Monday, December 12, 2011

Sports Fans!! -- Tebow Is Out Of The Closet!! Should he be?

It's all ridiculous. And I will admit that, momentarily, I allowed myself to get caught up in it. So, I am not 'pointing fingers' at anyone regardless of their opinion of Denver's new savior: Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow. He has a number of nicknames, including The Messiah of Mile High, and with some of the more radical devotees of football, the term is no longer 'praying''s 'Tebow-ing'... Leaf 4 I don't happen to be a sports fan... and if one IS...hey, that's OK, too. Kept in perspective, it can be enjoyable. When it goes beyond that -- it's insanity. Tree 6 Sports fans from all over the world tend to forget 'it's just a game'...They seem to have a desperate craving to identify with 'their team'--as opposed to 'the team.' I think a jolly and profitable new business might be the creation of exorcists who can loose radical fans of their possession of--and over-identification with --their team. It's much more than 'getting a little over-excited about winning or losing' ... In Denver, police are called for more cases of spouse or child beatings more than any other time...if and when the "Broncos lose a game." That is why I call it insanity. Leaf 4 I wonder, sometimes, if Tebow were Muslim -- and whenever he would score a touchdown, he would drop to the ground, bowing (Te-bowing?? heh! Smile) to the East and shout, Praise Allah!! -- I wonder what the Mile High reaction would be? That would undoubtedly call for him to be excommunicated from the NFL... and he would become a terrorist suspect, I am quite sure. Tree 6 Some say they are proud of Tebow because he is not ashamed to 'declare his faith publicly and openly'... Is that what it is? Anybody remember the Biblical story of the Pharisee who made a public display of his prayers and generosity? Perhaps Mr. Tebow should wear on his face (he has various scriptures chapters and numbers written on the blackened part under the eyes) the Biblical verses of Matthew 6:5-6 where it is suggested to NOT make a public display... but to go into the closet to pray. That certainly gives a whole new meaning to 'in or out of the closet' Leaf 4 Christians themselves seem to be divided on this subject. I think what 'side' one chooses to align with might likely be dependant upon several aspects of one's belief systems. Is Tebow 'witnessing' for Jesus? Does anyone with two active brain cells actually believe that the Great Teacher Jesus gives a flying donut hole about SPORTS TEAMS!!! Good goddess Gertie...!! Herein, to me, lies the problem of making what one calls their God out to be a Super HUMAN kinda guy ...Jesus included. To me, this is like making the idea of God or Jesus into a 'good luck charm.' That is sad. Very sad. Tree 6 I can't help but wonder why Tebow had to choose to make a public display of his 'faith.' Wouldn't it be enough to inwardly 'thank' his God? (some suggest he should be thanking the Defense)... Surely God could 'hear' this, right? What drives him to 'go public' with his actions? Is it REALLY between him and God ... or is it more than that. To me, it's more like the Jehovah's Witnesses showing up at your door, driven by a need to 'witness.' Or like the men in the X-Files here, but the Mormon's who feel compelled to openly witness...or the Phelps family from the Westboro Baptist witness to what they honestly believe is the 'right thing to do.' I believe that Tebow knew that his actions would be both sensationalistic and controversial. Is this the 'Christian way?' Leaf 4I can't help but wonder what the reactions will be when and if the Broncos lose! Maybe it will simply be pawned off to 'God's mysterious ways.'... Or...let's say...the Broncos make it to the Super Bowl...AND win... Will this mean that God is sending a message to the world to follow Him and the ways of Tebow? I am quite certain some will see it that way. To each his own. To me, if any 'good' will have come out of all of this ... it might be that it simply gives us pause to think about how scary is our attachment to a 'winning or losing' sports team.