Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Will 2012 Bring to YOU?

So many stories. What to believe? Is it just another 2K disaster fluke? Or is there something to the talk about an Apocalypse occurring in 2012?

According to present day Mayan shamans and elders...this is an extremely important year -- but _they_ never prophesied 'a destructive end of the world.'

With mass consciousness offering up such a diverse and powerful focus on 2012, one can be assured that many significant changes will occur. Granted, there are many people who have not the foggiest notion what the Mayans, the Mayan Calendar, and the year 2012 are all about... however, I am convinced that everyone is feeling some kind of change. ...even though some may not verbalize it -- or understand what is happening.

Doomsday prophets and prophecies have always existed. The Year 2012 has received more attention than any other 'prophetic date' in history. What I am 'sure' of is this: With all the focus upon this new year -- it WILL affect anybody who has even the slightest interest in all these prophecies. Whether one calls it 'the end' or 'a shift' ... it will produce significant changes in our lives. Most of us are already aware of this. I am not, however, one of those people who believe some kind of catastrophic disaster will occur that bring an end to the planet.

I do believe in the Apocalypse... but not as commonly mis-interpreted. The original meaning of this word means a thinning of -- or lifting of--the veil. It means things will be revealed or made known. Many people are 'seeing through' the dishonesty and manipulation of the so called 'sacred institutions' that people dare not question before. Already this is happening daily. Naturally this will cause upheaval and all kinds of upset because people will be angry when finding out how much we have been programmed, controlled, and lied to. But this is still all for the ultimate good.

Not only will these things be brought to will also include those things we have hidden deep within ourselves. We have to remember that whatever happens on 'the outside' of us is an observable expression or representation of what is a vibrational match within us. Yes, time IS going faster! The energy IS stronger!... which is causing beliefs to manifest very quickly. Nothing is healed as long as it is denied. One can't put a happy face band aid on a problem and pretend it doesn't exist. We, first of all, have to make peace with what IS. All of our "Problems" have their basis in our faulty, non-beneficial beliefs. We create our own reality if we believe we do or not.

Faulty, hurtful beliefs have to be faced, seen for what they are doing to us, then thanked for 'showing us'. Then NEW beliefs must be adopted in their place and given our attention and focus. All a belief is -- is a thought we keep thinking and we erroneously think is 'true' or 'fact.' We don't 'get rid of' faulty beliefs. Everything exists. What we resist, persists. What we DO is decide what we WANT to believe and then our focus and attention to it.

What does that have to do with 2012? Everything! The SHIFT that is occurring and is still occurring is about mankind's personal and mass consciousness expanding and evolving... in a big way. I realize that without an understanding of meta or quantum physics .. this may seem a bit off the wall.

The Shift...the 2012 prophecy as talked about by the Mayans has to do with shifts in consciousness which will result in manifesting the outward physical phenomena. NOT the other way around! --although it may seem that way to those who do not recognize the Law of Attraction....but that is the Illusion. That is what we have to get beyond.

As we progress through this year, with the energy as strong as it is -- it is becoming increasingly more important that we FOCUS ON WHAT WE WANT ...not... not... not upon what we do not want. This involves all facets of our everyday life. What we think, what we concentrate upon, what we give our energy to, what actions we take, and how we honor ourselves...AND...our fellow man and all things, great or small. The world we will experience will be that of our own creation. Be careful who or what you align yourself with. I am not meaning for anyone to think they must become a sort of spotless, flawless saint..! or I'd never make it! Nerd Just follow your heart. We all have GOOD hearts. I believe that! When Joseph Campbell said "Follow Your Bliss" ... he was talking about our own, individualized journeys. We must follow what makes us genuinely feel good, joyful, at peace, and yet excited about life!! I believe that the Year 2012 can be the year in which we really and truly discover and harness the God-Goddess-All That Is-Source-Power that lies within each and everyone of us. It can be a grand journey. If we truly WANT it...and ALLOW be.

Happy New Year to Everyone! Peace, Love, Joy, and Blessings to All!