Monday, September 26, 2011

Chapter Two: Dems and the GOP...Will either 'save' us??

This is a shameful chart. All the fuss and hullabaloo is over what to do with our tax money as the Dems and the GOP line up antagonistically for the reasons I talked about in Chpt 1 ... yet I don't hear much --if any--pro or con debate about 'getting the hell out of the middle East and just leave those people alone'...but we keep our troops there under the guise of 'fighting terrorism'... even though it is the single greatest financial drain to our economy. The government isn't even offering ANY excuses. They don't have to. We don't demand any explanations.
When some citizens do rise up against the Corporate Regime, part of the NWO, the puppet masters that control the politicians ... the protesters such as the ones on Wall Street that we hear SO little about... (have you noticed that?) get ignored. Or they are labeled wild, rebels with no real cause, and the word 'anarchist' is applied to them.
Gaining in popularity is the belief that "we can't bring the troops home with our economy the way it is --there are no jobs for them."...and many adopt this as sane, logical thinking. Many people DO know, however, that wars are 'created' to sustain and boost the economy. How sick is that? But we tolerate it.
The U.S. is not a 'productive' nation any longer. We are rightly labeled as a nation of consumers. The majority of all the jobs are either ones that pay minimum wage or the over pd high tech jobs...the white collar workers. Blue collar workers and the middle class are fast becoming an endangered species.
We are now in one big heckava economic mess. So we are told. One has to learn to question everything and all authority.
How did this all happen.? If it happened -- we allowed it to happen. There comes a time we have to stop playing The Blame Game... tempting as it is to do so.
What is 'out there' (manifested) comes from 'in here' (created from within)...
Here is the irony of what I am writing about: even though I avoid getting emotionally involved in politics as best I can, making it easy for others to label me as 'unconcerned.' I always endeavor to remain aware that the more you focus on the problem with negativity and anger...the larger the problem becomes. This is NOT 'pink fluffy stuff'...this is Universal LAW. Everything that we call 'reality' is created by and subjected to--Universal Law. There simply is no separating 'spirituality' from 'every day life.'...although many would like to believe they are separate. Our government and our politicians are an outward reflection of OUR mass conscious beliefs. What is 'out there' always comes from what is 'in here'...from inside our minds and belief systems.
Few seem willing to come out of our media-induced trance state and take a cool, objective view of the damage our religious, educational, societal mores and customs (including the AMA, FDA, etc etc etc) have done--or I should say...what we have _allowed_ by giving our own innate power away. We have done an excellent job of allowing and convincing ourselves that we 'can do nothing' about the war or the economy. And trust me on this one: "voting" is not the grand and final answer...regardless of who is in office. Not if one thinks they themselves do not have to have a change in attitude and assume self-responsibility.
Sadly, what remains as humanity main weakness is: "I'm so afraid of what others might think of me." (especially within one's one grouping) When that becomes one's main is the beginning of the loss of inner power. We all need to back off, back away from adhering like Super Glue to our particular political party and suspend all of our beliefs for a few moments. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans are going to save you OR the country. The world we as individuals create is the one we will be experiencing. No. Not more 'pink fluff'... it simply is the way it is. Now, I realize that unless you believe that you create your own reality -- by your thoughts and what you focus on and give your attention to and by the power of your Intention ... very little of this will make sense... And I'm not asking anyone to change to 'please me'... Nerd But I would much rather claim responsibility for ALL my own messes than be a 'victim' ...and think 'shit happens' --ya know?--and then glorify the name 'survivor.'
Victimhood. Now there is a subject that covers a plethora of all the so called troubles and woes of the world. "It's not my fault." ", no, no, it isn't"... Woe is me." Unfortunately (IMO) western religions have taught us to think "we are nothing, we need help and saving and ALWAYS look OUTSIDE of our weak, lowly selves for help. To believe you have your own 'inner power'...oh my that is sinful! So one can see why so many developed the tendency to have the government take care of them, believe everything that one's OWN political party says, and can be made to jump through hoops of many kinds.
Because we allowed it, we have mass consciously created a mess with 'help' programs in the United States. It started back in 1929, and by now the mess has become monstrous (because of so much angry FOCUS on it) . When I talk about the New World Order -- by definition I am not even blaming THEM... Whoever "They" are, they are simply taking advantage of Easy Pickings. Us! If they are drunk with Power -- guess whose Power it was to begin with?? Guess who created THEM. This is what happens when we allow others to Own Our Minds. BLAME keeps one stuck in a powerless rut. Blame assures us that 'sides' stay in there is as much division and derision as possible. Sides and a strict belief in Right and Wrong prevents unity and Oneness. There does indeed exist a Law of Opposites...however, it was meant to be observed and transcended...NOT 'obeyed.'
I do believe that 'the government' and the powers-that-be purposely created a class of people that became increasingly dependant upon government to 'take care of them.' This should not offend ANYONE that reads this...because I honestly believe everyone of you know exactly what I am talking about. I am _not_ talking about programs designed to benefit people who temporarily were in need of financial assistance, and certainly not talking about people who paid all their working lives (as I did) into Social Security. I don't want to make this into a 'blame' article either upon those who know how to 'play the system'... I know a fair number of people who seem to have 'the system' wrapped around their little fingers. However ... and this may be the moot point... I still believe that "they" -- knowing the frailties of human nature...knew exactly what they were doing and how they could snatch self-respect right out of the minds of people who were, for any number of reasons, already vulnerable. It's one thing to be self-righteous and judgemental and say 'those people shouldn't do that...shame on them...they should 'do the Christian thing' and be honest...they should have more pride and self respect to 'take something they didn't _earn_. How dare they use food stamps to buy ANYTHING but what "I" think is excusable and appropriate. How dare the half-crazed, discarded war vet buy those cigarettes or whiskey to take the edge off his misery.
I'm not saying I love and embrace some of the lifestyles and principles (or lack thereof) that some people live who are the system players, cheats and liars ... but you know what? I would rather my tax dollars go to THEM...then to those horrid wars in the Middle East where we kill and kill and destroy and dismantle in the name of serving "God and Country"; satisfy a craving for POWER, and our 'flawless highsounding ideals' and 'peace' and the so called 'war on terrorism'!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Health Care" in this country is f'd up so badly...why? Because people started in making GODS out of doctors and became worshippers of chemical drugs... totally, once again, giving away or ignoring their own innate power to heal themselves or make use of natural or alternative medicines.... we allowed ourselves to get to the point where 'outside help' became a necessity. I'm not talking popping a Vitamin C to mend a broken leg ... but you KNOW that our 'major diseases' are Big, Corporate Businesses. When ANY kind of 'technology' is placed ahead of 'spirituality' will hurt us more than help us. There HAS to be a balance.
The only thing that will solve any of these problems will come down to the individual...and the choices he makes. In someways both the Dems and the GOP are being equally self-righteous. One thinks they are following God's will by fostering self-dependency and the others think they are 'special' because they canb boast "I" care for the poor...look how "I" glow in the dark.
Since I believe in reincarnation (multi times) I believe that people choose what they need to experience. Judge not...or you might choose to incarnate to be like the person you are judging most harshly.
All I am basically saying is: don't get overly attached to party affiliation as being your 'ideal'...YOU are your OWN ideal. Do the good for yourself and others that which is in your heart and soul...because its there... and as in John's song "Imagine" ... keep those beautiful thoughts in your soul and mind...and withdraw from the poison that is being spewed. Look and SEE the dragons...but don't let the Love leave your heart by allowing 'them' to own your mind.
Prayer Namaste'