Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Most People Do Not Want Freedom..."

Sitting on the patio of the coffee shop the other day, I heard a young man make a statement that really caught my attention. "Most people don't want freedom." The discussion that ensued was extremely thought provoking.
Thinking about this, later on in the day, I realized that we all have varying...and often very contradictory ideas of what true 'freedom' consists of.
I came to the same conclusion as did that young man. Many people do not want to experience true freedom.
If someone were to ask you this question: "If you had complete and absolute freedom to do exactly as you pleased...what would this mean to you." You might come up with a socially acceptable answer.... meaning you would most likely be initially willing to ignore or surpress what you might really want to do.
Freedom to do exactly as you wanted. Does this mean that if I wanted to hurt or kill someone, rob a store, set my neighbor's house on fire...I would have the 'freedom' to do so. Oh no, one cries, you do NOT have the right / freedom to harm others in any way! Perhaps you don't think that true freedom is such a good idea...right? At this point most folks would be anxious to interject a plethora of "yeah, but's!" and "what if's"...all of their arguments based on what an individual has accepted as 'right' or 'wrong.'
Returning to: "most people not wanting freedom" ... at least the kind of freedom that means we can do as we please at all times. I am not always exempt from this kind of thinking. Often we want the comfort of knowing other people's 'freedom' will be curtailed by"the law." We want others to be subjected to some Authority's ideas of what is 'right' or 'wrong' because sometimes that means WE do not have to subject ourselves to any kind of critical thinking or responsible actions ... Neither do we then have to go beyond a surface understanding of Life. We can rely upon: "I ...or they....can't do this because..."
Supposedly our laws are meant to protect people. Mainly from the 'freedom' that others might exercise!. And when someone harms us, we expect the Law to punish the 'bad guys.' Well, we all know how marvelously that works... Cool
We have been taught...most of it based on the Fear and Guilt Conditioning from dogmatic religious viewpoints...that humans are baaaaaad....basically sinful, dirty, and unclean and that we are all in need of saving. Most of us reading this are acquainted with how mass consciousness can be programmed... resulting in people living up to what is expected of them... So if we believe that humankind is innately 'bad' ...then it follows that we NEED to have rules and regulations and laws in order to be controlled. That is NOT freedom...that is control. Religious thinking and people's ideas of what 'god' is...lends itself to perpetual disagreement. This gives us (all people) the 'freedom' to declare war and it gives "god's people" -- be they Christian, Muslim, or Jew...the right to kill each other and destroy land, property, and whattheheck ever... because each country/religious following all claim the same thing!! -- they are righteously fighting for freedom!!! Of course if "we" do so, its Ok...cuz every good American knows God Is On Our Side. Rolling Eyes
Does this all come down to "freedom is not good?" Only perhaps a 'certain amount of freedom" is a good thing, right? Freedom 'within the law'... That's a good one. Who made the Laws? Who said so? God did? Whose God? Christians, Jews, and Muslims all think have the corner on 'the truth.' At least when 'godless people are engaged in war they can admit its for power and domination!...Yes, everytime a corpse is returned from war, they all the 'patriots' say the same thing: "He died honorably, defending the freedom os his country." Hmmmm ...yeah...
Even though I truly DO believe that many, many people the world over, are Waking Up, are willing to step outside the Establishment boxes, are willing to question 'authority,' are becoming disillusioned and discontent, and are beginning to SEE how we are actually kept from our true freedom...there will always be those who prefer to keep their blinders on and make the choice not see. Whatever. It's all OK... Eventually we all expand and evolve and take on broader perspectives of the higher dimensional kind.
This is my opinion...based on what I believe...resulting from SO many dramas, traumas, comedies and tragedies that I have already experienced in this particular lifetime. (and still continue to do so! Dumb ) Supposedly, according to religion, we have 'free will' ... that, to me, is somewhat the same as freedom. But not exactly. The person who is TRULY free is the one who actually has gained the inner wisdom and the spiritual ability to SEE just how controlled he is!...and openly and freely admits it.
When we reach this point, we are able to see that it is all One Big Game. The Pleiadians call it that...and I like that definition of physical life on Earth. Once we self-realize that we have the ability (the freedom!) to detach, step back, and know we are something far greater than just this one being in physical clothing, that we extend far beyond our present concepts... that is when we can start to experience TRUE freedom. Freedom is far more than 'what we can 'do or say' on any physical level' ... It involves a vastly broader, more indepth perception...far more than I can put into words.
What's nice is...and most of us know this ... once we start thinking and focusing in this way, our physical life is able to respond in a way so that physical freedom is not a problem for us. If our minds are in prison--we can never experience freedom. Many of the people who scream the loudest: I want my freedom!...are the ones who are the least free of all. We all know "the war on" whatever...never works. Again, to quote Seth: "You get what you concentrate upon and give your attention to. There is no other main rule." There is no escaping the Law of Attraction. Who would want to? It is the hand-dandy Tool that allow us to Create Our Own Reality.
That is real freedom.... now we just keep needing to remember that! Nerd