Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Earth...The Oil Spill...And Us

Could it be that many people are totally unaffected by one of the worst disasters that Earth has experienced: The Gulf Oil Spill. Maybe I'm wrong. Not that 'worrying' or refusing to recognize this devastating situation will make it 'go away.' I realize that.
I sympathize with those who do care and are asking: What CAN we do!? What are we supposed to do? How can we help? Many, many ARE concerned... this I know.... even though they seem to be at a loss.
Does being aware of all the travesties and disasters perpetrated upon our Earth help? Are there any real differences between those who honestly do not care -- and those who are painfully aware of the atrocities and potential dangers the Earth is facing?
There is one huge difference, I believe, between the the Awakened human beings on this Earth and those who are still Asleep, Unaware, and have not recognized the value of their own soul. Those who are Awake know: __We are all ONE__. We can be as vastly different in thought, mind, belief, and physicality as one can conceive of ... but we all spring from the ONE Life Source...the Force that is in us, around us, and in those places impossible for us to even imagine.
In each and every sentient being, there lies a potential for our labeling everything or everyone 'good' or 'bad.' We have always tended to take this waaaay too far.
We are electromagnetic human beings that exist within the unlimited boundaries of Universal Laws. The Law of Attraction is a Law that we are meant to be learning on Earth on these 3rd dimensional planes. Part of the deal that we all agreed to when we came into the physical was to "forget who we really were" ...otherwise there would have been no actual learning or true expansion.
We are hear to remember -- and express the Love and Life that permeates our every cell. We are here to remember what unconditional love is... which simply put, means: ALLOWING. We must all recognize the free will and creative license of each and every individual.
We did not come here as unworthy sinful creatures meant to be found and redeemed. We are here to experience it ALL....for in this way Prime Source keeps expanding and unfolding. Creativity is never without movement. Our 'job' is to re-member learn how to effectively become the Creators of Our Own Reality, in this case: donning physicality on this Planet called Earth.
There are two continuous Reactions throughout the entire Universe. One is _Expansion_ and the other is _Contrast_. Like the old song goes: you can't have one without the other. The ONE holds both. Duality only exists in our perception. Think of it as a contrast or duality as more of a 'tool' than a 'fixture.'
We did not come here to "save the world" or "save each other" ... But this does NOT mean that we are to be callous, indifferent, or uncaring towards one another... OR the Earth. We have been taught we are 'supposed to be good to others because that makes US good'... you know...the whole religious bit...which centers on 'being saved' ....rather than finding our way back to self-realization of Who We Really Are... which are Extensions of Source Energy.
I like the Pleiadians' description of why we keep returning to Earth for so many reincarnations. In our non-physical state we thought of it as a phenomenal Game. Physicality is a gift we chose. We learn from our Games/dramas... The object of the Game being? What do we learn? We learn to _remember_ Who We Really Are. Once we remember we can return...or we may choose to go on to other, far different experiences and realities.
We each have our own individual consciousness -- but we are inescapably part of mass consciousness, also. Knowing that may help to understand what is happening in the Gulf... as well as all the other 'bad' things happening to and on our Earth. Did you know that one can never be aware of ...or 'see'... what we have never been exposed to? This is Quantum Mechanics...not all of it is that hard...or I wouldn't 'get it!' Nerd
Most of us, save for a few primitive tribes, are living in an age in which we are SO bombarded with an overload of information. Receiving 'data' --be it from family to world news--means our minds are emotionally working overtime: (hence the need for drugs of one's choice to futilely attempt escape.) We can only 'see' what we have been made aware of. Once we have an (usually trained into us) affects both our individual lives/manifestations, as well as those of the masses and mass consciousness.
There are wars, spills, disasters, and upheavals in both our conscious and subconscious. This determines not only our lives, but it vibrates outwardly effecting the environment...the Earth. Multiply those vibrations by the millions and you can begin to 'see' the creative force and power. Events are made manifest by what we 'believe' inwardly --resulting in what we 'perceive' outwardly. Even though we have been taught to blame 'the bad guys' for all the 'bad things' that happen to us and the world at large..EACH OF US, with our powerful creative minds are creating everything that manifests into our lives.
Seth taught us that WE create the weather... due to various types of mass consciousness in different areas resulting in varying types of weather. Suppressed emotion that continues to build is FAR worse than emotion allowed to flow freely and then heal. We reflect our thoughts and emotions into the atmosphere and Mother Earth reacts.
Each person must follow his own heart in doing what he feels he must do ... but the Awakened person who realizes that FIRST and ALWAYS... he must come from a place of love and honor for HIMSELF...will then take actions that will be appropriate to manifesting peaceful solutions and be of benefit to all. We are all so powerful... even though we have (allowed ourselves to be!) been mind controlled and programmed to think otherwise.
A person who is connected to the Source -- which is permeated in Love -- will do more to clean up the Gulf mess...than people who feverishly slave day and night for mere temporary solutions.
Unless one understands metaphysics ...mayhaps even a Buddhist approach, (or what Jesus REALLY taught) it is difficult to understand that our consciousness... our soul is 'real' ... and all the physicality we perceive in any shape, manner or truly illusion which becomes real when our minds direct it to appear so.
If for one day, everyone on Earth would enter into a kind of stillness ...a self-reflected 'be still and know that I AM god'...and would INTEND to radiate a feeling of love and goodness and ONENESS... we could instantly heal the entire Earth.
Since that is not most likely to happen (free will, ya know...) we have to know that OUR own personal individual consciousness can and WILL reflect our own PERSONAL WORLD. Just like next door neighbors whose lives can be totally can our personal worlds.
Funny how we keep feeding ourselves total crap on TV (or the internet)...via killings, suffering, etc etc etc... as a way to 'distract' or entertain ourselves...when we are transmitters, into the ethers, of the kind of energy we take in.
Remember we can still center our consciousness in the NOW and observe what is happening. It is all about what we give our focus...and attention to. I beolieve it IS up to be the Bearers of Light and shine as Beacons..As we align with the god-source within, others can (and will) make their own individual choices as to what they will experience. We ALL are learning. Eventually ALL will find their way Home to Source and their Inner Power. Time is not linear..All is Well...and It certainly is an INTERESTING LIFE!! Nerd
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