Evil or the Dark Side ...What is not wise is to insist that we have no choice in the matter.
Yes, we truly suffer at times, we become angry, we may even act out very horrendous things. John Bunyan in "Prilgrims Progress" says (paraphrased and populazaried later) "If all of our thoughts were to be openly exposed -- they would shame the Gates of Hell." Whew. Well. Embarrassed Hey!...we have ALL had those kinds of thoughts. Most pass harmlessly if we ALLOW them to...But to continously think upon them day and night and empower them with emotional focus WOULD, however, turn us into people who were continusouly attracting dire and unwanted circumstances into our lives. Sorry--but shit does NOT 'just happen.'
Heart/wings I like this quote from the book "Ask And It Is Given" by Abraham via Esther Hicks:
"The longer you focus on things that feel good to you, the easier it is for you to maintain those vibrational frequencies that feel good. And, the more you maintain those good feeling frequencies, the more the Law of Attraction will deliver to you other thoughts, experiences, people, and things that match your practiced vibration."
As I have written many times lately ... the energy IS stronger...things are manifesting at a much higher rate of frequency and intensity. Basically, we are each going to create our own 2012.... each in our way what kind of 'thinking' we do about it.
Now, in closing...Abe frequently asks: "Do you know what you want?" _Think_ about it.