Thursday, September 8, 2011

STOP Remembering ...and Let Go...

Let's be honest with ourselves -- do we really want to experience a more peaceful, happier world? Do we actually want to live our life choosing to see something good in our fellow humans? Do we truly want to see the eventual good that comes out of any and all situations? Do we want to hold beliefs in our mind and soul that says love is an ever present force waiting for us to simply choose to believe it is there? -- in spite of what may be happening around us?
If we do...then lets STOP "Remembering" and focusing on the tragedies which does absolutely NO GOOD whatsoever...and start shifting our thoughts to all the GOOD things that have happened in life --including our own personal life. Flower
The other day I listened for a few minutes to a radio talk show. The topic was : "Should elementary and middle school aged children be required to watch the filming of the 9-11 tragedy." During the time I listened, only ONE person called in with 'I think its a bad idea'...and of course, Dan Caplis tried to tear this position down.
The motto "Lest We Forget" is one of the worst, one of the most decidedly dangerous ideas that we can harbor if we truly want to believe that we can indeed create a better world. People tend to forget the ultimate truth of "what you resist, persists"... The Lest We Forget and Remember strategies do nothing except keep hatred, resentment, and prejudice very much alive. And yes, 'strategies' they are... Well manipulated by the New World Order to keep us in FEAR.
When people constantly have FEAR instilled into them (listening to the daily news is all it takes) by being continuously reminded about 'what happened when'...constantly emphasizing war and terrorism, it makes it easier to keep citizens of ANY country divided and under control. Flower

The airwaves are now filled with "remembrance" of the 9-11 event...and will continue for several more days. So few people are able to see how their minds are being manipulated. I DO have faith, however, that many more people are starting to truly WAKE UP to all the mind control and manipulation that is taking place....via the media, our so called educational systems, the government's puppets, the AMA, FDA, USDA, religion, entertainment, and the societal customs, rules, laws, and regulations meant to mentally lock one in to 'acceptable behavior.'
I, for one, suspected, from the moment it happened, that 9-11 was an inside job. After all, it enabled us to take control of the Mideast with our grandiose (however false) promises of how we would 'fight terrorism' and 'help' the oppressed and force our ideas of 'freedom' and 'democracy' on people of the Muslim faith (which good Christians just KNOW are the enemies of god)... Wasn't too long ago when "Remember Pearl Harbor" was the outcry... Before that it was Can't Trust the Germans...etc, etc, ad infinity...
Am I being 'disrespectful' towards those who lost their lives during 9-11?? No. I am not intending that at all. But losing one's life in a world-class dramatic event is no better...or the families who lost loved ones -- then a mother holding a dying child, or the parents of a youth lost in a drive by shooting, or the loss of a friend who died in a car crash, or from a drug overdose, etc etc... It all HURTS the ones left behind. The NWO programmers are USING this event to keep you in the frame of mind whereby they can justify to our fair citizenry whatever war-like action they take-- and we will sigh and say, "well, what can you do...we have to protect our safety and freedom"....or "war is an ugly thing, but there is nothing we can do about it" ... So Johnny or Jill Soldier go to foreign lands and prepare to kill strangers they have never seen...but, after all, it's 'honorable' because its serving 'god and country.' This is the most heart-wrenching thing of all about ANY war ... we all have to keep convincing ourselves that it was a 'good thing' or an 'honorable thing' one can live with themselves. If any DARE to disagree, taunts of: "You can shoot off your mouth because I 'fought for your freedom.' !! And therefore it becomes a sacrilege to even question the 'sanctity of war.' (plus, "god is on OUR side"...right?)
I am not condemning the military's ordinary soldiers... the vast majority of whom joined the service because it was a JOB!...Plus, military recruiters are savvy enough to know where to go to recruit: the poorest of the poor...and spout to them about all the benefits they will derive and what an HONOR it will be to serve God and country. The medical and mental health statistics of 'those who served' are devastating...Nearly 70% of all the homeless on the streets are Viet Nam or Gulf War vets. Flower
So mull that over in your mind if you choose to spend time 'remembering.'... Yes, send love to the families, in fact, send love to the WORLD and ALL its inhabitants....not just 'victims' of tragedies.
Whenever I write any of these articles, my readers know that I never discount my own faults and short-comings, or ignore areas I, too, need to Let Go of...I am fully aware of areas in which I need to expand my own thinking. As I wrote this, yes, I did experience feelings of anger and frustration. Even though we are all entitled to our so called 'negative emotions' ... those type of feelings can only be entertained for a period long enough for us to see the contrast between what we believe "is reality" (or what we don't want) --and what we really and truly WANT to experience. We are here to help each other...but not force anything on anyone. Many people have contributed to my own learning, enlightenment, and unfolding.
One of my greatest teachers, Seth, in The Nature of Personal Reality, talked about the need for only one commandment: "Thou Shalt Not Violate." Not by killing or purposely bringing harm and destruction to any person, be it physical or mental well-being in any way. If you are acquainted with the person/people or not! If you agree or disagree with them!... Violate NO one!
All this "Remembering" of the 9-11 event is orchestrated to make the 'remember-ers' sound pious, well-intended, very lofty, and makes us appear the righteous victims. "Remembering" is forwarded as 'doing the right thing' religiously or spiritually, right? Really? Just what DOES it do?! Flower Those that were killed are FINE...they have gone on, swept back into Source's positive loving energy. If one is religious or spiritual you should KNOW that! Why keep beating the drum of sorrow?
If we really want to help ourselves, our fellow man, and our world ... we have got to use what Einstein told us is far more powerful than 'knowledge'...and that is our IMAGINATION. Imagination is the pictures and thoughts we keep in our hearts. It is what materializes for us first on a personal level and then spreads to our world. Remember that we don't all live in 'the same world'... If you are metaphysical, you know what I am talking about. You also know about the Law of Attraction. You don't FIGHT for Peace...
Imagine what it could be like if everyone in our country--yes, let's say on 9-11...would quietly sit in prayer or meditation for a short time, visualizing peace, imagining people accepting and allowing each other to be the way they are, seeing smiles on people's faces, seeing joy in their lives... THAT would have the true potential for changing our world. But for those who would think "Oh let's get real, you know its not going to last" ... the Law of Attraction, working perfectly as it always does, would deliver that, too. It IS DONE UNTO YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR BELIEFS. Jesus was not just whistling Dixie when he said that. He wasn't talking rhetorical church dogma...but Universal Divine Law.
Living in ignorance and ignoring what is happening is not what I am advocating... We need to be AWARE of what is happening, take off our rose colored sunglasses, and smell the coffee. THEN and only then can we make true and wise choices. The choice to acknowledge our Self-Empowerment, knowing the NWO will not own our minds, or believe what is being fed to us day in and day out on a subliminal level -- to the out and out blatant lies. That is taking back our power. Our minds. Our Souls. Flower
During every moment we possess the ability to be mindful. Mindful of our thoughts, of our emotions, our actions, and of our intent. Those aspects are what create our world. The energy is becoming stronger and stronger and it is important for us to discern and determine what Our Stand is... To be sovereign unto ourselves and honor the divine love that is within us ... keep 'remembering' all the mistakes and tragedies of the past and NO ONE learns from!... As always, its always, always our Choice.