Sunday, November 20, 2011

The OWS Protests...and The Summer of Our Discontent

In spite of it all; in spite of any and all appearances -- I DO believe, with a great steadfastness...that things ARE getting better. That may not sound very profound, and yes, it's been said many times before; and it's very simplistic, but that's all OK. Sometimes we simply have to over-simplify things so that we can begin to clearly observe the overwhelming vastness of all that is taking place around us. Flower This includes the Occupy Wall Street protest event. It seems strange to me that so few have asked "How did it all get started?" ... "What caused this?" I think we tend to 'accept without question' so much of what goes on around us....and how it relates to our lives. So how DID the OWS protest 'start?' 'What happened?' To borrow a phrase, I believe it 'happened' because we seemed to have experienced a very strong "Summer of our Discontent"... It was during this past summer I noticed that the energy was becoming SO pressing, so defining, and for me, very challenging. Whether or not people interpret this 'strong energy' in the same way I do, makes little difference. I believe everybody is experiencing it, if they label it or not. Flower Occupy Wall Street is SO much more than striking out at the injustices of money and power based control systems -- of not only our country, but countries around the world. It's about an Awakening within us that is causing a surge of discontent felt around the world. Because of this growing Awareness people are finding themselves questioning ...and again, putting it as simply as possible...we are trying to figure out 'what is going on?' We are in a 'new place' and realizing there is no going back again. All of those trusted old comfort zones --those places of habitual refuge -- seem to be disappearing. Flower Nothing FEELS the same anymore... and it won't ever 'feel the same' again. We evolve and re-evolve, individually and as a species. Humanity on Earth, in this particular moment in time, is going through some dramatic growing pains. (again!)
As much as we would like to think that difficult or unwanted scenarios are caused by something or someone out there...outside of ourselves ... this is not true. This doesn't mean that we have 'done anything wrong'...but it does indicate growth and expansion are taking place. Most definitely: "the times--they are a-changin' "...and this time -- BIG time. Flower Everything is symbolic. Everything that manifests is an outward symbol of what is taking place 'inside of us' -- being projected outwardly and visibly. OK...back to 'simplicity!' Nerd Just how exactly can any of that info relate to these 'protests?'
Mass consciousness wise -- I see it as a reflection that people are finally realizing that we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated, programmed, and so very dumbed down -- to the point where our being endowed with "inner power" ...sounds about as alien as space ships in one's own back yard. (Maybe they ARE there...and we just don't see them. Cool ) I like the way the Pleiadians (re B. Marciniak) talk about our lives as humans here on Earth. To look at it as one Big Game we are playing makes it all easier to digest... We are all powerful creators, part of the Great (and totally inconceivable and un-nameable) Energy Force of the Universe(s)... but we have managed to go into Game Level 10...which involves totally agreeing to forget who 'we really are.' And I must say, we did a hellava bang-up job of doing that. But Now! we are reAwakening once least many of us are. We don't all do things at the same time. Once again, for simplicity's sake, let's just pretend most people are aware of this Occupy movement. Flower Some are 'aware' of the protests and are content to believe everything the 'news' feeds into them. Some don't have the foggiest notion WHY this event is taking place. They have made up their own reasons to their satisfaction, a lot of which is not very flattering to the Occupiers. EACH of us brings to the table our OWN experiences, so that when we 'judge' anything that is happening , it is filtered through those ideas and accepted beliefs of what is 'right or wrong' based on what we choose to believe. I enjoyed the heck out of protesting in the 60's and 70's... I LIKE drama, I like getting INTO things...and even though I may 'pay more' in emotional tolls than those who sit silently and stoically (and maybe a bit self-righteously :) on the sidelines, the times I have enjoyed life the most was FAR from dull or boring. Nerd
The responses to the Protesters have been SO varied... from unflailing and unquestioning support of ALL of them regardless of what they say or do -- to -- those who condemn them for simply 'stirring up trouble' --and are positive they have it all wrong... Naturally, we are all convinced 'we' are "right" regardless of what our view point is...and we are as equally convinced that the others are idiotic beyond hope. C' know its true! Rolling Eyes If we could all just get to the point where we could do two basic things: #1: emotionally detach...and #2: get the Ego out of the way and realize that "reality or truth" is only a conception, or a belief, and is very tenuous, subject to constant change. I don't always like to look at it that way, either!...but I DO know 'it's the way it is!... If we can just step back and be a Watcher...or an Observer... and without prejudice, 'see' what is happening from a spiritual stance, perhaps we could then see that regardless if we agree or not with what is happening, we could then sense it is caused by a stirring from within the souls of human to take back our INNER power!!...not the stuff that money, controlling power and greed is made of ...but the kind of inner power that sets us FREE and allows us to realize that regardless of what the 'outcomes' are with all the dramas going on ...we STILL create our own personal 'reality!'... and as the P's have told us..."you can walk calmly and serenely amidst all the chaos and destruction and be safe..." When enough people stop fighting and want peace and harmony...truly want it...then a critical mass will form and we will experience glorious changes!
This means we need to accept that what we focus on must be 'seen' with love, tolerance, and well being for ALL concerned...and not settle for temporary victories by battling what we are AGAINST. Flower
I believe we need to SEE our own Dragons!...we need to SEE what we have allowed to be created, which is a miserable imbalance that government is reflecting in so many ways.... But just remember: we FED those Dragons...and the more hate we feed to them, the longer they will exist. We cannot depend upon 'others' to do the work of 'cleaning things up.' We will never produce 'saintly politicians' until mass consciousness is at a point where they will emerge on the scene. It will always be up to 'us'...not 'them.' We truly have to BE the change we want to see. Sometimes I forget...and yet... its ok to get angry and spout and carry on at times. I don't have any designs on becoming a hallowed nebulous blob that never does anything wrong... But!--if its not FUN...and if it doesn't make us _genuinely_ Feel Good... don't do it... A temporary ego-based 'victory' will only breed more of the same problems we want to get rid ot. Everybody connected to Occupiers --whether you support or do not support them-- needs to realize this: We will never destroy the Dragons on Wall Street or the puppets in Government or in any of our other 'sacred institutions' until we face them taking responsibility for what _we_ have allowed to happen. Flower What do we do then, one may ask? Good question, isn't it? Each one of us has to figure that out...each one of us has to be willing to ASK ourselves 'what must I do' to experience the change I want to see. I can't give you an instantaneous magical answer. That is up to you. I can only look within myself and ask that same question. We must trust: because the answers are there. Within our souls.
Namaste' Prayer