Wednesday, October 12, 2011

(PART ONE) UFO's, Aliens, The Government, and "We the People"

According to some polls, there is an indication that more people (not quite 50%) in the U.S., 'believe in' the existence of UFO's, aliens, etc.. then ever before. However, exactly how those beliefs are interpreted vary widely. I don't think that many Sci Fi movies I have seen contributed much to an intelligent or scientific understanding of this subject... Most are 'scary' and strictly geared to entertainment and no kind of fact. "Fact," again, is a personal opinion.
Do I believe that The Powers That Be have been conducting a cover up (for years)? Yes, I do. Why would they? Because such knowledge, once globally accepted, would shake the very foundations of religion, 'old science', education, philosophy, and cultural beliefs. Thank goodness for the mavericks who are not confined by 'authoritative assumptions' imposed upon us throughout our lifetimes.
As most of you know by now, I religiously avoid western religion of any type. :) This does not make me--or those who DO believe in the Major Three -- 'right' or 'wrong.' Right or wrong is a concept that keeps people mind-stuck when it is forcibly applied to others. We have to grow beyond that.
I believe The Earth has been around for millions of years. Not just 6,000 years. I do not necessarily believe the fables and myths of the Bible per say..(even though I think any myth and fable can be very long as you don't consider them 'gospel.' Sorry, couldn't resist :) People can spend their lifetimes attempting and then 'succeeding' in 'proving' the 'facts'...But as some wise man once said: You can use the Bible to prove ANYthing. It's all about 'opinion.' Someone else, with a sense of humor, said: "You can use "Fun With Dick and Jane" to prove any point you want if your powers of persuasion are above par.
Many Biblical scholars concur that a number of ancient Biblical writings / teachings were removed. A few of the big ones are 1) reincarnation, and 2) the missing years of Jesus, AND...ta DAH!: UFO's and so called aliens.
I think the narrow concept that many people have of "God" can be very contracting and discourages critical thinking of any kind. Many people, however, seem to accept the story of Adam and Eve and that ornery little snake with the apple --without question. Some men of the cloth interpret this story in ways that appeal to logic and being palitable. Adam biting into the apple and did not have a good outcome for him. On the other hand, Steve Jobs did the same thing and became a positive, productive icon! (Hey! maybe that's why that notorious Westboro church family wanted to picket his funeral! :) It was the Apple! :)
I like Neale Donald Walsh's description of "God;" --an Energy that gives Everything life. An Energy that pervades EVERYTHING...and is "THE" Source of all...that, I can accept. Anyway -- I don't believe that this one Biblical God created ALL humans (as well as everything else) on Earth and just put the other stuff (outer space)in the sky for balance and decoration....a Feng Shui thing. However, if you DO -- that's fine, too.
I believe that many of us living now on Earth were created by various races of 'aliens'. I believe there are aliens living amongst us right now that have donned human form (good thing, eh?) And I think that there are those of us who come from an ancestry not created in labs here on Earth ... but ARE from other star systems, who chose to incarnate on Earth. So...if "God" is a all-pervasive Energy in all galaxies and universes -- what's the problem of believing that?? Personally, to me, it gives All of Life a far grander meaning. If one is willing to consider this -- that's great! It could help us in realizing that we are learning and expanding in a TRULY eternal, ever evolving, never ending process. Or not. It's all personal choice.
There are stories, myths, legends from all over the world that speak of visitors from other planets....often referred to as 'the star people.' They don't have any kind of a problem with it. Many of the various tribes/nations of Native Americans believe they have varied ancestries from different planets of Star People. The Cherokee believe they originally came here from the Pleiades. Some believe they are the descendants of the inhabitants of Niburu (which is supposedly heading to Earth.)
As Above So Below. Yup. Not everyone on Earth is of a mind to Live and Let Live, or to do no harm. Neither are all beings from other planets. The Yin and the Yang is pervasive throughout the Universe. When we insist upon thinking of us being the ONLY planet with sentient life...we close our minds to much vaster possibilities. Seth, in The Nature of Personal Reality talks about how Time and Space are root assumptions for Earth's humans... just one of those 'rules' that makes life for us humans easier to understand. He also told us that we mistakenly assume that 'outer space' is 'out there'...rather than in terms of dimensions which are super imposed upon each other. Since, sadly enough, man's collective brain usage has purportedly still not exceeded that of 10%... its understandable that it all has to be somewhat toned down for the average bear. :)
For instance--and example: We think in terms of 'how many years will it take to get to Mars, etc"...while, according to some reeeeally smart physicists (and Seth) we could 'think ourselves there'...with maybe an occasional light-speed bump here and there. :) There are many technologies (such as teleportation) that is already being utilized that the public doesn't know about. Teleportation could put quite a dent in the auto industry...
The Law of Attraction and Free Will still apply to all beings (unless they have agreed to play a different role on a soul level) and we STILL Create Our Own Reality...just as the 'aliens' do....regardless of their location, looks or 'lifestyle.' Now let's bring this all down to some of our more pressing Earthly problems -- mainly governments and world leaders.
The Off Planetary Beings of the Power, Greedy and Wealth type personalities -- have well trained, have taken over, and have established a very well executed platform of Controllers on Earth. I personally believed the Pleiadians (re Barb Marciniak) when they said "NO ONE of your politicians (or Corporate heads) will continue to hold any position of power UNLESS they either knowingly (consciously) or unknowingly (subconsciously-- on a soul level) ... are willing to be subjected to the Dark Forces, the "Controllers." Those on Earth that do the Controlling: the Illuminati and pet project New World Order; The Ruling Houses, as in The Bielderberg Group, The Rothchilds, The Bohemiam Grove, etc etc etc.-- the ones who run the show on Earth at present time.
Technology as we know it can be very intimidating ...but what we are familiar with is elementary compared to the technical knowledge held by the Controllers. And YET... each one of us has the ability to influence...with our thoughts and state of mind, with our resultant choices and actions...what OUR OWN personal world will be like. We can choose to be part of any Mind Set or Mass Even we want. It takes Intention, Belief, Attention, and Focus. None of our 'sacred institutions' --government, religion, or education, teach us that we have the answers, the power within us.
Many of the greatest teachers have told us that what we are most afraid of -- is our own power! I didn't believe that when I first heard it. I can understand it better now. Fear of failure of what might happen if 'we don't listen to the authority figures' most often holds us back. We harbor the idea that to be GOOD--we must OBEY...We won't 'learn how to use all of our power' overnight. But as Abraham tells us: "You'll never get it wrong, because you'll never get it done." We have eternity ahead of us. We don't have to worry about 'striving to be Perfect.' Abe tells us Perfection means Death. And there truly is no such thing! Perfection would be a condition in which no more expansion, no more growth or change, or transformation could ever take place. We need to keep opting for the Learner's Permit! :)
In the next article I'll talk about personal 'Encounters'... my own -- and that of others. It's not necessarily "supernatural"...It's all 'natural'... never think otherwise. Maybe we need to start visualizing and become determined to use that other 90% of our mind power! :) We truly need to open up to New Worlds.