Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why I've Stopped Fighting The War

I just got tired of it. The whole war thing.
As I start to write this, we still await Obama's speech that is scheduled for tonight. It would be nice to hear that we are not invading Syria... but that is just my opinion, and I once again have 'enlightened myself' to the fact that I have no business, right, or obligation to try to instill, coerce, or influence my opinion on anyone else. (That doesn't mean that I might not attempt to do that in other situations.:) It does mean that I will take working  with my Intentions much more studiously and seriously. The P's suggested that we say this often: "It is my intention that whatever I say or do, wherever I am, to be for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned."
"I intend Joy, Safety, Harmony, and Clarity"
That pretty much covers everything we encounter.
I have pretty much waylaid those intentions in my struggle with 'the war on Syria'... except maybe for Clarity:...which I used more like Pres Nixon: "Let me make one thing perfectly clear"...in defending my position. :) We all know how well that worked out.
I found myself resentful towards others who seemed to NOT CARE about 'what was happening'... but my biggest trigger point came from people who wanted to 'go and bomb.' I am sure my own anger came as close in intensity as to those of the warmongers. Except, of course, my own anger was 'understandable' and 'righteous.' :) 
During my 'hippie like days' in the 60's and 70's, I had FUN protesting. I could get emotional and determined, but it was still all exciting and FUN. Nothing about this Syria event was/is fun. Spiritually, this meant only one thing: I was giving away my power to what I did not believe in.
We live in world that is branching off in so many different directions. This energy is having a very polarizing effect and we have to figure out what really 'works' for us and what doesn't--otherwise you will feel lost and ungrounded. What you focus and concentrate upon you GET MORE OF ... a basic metaphysical law based on scientific law (for those of you who insist science has the only answers...which makes me giggle...) We DO create our own reality...either consciously or unconsciously (like Abe says) by Default... which often leaves us mistakenly feeling we had no choice in the matter. Manifestation takes its cues from beliefs including those that are unrecognized. Like you've gone into overdrive. 
I knew that my war bashing, government bashing ways of interpreting the Syrian event were totally out of alignment to that which I truly wanted... There was always that still, small, (sometimes very annoying) voice that would keep reminding me that I was not only off track, but sometimes totally derailed. This does NOT mean that I am now suddenly flapping some wings and speaking with the tongues of angels. And neither does my change of direction mean that I have developed a steely like attitude adopting as a logo "I don't give a damn about any of it!" That attitude is just anger turned inward instead of outward. Now I once again realize I will only choose to 'care' as much as my emotional compass allows me to feel comfortable with.
If people want to go play war and bomb and kill and then spend their lives justifying what they do/did. Let'm. I'm sure I've done it in other lives. (So glad Seth kept reminding us 'you have done it all')... Those, to me, are the words that truly speaks of Equality. :) I had chosen to ignore other lessons once learned: especially the one wherein the P's reminded us that it takes a brave soul to take on the role of a Hitler or a Bush (or insert your favorite bad guy's name) It's so easy to be taken up in our dramas, forgetting Who We Really Are. I am not exactly to the point where I always feel lovingly or have that We Are All One feeling towards those I disapprove of'! ... but you know what? That's ok, too! Just experiencing the feeling of nonattachment and Letting it Be-- is for me, right now, a feeling of immense relief in which I CAN 'feel the love'...and in all honesty, DO wish all others well on their journeys, regardless of how diverse we are from each other. Because you see...it IS TRUE what Abe says: There is nothing more important that you strive for than to FEEL GOOD. Not the 'victorious' or self righteous or better than' feeling of winning the arguments (or WARS)...but that warm waterfall feeling of being free and clean and light. Took me a number of years to understand and believe what Abe was talking about--because it sounded selfish and 'uninvolved'. ... I had to get past that "let's buckle down and get SERIOUS" business. "FIGHT" for what you believe in...take the side of Right!
One can still be a Watcher and an Observer and see the results of manifestations all around us... without allowing oneself to be absorbed mentally or physically and hopelessly lost in it all.
I am not saying my once again metaphysically renewed POV is 'the' right one. We each have to do what is best for us. I would caution everyone, however, to intend to 'own your own mind' when it comes to the 'news' and all the mind control and programming that is going on. This is simply outwardly reflecting our own inner struggles. As above so below. As within so without.
So...whatever Obama comes up with tonight (which is hardly his decision alone) it will all be alright. A balance will always return. We will experience that faster if we don't focus on what appears to be utter chaos. There IS a Divine Order. Even 'science' has proved there is order within so called chaos or randomness.
I believe that the best we can do is to be at Peace with ourselves, accepting ourselves and stop being at war with what we 'think' is wrong with us. We do NOT all experience the same world! Regardless of what is or will be happening 'out there' ... we need to concentrate first of all -- on being at peace with ourselves and those around us.... I believe that IS the key. Its not about 'fixing what is OUT THERE'... but tending to what is 'in here'...  Maybe then we will better understand...and allow ourselves...
 to "Give Peace A Chance."